Codes Combine Photo Shoot and Interview for Jang Geun Seok and Kim Ok Bin

LOVE. I absolutely love this just released Jang Geun Seok photo shoot for Codes Combine, a clothing line. Most of the pictures released thus are far are solo shots, but Jang Geun Seok was actually paired up with Kim Ok Bin as the spokecouple for this endorsement campaign. I’ve been mooning (heh) over Moon Geun Young‘s photospread for Basic House, but I know my Geun-Geun love is justified and validated when I see Jang Geun Seok matching her fierce look for fierce look in his latest ad campaign.

I feel like Jang Geun Seok’s Codes Combine pictorial is like the counterpart to Moon Geun Young’s (click here to check out her Basic House catalogue). These two consummate young actors model the same way they act – it’s not just about the pose, it’s about the visual connection with the camera, which both innately have. It’s a treat to have these gorgeous pictures to drool over.

I’ll have some special treats for Geun-Geun shippers later. For now, enjoy the awesome that is Jang Geun Seok’s latest photo shoot. Also check out his interview (along with Kim Ok Bin) for Section TV.

Section TV Interview (English subbed courtesy of JGS’s Vietnamese eels):


I’ve also saved the best for last. Hit me baby one more time with that look, Seok. I know who you are aiming your laser vision at. 😛


Codes Combine Photo Shoot and Interview for Jang Geun Seok and Kim Ok Bin — 32 Comments

    • Oh, and the part where he wears Kim Ok-bin’s pants – and they’re loose??!!!? Too hilarious! And I love that his ideal is Cha Seung-won. keke

      He reminds me a little bit of Kim Hyun-joong, in that he’s a little 4D, but I think that our KHJ still takes the cake on the awkward-but-cute-and-endearing. JGS can have the intense-stare-and-sexy-voice cake.

  1. Fuh.thats a hot pose.too bad geun2 is not in the same picture but oh well this can be consider a wink wink from them.oh captain can’t wait for your surprice,what is it?they expect a baby*shoot me with my brain crazyness*

  2. Whooah, that is such a piercing look in the last picture!

    Ha-ha, it just reminded me of MGY/EunJo’s stare down in Cinderella Sister, which was also piercing…LOL. They really match up perfectly, aren’t they? 🙂

    And who is he texting in the middle of this photoshoot? 😉
    Thanks ockoala for these pictures and interview. 🙂

  3. Wow! So hot… Thanks for posting this. Must find more pics from this shoot now. He’s prettier than most girls, that’s for sure… lol. Lol @ those pants being loose on him. I almost died when I saw him in those leggings and their legs were equally as nice.

  4. Who else is he texting but of course his oh so lovely MGY!! LOL thx Capt. Koala for yet another JGS MGY pairing-links-meshup-news tidbits :). I’m loving it! (McD haha)

  5. Oh the manliner god is bacccccckkk! Squee! Squee!

    My honey bunny looks so good. ^-^ I know it’s a photoshoot and that he was asked to endorse these clothes, but this is definitely a huge improvement from that bra outfit. I approve. Kekeke! Now I need to print these photos out and add them to my JGS photos collection!

  6. If he wore the wrong pants, does that mean he coordinates his own outfit?
    He has ropes around his hips where as Ms. Kim is wearing hers as is.

    • well I take that back since I can see two of them in the photo but how did her pants get into his!? 😉 i mean her pants get mixed in with his set of pants! poor girl already self conscious of JGS slim body and he had to show her pants were a li’l loose on him!! that interview was mostly on JGS too, just saying tho I’m not complaining 😀

  7. Holy wow, 20 years of career? I feel like I never achieved anything in my life!

    Btw, I just about LOLed till I cried during that interview. How is JGS so pretty and funny? And the pants, the pants! I can’t even.

    And JGS, if you’re reading this, come to Europe, please? Pleeeeeeeeeease?

    • He is coming to Europe- Prague and London I think in March for some special dvd or photobook shoot or something.

      moom- did you start getting the supplies ready for our covert mission???

      • seriously? march? that is really soon..LizzyD, you’re a fanclub member right? let me know what you know any information you get through the fanclub notices..dates etc, thanks…

      • moom- I’m a fan club member getting gray hair waiting for my acct to be activated. There are people who have been waiting for over 3 weeks! Others are activated after 2 weeks, so no rhyme or reason. Do they pick based on whether they like your name? I should have sent in my picture! Or better yet, sent in MGY’s picture under my name. hahahah

        Are you really going to stalk him? I’m not a fan of fan-stalkers. I know everyone is free to do as they please but I always get a little creeped out when I read those accounts. Plus, I can’t imagine sitting in the cold or not eating for a whole day waiting for someone who’s not even real. Heck, my boyfriend is 15 min late for dinner and I eat without him! Food is VERY important.

      • very sadly, lizzyD no.. I don’t have the time nor logistics to travel all the way to Heathrow to greet him at the airport nor sit at any said location the whole day to wait for him.. BUT having said that, IF he should be staying or filming in my part of london.. then I definitely would not mind, lugging my toddler along, to check out where he is said to be, in the small chance I get to see him in person ( apparently very gorgeous in person, gotta see it myself to believe it) AND deliver our very impt message.. 😀

        so yeah.. if you have dates and locations or anything like that, let me know.. i may really give it a try.. provided it doesn’t coincide with naps, school runs, the usual ( did someone say pipe dream :P)

        So holiday shippers, don’t hold your breath abt this london mission by yours truly

        Perchance Sere is a better candidate for this mission?

      • Actually, babies are the best way to pick up girls and stars. Just throw your baby at him. That should work. You’ve already got the accessory so Go Go Go!!!

      • Ugh, I’ll be in Denmark for a few days in March. Otherwise, I’ll be home and that’s not in London or Prague. Sadness!

        Well, at least he’ll be in Europe? maybe he’ll fly over for a quick tour of my country? mayyybe? I don’t think I’d make a good stalkerish companion, though, but hey I wouldn’t be against hanging out in random touristy spots for a cup of coffee or something? 😉

  8. True but where should I hide when she calls him ‘auntie’? already she has nailed him for a female the one time she saw him on the computer screen.. ‘pretty girl’ said my 2 year old ….’facepalm’

    • Oh dear… Actually, he’d totally get a kick out of it. He’s rather proud that he’s prettier than the ladies. At least your daughter has good taste! Does she think MGY is pretty too? Or just JKS? hahahah

      • And who are you kidding? I’m so sure it was the ONE time you had a picture of him on your screen… It’s ok, my background is the last shot of M3 when he kissed her cheek.

      • actually she saw the pic of the 2 with their heads together in front of the VW van..but she pointed to JKS.. I blame the pretty MuGyul hair….I comfort myself that she selected a male over a female ( ie innate orientation is correct) but still fuzzy with the specifics, hahaha

        maybe I will show her the Basic House pics and see what happens

  9. lizzyD, it’s the one time SHE caught mummy surfing M3.. the rest of it I do out of the children’s sight..only Daddy knows mummy’s got korean stars in her brain..

  10. the interview is crazy!!! it made me laugh like a lunatic!!!! omg the pants and he saying he’s prettier than girls (so true, sigh…) i love these pics, and the way he looks leaves me speachless…. so hot!!!! (specially the last one ;))

  11. Awwww Geun-Seok… you can always count on him for fun interviews.. he has a strong point 😀 If I were the girl, I’d be stressed that my leading man is prettier.. hahaha!

    The whole emo rocker guy liner thing always gets me 🙂 That stare make every eels go nuts!

    @LizzyD: For me, it took 2 weeks before my membership got activated.. others says there’s no specific time frame, it depends how busy Tree J is.

  12. Dearest Koala,
    I just want to say I’ve been reading all these posts on your blog and they are something i look forward to everyday ^_^ The 2 Geuns in M3 is the most realistic couple I’ve seen so far 🙂 and seeing them make me smile like an idiot…

    I just wonder….they have to return all the clothes they use for this ad right? But I think there’s ONE article of clothing JGS gets to keep *wink*

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