Dream High Picture Spoilers for Episode 10

I don’t know what I am more excited for, the Super Bowl tomorrow or Dream High episode 10 on Monday. Probably the Super Bowl, but only by a hairsbreadth. My love of professional sports probably trumps my drama addiction, but that’s a subject for another place. Back to Dream High, which has everyone gnawing on their fat lower lip waiting for The Big Moment that was teased in the preview. Will it come? Will it be a feint? Will a koala swoon or throw crockery? Spoilers after the jump.

Ahhh, so it looks like a real bona fide kissy kissy, with both participants awake and aware of the moment. Me like. Really, even as a true blood SamMi shipper, I’ve always said (1) MiGook is just as compelling for me, and (2) I am a sucker for a swoonworthy romantic moment. I love the kiss in the ferris wheel, which I don’t think I have ever seen done before in any drama. A kiss with the ferris wheel in the background I watched in Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, but IN a ferris wheel, this has got to be a first.

I’m pretty sure the lead-in scene will be equally as romantic, and makes me wish I were shipping MiGook still. But I’m not, because I’ve discovered a million and one reasons that SamMi works better for me. I hope my Sam Dong isn’t going to see the kiss, but I’m guessing he will see it. The following spoiler pictures below show Sam Dong with a new shorter (and way sexier) haircut, and him being all distressed and agonizing in public. Picking my poison, Hye Mi has either told him she’s flouncing off to Jin Gook, or he’s lost his hearing again. Either way, he looks to be in a world of pain.

DH is such a fun drama to speculate over how any plot point will develop. I’m going out on a limb and stating that even though Jin Gook gets the first kiss, I still think Sam Dong is the end game. And I kinda don’t care that Sam Dong may have cut his hair because he (thinks) he lost Hye Mi to Jin Gook. Any heartbreak that gets my boy to look like THAT (see below), is fine by me.


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  1. So far, i don’t sense Hye-Mi liking Sam Dong in a romantic way and I don’t see that changing soon…kind of losing hope. My theory for dramas is that whoever kisses the girl first usually gets the girl…except for BOF. I love DH, everyone are so cute except for Baek-Hee (which the show wants us to hate). Pil-Sook is so sweet. Thanks for all your recaps, infos. 🙂

    • Haha. “Except in BOF”? You and my bestfriend said the same thing. But I reminded her that Jun Pyo was still the first kiss of Jandi because of the pool accident. Remember when Jun pyo was drowning because he fell in the pool because of the bug? Jan di saved him and give him the CPR. So yeah. Haha. The first kiss thing is my theory too in watching dramas so yeah. I like taec & suzy since ep 1 too, fyi. They sooo look good together ^^

    • The same for me ! I’m sooo sad for Sam-Dong )=
      And I hope Hye-Mi woula be with him in the end … )”:
      This ep made me cry and shout very loud ,,, — “

  2. Hi Koala. I am a MiGook shipper but I can’t help but agree with you that (with DH) “even though Jin Gook gets the first kiss, I still think Sam Dong is the end game”!!! Ahhh heartbreak. I can vividly picture myself squeeing over the kiss then picking up the pieces of my heart after the game.

    Thank you so much for the recaps and the spoilers.

    P.S. I want Hyemi and Jingook to end up together! I think I’m gonna do the sun dance.

  3. Thanks much ockoala! I’ve been following and liking DH through your recaps and previews.

    Just want to share that a J-dorama in 1995, “For You” had a scene where the 2 leads kissed inside a ferris wheel. Actually it was more of a stolen kiss by the lead male character played by Takahashi Katsunori on Miho Nakayama, the lead female character. Still it was romantic. “For You” had a heart-warming love story.

    P.S. So, who are you rooting for tomorrow’s Superbowl? 🙂

  4. Haha you are like me, except for me its my love of college sports trumps my love of professional sports which trumps my love for kdramas. As much as I like Dream High I am definitely more excited for the superbowl since Green Bay is playing and I have been a fan of Aaron Rodgers (and Desmond Bishop as well) since I was an undergrad at Cal/Berkeley when they were playing for my college team the Cal Golden Bears (Aaron was the QB during my freshman/sophmore years and Desmond Bishop was the Linebacker my 3/4th years of college) so I am definitely rooting for Green Bay. Go Packers!

    Back to Dream High, I honestly don’t know who will end up with who because this wouldn’t be the first drama to change the game unexpectedly but I am just glad there is some movement in this triangle. I am also glad that KSH is sporting a shorter style since I think it suits him more and kinda gives him a hotter look rather than the cuter country bumpkin look which I think will be more appropriate if he will take his dreams seriously and if he wants to really win HyeMi. Also I read that Taec and Suzy didn’t really kiss (probably due to parental opposition since Suzy is only 16 yo) but they did the camera work to make it look like they did so I hope it looks somewhat realistic on screen.

    P.S. Like Bashful asked, who are you rooting for? just curious lol.

  5. More to the ferris wheel kisses… I thought that there are heaps of those in Taiwanese drama… i.e. It started with a Kiss, and there’s another one with MikeHe in it.. (but can’t recalled the name…)

    Re; SamMi, I really really really reallyyyyyy hope that they will be together at the end,
    perhaps let JinGook be K and be the star in the entertainment world..
    and let the couple who deserve to be together be together… kekekee…
    (*naive thinking*)

    and for superbowl, we down under follow Aussie footy here…. have no idea of which team to root for

  6. Oh. My. Goodness. That last photo of Sam Dong.. I had to collect myself.

    I think Boys Over Flowers came close to the kiss-in-a-ferris-wheel concept with the Namsan cable car?

    *Spoiler* According to allkpop, “Hyemi and Sam Dong get lost and end up performing on the streets in order to make enough money for the trip back home. A Japanese b-boy crew performing across the street from them end up challenging the Korean students to a battle.”

    Sounds like it’s going to be another awesome episode.

  7. I ship for SamMi althoug gook got the first kiss.if hyemi choose gook then she a foolish girl to let go sam dong with new hair cut that is hotter.omo tomorrow ep 10 yey but I want more jason-phil suk with jason being in pain because suk kinda let go her crush on him.

  8. Concerning your comment “I’m going out on a limb and stating that even though Jin Gook gets the first kiss, I still think Sam Dong is the end game.”:

    No!! Am I the only MiGook shipper here? I am seriously holding out what little hope I have that Jin Gook and Hye Mi end up together since Dream High isn’t really doing so well as to clue us in (or at least just me) as to which couple would end up together in the end, unlike the usual kdramas… With messages on forums and blogs leaning more towards SamMi loveline than MiGook, I am seriously getting depressed because the light at the end of my tunnel is slowly fading… I LOVE Dream High (it’s my absolute crack!) but if it doesn’t end up the way I so desperately hope it would, I would hate it forever…

    On a somewhat lighter note (well, for me…), I was seriously not expecting the kiss to be real, what with Suzy being ONLY 16 years old… Even seeing the preview and the pics, I was seriously telling myself “As much as I want it to happen, it probably won’t. She’s too young…” Even though I know the kiss is real, I know it’s not gonna be an all-out-make-out session since like I said, she’s ONLY 16. So I can pretty much bet that this is only going to be a peck on the lips.

    With Dream High being only 9 episodes in, I am already trying to cope for my pity party for Jin Gook (because I seriously think the MiGook love line won’t happen, but I so desperately want it to!) by watching variety shows and the likes which stars Taecyeon such as Family Outing 2 (not a big fan of Yoona-Taecyeon, but it’s enough to get me through).

    I apologize for the rant… I am just so desperate for my MiGook loveline!! I am seriously considering bribing someone at the production company just so this could happen…

    • I’m with you! 🙂

      I’v been sold to HM-JG since Episode 1 despite all the sad cliches. XD

      Hopefully, they’ll end up together, but why did SD have to witness it?! Gahhh, my heart breaks for him. ;( I hope the haircut doesn’t transform him into evil. NO NO NO. Heartbreak Possible loss of hearing = DO NOT WANT.

      Hasn’t the drama already shown signs that JG will get the girl? Fated meeting, half/naked in front of HM, all the moments, and usually doesn’t the guy who does not admit his feelings first get the girl? I’m probably overanalyzing this. X/

      Thank you for the pics! Excited for tomorrow! 😉

      • I’m a SamDong-HyeMi shipper.. but I can tell you in K Drama land, the rule is who get the first kiss will get the girl…
        (as in having first kiss Scene that is)

        So I’m sure you’ll get your happy ending 🙂

        The BOF story didn’t count as that’s originally Japanese 🙂

      • OMG!! I’m feeling somewhat better with your reassurances but I don’t want to start my celebration party for Jin Gook just yet since I don’t think I can handle it if he doesn’t win the girl.

  9. Kim Soo Hyun’s hair…Oh my god h’s gorgeous…I was just agonizing over Jing Gook and Hyemi kissing (although it is romantic) because of the pain it would cause Samdong…but…his hair….<3

  10. Who are you rooting for today?
    I hope your a Steelers fan. If not, I might not be able to love you anymore.


  11. I have yet to see any drama that doesn’t deal with divorce where heroine doesn’t end up with the guy who first kissed her on-screen. I also think it would be odd to spend 10 eps having HM like JG only for her to switch – it’s one thing if it was a 60 ep period drama, it’s another in a 16 ep one.

    I prefer JG/HM for now (because that’s what Hyemi wants) but if the writer went SD/HM, I’d be fine too – he/she writes well, and I am fine as long as my Hyemi is happy, because I like JG and SD very well, but in this drama I am all about Hyemi.

    Re: haircut. Who gets a stylish haircut because of heartbreak? LOL. Ah, teenagers.

    • in Triple, haru spent all her episodes crushing on lee jung jae and then at the very end, she said turned out she didn’t miss him as much as she thought she would. which is very realistic, given that she was only a teenager. feelings are feelings are feelings. even for adults, feelings can change too and it’s more or less commitment that keeps them together. you consciously keep yourself out of sticky situations, consciously keep a distance, etc. but for HM, she’s not trying to stay in love with JG and out of love with SD, so it’s very possible to slowly redirect her feelings.

      i was actually for JG ever since the moment HM sang Winter Child for him. i thought that the producers are throwing in SD moments just to confuse us! but then i all of a sudden remembered it had been SD for me ever since he grabbed her hand onto the stage (that determined expression!) the proverbial wheels have been put forth into motion from that moment on and now i’m thinking JG scenes are the actual distractions >_< lolz *knock on wood*

    • Who gets a stylish haircut because of a heartbreak?

      Tons of stylists will tell you that lots of women go short after breaking up with their partners.

  12. Thanks alot for all the previews and pictures ockoala! Personally, I’m a MiGook shipper. I’m honestly quite shocked at how many SamMi shippers there are! I think that Sam Dong and Hye Mi are just friends. He isn’t really in love with her but just has a crush kind of thing since meeting. For those who want Baek Hee and Jin gook together, I’m against that too! Sam Dong and Hye Mi were together alone for 200 days without Jin gook and same for Baek Hee and Jin gook. If nothing sparked in 200 days where they were together without the other ‘rival’ then why would they end up together. I can see that Hye Mi and Jin Gook likes each other, and they look great together. Not only that, they find comfort in each other. If they don’t end up together then I would be very mad/sad.. I think Baek Hee and Sam Dong would be cute together.. The milky couple are the cutest though 😉 And the whole kiss scene, most kdramas don’t include total make out sessions anyway, nothing too rational so I’m assuming this kiss won’t be the best but it’ll do! I also searched up some information on if underaged can kiss people over 18 in movies and it said yes, no sex scenes. So this shouldn’t be a problem. But yeah, ps. I think Sam Dong looked better before the haircut.. He looks like that guy in Cinderella’s Sister now O.o
    Anyways, MiGook FTW!

  13. Since some of you want me to cheer for the Steeler and some the Packers, someone will be bound to be disappointed with my pick.

    Cheering for the Packers, who is the lesser of two evils in my book.

    Why? all my reasons are positive ones (not going into why I hate the other team or some such talk). GB ushering he-who-never-retires out the door to make room for the Aaron Rodgers era, I want that validated. In yo face, Favre!

    Even though I rooted for AR to fall on his face his entire college QB career (sorry, I’m a Cardinal), now that he’s no longer a stinky CALpoo bear, I can actually appreciate his talent. Boy is talented. Also, Mr. Koala went to CAL for grad school, so I will be nice and cheer his guy on today.

    Rothliesberger has 2 rings, Rodgers has 0 – I am a fan of rooting for the underdog.

    With this in mind – GB by 4 in today’s game. 🙂

    • Love your blog so I may bypass the fact you are dissing my Golden Bears since I dissed the Cardinals my entire college career lol , friendly rivalry was part of the fun of college football don’t you agree? Did you ever go to the Big Game? Yeah AR is talented, and sadly after him we didn’t really have QBs at Cal that measured up so I am glad I was around during his time at Cal.

      AR and Desmond are what got me to pay attention to Green Bay but I am also rooting for them because like you said, they kicked out Favre, who really needed to retire to be honest and they are the underdogs.

      Steelers are tough to beat so I have to agree Green Bay by 4 because Steelers aren’t going to go down easily.

    • I’m not really a fan of either team. But for Super Bowl purposes, I’m for the Packers today as well. I’d really like to see Rodgers win because has really worked his way there, in the long term and through the playoffs. Rodgers was at Cal after I graduated.

      The Bears-Cardinals rivalry gets complicated for me. As a Bay Area sports fan, I’ve seen the players and staff come and go between the schools and professional teams seamlessly (ie, Bill Walsh, Mike Montgomery, and Jim Harbaugh). I’m a Golden Bear because I went there as an undergrad. But, I am affiliated with both places!

  14. Didn’t know Hye-Mi is 16. I watched one of her MVs and she looked 20 or so. She sure is talented. Even if it’s a real kiss on screen, it’s still G-rated usually.

  15. thanks for the pictures! i cant wait till tomorrow.
    im watching the superbowl, and i cant focus,
    thinking about this kiss scene! haha lucky hyemi
    gets to kiss JG, i wonder if hes a good kisser hehe 😛
    But my heart breaks for samdong too.
    i wanted hyemi and samdong to be together, when
    the K group came back after 200 days… but that didint happen.
    haha lets hope for the best for samdong, so he will meet his true love
    and keep his hearing 🙂 AHH CANT WAIT FOR TOMORROW <3 DH FTW.

  16. I so love this show, and i will be happy with who ever hye min ends up with as long as she is happy, any ways ji hoo kissed jan di?!!? when?!?!?!

  17. O: Is there only pictures on the love triangle? I also want to see pictures of the milky couple. The written preview says Pilsook get’s a disease and Jason’s worrying about her. D:

  18. woah!!! i’m currently on board SamMi ship but love MinGook love team as well. oh my, why sam dong has to witness that?!?!?!?! that’s unbearable for him. my heart bleeds for him. huhuhu!!!

  19. MiGook MiGook MiGook MiGook!!!

    BTW, I find the shortening of HyeMi JinGook to MiGook rather funny since it’s the Korean for America and means the beautiful country.

    Anyhoo, JinGook needs love more than musical success. SamDong needs to go show us his musical genius, for which he was recruited to Kirin in the first place.

    Bring it on! Less than 12 hours til broadcast!!!

    • you said it perfectly……. the cure for JG’s issues is love (HM) ……. whereas what SD really needs is to dream for himself not for others, he needs to mature, get out of his fairy world and deal more with the real world … and I believe being the K is what he really need and not HM

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