Part I and II of Allure Korea’s Peek Into Actresses Prepping for Year End Awards

The 2010 Year End Drama Awards for the major Korean networks were just a scant month ago, yet somewhere it feels like a year has passed. Allure Korea did a photospread on various actresses as they primped and prepared for attending one of the three awards shows. While I didn’t like all the dresses on these ladies the night of the awards, I absolutely LOVE these pictures and how beautiful everyone looks inside and out. Glowing would be an understatement. The post-topping picture is of course my precious little Min Min (Jung So Min). The rest of the actresses after the jump.

Park Min Young

Kim So Yeon

Jo Yoon Hee

Kim Jung Eun

Seo Woo

Lee So Yeon

Han Eun Jung

Song Ji Hyo

Lee Yoon Ji

Min Hyo Rin

Lee Shi Young


Yoo Yo Jung

Han Hye Jin

[Credit: all photographs from Allure Korea magazine, click here for part I and here for part II]


Part I and II of Allure Korea’s Peek Into Actresses Prepping for Year End Awards — 16 Comments

  1. Wow so many beautiful women! I like the one Kim Jung Eun is wearing and Lee Shi Young’s white with black sash. I like the color purple but the style not so much. They are all so lovely!

  2. I love the color purple but that awkwardly placed seam ( I guess it was to give the fishtail illusion) makes the dress look weird to me. I LOVE the makeup on Kim So Yeon.

  3. love the ladies and some of the dresses!
    but of course our dearest minmin is my personal fave of all!!!
    she’s glowing beautifully in that event!

    go minmin!!!
    hope for more red carpet events for you because for sure you’re gonna rock it!

  4. beautiful women….
    but what i like the most is your banner with my 3 boylet loves…
    JGS,YAI, and Kim Soo Hyun ….wow
    what a treat!!!!

  5. Jung So-min really was glowing! I love the last picture, the one of her reflection in the mirror. So gorgeous. Whatever line she was standing in in heaven, I must of walked right passed it. Bummer.

    Thanks for sharing these. The concept is great and all the photos are interesting.

  6. If looks could kill then Kim So Yeon just commited murder. The woman is stunning. I wish I could see her shoes, though, but I’m sure they’re also fabulous. Jung So Min’s photos are my favourite. Her hair is so perfectly set. Can you tell I’m dying of envy at this moment? I also really like Min Hyo Rin’s get-up.

    But Yoo Yo Jung needs a new stylist…. The hair and that dress…

    Thanks for posting these ockoala!

  7. This was me…

    Jung So Min – How lovely
    Park Min Young – I guess she’s cute. Gracias plastic surgeon.
    Kim So Yeon – OMG. Fierce. Speechless. I’m so glad not to be a guy because the mere sight of KSY would probably reduce me to a babbling idiot.
    and so on until…

    Seo Woo – what a freak child is that? (I have this reaction every time I see her face.)

    Lee So Yeon – Whew. How thankful am I that hers is the next picture, she of the cold, calculating, no nonsense face. Brings me back to earth. Sigh of relief.

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