First Stills of No Min Woo in Midas

Yes, yes, calm yourselves, ladies. And no need to thank me. I am merely performing a charitable act – that of bestowing No Min Woo back to the drama world. The production of SBS’s upcoming Mon-Tues drama Midas finally wised up, and unleashed the first set of character stills for No Min Noo.

He plays the younger brother of self-made chaebol Kim Hee Ae. Rather than have any ambition or responsibility, he’s instead an incorrigible playboy. I’m glad the production provided these character snippets, since here I thought he was a preacher in bed with that chick because he was getting a physical.  😛

I really am not following Midas close enough (such as digging around for character descriptions and whatnot) to know exactly how all four leads are related or expected to interact together. I do think it’s a given that No Min Woo will somehow fall in love with Lee Min Jung, cuz he sure as heck won’t be falling for Kim Hee Ae’s character. Before Rock, Rock, Rock, I would’ve bet money that Jang Hyuk would eat this pretty boy for breakfast. Now, I think he’ll do just fine opposite a towering presence like Hyukkie, gracing the screen not just with his face, but with some improved acting skills.

Okay, I get first dibs on pinching his cheeks. Everyone, the line starts right behind me.


First Stills of No Min Woo in Midas — 46 Comments

  1. Second! Second! Second! Dude, that last pic is so cute. He looks like an adorable chipmunk! *pinches his face* Whoops, I assumed you got a chance to pinch it already. Haha.

    • Woah there missy, a little too overeager, aren’t we? Can’t blame ya, I pinched my fill already. And I’m still pinching as we speak.

      • Hahaha. I was afraid someone *ahem* was gonna beat me and cut in front of me. I was happy to make it to second (base). Jk. LMAO. I’m hyper. Please ignore me.

  2. Hey. Hey. HEY. I’ve been lusting after him since MGIAG. And I was a TRAX fan long before you guys were! DON’T MAKE ME BEAT YOU LADIES UP.

    That being sad, fhdskfhgdfjklsjkdlsgjdlfjdlflkafd *crawls into bed with him* ♥

    • Now Kender, put that stick away, this is a no-weapons zone.

      That being said, you have to kick the chick in the picture off the bed first. And then do hand-to-hand combat with all comers for him. Tee hee.

      Between him and Namgong Min, I’m going to die collectively fangirling the pretty-of-the-prettiest boys come March.

      • Ack! It posted before I was ready. D:

        As I was saying, his VOICE. Just fhdskfljdhgflsdfhgdlfkskkds sexy.

        GOD I hope he has a decent role in that show. :3

    • Psh whatevs! Clearly ockoala said that the line started with her and I was second. Play fair and get in line! *shoves klutzow out of bed* YOU ALREADY “MINE”-D SO MANY MEN!

      • Whoops, I didn’t mean to shove you. I was going to very gently persuade you to get off the bed. Or how about this? We should join forces and push that chick out of the bed first. Then decide who gets in the old-fashioned way: deciding w/ rock, papers– hey, you’re not playing! 😛

      • Hrm. Well. We could go halfsies on him? I’d be willing to time share.. I’ve already got a lot of other men on my plate, so this might actually work out better for me. >D

      • ><" I see now that this was a win-win situation for you. I was naïve. I have much to learn from you in the near future. 😛 jks. As they say, the more, the merrier! Ahem. I mean… uh…

    • The production should have added a few long red finger nail scratches on his back for good measure.

      Pffft, a lil’ ole hickey doesn’t sell the incorrigible playboy angle nearly enough.

    • I’m pretty sure that “hicky” is actually a vaccination scar. Most (all?) actors of a certain age have them.. I think they changed the method of administering the vaccine sometime in the late 80s/early 90s, so everyone born up to around ’86 has it.

      /useless trivia 😀

      • Nope, you’re absolutely right. It is a vaccination scar. I’ve got one of those…. ^^”

      • I don’t have one. o.O Aren’t you younger than me? Or were you born somewhere that still did them that way?

        I don’t actually know anything about vaccinations and whatnot haha, I just remember looking it up when I first starting watching Kdramas because I was confused about the shoulder scars all the actors seemed to have.

      • I got one when I was little in Asia. Don’t all Asians have them and that’s why people call us fobs? lol. Not that I’m even considered fresh off the boat these days.

      • My brother and sister have those scars, they were born in the 60’s (in US) and I don’t because I was born in late 70’s. Seems that was still the method in other countries for a bit longer, since I’ve seen actors younger than me with the circular scars.

      • Yup. Vaccination scar. I forget for what. Something like polio or tuberculosis, one of those “eradicated” viruses. Just found out that the kids in the 90s got a much improved vaccination that leaves only the slightest impression.

        This vaccination mark, which I used to think of as a marker of one’s third-worldness, has now become a generational marker.

        OMG, but back to the important point.


        I don’t think I’d ever experienced the reaction I had upon seeing the image of NMW when the page to your blog loaded, Ockoala! I literally was stunned, heart jumped a bit, eyes in disbelief, what am I seeing here? Holyyyyyy…

        I’m totally scandalized… and speechless. Stunned by the sight of NMW with his bare shoulders in bed. Just totally stunned.

      • haha vaccination scars! lol but his is kinda high up near his shoulder blades….anyway, we always made fun of those thinking it was only those getting vaccines outside US have scars. I don’t but my brother does who was vaccinated outside US.

        I was really surprised when the page loaded cuz I couldn’t believe that was a still from a kdrama!! Can I join the pinching cheeks party? Since I’m waaay in the back of the line I might just end up nursing his poor poor red cheeks!!! LOL thanks Koala, endodo, kendy, and everyone’s comments you guys made my day!

  3. fine fourth then!……playboy?!…..ooohh….now that’s something i’d like to see him pull off…still dont know if I wanna watch this despite all the hotties they are throwing shamelessly at me

  4. OMG! Looks like there is an army between me and my sexy Dong Ju Teacher! Ok, ladies are we gonna play nice or are the claws coming out? Hahaha! I cannot wait to see NMW back on screen. Can’t wait to see him be a playboy 😉 I just might die of the pretty!!!

  5. me next then 🙂 haha
    or i might cheat my way to him while you are all fighting over him hahaha
    i swear he was pretty in MGIAG but he charmed me in Rock, Rock, Rock 😀

  6. What did that chick ever do to deserve NMW in her bed? Obviously I am doing something wrong, as my bed is lonely and cold and contains no gorgeous men. Or even just one man. I’d settle for one…at a time. ^_~

  7. Oh my my poor noose runs out of I don’t see that lady next to him, I SEE ME..oh my oh my…may day…he so damn sexy…my mind running wild..they sure know how to lure us to put our investment on this drama because the other lead nor story don’t catch my interest.

  8. *sighs* I’m going to watch this, right? I knew it. The second NMW was cast, I had a nagging feeling I’d end up watching it even if, up to then and despite me liking Hyukkie, I had no interest about Midas whatsoever. I still don’t, actually, but he’s…LOOK AT HIM! Gah! And he’s good at acting, too (RRR was awesome)

    Damn you, boy. Damn you!

  9. I’ve been eying this kid ever since his pasta days. Rocker, raider, chef all in one. Whata hot and killer combo. But his role in Gumiho didn’t really impress me, I didn’t like the EMO type role. But Looking at the pics of him and his role in MIDAS. I’m Salivating right now, I just dont wanna pinch his cheek, I would like to jump him in bed right now. I bet its gonna be painful to watch him when he falls in love coz we all know who’s gonna get the girl in the end. oww gawd second lead syndrome again.

  10. I thought he was Song Joong-ki! But then I read the post’s title. Though only in the first pic. The rest pics… he looks nothing like he was in MGIAG. I like him better this way.

  11. I remember him posting something like “Ugh, bed scene” followed by “Nude Dong Joo Teacher. T_T” in Tweeter.

    Hahaha his reaction to the supposed bed scene is cute. XD

  12. Am I the only one bothered by this =_=? I’m surrounded by people who lust after him rather than love him for who he is. @_@
    This bed scene is disappointing me because I thought he was Christian.
    This is very unchristian. What would Magi think of this?
    I’m guessing he picked this role strictly because the character gets cancer so it will look very good on his resume if he can portray that perfectly. x_x; *walks away with head down because her role model has disappointed her ;_;*

  13. hyaaa did he have sex with her in the drama??why are so disapointing with him?is his life is his career wow daebak, if you are a fan you most support him in his choices

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