Midas to Premiere Next Tuesday on SBS

News flash: SBS has decided to premiere Midas on Tuesday of next week, since Athena: Goddess of War preempted one episode due to an on set injury and will be airing its 20th and final episode next Monday. This news got me scrambling in earnest to actually read up on the drama, rather than snigger or swoon at the various stills.

I will watch Jang Hyuk peel walnuts for hours, so I know I’m watching Midas. No Min Woo is just pretty icing on the side. The story appears to be quite dark and twisty, with lots of relationship switching and jostling for power, whether emotional or financial. I’ve translated the character descriptions, so read on if you’re interested. I might actually 100% alterna-couple ship based on what I’ve read.

Jang Hyuk is Kim Do Hyun:

A handsome and brilliant man, graduating first from law school, and is also a star athlete. After graduating, he wanted to become a lawyer and live a stable life. Because of his sad background, he doesn’t have any ambitions in life, such as the pursuit of wealth….

Until he enters the service of the chaebol Yoo family. His brush with excessive wealth awakens his dormant ambition and desires. To achieve his goal, to satisfy his urges, he sells his soul.

Lee Min Jung plays Lee Jung Yoon:

She is Do Hyun’s girlfriend, a pure simple girl her entire life. People don’t notice her, what with her gentle demure personality. After graduating from nursing school, she starts working at a hospital, getting promoted rather quickly with her stellar performance.

Like a sunflower turning towards the sun, she has eyes for only one man, her Do Hyun. Until one day when she realizes that Do Hyun is secretly in love with another woman. This discovery is a huge blow for her, and her father is worried about his daughter and sheds tears of pain and frustration.

She sees her father’s tears on her behalf, and a rage grows within her. All she can think about is getting revenge on Do Hyun. A coincidence assigns her as the nurse to the VIP hospital room occupied by Yoo Myung Joon (No Min Woo). Slowly, she also sells her soul, and decides to seduce Yoo Myung Joon and become his woman. She wants to punish Do Hyun for his betrayal.

Kim Hee Ae plays Yoo In Hye:

The eldest daughter of the Yoo chaebol family, she went to college in the US, and formerly was a securities broker on Wall Street. Now, she is the boss of her own billion dollar hedge fund company.

Being unmarried at her age (40) makes her on-the-shelf, but she relishes in being the stereotypical power woman. Since she was small, she has always respected yet despised her father. These conflicting emotions has turned her into a dual personality odd woman.

No Min Woo plays Yoo Myung Joon:

He has a bad relationship with his father, your garden variety wastrel chaebol son, a playboy with no direction in life. He has the looks and the money, and women flock to him. He understands they all want him for his wealth, and not for who he really is. Until he meets Jung Yoon, and sees something mesmerizing about her. Even though he is surrounded by beautiful women, and Jung Yoon is not the prettiest by far, he discovers that he is genuinely falling for her.

Life is not fair, and Myung Joon has late-stage cancer, and his nurse in the hospital is Jung Yoon. The two of them feel a frisson of growing awareness. Myung Joon knows that he has late-stage cancer, and that Jung Yoon cares for him as purely a patient, but he has received warmth and affection from her that he never got his entire life. For the first time, he has fallen in love with a woman, but his condition worsens. Facing an on-the-brink-of-dying Myung Joon, Jung Yoon feels her heart hurting….

Midas will hold its press conference next Monday, which is pretty late considering its premiering the day after. Regardless, I’m tuning in and hoping for some awesomeness to come.


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  1. ACK, cancer! And terminal at that. *cries forever* Why, kdramas, whyyyyy?

    Meh, I’m so not in the mood for twisty and reveng-y dramas, but…why do I have the feeling I might ship Myung-joon/Jung-yoon HARD?

    • I love that they drop the cancer FROM THE BEGINNING.

      No “whoops, here’s some cancer at the 9th stage of the game” shit.

      What did I say about me alterna-shipping? I am going to be so all over this Jung Yoon-Myung Joon ship until the cows come home.

      She’s his nurse, and using him for revenge against her lousy ex-fiancee, who is involved with his sister, and he has never felt affection before until he gets it from her (but she’s only doing it for her own selfish purposes), and even if they fall totally in love (THEY MUST FALL TOTALLY IN LOVE), he’s going to diediedie.

      O.M.G. this has my crack OTP written all over it.

      Midas suddenly looks totally amazing for the first time.

      • I agree with everything you said. Why do I fall for these doomed relationships???? But HAWT No Min-woo as terminal cancer patient + Lee Min-jung as good-girl-turned-revenge-plotting-scorned-girlfriend who nurses him? Could you ASK for anything better? I ask that rhetorically, of course.

      • I know, right?

        At least we know 1)he’s doomed from the beginning hence why I’m hording tissues already, 2)I’m going to ship them sooo much, omg. I just know it.

        Did you see the stills from 49days that Sarah posted? Oh sweet Lord. Please, let this be 1000000 better than SG. Please. It has a good if trite/cheesy premise, but the leads are good (love ’em aaaaaaaall) so I expect solid acting all around. Still, it doesn’t look like BSB will have a large role and of course JIW won’t have any part in the love triangle? Rectangle? Whatever. IDK. GAHH. Anyway, def watching both now. Oh god.

      • Yeah, this is definitely the storyline that’s pulling me in. Right now I have about 5% interest in Jang Hyuk’s storyline and 95% interest in Jung-Yoon/Myung-Joon. 0% in that other lady, but time will tell.

        It also occurs to me that I don’t think I’ve ever seen JH in a drama where he DIDN’T have facial hair! I might not even have recognized him all polished up here.

  2. Hmm its going to be angst and dark but yeah Jung yoon-myun joon looks like going to be my spot..but I hope she can be back to herself and do hyun realize that jung yoon is his true love.ah but no min woo have to die?ah for this one I don’t mind they pull up we give miracle and the cancer be gone as long as NMW will be on screen till last episode and get the girl.

  3. I’m very interested in this because it stars Jang Hyuk and Lee Min Jung.
    The story line with Myung Joon seems full of potential awesomeness.

  4. two of them are selling their souls, one is dying of cancer and the last one seems to have an ambiguous storyline…..this sounds so twisty and could end up really messy……..No Min Woo has cancer?!…….poor guy never gets cheerful role does he?…..i dont think i’ll be watching this though i do like the cancer boy falls in love with nurs who’s out to get revenge storyline

    • NMW doesn’t just have any ole cancer – he has late-stage terminal cancer. And I love the balls on this drama for just coming out and announcing it over and over again.

      This drama isn’t even going to pretend there is some miracle cure for him, like donated eye balls or some such. They are going all out and telling you – THIS WILL NOT END WELL.

      I love it~~~

      It makes me so much more vested, because I totally already connect with his character and his angst. *weeps for poor cancer second lead*

      • donated eye balls? ROTFL

        And dude, I already know imma go crush on the second lead because it looks like he’s the one going from spoiled brat to decent human being, irrespective of his cancer, whereas all the other characters go in the opposite direction, from good and “innocent” to spoiled/arrogant/twisted and I’m easy, okay? Give me a jerk-like character, have him/her grow up and I’m putty in his/her hands.

      • OMG, you know what this is?!?!?

        NMW is Hong Tae Sung with cancer! Imagine if Kim Jae Wook had cancer in Bad Guy, and already I shipped him with the glorious Han Ga In sosososo bad in BG. If BG had given him cancer on top of that, I may have actually cried myself to death.

        Ergo, NMW in Midas might very well (I’m 99.9% sure already) be my next bad boy hurt inside and dying for love obsession.

        Sere-ahhhh, help me, Midas might keeel me….

      • XD I think we’re doomed to ship them and cry many tears for our doomed OTP. Why do we do this to ourselves, chingoo?

        NMW is Hong Tae Sung with cancer! Imagine if Kim Jae Wook had cancer in Bad Guy, and already I shipped him with the glorious Han Ga In sosososo bad in BG.
        Oh God. If HTS had cancer…

        I actually shipped, well, everyone/everyone in BG. XD I liked Han ga-in with KNG (I liked vulnerable Gun-wook), but I also liked KNG with Oh Yun-soo (steamy kisses and off the charts chemistry, omg!) and I liked Han Ga-in with Kim Jae-wook but I also liked KJW and his budding friendship with KNG? I’m so bad. LOL

  5. it sounds very makjang to me BUT if i see positive responses online about the first two eps i might tune in. thanks Koala for this!

    • I think it is the same one! I don’t think SBS- specially the production company has money for just another white BMW( however the color of the seats could be changed pretty fast- but that need money too)
      btw is it the same production company?

      btw isn’t my cup of thea NMW’s story in this one… but as it sounds until now… only his story sounds interesting except cancer thing -btw there are just few types of cancer that could be stopped(not cured but the fast evolution is stopped) even in advanced stages as 3rd stage but I can see the appeal of the story for NMW- his char dies everyone mourns for him for a few eps

      I love the fact they told me about the cancer thing – I hated so much Smile You for throwing this in after good number of eps after I invested A LOT of my time

      yep NMW is the reason for watching this (I love makjang when is well done but this story ain’t my thing-business?o_O) but the second I hope Jang Hyuk char and Kim Hee Ae end up together after they try to kill each other literally … innocent LMJ’s char could as well go to a convent if she is that “innocent”… I loved her in Smile You…. but I want to see her as a spunky baddie

  6. Love Min Jung but would love to see JH tackle a noona-dongsaeng relationship hehehe..
    But I read somewhere Kim Hee Ae said the script hasn’t provided for any love relationship plot between Hyuk and herself up till now.. hmmm…

  7. I was only mildly interested in this before, and only for JH and LMJ, because I’ve never met a financial-finagling-corporate-craparoo – Wall Street – type scenario I could like. But after reading this, I gotta admit….I’m feeling the pull, and I don’t usually watch revenge plot dramas. (Bad Guy was an exception, *sigh*… , I’d better not get started on that.**DEEP SIGH**)
    Maybe it’s because they’re being so upfront with the whole cancer storyline from the beginning and I’m feeling the heartbreak already!

  8. Yikes! Too dark for me… but

    I love Jang Hyuk, Lee Min Jung and No Min Woo so what the heck! DH is about to finish anyways, so i’ll definitely watch this one.

  9. I’ll buy Hyukkie’s soul!!! And a new suit. What’s with the double suit stylists? It was iffy on Lee Min Ho-My-God, but Hyukkie looks silly. The man can rock a suit, but srsly stylists, that’s just wrong.

    I am SO watching this. It could be fantastic or a trainwreck.

    • I noticed that about his suit too! Psuedo-suit-vest thing. What are you going to do with the other end flapping about?

      Thanks for sharing the character descriptions ockoala! Midas seem a LOT more interesting now and I’m definitely going to be tuning in.

  10. “He has a bad relationship with his father, your garden variety wastrel chaebol son, no direction in life.” oh my, this reminds me of my KJW in bad guy. i actually don’t know the actors here but imma watch this one… am having a 2nd lead syndrome again. heheh!

  11. Ockoala: I was wondering if you would be recapping like you did for M3. I will stay with this one until the beautiful and talented No Min Woo dies. That might be Ep 4, because he isn’t on any of the posters as a second lead. My interpretation of that may be wrong but I will once again follow you cause I won’t be invested in anyone but NMW and I already know he is going to die but to see him act is more than a treat. I had my calendar marked for Feb 28 but I share your joy even if not for all the same reasons.

    • my bet is on his apparition(read development of the char-a flash with him we could get in first ep but without a story) on ep 3 or 4 and dies in 8 or 10… maybe 13 in the best case scenario… but he is described more as a trigger for LMJ’s char than a char by himself to fight against his papa and he is a mean to describe his noona and papa…. more like a linking char…like the glue -and this a technique used mostly in makjang…take a char and make it Za Link

    • OMG only 4 episodes for this pretty guy…I know JangHyuk is a great actor but I actually dunno him..

      I’m anticipating Midas only for NMW…his earlier death is no good 🙁
      on the brighter side: more time for other dramas since I can drop it..

      • that is my bet… I hope to see him from start to finish…. but I don’t think so coz of the posters …. but he will show up tomorrow at the press con….so it might be a lil more than that

    • I don’t know if I’m going to be recapping another drama after MP wraps, and if I do, which drama that will be.

      I’m just swamped these days, and I’ll likely only recap something if it connects with me from the beginning. Thanks for asking. 🙂

      I doubt NMW is going to croak before the last few episodes of Midas, if at all. He’s the second male lead. Not being in the main poster means nothing, plenty of dramas don’t have feature all the leads on the poster.

      Unless his character was a guest starring role, which then I would peg him to bite it by episode 5 or 6, he’s in it for the majority if not all of the show.

  12. OMO OMO Midas just tickle my fancy…thanks Koala for the characters description and drama info. I’m absolutely watching now…I wasn’t sure what Midas was all about since trailers hasn’t been much help, but wow i’m all over the revenge/money hungry/cancer/innocent girl turn temptress plot here…..I hope we get some very very solid script and awesome directing , cause all the ingredients are there to make this dark drama into something incredible. It will be a nice break from all the romcoms dramas lately, I’m not complaining, I love my romcoms….but a nice serious/dark drama once in a while is a nice change of pace. I just hope and pray to all drama gods that Midas doesn’t turn into “Bad Guy”……

    • Me too… I love so much KNG and Kim Jae Wook even before Bad Guy but I need a success with Midas … sounds good, written on paper sounds even better…ohh well let’s see the story

  13. I’m with u guys…I’m in it for NMW coz I’m putty in his hands…but please don’t let it be like Bad Guy! Pretty, pretty, please Drama Gods! I barely survived hurting and crying for KJW in that one!

  14. Pleaseee Ockoala.. recap Midas for all of us here… that is my only hope.. can’t wait to read your recap for this drama.. I always read your recap although i didn’t always leave a reply, but be sure that I will not miss your recap on Midas..

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