A Look at Upcoming 2011 Taiwan Dramas

I’m currently binging on a Taiwan drama (will post about it in a bit), so thought I might bring some news about upcoming 2011 TW-dramas in the works. First up, Park Shin Hye just wrapped principal filming on Hayate the Combat Butler, co-starring George Hu, and the drama is slated for broadcast on GTV in the Spring.

After four months in Taiwan, Park Shin Hye has gone back to Korea, so this drama is definitely in the can and ready for airing soon. Should be interesting, and Taiwan usually pulls off the cutest drama adaptation of mangas.

Next up is Extravagant Challenge (華麗的挑戰), the long-planned drama adaptation of the popular manga Skip Beat. Ariel Lin had been inked to do this drama from the start, and her supposed co-stars went from Jerry Yan and Joe Cheng to Super Junior‘s Choi Siwon and Donghae.

After languishing in development hell for 2 years, GTV just announced that it expects to commence filming in late Spring. Except Ariel is off the drama, and Ivy Chen (of Black & White fame) steps into the role of Kyoko, the doormat turned steely actress on a revenge mission. Supposedly Siwon and Donghae are still onboard as the male leads (my gut tells me Siwon would be Ren, and Donghae would be Sho) but I have no clue if this casting really will come to fruition.

Though Ariel may have parted ways with Extravagant Challenge, she is still coming back to the small screen with another GTV drama, I Might Love With You (我可能不會愛你) co-starring Wilson Bolin Chen. This drama is also expected to commence filming in early Summer.

Lastly, newly-crowned Golden Bell Leading Actress winner Rainie Yang has signed on to be the lead in the spin-off to the most popular Taiwanese drama of all-time Fated to Love You, which starred Chen Qiao-en and rocketed Ethan Ruan to super stardom. The spin-off is called Drunken to Love You (醉後決定愛上你), and will co-star Joseph Chang (who I swear looks like Eric‘s doppleganger) and will air on SETTV.

All we know so far about this spin-off is (1) Rainie cut her signature locks into a bob, and (2) the sex scenes will supposedly surpass what FTLY did. Well, considering the word “drunk” is in the title, bring on the drunk sexing I say! Yes, that is all the Taiwan media cares about with respect to this drama. Heh.

Oh, I almost forgot, but supposedly Absolute Boyfriend (絕對達令), the TW-drama adaptation of the manga Zettai Kareshi, will also re-commence filming in the Spring. I’m sorry to say, but there is nothing in this drama that appeals to me, from the cast to the story. I’ll leave it to others to sample and enjoy. Wu Zun as Gu Hye Sun‘s sex robot does not compute for me

[Credit: Chinatimes news]


A Look at Upcoming 2011 Taiwan Dramas — 32 Comments

  1. Ariel Lin+ Director of ISWAK reunite = total win!!!!!!!!!!…..also i’m kinda glad she dropped off from the Skip Beat remake and I do feel that Ivy is better suited there

    • Yeah, I do too. I feel Ivy fits the role of Kyoko better than Ariel. I also don’t think that Wu Chun fits the role of the robot in Absolute Boyfriend. xD

  2. why is there so many K-TW pairings, is this channel some kind of partner broadcast or something?

    anyway, so many adaptations! but i’ve long given up TW dramas so doubt i’ll be watching any. but but but Koala you’re right – that dude TOTALLY is Eric’s doppleganger

  3. Holy cow, he does look JUST like Eric. It’s a little spooky.

    I’m curious to see if Siwon will still be in Extravagant Challenge. I’ve loved him a loooong time, but my love was further cemented in Oh My Lady, which I know was purely fluff, but he was good and I adored him in it. Too bad Ariel Lin isn’t attached as the female lead, though. I heard they’re friends, actually.

    I liked Fated to Love You (the cheese was cheesy, but I thought the dramatic bits were pretty good — *SPOILER* especially the part in episode 12 when they loose the baby. Makes me cry every time. /SPOILER But DRUNKEN to Love You? Hmmm…

    • Agreed.

      Oh, but that SPOILER was heartbreaking! My friend can’t stand dramas, but she was watching, crying, and yelling with me throughout FTLY.

      I’m not sure about the spin-off though. I like Rainie as a singer, but her acting generally annoys me (Devil Beside You being the one exception).

  4. OMG! I can’t wait (: I like rainie and her dramas. I’ve seen it all. hahaha. I’m looking forward to the spin off of Fated to love you. Seen that one and loved Baron Chen. haha. Anyways, I’ve been waiting for Extravagant Challenge as well. I can’t wait! and Choi Siwon! AH. it’s been awhile since I’ve seen any TW Drama. You’ve got my hyped up for these.

    • funny thing was, jerry yan was cast as the main guy for drunken to love you but in the end opt out and so they cast joseph chang ~

  5. omg Ockoala, the last pic captures the expression on Gu Hye sun’s face that I absolutely hate….that fake I’m so cute-wide eyed-puzzled look….eeeeek!

    • Totally agree!Go hye sun is respectable actress but What is it?! “FAKE” is the best word!..hard try to look cute is really disgusting!Cutness it fun and lovely but only moderation!
      I think , I like park shin hye’ drama more though I’m not into TW dramas alot!

      • I can’t stand when she does that expression. I think it’s because she is (of looks) too old to be making it, so it seems really fake. I also don’t like that baby-slow-over-exaggerating talk she would do sometimes in BOF. I get that cute is what women are “supposed” to be; but, she should stick to pretty and talented.

        Also, why do they keep pairing her with guys who LOOK younger than her? It’s not like there is a shortage of handsome, could-be-a-doll looking actors between Taiwan and Korea.

    • @ Bada, yeah, agree with you 100%. When you are young and cute, acting cute is cute. When you are past the first flush of youth, and you are still acting cute, you’ve got a BIG PROBLEM! Maybe they pair her up with younger guys cos they’ve got to keep up the image of Cute Youth. Whatever. It is so irritating seeing mature people trying to act cute and young. In Cinderella Man, the lead actor also did that in the first few minutes of the show, he “cutely ” ran and leapfrogged and weaved in and out of the crowds in a very Look-at-me-aren’t-I-cute-God-I’m so young! way. Urgh. 18-year-old doing that is cute. 32-year-old doing that is SO NOT CUTE! JUST ACT YOUR AGE, PLSSSSS!!!!!

    • chingu…. i thought am the only one who dislike go hye sun to pieces. and i totally agree to tomtom that she’s a trying hard. she has that “feeling pretty yet looking ugly” syndrome. if not for KHJ, i wouldn’t be able to bear watching bof to the end.

  6. i dont know why you hate GHS that much for me i like her although im not a fan of her. In fact, i don’t watch her dramas either. But i watch several of her photoshoot and CF and i totally love her! 🙂

  7. http://misshoneymustard.blogspot.com/2011/02/geungeun-couple-vs-hwansung-couple-year.html

    i just wanted to share with you all about my crazy thoughts

    Hello, everybody! I just wanted to share my thoughts about this year The Year of Rabbit’s Couple which are GeunGeun Couple and HwanSung Couple. Although, technically Lee Seung Gi is not in the year of Rabbit because he was born before 28 January 1987 but still it can be consider. The GeunGeun couple (Jang Geun Suk & Moon Geun Young) which I think you already know them from KBS 2010 drama series, Mary Stayed Out All Night/Marry, Me Mary! won KBS 2010 Best Couple Awards while the HwanSung couple (Lee Seung Ki & Han Hyo Joo) from SBS 2009 drama series, Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance won SBS 2009 Best Couple Awards. As you all may know, both GeunGeun and HwanSung couple were born on the same year which is on 1987. Well actually I’m not really interested in HwanSung couple compared to GeunGeun couple because I love GeunGeun couple even more! But, after I watched Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance online, I fell in love with this HwanSung couple but still I prefer GeunGeun couple 🙂

    The reason why I write these post is because after I take a look at both HwanSung and GeunGeun couple at 2009 SBS and 2010 KBS Drama Awards. I felt that there were something similar about them. Not only both couple were born on the same year but there were something that I thought maybe just maybe about it.

    First, let’s take a look at HwanSung couple on 2009 SBS Drama Awards from red carpet until the moments they won the awards.

    Okay, now take a look at our GeunGeun couple at 2010 KBS Drama Awards.

    So, what do you think? Any similarities? First, let’s take a look at Han Hyo Joo and Moon Geun Young hairstyle. Now, you can see it clearly right? Both HHJ and MGY hairsyle were almost the same. Both have long and ponytail hairstyle. Both wore almost the same long dress but different colour of course. And for the male, JGS and LSG both wore almost the same outfit (look at the 3rd pics of HwanSung couple). They were like groom and bride and were ready to get marry anytime. But, of course our GeunGeun is more to groom and bride concept. I don’t know if these situations were coincidence or GeunGeun couple may took the idea from HwanSung couple. Haha… Anyway this is just my crazy thoughts.

    One thing that I mad about Jang Geun Suk is when he do not allow Moon Geun Young to go first when their names won the best couple awards while Lee Seung Gi gave Han Hyo Joo to walk first before him. It’s just like JGS is too excited and forgot about the real MGY behide him! But, I forgive him because he act overly cute and sweet towards MGY along the KBS Drama Awards.

    Last but not least, both of them joked with each other during Press Conference. So cute and sweet!!!

  8. I don’t know about the TW version of Absolute Boyfriend, but Zettai Kareshi (J-Dorama) was really fun to watch. It made me laugh and cry. Not to mention Hayami (Ha’yummy’) Mokomichi and Hiro Mizushima was there. (They’re hot!) 😉

    Why is it that all the TW-Korean collaboration are all manga adaptations?

  9. Thanks for this! I am excited for the Ariel Lin one the most. Am mad Ariel fangirl and love the production/writing team. Know nothing about her male lead, but looking like Eric cannot be bad.

    Rainie Yang one sounds cooky but I am often fond of her dramas (as long as it’s not like Miss No Good, *shudder*) I never watched FTLY, it didn’t seem like my thing, but as I like Rainie better than Ethan and Qiao En combined, this one will get at least a look-see.

    I’ll check out Combat Butler just for the name. Plus I’ve always seen George Hu play second bananas, it will be fun to check him out as lead.

    I must be the only person in the universe who doesn’t love Skip Beat manga (I don’t dislike it, I am just bored by it) and I am glad Ariel, Jerry and Joe are not in it any more (especially since Joe was going to play the non-endgame ex. Whoever did that casting is insane, and I speak as a fully-fledged Jerry fangirl). I loved Ivy in Black and White though, so I might give this one a peek if nothing else is on, in hopes it appeals to me more than the manga.

    Absolute Darling – I adore that manga and thus didn’t care for jdrama version. Will be checking it out to see if this is any more faithful. Not GHS’ number 1 fan, but WZ is very pretty and there at least should be decent make-outs.

  10. Ockoala I’m watching ‘Sunny drama’ that aired this month and I’m totally enjoying it…
    I have to say the story is previsible but I don’t care, just one thing: don’t watch the preview of 30 minutes, this preview told everything from the start until the end of the drama… I was spechless….


  11. Thank you for this! What a great run down!

    I love Skip Beat, but more Extravagant Challenge runs into production problems, the more worried I get. I know that T-dramas generally turn out the most faithful manga adaptations, but they tend to go off the rails the moment they start making up their own stuff. And Skip Beat hasn’t finished yet, so they are going to have to at least make up the end. But Siwon as Ren? That might actually work!

  12. But Wu Zun as robot is so fitting, no?

    Ariel with Bolin..hmm, only saw one of his first drama, Sonic Youth, so I don’t know what to expect from him.

  13. i don’t always watch tw drama. currently trying to watch ‘sunny happiness’/’happiness sunny’
    anyway, i have to admit none of the above dramas are peaking my interest especially TW version of adsolute bf. Loved GHS in the daily korean drama Pure 19 and though she was ok in BOF. you like, ockoala nothing about this manga adaption is appealing to me. then again, maybe i’m just bais towards the original version.

  14. wow, a lot korea-taiwan collaboration! *like*
    it’s been a long time since i watched a taiwanese drama. i’m to occupied with kdrama, that i didn’t have time to look for a good taiwanese drama. most of the recent one didn’t appeal to me. i got bored after 6 episodes. hope the one in 2011 will glue me to the screen^^
    i’ve seen the japanese versions and i liked those, i really really hope they won’t destroy my enjoyment.

  15. I swear, I thought it WAS Eric, so I was very confused for a bit. I thought it might be his brother, except he doesn’t have any brothers, so then I thought it might be a cousin.. And then I read the blurb. XD

    Although, none of these really look appealing to me. Twdramas are always so hit-or-miss with me. :/

  16. thanks for this rundown! i am really looking forward to extravagant challenge now, which is weird because i thought i would dislike seeing siwon/donghae as rivals w/ their green acting and dubbed voices and all. speaking of ivy, any news on her and hu ge’s upcoming drama? pretty please? :3 airdate, synopsis…

    also i heard wu chun dropped out of the absolute boyfriend remake? he’s gone back to brunei/wants to back off the entertainment world?

    • i also just saw this sad news. according to that article he might stop the entertainment industry. i’m sad about that, but if he thinks it’s the right decision i’ll respect it. hope he won’t get disturbed by journalist in the future, if he wants to lead a lowprofil life.

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