First Impressions of Sunny Happiness: A Surprisingly Winning Pairing of Mike He and Janine Chang

Who loves Sunny Happiness (幸福最晴天)? I love Sunny Happiness, that’s who! I’ve not been addicted to any drama since 2011 started, until I ran smack dab into a wall of unforeseen couple perfection that is Mike He and Janine Chang.

Individually, I’ve liked neither actor (though I also don’t actively dislike them), but collectively, they are my new crack. I’ve dismissed and mocked Sunny Happiness from its conception to the trailers, so first I’ve got eat some of my own words before I bring you my ode to SH. BRB. *nomnomnom*

Okay, I’m back, and still utterly consumed by this drama. I’ve marathoned 18 episodes in a week, and would’ve done more and done it faster had all the episodes been released. I’ve read entire episode summaries, and still I can’t wait to watch it. This means I know exactly how this drama will end, and my raging desire for more SH remains unabated.

The last TW-drama I was addicted to was Fated to Love You, which fell apart for me mid-way through and I lost interest. But SH keeps getting better and better. The first few episodes were cute and nice to watch, but starting from episode 8 onwards, this drama is on an upward trajectory of win. It’s my biggest mea culpa surprise of the year so far.

Not only are Mike and Janine absolutely perfect together in SH, Janine also has wonderful chemistry with the second male lead, played by rising actor-singer Li Yi Feng – who is so damn adorable, cute, charming (%*&% $^& running out of adjectives) – just accept that I have raging second lead love in addition to first lead love, okay?

Mike plays Xian Yun Jie, a cold and commanding hotel president who finds himself needing a temporary wife to gain custody of a son he never knew he had (until now). He enters into a contract marriage with Fang Yong Yong, a member of his hotel cleaning staff, who he finds exceedingly annoying and a thorn in his side.

In exchange for the secret contract marriage, Yun Jie will back off on purchasing the land where Yong Yong’s childhood orphanage is located on and kicking out all the orphans. Yup, he forecloses on orphans, clearly a bastard of the first order (until he meets the girl who will teach him to open his heart).

Yun Jie and Yong Yong bicker and fight, but always in an honest and intelligent way, never over-the-top and cartoonish. These are two people from very different backgrounds with conflicting outlooks and approaches to life. They start to get along rather quickly, and it’s a treat watching them learn about each other and grow together in little ways.

The second male lead is Xian Yun Chao, the younger brother to Yun Jie, who has found himself living in his capable brother’s shadow his entire life. Yun Chao wants to make his mark in the company, and prove to his father and brother that he’s just as competent and successful. Yun Chao gets himself a rich fiancée early on in the story in a bid to land financial backing for his business venture, and then proceeds to slowly become friends with Yong Yong.

Yun Chao and Yong Yong’s friendship is sweet and tinged with a frisson of awareness, as he cannot help but be attracted to this down-to-earth and funny girl. When Yun Jie and Yong Yong’s secret marriage is revealed, Yun Chao stands up for his new sister-in-law, all the while trying to stop his emotions from growing any stronger.

He’s honorable, but honest with his own feelings. It turns out that Yong Yong and Yun Chao were actually each other’s pen pal first love in high school. Could it get more complicated in Sunny Happiness land? Sure it can.

Yun Jie and Yong Yong move along parallel paths, each growing to love the other, showing their feelings little by little, but neither able to take a concrete step forward to make their pretend marriage a reality. Events occur to propel the forward momentum of their marriage in reality, but stifle their emotional connection because each carry so much baggage and uncertainty inside.

Yong Yong is a very compelling heroine – honest, intelligent, decent and giving. She’s written not as a paragon of virtue, but a girl who has a good head on her shoulders and a kind heart within. It’s wholly believable that both brothers would fall in love with her, even as she does nothing to try to win their love.

Older brother Yun Jie on the surface seems like the superficial cold hearted chaebol heir, but underneath is a nuanced and emotional male lead. He’s not wracked with emotional scars or hang ups, and is simply a guy who doesn’t now how to love until he meets a girl he cannot help but love. And once he does, OMG Yun Jie goes for broke and makes my toes curl with how he treats his Yong Yong.

I love Yun Jie and Yong Yong’s relationship. Neither feel like stock characters, and I immediately felt a connection with the set up of their relationship. What makes SH such a surprisingly good drama is that the main characters are well-written and perfectly cast. The story is as flimsy as expected for a TW-drama, but what the viewer gets instead is a grounded and realistic love story that feels fully fleshed out.

Yun Chao and Yong Yong’s friendship is a wonderfully developed storyline as well. In addition to becoming a new Mike He fan, I’ve also got major second lead love in SH. It doesn’t hurt that the actor playing Yun Chao is a billion percent too cute for words, but he’s actually a good actor as well. I’ve found a new boy cutie to keep my eyes on.

I find Sunny Happiness to be such an entertaining drama to watch because it understands its strengths and weaknesses. It eschews broad comedy for cheerful interludes, it develops characters more than plot twists.

I’ve not discussed the second females leads, and there are two (Yun Jie’s ex-wife and the mother of his son, and Yun Chao’s fiancee), because both are frankly a blight on the screen and a distraction from any scene between Yun Jie and Yong Yong (and Yun Chao and Yong Yong). I highly recommend FF-ing any scene that doesn’t have either of the three leads in it.

I don’t remember what prompted me to check out Sunny Happiness, but I thank my lucky stars I decided to click on episode one and open my mind up for something different. My post does not posit that SH is a great drama by any means (it’s not), only that I simply can’t get enough of it. If it makes me happy, then that’s good enough for me.  😀

Sunny Happiness is a Taiwan-China collaboration, which means the same thing is happening to it as what befell Down With Love (the Ella/Jerry drama). It’s 100% pre-produced, and Taiwan just started airing two weeks ago. Except China is airing it 5 times a week and is almost done with its airing.

This means all episodes are soon to be online. This caused DWL’s TW-ratings to remain mired in low digits, and it looks to be the same case for SH. I’ll likely watch the C-version, and re-watch the TW-version as it airs once as week. The production sometimes cuts the two versions differently to hook viewers into watching both.

[Credit: all pictures as marked and/or official stills released by the Sunny Happiness production]


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    • On Viki they are subbing it! Check it, the team is pretty fast so even though 2 episodes airs a day, in the other day they have already these two episodes subbed! Last sunday they subbed 5 episodes on a row…. amazing!!^^~~

  1. Where do you watch your shows at? I didn’t know where I could watch this one in particular at so I had to like randomly Google it and then I wasn’t sure if it was too bold to ask here and thought about trying to send you a private message and then thought I was too creepy…and then thought I was plain over thinking everything and thus…here I am…and totally forgot the majority of my punctuation which in turn makes this ENTIRE paragraph/statement grammatically incorrect…well yeah….

    • @ lailai10 Here’s Viki Link.

      It’s fully sub till Ep.12. BTW Mike He Fan sub are subbing. Check it out in youtube.

      OMG, am so glad you are covering this drama Ockoala. I am so in love with this little drama. In fact My Princess is onhold for me at the moment. Time crunch, can handle only two drama at a time. Kinda glad DH is ending.

      Li Yi Feng is an awesome young actor. I started liking him Happy Love and Forever with Ming Dao. I have to admit, i checked out this drama for him which i am sure is a rarity. I know Mike He is hot but i cannot get pass more than 4 episode in any of his drama. And i am so in love with Janine Chang. She and Chen Qiao En would be the only T actor who don’t over do the cutesy bits. I am glad she’s getting a lead role after Black and White.

      Yap, I love the cast. This will be the only T drama i will be watching till the end, since Autumn Concerto.

      • You beat me to it, I was gonna suggest Viki.

        I watch raws of course, which is up to episode 18. I need MOAR~

        I didn’t even finish Autumn’s Concerto. Loved the beginning, it fell apart once Mu Cheng went back to Vanness and broke Chris Wu’s heart. I hated her wish-washy ways.

        I watched Black & White and Fated to Love You, then half of AC, though I managed to finish all of Zhong Wu Yen last year.

        That’s it. TW-dramas are really like finding a needle in a haystack.

        I am more addicted to SH than I was to Dream High or My Princess. This is crack drama all the way!

        I used to find Janine a block of pretty wood, but she’s wonderful in here. Natural and effortless.

        Li Yi Feng is my newest baby boy crush. LOVE HIM $^*$$^&%# He’s so f-ing perfect.

      • I thought the first few episodes of Autumn’s Concerto were so addicting, but then he lost his memory and i just couldn’t take it. that’s my pet peeve. no amnesia for me! After watching Winter Sonata, followed directly by Boys Before Flowers, i’ve had my fill of amnesia as a separator.

  2. I just had a marathon session of this program this, morning… as i just found it and i have to agree with you its a Doublelead Lover. I love that she loves her adopted family as her family, but just as much as the orphanage, making no distinction in who she loves more the orphanage or the Mom-sisterhood. Unfortunately i only got to episode 10 as that is the last one i can fine. I have to agree with the others and ask where you watched all 18 eps… Please and Thank You!!!

  3. that is one ill fitting suit on Mike He in the wedding still and for some reason is really bothering when I usually never care about this…..i’ve been waiting for this drama for a while now though it doesnt seem like I’ll be watching it anytime soon cuz I wont be able to handle my drama palate if it gets nay bigger…thanks for u’re take on it!

  4. Its funny that you are writing about this drama since just yesterday or two days ago when I was looking for the eng sub of a drama I found Shared Happiness. Up until then I didn’t even know Mike He had a new drama coming. I haven’t checked out an episode yet since I barely have time to keep up with Dream High and My Princess but after reading your review I might just check this out later on when my schedule lightens up. To be honest I have never thought of Mike He as a good actor, but I have a soft spot for the guy because I absolutely fell in love with Devil Beside You and his pairing with Rainie Yang so I am almost guaranteed to watch something he is in. Also I just think the guy is quite the eye candy. I will probably be watching the Rainie Yang and Wu Zun drama too because as with Mike He, I also have a soft spot for Rainie since DBY as well.

  5. Thanks Ockoala for posting. much appreciate..
    Mike He – me junior fav.. she’s be jumping with this news of his latest drama. Fond of Mike He – not fantastic actor but yummy eye candy. Even my senior sez he’s handsome.. he he..
    will definitely check it out..

  6. OMG why is your squee so infectious? See, now I have to put this on my to-watch list -as if that list wasn’t huge already!- and watch it asap.

    The thing is, I usually don’t watch C/TW dramas cos they tend to be -how shall I put this?- too over the top for me. It’s not just one thing that is over the top, but it’s more than one and whenever I try a new drama, I always end up being disappointed or FF-ing like that.

    But I trust you and we usually like the same dramas and OTPs so of course now I have to watch Sunny Happiness. ^^ I’ll let you know when I start it. Hey, don’t hold your breath because I really don’t have much free time.

    • I watch about 1 TW-drama a year, that is how little I can stand of its ridiculous fluffly OTT-ness.

      Sunny Happiness is so mellow and lovely. I can’t explain. And the episodes keep getting better. The OTP makes me sniffle they are so amazing together.

      Even the non-canon pairing of Janine and Mike’s lil’ bro works.

  7. @ Sere I so agree with you. C/T drama tend to do the too over the top bit’s a little too much. I have no idea how many T drama i have checked. Till date i have completed only 5 T drama. And those are true gem for me. And i keep coming back to T drama trying to find another love. And Thank God, Sunny Happiness came along.

  8. ockoala! what can I say about you. You are too good to be true. I agreed totally that you are good in korean and chinese. so natioanlity are you anyway? lol

    And you are good in whatever you are doing, recommending new drama. Just like you I bump into Sunny Happiness and fell totally lost and addicted to this drama. And.. also I like you marathon until 18 episode. yes I am watching chinese version.

    To those who don’t know where to get this drama. well it is not in dramawiki yet.

    But you can find this drama in:
    1-kimchidrama (eng sub) (chinese sub)


  9. i watched it full of fast forward hehehee.. i thought i have to re-watch this drama and concentration with the story, not only watch Mike He :PPP

  10. I’m going to have to stop coming to this site.

    Your recaps made me watch MP; and, I’m just now watching (simultaneously) Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy . . . but, this sounds so good . . . and it has Mike He . . .

    uhg. decisions, decisions . . .

  11. I didn’t even know Mike He has a new show until I read this. So out of curiosity I went and watched the first 10 min of ep 1. Boy, bed scene + torrid kiss in first 5 mins….geez, I have to wait forever for a kor drama to show a bed scene/kiss! So cos it starts off in such a …ahem …rivetting fashion, I’ve decided to give this a try. Thanks, Ockoala!

    • My dear mayssenger
      “”geez, I have to wait forever for a kor drama to show a bed scene/kiss! So cos it starts off in such a …ahem …rivetting fashion””
      That is so true. me chuckling away here… he he he.. Keep it up!! cheers..

  12. Thks, Koala. me too, i just started watching Sunny Happiness this week and got hooked already. Most taiwanese dramas have no appeal for me, but this one seems quite reverting so far. The acting by main leads are not overdone. i have marathon up to ep 12 and just a few more to catch up. Now i have more reasons to check out your blog . Thks for your time in putting up your comments. Good day.

  13. I was kinda on the look out for this.

    I loved Janine in Kenting and I also loved her in a movie or 2. She’s totally the style of acting I dig, I <3 less is more in my actors unless u r JoeChang, even for TW fluff. It's true she doesnt have much chemistry with her costars though.

    Adored ep1, the OTTness is so controlled making the improbable/predictable premise convincing *shock* *surprise*

    and never in a million years would Mike x Janine = OTP gold cross my mind, I'm still in disbelief.

    • Twinnie!!!

      Welcome back. And I just realized that the anti-dote for K-drama overdosing and mehness is a good TW-drama. For me, SH is that perfect little thing that just works.

      Mike+Janine = OTP Platinum in my books, wait til you get to the later episodes. The way he looks at her, the way she feels and understands him. I’m in bliss. It’s like discovering ArJoe all over again.

  14. thank you so much for this ockoala:D i’m a big fan of mike he so i’ll definitely watch this one. gosh… his last drama i’ve watched was why why love and it was on 2007.

  15. thank u… I am a big fan of SH also… I’ve already watch til ep 25 (final) but the final episode is very confusing… there is no ending ep at all. Ep 25 only cut scene from the previous ep. DO u have any idea … how’s the real ending ? The couple is very cuteeeeeeeeeee.

  16. Its so funny that you posted this…
    Because like you I dont know what made me watch it because I dont ever watch Taiwanese Dramas but I found this one on Viki last Friday night and I have been watch and enjoying obediently and I have seen up to episode 15.
    I am really enjoying it.

  17. I’m so happy you watch this T drama Ockoala! I also don’t know why, but I’m loving and enjoying this drama. The main couple sure is great. I have to say when I was young I did like Mike He, but after I grow up I was MEH to his others projects, never growing up (always with too much make up and lipstick for my taste)… but then I started to watch this drama, and I had a shock to see a new side of Mike(without too much makeup! :O) after so many years. I was glad. The main girl also, no over-cuteness or too many faces. she is just so natural and pretty (her eyes are something!!)

    So I’m glad you also share the same thoughts as me. I also love the brother <3 he is tooo cute, and I feel he really has suffered for having such a perfect brother, we see he tried his best, he did admire his brother, but well… bad influence plus ambition can make someone change…

    Btw, I totally hate the mother of Xiao Nian… she is just… no words to describe how much I wanted to punch everytime she spoke thinking she was right and all…

  18. Wow… Thanks for covering this drama… Ever since watching Autumn’s Concerto (which was such a letdown), I’ve sort of taken a short break from watching Taiwanese dramas and focused on the more comedic and less-cliché Korean dramas… But I think that once again I am ready to take a bite of Taiwanese dramas, a very cautious bite.

    It’s not that I gave up on Taiwanese dramas but that there was just no drama that I found worth watching during that time. I’ve tried out other Taiwanese dramas recently such as Calling for Love, Down with Love, Because of You, Summer’s Desire, and Zhong Wu Yen but I ended up quitting after watching the first episode, some even just after the first part.

    • I suggest a very old but one of my favs T-dramas: Mars.

      But then again, give it a try, watch at least the first episode before giving up.

      Some dramas need 3 or 4 episodes to you know how they really are… kisses^^

  19. I can’t wait to watch this one! It looks great — I like Mike He but not most of the projects he’s in, so it’s nice that he’s in something good finally. TWdramas are hard for me to really get into at times, but every once in a while I get totally hooked. Hope this is one of those times!

    I do think it’s a shame that once again the secondary female leads are just awful, as compared to the sympathetic secondary male lead. I wish they’d knock that off in the storytelling — it’s more fun when the secondary female lead is interesting and sympathetic in her own right, and maybe even gets her own separate love story, as opposed to being just a continual obstacle to the OTP.

  20. OcKoala, thanks for introducing SH on your wonderful blog and I am a big fan of Mike He since Devil Beside You. So glad that he finally picked the right project well since “why why love” . Same here I have been watching it raw till ep 18. Love the pace and the chemistry between the OTP and yes I am kind of fast forward everytime I see the 2nd female ..and I strongly agree with you that the story is getting better and better…unlike FTLY (it was kind of draggy and off chart in the middle).

  21. Ok, so I totally went to Viki last night and marathoned all the episodes they have subbed. I did fastforward through a lot of the parts with Wang Lan…but in the end I was still up until 6 am this morning and slept through my first class. ~facepalm~ But I completely agree with you, SH has a nice, mellow tone with good directing and lovely chemistry between all the three leads. I really enjoy Yong Yong and Yuan Jie together, and I really hope they hop back in bed together soon. ^_^ kkk

    Thanks for the recommendation, koala-unni! ^__^

    • You’re most welcome, cutie pie dongsaeng~!

      I do feel bad I caused you a sleepless night and missing your first class. I do not advocate missing academic engagements for drama. Which shall be my public announcement of the day.

      But SH is addicting, isn’t it? 🙂

      • Oh, it’s definitely not your fault, it’s mine for not having self-control. But it most definitely IS addicting. I completely dig their cute together, and I even really enjoy the younger brother character (you’re right, he’s indescribably adorable!). I like his complicated relationship with his brother. I think it’s much more well-done, in that he’s not over-the-top or unrelatable, than similar storylines in other dramas. I haven’t really gotten into the Yong Yong-Yuan Chou developments yet, but I look forward to them. On the other hand, I am dreading the inevitable storyline Yuan Jie will have with his ex-wife. Ugh.

      • Yong Yong-Yun Chao is &*^%^$%&^ so amazing together, too.

        Sometimes I feel like I’m cheating on the perfect couple of Yun Jie-Yong Yong, and then I realize its not everyday we get a compelling second lead who also has different but amazing chemistry with the heroine. I’m in bliss.

        I loathe the ex-wife, because she’s hella ugly, got a horrible personality, and generally makes me want to stabbity the screen when she pops up.

        But Yun Jie-Yong Yong, plus later on Yong Yong-Yun Chao, more than make up for it. And the weird but cool thing about this drama is that Yun Chao doesn’t start interacting with Yong Yon until about episode 11, which is really late, yet it immediately works.

      • I often wonder in these brother-girl-brother love triangles, after the drama is over, somewhere in make-believe-land, if family dinners for the next fifty years aren’t an awkward affair.

        That would be a great story to tell your kids one day: “Mommy! Who else did you date besides Daddy?” “Well…your uncle and I had this thing once…” Yeah. Awkward. Actually, my little sister dated her husband’s little brother a few times — he really fell hard for her — before she got married. She swears it isn’t awkward but I wonder.

  22. thank you ockoala for posting this…i just started watching this drama 2 days ago and 16 episodes later, i’m hooked. can’t wait to finish this..on a side note, i’ve noticed that similar to FTLY, the heroine has 2 sisters represented by a skinny da jie and a fat er jie. why does the er jie have to be fat? I am the er jie in the family and it bothers me that er jies are depicted this way. : )

  23. For those of you who are chinese speakers.. you can watch up to ep 20 on tudou… I’m currently getting through 19 and 20, and Ockoala, I’m surprised you like this one?? i guess i’m not a big Mike He or Janice Chang fan But I started watching the first ep from the Taiwan broadcast since I accidentally came across the episode, (I’m watching Love Buffet every week right now) but I’m actually not that fan of this show? I’m just wondering how its going to end since I already started and past halfway and already understand the main plot and the obstacles,etc.. basically I’m skipping through and just catching the cute interactions for the most part. 🙂

    I liked Fated to Love you and Down with love.., Both are good but for some reason I don’t think this one is similar to either one. I was told the storyline is more based on the korean dramas on the contract marriages (I think I read somewhere that the director/producer of the show was a fan of kdramas and wanted to use contract marriages similar as portrayed in kdramas.. like how it was set up in Mary Stayed out All night type thing. I can try to find the article if you want! )

    But again, surprised you like this and I’m sure that by end of this week or part of next week all episodes will be uploaded so you could probably do a marathon and watch this all in one sitting/one day.. 😀

    • sorry, I didn’t read your entry fully!! You didnt mention anything about comparing either two dramas.. Again. Sorry and Thanks for posting!

  24. I have been a mike he since forever!! Meaning from the first drama of him that I watched..

    I usually keep an eye on his dramas but I missed this one!! Glad that you posted about it.. From the story (and your enthusiasm) it sounds really interesting!! And it is Mike He!! Lol

    The female lead looks bland, no offense.. And I don’t think I like the second male lead frm the pix above BUT I am definitely watching it

    • * I meant i have been a mike he FAN..haha getting ahead of myself.
      Also, checked out the trailer .. The second lead is cute when he smiles.. may be I will get to like him.. And the female lead looks similar to another actress but I can’t figure out who lol

  25. OK so I finally made it to episode 18 tonight and I know I will be a Bitch at work in the working because I stayed up to catch up with you on ep 18….
    And like you am on the Sunny Happiness bandwagon and am loving every minute of the ride….. Am crying and laughing and excited all at the same time….!!!!!

  26. How many total episodes is this? I am so addicted to it, I did a marathon on this drama from youtube. Where can you find the story for each episode? I so wanted to know the ending. thanks!

  27. My last Tw drama was a disaster so I haven’t watched one in at least 5 years.. Now I’m curious to see if this one will be good, or it will make my eyesballs bleed xDD

    I found the viki links, but i would love to download them with subs.. Is it possible or I have to watch them online??

    Thanks for recommending.. especially now that MP and DH are almost done… =)

  28. When I first read the drama’s premise of hotel heir + maid, I instantly thought of Autumn Tale/Autumn in My Heart with Mike He as the equivalent to Won Bin’s character, except this time, Mike’s the lead and he gets the girl. Also, another drama using contractual marriage made me groan a little.
    I’m not a fan of TWdramas because like others have commented, TWdramas tend to veer towards OTT-ness, in both acting and storyline. But then I read that SH is mellow and controlled… and my interest in this show is immediately piqued. Plus, your description of the heroine sounds very much like a character that I would root for so maybe I’ll like this. I’m in need of a good romcom and I’ll take it wherever I can get it.
    Thanks for the post, ockoala!

  29. I have yet to watch any TW-dramas, but I may have to try this one! I recently finished watching Tamra just because you said it was good and I freaking LOVED IT. Team Park Kyu!

    • Oh yay, Tamra is forever and always one of my favorite dramas. Hope you watched the 21 episode director’s cut and not the 16 episode broadcast version. Tamra deserves to be watched as it was intended, in all its glory!

      Team Park Kyu 4ever!

  30. after read your brief and cute introduction of this drama so I lurk it and found that my interest grow with’s been a while since I watch taiwan drama’s esp Mike He drama and yong yong is indeed cute but I can’t help to feel she looks like someone, some taiwan/chinese artist but I can’t call who it is..
    I just watch 1 episode and I like it…I will continue watching it since MP is finished and no drama that catch my eyes esp next week DH ends..thank you so much for this one unnie.

  31. I totally agree with you. As a whole, there are so many flaws to this drama that befits a TW-drama. I can’t even say it’s well acted (Mike He I can see you thinking about your acting), but there is something so compelling about Mike He and Janine Chang together on screen that I can’t really explain it or get enough.

  32. Hello! first time I’ve visited your own blog though I’ve read your comments & such on kdramas. I must say that I was WAY addicted to this too – like crack but I’m not really loving it. The story is really cliched – but I do love Janine & Mike together – I think that’s why I marathon watched it to ep 23. Kinda like SSH & KTH in My Princess – without them… I would have dropped that one long ago. I love my TW dramas so since I’ve been watching since I was 8 or 9 – so long long time now, way before idol dramas came on the scene. While, I don’t find twdramas to be as good as j or kdramas, I always have a soft spot for them. So here I am watching away. I like that Mike is in a more mature drama. I really don’t see this is an “idol” drama. Rant: But really? Mike & his ex – really are mismatched. She looks at least 10 yrs older.

    Anyhow – even without seeing all the spoilers, it was pretty easy to guess what was going to happen. I just wanted more Mike & Janine scenes. Although I must say that Mike still isn’t all the believable in emotional scenes… I was kinda thinking what I felt when watching SSH in his emotional scenes.

    Anyhow – off to check out more of your blog 🙂 It’s late, and i’m not making much sense lol. thanks for the nice post about the series.

  33. thank you for recommending this series. i watched the whole series and yes like you say its nicely done unlike some that might just simple mesh everything together at the end just the finish up the series.

  34. oh i love mike he so much hopin soon be air here in the Philippines. I really enjoy watching romantic story, maybe i am a hopeless romantic person 🙂 but im not hopeless to be inlove. Thank you so much koala for posting i’ll wait for more of your post.

  35. hi Koala can you please email me the website of sunny happiness so that i can watch the full episodes. Please i really appreciate your effort, more power to you. God Bless U Always.

  36. Ockoala, thanks for this awesome write-up on SH.

    I was lounging without anything to do after MP and DH and I happened to see the complete episodes uploaded in kimchidrama and before I knew it I was soon glued on my computer screen and basking under the lights and fun of Sunny Happiness! Im now on the 22nd episode and I just started yesterday (I know! Panda eyes…).

    It was a nice feeling watching a drama (again) in continuous and uninterrupted play after the hand-wringing, week-long-waiting for episodes to come out for SKKS, SG, PK, MSOAN, MP, DH which I watched while it was being aired. This way you cant think about it too much and just let it hit your gut and senses as it comes. The look, sound and feel of this Tdrama reminds me so much of Fated to Love You but with more eye-candy and better acting (Mike He reminds me of Gong Yoo of CP; maybe in his acting style or built/frame that looks somewhat the same). Although FTLY has more crazy and wacky scenes, SH has more character development esp the relationship between the main leads.

    I suddenly had the urge to check if there are any recaps/reviews written about it and happy to know I am led back to this familiar place, your playground. Sure SH is not way up there in excellence and many times I would nod strongly in agreement with Viki’s guests’ hilarious comments, but I took everything hook, line and sinker. I think it was the title that got to me first…cos I felt sad as I saw the closing credits of MP’s last episode….and I sure need some Sunny Happiness. And I got it and more 🙂

    Off to watch the last episodes….smilin’ sunny and happy 🙂

  37. I hope Janine will get more of this kind of drama. She plays her role perfectly and she got a model look too. While everyone talks about Michael He, I can’t help myself liking Janine. I’m so glad she finally got a lead role and get the cute guy. As for Micheal, I know that she came out with alot of popular taiwanese drama with Ranie Yang but after watching some of the episodes from those dramas, i got tired of it. It’s the first time I finished watching Micheal He’s drama. I like Micheal and Janine team up better than with Rainie Yang. I really can’t warm up with her from why why love and devil beside you. Anyways, I think Sunny happiness is the best taiwanese drama ever.

  38. I’m Taiwanese and I’m saying this…Taiwanese dramas are usually really corny and just cringingly–bad…except for this one…it’s not too long and it’s sweet–but just so…
    hehe…maybe it’s just my love for the two main male leads (♥ so cute 😀 )
    I am so addicted to this drama…hehehe

  39. for the first time i vote for lead female pairing with second lead male (Fong fong & Yun Chao) more matching than with first lead male (Yun Jie). Thay are cute and adorable couple when they together. Sometime, quite confuse coz Yun Chao face a bit similar with Show Luo…haha..but, undenied…Yun Chao is very handsome and cute in every way..Hopefully there have more drama upfront, waiting for him to be first lead male, pairing with cute actress, like Park Shin Hye & taiwan actress…:)

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