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My mind has been blown with the activity going on at the GeunGeun discussion forum here. I’m trying to find a work-around with how slow the original discussion forum is loading since the comments are upwards of 1000. For now, I’ll start a new thread for everyone to continue with the fun times.

I also bring some Geun-Geun updates – after the Codes Combine signing event, Jang Geun Seok rushed off to meet with Moon Geun Young and the production team of the Mary Stayed Out All Night DVD release. At least now we know they actually have one documented meeting, and that the M3 DVD is going ahead as planned.

[Credit: picture courtesy of Sukey at Baidu Geun-Geun bar]


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  1. ” Jang Geun Seok rushed off to meet with Moon Geun Young and the production team of the Mary Stayed Out All Night DVD release ” *jumpin’ jumpin’*

  2. Oh wow! When I read, “Jang Geun Seok rushed off to meet Moon Geun Young” I got so excited but then it’s with the production team, oh well, at least they got to meet, at all. Aren’t there any more sightings of these two together? (Sigh). Thanks Koala!

  3. Thanx so much.its hard for me to just open the page since it reach 1000 comment.hehe I like the word JKS rush to meet MGY after photoshoot and now I get it why he so busy with his phone during the shoot.I can’t wait MSOAN get big after dvd realease and replace YAB,Hwan tae kyun&PSH with MSOAN,MG&MGY.hehe.

    • So cute! Thx KDL!
      Check out @ 2:38 the scene when JGS is teaching MGY how the play the guitar. If you pay close attention, MGY smiled 😉 Now I am thinking was it subconsciously OR intentionally..hehe…maybe she pretended not know where to put her fingers hoping he would guide her..haha…now you know we’ve all at some point played the damsel in distress to get a little attention ^^;
      Btw Merci Beaucoup Captain for the new thread!

    • Hi Quirkie! 😉

      i noticed what you brought up too!!

      so cute how MGY just allowed JGS to place her fingers on the guitar chords as he pleased…skinship!! hehe…

      • That BTS clip is one of may fave! The two seems to be having so much fun, chatting, playing the guitar, JGS singing to MGY, laughing together and skinship galore all over..And that look and smile he gave JGS is pure love! i just died seeing that moment.

      • i agree with you totally, pipa! 😉

        i just totally melted watching their interaction… 😉

    • I really love this video of geungeun couple.. Thumbs up for Vitriana who made it!!! The song mashed perfectly with cute and adoreable moments of the geuns.. ^^

      • i can’t agree with you more, Angie 😉

        Vitriana is truly a devoted Geun-Geun couple lover, much like the rest of us here 😉

    • adorable!!!! thanks for sharing
      these 2 look so natural together that they must be together, they make me smile 🙂

      • you are most welcome, Antonia dear 😉

        more than happy to share what i found on the adorable Geun-Geun couple… 😉

        and i cannot agree with you more, on how natural and comfortable the two of them look together…siiiigghhhh… 😉

  4. thanks for this new forum captain!!! 😀 it was really hard to follow the other one, with so many comments
    i’m so glad they meet, even if not alone…

  5. Many thanx Captain Ockoala for creating a new forum for us…the last one was a lot of fun butsur its getting harder to load..

    And its good to know that even with his busy schedule JGS still made a point to rush to the fanmeting where his ‘Jagiya’ & the rest of the team were waiting….I’m sure they meet each other in private like they did before…you know being close friends and all since long ago, before they even have a chance to work together, they must have been meeting sumwhere to become close friends, rite..anyway I’m sure he dun want to miss a chance being seen with her openly and publicly, thus giving us their GeunGeun fans more chance to dream…just like what MGY wishes

  6. Omg, I forgot to track that post and haha, I thought it was dead! XD

    Yay for the dvds. I’m already saving up for the director’s cut or whatever limited edition they’ll make.

  7. Yay Ms. Ockoala our request is granted for new forum..woohoo!

    and the latest..”after the Codes Combine signing event, Jang Geun Seok rushed off to meet with Moon Geun Young and the production team of the Mary Stayed Out All Night DVD release” Yeah Baby!!!

    Thanks a bunch dear Captain!

  8. Chk out this clip..


    I’m sure many have seen this clip…what I find interesting is that the BH cf was done in Nov/Dec 2010 whil M3 filmng still ongoing, thus making MGY was free and available from KBS night until the day she wrote her sleep,sleep,sleep msg. also..which made me believe she was having jet lag even more from her travelling…and making me believe more than 50% of out “We know who was in Thailand with JGS last January” is rite….

    And especially @1:57 MGY said her favourite clothing are those ‘dresses with pretty floral prints & bright colours’ And I think I came across very recently when JGS said h likes a girl who wears dresses with floral prints….sumone pls confirm that I am rite abt what JGS said…if I’m mistaken it was from one of his recent cf interviews…..

    • Hi lxandra. Actually that is what i took note too, the date the photoshoot was made (this is for BH china and i think BH Korea was perhaps at the end of 2010 shoot?) and of course what she prefer to wear..a floral dresses?! So, she is really free after the KBS awards and we’ll never know she could have possibly travel out of the country, say perhaps with her granny and somebody she can lean on person. hehe..

      And the floral dresses, true, JGS did mentioned he likes girls who looks good wearing dresses than pants and we know in M3, MGY wore dresses in most scenes.

      • SO he did say it recently rite? I mean sumtime this year but I cant remember in which interview…was it one of the Thailand interview or the combine cf interview? But it really hits bull eyes…usually girls even celebrity will go for jeans & tshirt but one piece floral dresses & bright colour as well? Gosh, after the way he draw his ideal girl emphasizing the squarish chin, frizzy hair, big eyes, small mouth, height not more than 170cm, chubby cheek…mind you, he specifically said ‘chubby cheek’ not chubby on the whole…of cos no matter how thin MGY is, her cheek is still full & chubby….Not to mention butterfly has been flying everywhere in his Lounge H recently…Gosh he might as well spell out her name for all I care…gosh he’s not describing how he likes his ideal girl to be but he was describing a certain girl as his ideal girl!!! JGSssi…you migh as well spell out her name…its so transparent!!!

        And for old time sake…
        JGS wearing his butterfly ring during YB Taiwan fanmeeting 2nd October 2010

        MGY wearing hers abt 10 months earlier at SBS Awards 31st Dec 2006/1st Jan 2010

        Of cos now that I know MGY’s favourite animal/insect is ‘butterfly’ but JGS favourite animal is rabit, so why not just wear a ‘Playboy’…I mean rabbit ring..

        Still wonder if there’s any scene that has MG wearing blue turtleneck & MR’s animal/leopard print scarf….the way I see her scarf really match JGS’s jacket he wore at presscon…and I also notice JGS seems to like animal/leopard print clothing a lot…

      • omo i love all these speculations/manifestations of love. what do we know about the dating life of these two prior to m3?

      • lxandra honey, jgs says he likes girl with skirt with floral printed is when he’s drawing his ideal-girl, remember… he draws skirt after beautiful neckline? *wink wink*

  9. Uh oh. I think the pic of JKS and MGY on the top needs to be fixed. It’s got JKS intently staring at MGY’s chest… and with her arms up like that… LOL!

  10. Thanks much Captain ockoala for this additional forum page dedicated to our favorite Geun-Geun couple! 🙂

    I look forward to many fun GSI team discussions as well as the Day when the ever-so-popular Case of the Year is solved by the GSI team. 😉

    Cheers to AKP and to all Geun-Geun fans! 😀

  11. Hey a new page!

    M3Lover: I now see the fierceness of antis. They are taking MGY pictures and pasting someone elses face on them. That is too bad and kinda lame. So I do understand that if these two date anyone and announce it, there could be loss of fans.
    New drama with Tree J involvement, “Strangers6” A China, Japan and S Korea collaboration.
    Namoo managers in Japan (my mind is hoping MGY involvement)
    Oh Ji-ho already cast (older guy).

    • Strangers 6 just cast Han Chae Young in the lead opposite Oh Ji Ho.

      Unless they have more than 2 K-actors involved, our Geun Young doesn’t appear to be signing on for this project. Would’ve been interesting.

    • Wow Rory’s mom really? it’s not PSH fans are they? I know it was on going coming from PSH fans that came about during the YB-mania that are adamant on JGS and PSH dating. I’m slightly sad to hear that because I personally adore MGS and think she is an amazing actress. Although I find her adorable and would love for her to be with JGS (due to my total conviction in believing that they just completely compliment one another) I will never stoop to that level of desecrating photos of another guy she is dating. Oh well, can’t always have love without some hate in the world. 🙂

    • @ rory’s mom It is rampant in Korean Entertainment Industry. A lot of stars have suffered from this antis the latest I know is involving one member of Shinee (a Korean boy band) & his actress girlfriend & another one is fans of Beast (another Korean boy band/idol) & a member of another girl group. I understand why actors/actresses/idols have to kept their personal relationship a secret to avoid such circumstances & to protect their loved ones. If’ you’ll also visit video clips that posted on youtube you’ll see hateful comments on MGY. Actually, I just recently reprimanded some posters there because of this but you know antis are antis they will never see reasons. But i can’t help in defending her because their comments are so off, they even didn’t research/check her profile to verify their comments whether they are valid or not. We have just to do our best to protect the two (JGS & MGY) whether our speculations/assumptions are true or not. Anyway, they are both such a good actors to be a victim of this. I know for a fact that JGS also suffered from this before that caused him to close his own account in CY (not sure if it’s CY or other site). I’m sure LizzyD has more knowledge re this because she’s a long time fan of JGS.

  12. I have a question…when Japanese fans refer as Gunsama, are they refering to JGS? Becos there’re times they said JGS said this & that, then Gunsama came out…& of cos they refer to Kurt as Kurt or Big Brother…so I get confuse if Gunsama is JGS’s nickname in Japan…

  13. @lxandra..i read recently at fated couple blog (GG) 10 things JGS ideal girl(not sure if this in Kboom mag, need to check) he prefers girls wearing skirt and in his profile, he likes woman with great sense of dressing

  14. Hi Lovelies,

    This is Sharon fr Singapore .Writing in for the 1st time but have been for some time a closet obsessive complusive geunette. Thx to all u gals’ superb CSI digging ,educated speculations, I’ve been having a cyber-ball all by myself here!! Downside is, I’m now glued to the screen 24/7!!! I’m no dang good for anything else no more! I’m geunzombie! but its been so much FUN!! Thank u ladies!!My hubby & 2 girls think I’m mad over K dramas but little do they know its scarier than that!!Y-yhahahahaa!!

    Anyways ,me thinks I’m probably the grand O’ dame on this website…age-wise… BUUTT ,whose to stop a passionate diehard romantic!

    Anyway , did my honours degree in jap studies , very rusty due to unuse but still functional .So ,to answer the question on ” Gunsama” …its refering to JKS.

    If you pronounce “Guen” in Japanese , to produce the same sounding word ,the japanese wd spell it as “Gun” . And “Sama” is honorific( more respectful status) term for ” san” which means ” Mr/Ms/Mdm”. So it refering JKS & not the manager .

    Thank you OCKoala for all yr hardwork & dedication & for providing such a bumper crop of Geun Gossip for us to feed on daily!
    Ladies ,we ALL know what we want & we know the Power of Will ,so by force of our sheer will- power ,we’ll just will their love to blossom ,succeed & we’ll be here for the joyful picking!
    Kiss & God bless everyone’s sanity!

    • I am sorry Sharon. I think Gunsama is really his manager.
      Eels calls his manager (I forget his real name) Gunsama. All ees not only Japanese eels.

      • yes gunsama is the manager from what i read in many sites. i even saw pics of the manager alone called gunsama

  15. Much Thanks Captain for still allowing us to play here. We’ve too many things scattered at the other DF with 1138 comments..so let us have another thousand for this one. 🙂

    Ok, this may not be that relevant but last 2 nights, JGS entered my dream BUT no worry, we did nothing much.. just that I haven’t had the chance to ask him about his confession during the M3 concert..but safe to say that in that dream, his act was more in tandem with all of our investigations that pinpointing about his love to MGY.

    I don’t think I am that obsess about both of them, but funny is, this is the first time that an actor/artist entered my dream! Oh no.. what have you done to me, M3!! Well….it would be different if he confessed to me then. LOL.

    On a serious note, I do hope that both of them will have more happy moments together and I plead that the Korean fans will support them and love their pairing.

    • Hi zz,

      LOL! at your remark “…JGS entered my dream BUT no worry, we did nothing much..” Thanks so much for making my day! 😀

      Like you, I sincerely hope the Korean and around the world fans will support Geun-Geun couple should they decide to go public. There’s already many problems in the world. Why not lessen it by giving Geun-Geun love a chance. Awwww! 😉

    • ha ha. i dreamed with him 2 nights ago. i was with my mom at some event. and he was greeting his fans with a kiss on the cheek (yayyyy). when it was my turn he lowered his head but he was so tall i missed the kiss (noooooo) he read the dissapointment in my expresion so he tried again and missed again (no nooooo). i was so frustated i just took him by the shirt and pull for my deserved kiss (just an inocent one, sadly even in my dreams his loyal to mgy :()
      then i wake up!!!!! such a happy ending for a very desperated dream (the time before kiss i was in anguish)

  16. Hi Sharon…happy that you cud join us here….and dun worry abt age…me too has long past my teenage years…keke…and thanks for clarifying the Gunsama…so meaning to say instead of using tje surnama Jang sama they use his middle name to refer to him, rite?

    Anyway…I copy my last post in the other discussion thread here…

    I was reading abt the knitted ‘scarf’ the Japanese girls were knitting in the elt mv…what were you guys talking abt? Becos refering to the clip the only thing I saw was the same blue colour half finish knitted mittens knitted by one girl & the other one when he was crying in a bus holding a blue knitted mitten to his face…I dunno if my computer colour is playing trick on me but it looks like the exact blue colour as the one knitted by MGY for him in M3….remember in another clip, they use body double when they did close up on the knitting and if I’m not mistaken it was brownish colour thread…and I know MGY didnt only knitt a pair of mittens for JGS but she knitted the half one as well…the one she warn KMG not to touch becos its not yet finish but MG still wore it…I’m sure for filming purposes she has to knit a new pair so that they can use the half finish one for filming…and in this elt clip how interesting they use the same blue mitten…. I mean why not red, green, brown or even different tone of blue…navy blue or turqoise blue…and look the way JGS hold the mitten…the middle part was completely covered in his palm…we can only see the top & bottom of the mitten…why??becos if its really the one MGY knitted for him I’m sure we know for sure the moment we saw the while dot/ball in the middle…

    I’m not saying JGS suggested the knitting scene but he might suggest to use his own knitted mitten instead & perhaps suggested to use his own ‘knitting factory’ as the girl’s body double as well….

    Jesse…I cant remember which picture but I did see MGY wore a plain silver ring on her thumb…which was kinda of odd to me…and nowadays JGS is very smart wearing all kind of ring on all his fingers, so its hard to notice what ring he’s wering where & when…but if I’m not mistaken JGS wore his so call couple ring during the SBS on his right hand ring finger not his left hand…I think the left hand ring finger is still reserve for his wedding band…so I doubt the one he wore on Combine cf is his couple ring…afterall for a cf shoot ususally they’re not allowed to wear their own accessories…btw during KBS award MGY did wear a ring on her right hand index finger..but not the usual kind..its more the kind of funky floral or was it ribbon design..

  17. Ahoy !! me hearties,
    So glad that there’s a new thread for us shippers. I don’t have any new evidence to present as I’m already of the opinion that they are a couple. Just don’t want to miss the chance to post early as I had started my post in the 1st thread midway into the forum. And I started off with how I was a JGS stalker, having watched all his dramas and movies and cfs and whatever there is about him out there. Even his Hawaii vacation and his visit to his kindergarten playground…totally into JGS. Infact before I stumble upon ockoala, my pc was already on ‘favourite’ on several other forums on him and…now…he and MGY. Since end of 2010, starting my work day means checking on these sites first thing before I check my work e-mails. Must keep on radar mode so that I’m up-to-date. Tragic really! But of course the only one I will leave my ‘voice’ is in this MagAWesome Captain’s site.
    Oh my ranting! I was going to say that since I was a total JGS stalker even tho it was MGY’s movies that I had watched years back and my re-watching her “Little Bride” movie last year was what started my stumblings on MMM, JGS, etc.etc. and this forum. So to do her justice, I had for the past weeks been catching up on MGY’s dramas and had just finished watching Cinderella Sister. There was an epic kiss on that one too, Ep 19 – tho I must say the thing I remembered most is KH’s tear rolling down his cheek while they kissed. I’m touched… took them 2 days to perfect it (that’s why it’s epic. 🙂 )… I am damn sure that it took JGS and MGY one take only for their epic smooch on MMM…^_^…bet the director don’t even dare to say CUT! for it was a moment to savour.
    Anyway, I thot in JGS recent fan meet, I missed the ‘cheekiness’ feel about him or maybe he’s just dead tired from all his activities since start of 2011. To me he has this calm “I’m in a good phase in my life” look and then I saw the much discussed ring. And so I understand.
    Like some others in this forum who’s trying to inch away from this obsession, I’ve been TRYing to watch other stuff and for now I’m watching Korean ‘We Got Married’ where two celebs are put on a reality show to ‘live’ out married life. I esp like SNSD’s Seohyun and YB’s Yonghwa. They’re so cute! That got me acting out in this freaky mind of mine the married life of the Geunz ….AAAHHH!!!! neomu haengbog haeyo! (So very happy!!)

    • I think his manager is called ‘Gon-sama’, not ‘Gun-sama’. i dont know why but maybe sound “Gon” or “Gong” in his name? anyway, ‘sama’ is one of the honorific suffixes in japanese. we dont use that much nowadays unless in the letter or store clerk calling their customers. it sounds over polite. it all started with Bae Yong-joon. He was called ‘prince of smile’ ‘nobleman’s smile’ by japanese ahjumas who had no immunity till then to the man with such a beauty in his looks and attitude. ahjumas quickly went crazy about this korean perfect guy and start calling him with highest honorific suffix ‘Yong-sama’. since then, if they like a male celebrity, often call them ‘sama’ with respect. so jp fan calling JKS’s manager Gon-sama is kinda showing respect and affection for him taking care of their beloved star JKS. they call JKS ‘Geun-chan’ by the way. ‘chan’ is cuter sufix ofteen used for girls and littel boys.

      • Hey Jessi! Reading your comments will surely learn a of us a lot about Japanese Language (is it called Nihongo?). 🙂

      • hey M3Lover, thanks for the kind word. i didnt mean to lecture or something. just found interesting that he is called with ‘sama’. anway, im still looking for the link that Yesung commented about ‘MGY understands JKS’ we’ve talked in the previous thread . get back to u if i found it.

      • sorry, erased the post… here u go.

        ‘reposted from GeunGeun Couple (Jang Geun Suk & Moon Geun Young) FB:
        Her most recent work, Mary stayed Out All Night “very good looking, sweet and understanding with Jang Geun Suk. the play is still so beautiful, so lovely to see …her, I have been watching the drama, but is jealous of Jang Geun Suk. ~Yesung SuJu]

  18. Opsies! send off msg without finishing my 2-cents worth of explanation….

    Let me try to decipher JKS’s cheekiness.
    “Geun-sama” is a Japanese word meaning ‘honorable Mr Geun( using JKS’s surname would make it way too formal as if he’s an older man).So Geun-sama is very respectful yet fun & age appropriate.
    ” hyung” is a korean word for brother.
    Putting a jap+ korean word together is just cheeky & means ” Hey, brother of honorable Geun(me!)!!(spoken tongue in cheek).
    Sorry sweeties , for ODing on this explanation. Lets get back to juicyier news .

    oh yes, did anyone see that home video of JKS returning home to his then condo?He came home & mummy dearest opened the door & he introduced he hugged & introduced his granny & aunt & cute plumb niece? I was happily fantasizing bt MGY+ granny at his recent Japan LoungeH stint & then! tadadada ,I saw that home vid that presented another possibility.He really ds hv a granny too!

  19. sharon :D-i liked the earlier explanation of MGY and her grandma hahahh (oh well, it was fun imagining it while the speculations were still on going).. are we sure its the same grandma? i mean… old asian people tend to just all look the same. 😉 but how cute, was the home made video a recent one?

  20. Hi Sharon,

    That was the vid I had posted in the 1st thread – without eng subs – and I was hoping someone would translate it…could you? it shows him cooking for the staff too… he looked so cute!

  21. Love the banner Ms. Ockoala! Realizing her new do in the Bazaar makes me wonder, she could possibly cut her locks after the KBS awards then she did this photoshoot. The BH-China was done in Nov., so i’m sure this shoot is earlier. And in the movie premier she attended her hair is already crop but since she’s wearing a binnie and scarp, no one will knew. For sure a lot of fans/people were surprise to see her hairstyle in this shoot, like me. Recently her hair is gotten a little longer, evidence in the HEH radio show and the her recent CY(?) close-ups pics. I am thinking, maybe, just maybe..during her break, she could have possibly leave the country and not be recognized by fans. Nothing wrong in doing that since she’s been working non-stop last year, so having a nice break is great idea, especially going with her granny and someone special inspiring her would be awesome. 🙂

  22. Hi ladies,

    I can do basic translation for Jap or Mandarin but not Korean. My korean’s limited to what i’ve learnt fr Kdramas.hahaha!

    On subject of hair. I hope she didn’t really cut her hair & what we saw ,was a crazily well-done wig cos i had that haircut before & PLEASE !!! Without ton with jeanss of makeup & great girly clothes ,MCY will really look like a very cute boy!! Unless you look like Halle Berry with a God-given curvaceous body oozing with sex appeal…hmmm… JKS did expressed without a doubt his love for a long haired girly girl with floral dresses,right? Lets hope she keeps her hair-extentions on for Chagi’s visual delight.Man being visual creatures & all!

  23. I didn’t quite understand the explanation above but Manager Kim’s full name is Kim Byung Gun, hence JKS calls him Gun Sama Hyung or sometimes just Hyung.

  24. Ok lets put this to rest.
    Since we know that the manager’s name is Kim Byung GUN then , GUNSAMA is referring to The Manager.Gunsama hyung is ‘my honorable brother GUN’ .(sorry ! long explanation is only correct if manager’s name got nothin’ to do wt GUN.
    See you ladies .gonna go get a breather outside for a few hours! Keep the FUN flowing!!

  25. Ok, here is what I don’t understand. JKS always has referred to MGY as a friend when she is mentioned and some other actresses/entertainers that he knows/knew as ‘noonas’ or little sisters (don’t know Korean word for that). Why do these anti-fans insist on associating a romantic relationship with people he refers to as sisters? I can understand the speculation here because those two dears haven’t come out and denied anything but intelligent thoughts always point out to a possible romantic involvement between the two.
    I was surprised that eels are also divided on that topic because by definition to be a fan is to support the person you are a fan of in every way. That is why I always say I am a fan of MGY not a JKS (I criticize him often) but if she really were with him I would be happy for her cause she deserves to be happy. Also I have never gone to his sight to say the many things that are swirling in my head cause that is not what his fansite is for so I wish that hateful people would not leave hurtful comments around about her looks, just say you don’t like her and move on.
    Silly me, that would be in a perfect world.

    • I’m with you there Ms. Rory’s Mom. Honestly, i’m more of a MGY fan but JGS is a likeable guy for me, so i really support this pairing. But it will really make you go nuts how those anti’s think. I don’t even know if their brains are working or they are just plain dumb.

    • @Rory’s mom & pipa I think in every fan club there is that (couple shipping) especially if it’s a male celebrity/idols. But I think Eels (JKS fans) should think of him as an actor first & foremost not an idol.

  26. Hi! May I count my self in as a rookie in the GSI team? 
    It’s my first time to comment but I’ve been hovering in your playground, Captain Koala, for quite some time now.

    I’ve caught JGS virus ever since You’re/He’s Beautiful aired here in the Philippines and I haven’t got rid of that virus just yet. (I really don’t want to get rid of it) and I must say, after watching M3, if there’s a girl I want for Geun Suk (beside myself 😉 hee hee ) I want it to be Ms. Moon. Though M3 is full of drama clichés (and whacked up at some parts), the way they delivered both of their roles was so refreshing I can’t help but watch the scenes when they are together. It’s as if they weren’t really acting at all; both of them were so natural.

    It’s pretty obvious that they like each other based on so many evidences (M3’s BTS, KBS Awards, etc) and them being friends for so many years was a given. Seriously, there are many celebrity friends who played as lovers on screen but they didn’t have the chemistry our GeunBoy and GeunGirl had.

    Oh well, perhaps it’s true that they’re keeping their relationship a secret and looking for the right timing to admit it; or, they can’t be together just YET, because they are at this point when both of their careers are soaring high. And if both of them happen to date someone else, wouldn’t it be unfair to those people when they didn’t admit or deny anything with all these speculations? It seems they avoid topics of romance rumors between them instead as if to protect each other. Other love teams would have admit they’re dating even if they’re not, or make gimmicks just to convince people to watch their show. (Like what celebrity love teams here in my country usually do, no offense meant)

    “What you see is what you get” is where this led me, and my eyes tell me they.love.each.other. I’ll just be waiting for further developments. I don’t mind the ANTIs and I’m biased when it comes to JGS. I’ll be waiting for M3 on Philippine TV and until JGS’ single (Let Me Cry) is available for download. 

    BTW, MGY’s look for Bazaar reminds me of Natalie Portman and Winona Ryder back in the days. They’re petite and slim and have the facial bone structure that can carry that short hair so well. (*envious)

    • Totally agree with you about JGS and MGY relationship.
      I did not notice MGY until she co-stared with JGS.
      I love her recent look and think that there might be JGS’s influence.
      I really start to see her potential and hope that she can go as far as Natalie Portman! I love Natalie and very happy for her Oscar!

  27. many thanks to Ms. Ockoala for hearing our request for a DISCUSSION FORUM PART 2 with the title GSI team! nice~ 😉
    now it doesn’t have to take a while to load anymore. keke.
    thank goodness, finally get to read almost your posts from the first thread. im nearly catching up! hehe
    before anything else, i would like to acknowledge everybody… hello dear GSI’s 🙂

    referring to YAB coincidences, i would like to recall over and over again, since it made me feel truly pleased as well when i first discovered some coincidences concerning MGY esp. the “fly the to the moon” song.

    i believe you have already watched this MV.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_sJ65ponQU&w=640&h=390%5D

    i remember when i watched that scene where minam and taekyung went to the country side and taekyung said the line “no matter how many other STARS there are at night, the only thing i see is the MOON.” when taekyung said that line, i thought geunsuk himself was the one who is saying it. i was always squealing in that part, and my sis who i was with watching YAB thought, im getting hooked into sukhye chemistry and she was not surprise when i said its not actually that because its still something to do with geunyoung, LOL. she told me even though im watching different couple onscreen all i think of is still GeunGeunCouple, haha. am i that hooked? keke. i just thought its so amazing to think about little interesting coincidences about them. that night, i immediately made the MV with that of idea. hehe…
    speaking of MOONS i notice in most of geunsuk’s works he’s always connected with the MOON. in the movie “crazy for waiting” there was a scene when he and his GF went out for a night date and he described how beautiful the moon was and they both gazed for the moon that night. then in the drama YAB with the well known line for GeunGeun and in movie “baby and me” where he was with baby mason MOON! keke

    now referring to SBS awards collab, from what i can see, seems like all A.N.Jells members including of course PSH are aware about geunsuk’s behavior towards geunyoung. that is why its getting more obvious by looking on how they teased him. LOL
    with regards to JGS and PSH chemistry, to be honest, i can’t see any chemistry between the two. if there is chemistry between two people, they like each other and find each other attractive. but no matter how hard i try to convince myself regardless of thinking about GeunGeunCouple, i really don’t see the chemistry at all. they are cute together but not as lovers. they are more of like bro-sis chemistry but not exceeding from it. another thing is, i always thought PSH would look the best with a guy with a bigger built stature. she looks good with stars like lee min ho or more of like a “hunk” guy. actually, together with my cousins, we have made a match for her, we thought she matches good with max changmin (from TVXQ) they have a lot of similarities in terms of looks, built, also they have the same birthdays! not to mention we are faithfuls of TVXQ so there is no reason for us to be misunderstood. i always say not to get me wrong, because i also like PSH, perhaps i will just say BEFORE, because her face reminds me a lot of my cousin and my sis. but since some sukhye fans started to strike immaturely, im starting to get irritated. you cannot blame me though…
    good thing they are kinda quiet these days, hehe

    about FATED COUPLE origin, i remember it already started when i made a comparison picture of them together with the YSMM 2005 and MSOAN MV demo 2010 with tag line “Fated Couple, GeunGeunCouple”. i first thought to use the “destined couple” but since its too common, i changed it with FATE because i like the word fate, i even wanted a name fate, so i decided to use it nonetheless. then i made a signature for my soompi account using the tag line. few days later, during MSOAN presscon, geunsuk said “we are fated!”…i was dumbfound! i thought it was really amazing to hear that directly from geunsuk, but at the same time it was kinda freaky to me, i actually got goosebumps! LOL
    since then on, THE FATED COUPLE has been known as one of GeunGeunCouple’s prominent names. since there are lots of coincidences between the two, it seems like they are tied together in a destiny. 🙂

    by the way, thank you for always checking the FB pages and blog exclusively related to our couple.
    you are all welcome 🙂 im also with jas (psycho_js), pipit (vitriana) and many other admins who continuously update. i owe a lot to them! kudos to them too. ^^

    and pls always remember dear shippers, regardless for being new or old shipper, it doesn’t matter. for us Geunies, there will be no beginner nor sunbae. as long as we’re all in the same ship, heading through the same direction of journey and we always keep our faith, nothing is impossible! 🙂

    peace out y’all! ^^

    • I salute you & thank you for starting this shipping & for keeping your faith despite the odds especially before MSOAN. I think it is safe to say that your the pioneer in GeunGeunCouple -ship.


    • “”i believe you have already watched this MV.””
      Yes, have watch this hundreds of times.. he he.. and thank you..

      “”pls always remember dear shippers, regardless for being new or old shipper, it doesn’t matter. for us Geunies, there will be no beginner nor sunbae. as long as we’re all in the same ship””
      “”peace out y’all!””

      Much appreciate the positive lifeforce that you are sharing in this ship.. keep up the good work!! You’re a gem..

      cheers to a good day to all the Geunies{old and new alike}
      Yay… Peace to all!

  28. hi everyone
    say hi to ockoala i follow your forum from m3 recap.I’m love M3 and now i’ll review very night before sleep it make me to have sweet dream. i’m notice in M3 JKS have many time to kiss to MGY : 2 forehead, 3 cheeks (1 left and 2 right) and 3 lips. They make me think them have deepy relationship. Who think like me put your hand up !!

  29. Hi again,
    There seems to be a fair number of guy celebrities that like MCY like Yesung & I was wondering whether anyone cd direct me to the Eng Subbed version of what Taecyeon was saying about MCY on the Win Win show Ep 20( 22 June 2010).He said quite alot.Been digging for 2 days, not successful . Thanks!

    • ~SCREA~~~~~~M!!!!!
      Are you serious! Wow, nice catch.
      Butterfly Brooch (Pin)!
      Moonstar you’re wonderful, thank you so much!

    • that is one f*****g HUuuGE brooch…
      even I (woman) don’t dare to wear such a big one like that (cos I got quite big b**bs, so my max brooch is medium size)

      what??? did he try to announce to the world that he like butterfly? never heard/see any man USE butterfly before as any of wearable thing in their body, men like it, maybe quite many, but wear it? I don’t think so… and it’s blink blink too….. no f*****g way…

      sorry for the world ms Ockoala… I just got soooooooooo amazed!!!

    • What a bummer…can’t see the link of moonstar here at work, need to wait at 9 to 10 hrs at home to see it..ugh!! but my heart is beating already on excitement!!! thankies moonstar!

    • @moonstar on the first link it is noticeable that buttery brooch but what’s with the second link? His ring? I can see he has two rings on both his left & right hand (on his left it is on his middle finger & on his right it is on his ring finger). The one on his right ring finger is a plain white band. I cannot clearly see what’s ring his wearing on his left middle finger because the video is not clear.

      • What I focus here is their outfits, although at that time, they’d just finished YB, but their outfits didn’t match any at all. But somedays later, at SBS drama awards, his outfits matched MGY’s very well.

  30. Hi Jessi! Just wanted to say hello 😉
    Your previous post cracked me up and I didn’t get a chance to comment. I was dying when you were describing the ELT MV and said ” I repeat do not touch the knitting scene, it’s special!” like do not ruin the experience 🙂
    And it would be fantastic if you could find that interview w/ Yesung.
    Thanks Jessi!

    • Hi Quirkie! and M3Lover and pipa,
      sorry ladies to hav kept u waiting. I finally found some links of Yesung’s comment but its not the news itself…. im not sure if this was the one i saw or maybe i read it in Geun-Geun Couple FB…. this yesung comments were all-over the net around Jan. 4th but dont knw why cannot find it anymore…..sorry guys, it took me forever but this is what i could find.
      here’s the link and its post.


      • sorry, erased the post… here u go.

        ‘reposted from GeunGeun Couple (Jang Geun Suk & Moon Geun Young) FB:
        omg, think im half sleeping.
        i posted this to M3Lover in twilight zone! let me repost. here’s the yesung comment. u can read this post at link above.

        ‘Her most recent work, Mary stayed Out All Night “very good looking, sweet and understanding with Jang Geun Suk. the play is still so beautiful, so lovely to see …her, I have been watching the drama, but is jealous of Jang Geun Suk. ~Yesung SuJu]

      • Thanks a lot Jessi! Based on what you post I think Yesung is speaking of MGY’s character on the drama not MGY as a person/actress. I don’t know? Sometimes there are different translation that surfaced but basing on this translation that is what I understand his comments.

      • Hi jessi, thanks for taking the time to find the link and sorry to bother you on this. The translation is quite confusing but I see what he wants to convey. He loves the drama and happy to see MGY play the role but at the same time envious of JGS playing the leading man with so much chemistry on her girl crush. Basically, I think he loves the drama and their character but I think he really is jealous that JGS were able to be touchy and close to her, it’s like he lost already in the battle to JGS hehe…

      • Hi jessi!
        Thx for the great find! @ Pipa/M3Lover I totally agree with the both of you and also understand what Jessi means. Although Yesung is describing the dynamics in the drama, his choice of words is interesting to say the least because really MR is not that understanding, unless i completely didn’t get M3 😉 because MG is the one making all the changes to accommodate MR ( marries her, changes his music style, lives w a girl for more than 1 month) but. MR waits until the very end to really pick him. Remember ep 15 she cries because she realizes that she has been selfish too.
        And I also find out that Yesung likes MGY as a fan but not on a personal level, his words not mine. He said that during a radio interview where he pointed out who he really likes. SO if he doesn’t like on a personal level, why would be jealous? Maybe because his buddy gets to cuddle with his girlfriend for all to see on tv w/o raising any eyebrows because they are acting…right! If that’s what YHWH call it nowadays 🙂

      • I meant if that’s what they call it nowadays 😉 not sure what happen there with my typing…haha

      • Yeah, I may be lost in translation on this but like Quirkie says, I still cant help but read behind these words ‘understanding with JKS’ (sorry, it was ‘with’ not ‘of’) and ‘jealous’.
        ‘Maybe because his buddy gets to cuddle with his girlfriend for all to see on tv w/o raising any eyebrows’ thats good point Quirkie!

      • Maybe there is another translation re Yesung’s comment in another site? It seems the one who posted this used Google translation. Just like what you said you cannot find the article that you read originally.

    • u can find yesung comment abt MGY and yesung video repeating MGY’s line @ CS and if u are frm Indonesia, u can find lot of funny comment in BAHASA abt them @ koreanindo.wordpress.com

      • and one more evidence, i found an article abt Yesung having a crush on MGY write by valeska Posted April 24th, 2010 at 12:22 pm @ http://www.twelfs.com which title “Super Junior Yesung: The Fate Between Him and Moon Geun-Young” :
        Yesung of Super Junior stated publicly that he had many chances to meet actor Moon Geun Young personally and sensed fate between them.
        On the 15th, during the broadcast of SBS Power FM “Power Time”, hosted by Choi Hwa Jeong, Yesung was asked who did he like most in the entertainment business circle. Yesung directly stated that “Since a long time ago, I only had one ideal girl in my heart.” That person that he was talking about, was the “Nation’s little sister”, Moon Geun Young.
        In the program, Yesung honestly expressed that once during the preview of the movie “M”, he bumped into Moon Geun Young. He expressed that when he saw her, he wanted to personally sign the Don’t Don Super junior Album for her to give to her, but the crowd was too busy and noisy, so he wasn’t able to pass it to her. At the end, he met her again in the parking lot, and he wanted to give her the album. At that time, a fan kept on shouting “Geun-Young unnie, Yesung oppa~Yesung oppa~” Yesung was felt really shy as the fans yelled that, but as the fans yelled that line, he felt so in love that he could only stand there shyly in the crowd, smiling smugly to himself…
        ome on JGS,you have 2 speed ur action b4 u’ll regret it bcs our MOON has a lot of secret admirer

      • Hi BundaGhifary! thanks for the Yesung story. awww…his shyness is so cute! i kinda start liking him after read ur comment. i knw, JKS must take some action asap. though MGY is loyal, nobody hates someone’s affection and yesung’s pure-hearted attitude is pretty danger to a kind hearted woman. he reminds me the male second leads in the k-dramas. i knw the heroine ends up with her OTP but this popping-up everywhere second leads always scares me!

  31. Hiya everyone, just drop by to let you know how pleased I am that we have this new “site”. I tried to read the Geun2 dicussion Forum every nite but was having problem loading the page the past week. Now I can continue my nightly pre-bedtime regime. Thank-you Captain! Please be rest assured that I have been carrying out my “ambassador” duty in promoting the M3 drama + our Geun2 couple the past few weeks. I told all my friends/colleagues/clients (who cares to listen) to watch M3 and am very happy that all of them came back with very +ve feedback! Today, my colleague from China told me she loves M3 and JGS!! She doesn’t mind MGY and found her a good match with JGS!!! (YEAH)

    I too wish to express my disdain over those antis. They are making a nuisance of themselves – complete waste of time & energy. I feel so bad for MGY being on the receiving end of unfair/unjustifiable rudeness. Honestly, I only started noticing MGY after watching Cinderella’s Unni last year & I fell in love with JGS after watching M3 in December. I became addicted to this couple after watching the KBS award show as I sensed their closeness, sweetness & strong attraction. I wish all JGS fans can learn to be mature, undersanding and supportive towards his personal life. As his true fans, we should hope that he leads a normal life and get to date a girl he adores. I would be very concerned if a hot guy like JGS does not date or has no interest in the opposite sex!

    I am still praying and hoping that JGS + MGY are dating for real! Good nite & sweet dreams fellow Geunies….

  32. Sharon…can you share the clip with me….the one he rtn home with mommy & granny welcoming him…Sumhow its just weird becos in an interview he claimed he move out from his family home to live on his own but he lasted only abt 3 months or so on his own becos its too quiet & he cant stand it…so he rtn home to be with his mom, dad & a dog…no mention abt a granny living with him…and its also weird that there’s no mention of his granny arriving with his parents at the Japan Lounge H venue, then his granny was seen at the vip seat with his mom but no daddy there…However it made more sense that JGS actually brought along his granny if his gf travel everywhere with HER granny right..who knows may be his granny took seperate car from his parents to the Tokyo LH becos she was in the same car as his gf & her granny…keke..not giving up the idea of him on that ‘fishy’ few hours rtn to Seoul to fetch his gf to bring her along to Tokyo…

    Now that we know he BH cf were mostly done before 2011, so most possibly she crop her hair rite after the KBS award….perhap for a trip she plan to go secretly? i.e “We know who’s in Thailand last January” theory again? And what a coincidence that she reveal her crop hair AFTER JGS few trips within these 2 months….and after the Japan LH I dun think JGS has anymore overseas trip until April…and I remember in his recently he mention at least in a couple of interviews that he’s going back to school in March…even if he does have an overseas trip in March I dun think his gf can tag along since she’s officially starts school…unless on weekends & holidays…

    Anyway with her crop hair it’d be much easier for her to pass a boy in JGS’s entourage, dun you think so….that when everyone expect to see MGY with long wavy hair or at least shoulder length hair, she’s been moving around incognito with her short hair…she has a chance to show off her new hairstyle when attending the vip premier but she didnt…and like Pipa said, she must have cut her hair in January to have it grow a few cms longer from the time she pose for the magazine to the time she attended HEH radioshow…so why did she wait till then to reveal her crop hair? Why not earlier? During the stage award or the VIP premier? Why wait until LH is over & basically when JGS has no official overseas trip until April…or perhaps mid March?

    • I LOVE the idea of MGY traveling overseas 😉
      and I also think that maybe she kept her haircut hidden for contractual reasons meaning BAAZAR mag didn’t want the public to know about her change in appearance, which is pretty drastic, until the mag came out in March, so it would have more of an impact.

    • I don’t he moved back, maybe just for a few days for a visit because he still lives on his own…… I have to go back research this again!

  33. Dear Ockoala,

    could we continue to have frequent updates about JKS, MGY and M3 on AKP, please? You do them so well and I really MISS seeing and hearing about them a lot. Still have not found anything the captivating equivalent of M3 that could even remotely generate the same amount of intense emotional attachment. M3 and our GuenGeuns remain the undefeated, reining king and queen, crowning glory of Kdrama’s cutest, most adorable couple with the most spectacular chemistry.

  34. Before heading to the sack, just wanted to share this adorable BTS wedding pic at M3. I’m sure everyone here have seen this already. See how MGY hand at JGS side, sweet isn’t it? what about her right hand, is JGS holding it? his right hand is close as if holding into something? 🙂 Btw, see his left hand, even in M3 he’s fond of wearing a ring on that area.

    Good day to all Geun-Geun Lovers!

  35. Gg morning ladies! Its 7am Singapore time .
    THX Quirkie ,for yr fast reply! I still cdn’t find it(Sob! Sniff!) Either i somehow didn’t click rightly on an icon inside scoompi moons or they already cleared the old posts.Quite frustrating!
    Hi lxandra , now where did i see it??was on a digging mission on an extremely free day & found it.OK ,I’m off somewhere far to help some children with reading & will do my best to find it asap when I get home this afternoon. : }
    Granny analysis: If both grannies went to japan,then due to our asian respect hierachy, parents will normally have to step aside for them,that means ,if both were there,both will prob be seated at VIP instead of mum. Dunno why, but my gut tells me its her granny…
    Oh ya Lxandra, JKS is currently in japan, think he left on 28thfeb to do some promotional work there ,he also has work duty there on 6th March. It didn’t state whethere he’d come back to Korea in between.But MCY is in univ ,so i was holding my breath for some loving cy textings but sadly none. maybe they realise that there are still too many antis around so don’t wanna make them upset wt the obvious love messages!Just guessin’..! ARRRgh! I’m late ! Hear fr u lovelies later!!

    Oh Oh! Today the Spore ticket sales for JKS opens at 9am. Its 45 minutes way only fr booking start time!! As MuGyul wd say ” GO! GO!” Hahahaha!

    • Hi Sharon,
      If you click on the MGY thread go to page 89. Would have brought it here for you but you can only view it there. Happy hunting!

    • Yeah, my guts feeling is that its HER granny that was with his mom at the Lounge H…becos how cud it be toooooo coincidence that MGY talke abt her with so much affectionate that she was tearing up rite after the Louge H…and in fact we even speculate prior to the HEH radio she’d come back on the 17th with Kurt since JGS has to do a cf on the 17th in Japan…how irony that out of so many days Kurt choose to rtn home the same day MGY has to attend the radioshow at 4pm…and remember she didnt even mention her granny in her acceptence speech at the awards…

      Ok….GHS was seen attending SKK University on the 1st day school open…however there’s no report on MGY…and remember too she said that tho she’s going back to school, she’s going to take it easy this year as she plan to do more personal stuff (travelling??)..so I assume she’s not going to take up many subjects…2 or 3 subjects perhap…or may be she’s doing part time classes…and Sharon did anyone have a clip of JGS leaving SEOUL & arriving TOKYO on the 28th? or perhaps its another one of his secret trip? If GHS as new student just register a couple of days ago, I believe its stil the orientation week for the new students, so the existing students might not start their lesson yet…so she still has time on her hand…and as you said there’s no updates on her cy or his mssgs on cri J/twitter…this cud also mean no reason to updates since she is with him…or at least I hope so…I mean he said he’s going to go back to school too this March, surely Hanyang U starts around the same time as SKK…perhaps they old students will starts their lesson on the 2nd weeks onward….of cos with her new hairstyle she cud pass as a guy any time of the day especially when ppl tot she’s back at school!!

      • @lxandra, from what i understand from HEH, MGY has only some units left on her course to finish. If saying she’s not planning to graduate and do at least one project this year. This means she will only take some few units on the semester, then in her other time, do some personal stuff in between school..yes, i think she will travel outside Korea hehe.. 🙂

      • hi guys! if the plan has not changed, he is in Ibaraki Airport today for ‘you r my pet’ event. its my hometown and my 80yrs+ mom went there….no, not for JKS but picking up her grand daughter who happens to be taking a fright arriving there today. I asked her if she saw any crowd, just take pictures and send it to me….haha. its the newly opened airport and has direct line to Korea. and its really really countryside. verrrry convenient place to take someone who shud not be seen..wink wink!

      • Love it Jessi! especially when he has been known to meet @ an airport with her before…let’s say back in early January….ssshhh it’s a secret..haha

  36. There was sumthing that has been bugging me abt JGS’s mssg of what happen on the 14th nite Tokyo LH….I dunno if I shud share my tot here becos it’s not quite approriate….but it just made me so curious what he said….one reason he gave of why his bum was showing that day was becos he was wearing ‘a girl’s cut pants’ I assume he was talking abt female ‘low waist jeans/pants’ but it still didnt explain why the clevage or the upper part of his bum was showing…I mean even if his jeans went half way down his bum shouldnt his boxer waist or the upper part of his underpants wud show? Unless he wasnt referring to his jeans or his outer pants but his underpants instead!!! I mean even if its not the bikini type brief, usually girls wud wear an underpants waist below their belly button….well just use your imagination ‘what if ‘ if a guy wears them…

    Now imagine this….
    We are basically sure that JGS did rtn to KOREA on Feb 13 evening, reaching home around 10pm or so…spent time with his gf until 2/3 am…and if he’s taking her with him on the 14th he might as well spent the nite at her house…with her granny around of cos…since he was in hurry & travelling light, he forgot to bring a fresh underwear & staying with only 2 ladies what choice does he have except to borrow one from his gf…I mean this happen from time to time between couples, especially married couples…and of cos a guy with the size of JGS & a gf with the size of MGY…well lets just leave it up to your imagination, where the waist of underpants wud reach….

    Anyway, lets just say he took 9am flight to Tokyo, he shud arrived Haneida around 11:30 am, with the traffic & all he shud arrive his concert venue around 1 or 2pm…start preparing the stage & rehearse…and by 5pm, start to get ready for the LH..now 1) explain why he came seperately from his parents…2) if she came with her granny, perhaps he took his granny with him too, that explain why granny wasnt seen arriving with his parents…3) becos of the hectic schedule plus it was just an underpant it slip his mind to chg it to his own underpants…

    When he started his shirt was tuck in into his pants, so nobody wud have notice anything..however when he took off his shirt, as usual guys wud wear jeans that wud drop sumwhere around their mid bum exposing the CK or any other brands of their boxer/underpants….I often made fun of my teenage nephew becos his boxer always showing this way….however in JGS case, perhap he’s forgotten abt the underpant he’s wearing that hardly cover his whole bum that day….hehehe….and as comparison the fans said that when Kurt took off his shirt, his boxer waist/upper part can be seen…but its not an issue becos its very common these days….just look around in the shopping mall & you can see variety of boxers walking around!!!

    As for antis…let them be…I guess most Korean celebrities especially guys hide their relationship not so much worried abt their fade popularity but to protect their gf…unless they’re on the verge of getting married..even so if the gf wasnt to the fans liking or to an obsess fans, these gfs, will be critized & their history will be expose until the day they tie the knot…then the fans has no choice but to accept becos the relationship is already legal….

    BTW, as I rewatch M3 ep 16 recently, it cross my mind, since JGS redo almost all the part & scripts in this episode, the part where’s MR jr came to present her with a song, JI cant help commenting that it seems like MR has the tendency to attract musician..remember that line? Now I wonder how JGS came up with the idea? SuJu Yesung, 2PM Taec Young, SS501 KJ plus many other idols are very vocal abt their interest in MGY…I think Yesung was reported jealous becos JGS kiss MGY or sumthing like that…I’m not surprise if that’s how he gets the idea in the 1st place…and perhaps becos many singers like MGY, that probe & motivate him to cut an album & becoming a singer himself when he was so adamant after BV & YB not to become one & just concentrate on being a professional actor…

    • @Lxandra, bravo! Yeah, to the part of the JI’s comment on ‘musicians seems to like MR’, I did noticed it before and look at MR’s reaction where she seems to be quite shy. Now, I did noticed in BTS between MG & JI when both of them are inspecting an auditorium something like that..the scripts between both in BTS keep on changing and the result of which changed too. So, based on this, I believe that those line by JI was not the one that they practiced beforehand, but perhaps that is one part of JI’s subtle hints (there are many actually if we look closely) to the fans that both of them (MG-MR) are actually in a relationship and perhaps a reminder of ‘back-off to other guys and girls’. Hence, this analogy comes in tandem with the fact that JGS himself singing to MGY on the phone (and I believe it happens many times).

      • ZZ…I dun understand what you mean…what exactly did JI said to make you suspect he’s hinting sumthin abt JGS & MGY real life relationship?

    • lxandra dear, what can I say…your thoughts on the “boxer” thingy is amusing yet interesting hehehe.. and why not on the musician story on the last M3 episode, it is very highly possible and JGS made some good research there haha…

      • Oh in reality KJW is also a musician himself, and since he is part of M3 and inlove with MR there, JGS consider him as one those musicians liking MGY too.

      • @pipa :: Oh yess! I forgot that KJW is also a musician! A haaaa! Wait..naaaa…he wont messed with JGS for he’s been punched by JGS few times for touching MGY. Ahaha..that is a clear indication by itself.

        Btw, do anyone here ever read that manhwa of this M3? I am really curious of the actual story of M3.

      • It was probably because Jung In was also a musician (JI, MG and the classmate all liked her). It fits the story line.

      • zz,
        last time i checked it was still being translated. the entire series wasn’t complete yet during the filming of M3. i guess thats why they had such a hard time ending M3…. wait let me rephrase that. thats why they had such a hard time developing a middle and end to M3. the beginning was great, then it jumped off a cliff and took a sudden downfall heading south. i still loved M3, but till this day and probably the rest of my life refuse to watch EP 15.however, i know that in the manwa mugyul doesn’t end up with maeri.

      • also, i’m not sure about you guys but it took me up until now to come to terms with M3. i ended it with a lot of bitter feelings. partly because i was in shock that they wanted to kill MuGyul and have Maeri be with Jung In. still in disbelief…. oh the tragic horror if those events were to happen. i think things would get massively ugly… quite literally actually.

      • @zz – I’m familiar with the beginning of the Manhwa. MR’s friends take her to a concert (I think the band is Strawberry Corpse and hence the strawberry on the MSOAN logo). She hates the music, but is sucked in by the lead singer (MG). The audience is pummeled by strawberries. Her new jacket is stained. MR and friends by chance run into MG outside. MR demands money from him for ruining her clothes. He gives her his jacket in exchange for hers and he supposedly will clean it. He tells her she should have brought and umbrella if she didn’t want to get dirty.

        Several days go by. She keeps thinking about strawberries. Goes to another concert with the jacket to swap back, expecting he cleaned hers. She also has a bag of lingerie that she has picked up for her friend. She takes an umbrella this time. Afterward, not expecting to see MG, he finds her and says he knew it had to be her. Crowds of girls start to chase him. He grabs her and throws her in the back of his car with her. She is dumbfounded. His friends are amazed. He never did this before. She wants to exchange jackets. She suddenly becomes super angry and demands to be let out. The guys are confused and drop her off and leave. Suddenly MG understands. MR’s jacket is on the floor under his feet. He gets upset and throws it out the window.

        Ahh… But MR has left the bag of lingerie in the car. MG takes the bag home and goes through it. He is suddenly crazy about this girl. He lies on the bed with a bra over his eyes. (At this point I think it is game over for MG. He’s fallen for MR).

        MR’s friend is upset she lost the undies. They were expensive. MR has no choice but to find MG and get them. She finds him and he wants to date her. MR is captivated by him but yet not. A fan gives him flowers, he turns and gives them to MR and she beats him with them for being a jerk.

        They agree to make an exchange. He waits for her. He’s all excited and she is late and he never waits for girls. He makes her take him to lunch.

        Anywhoo… they end up making an exchange and she ditches him and they go out again together. Not long after he proposes to her, she ends up accepting and they elope. They go to Jeju. She gets spooked being alone with him and goes outside where she twists her ankle. MG finds her. They have a great kiss. He carries her back and lay on the bed. She decides to suddenly shower. He falls asleep to wake up in bed with dad, who has taken her home.

        MG and MR kneel before dad at the apartment to ask forgiveness. It is at this time that dad presents the marriage certificate showing that MR is legally married to JI.

        MR goes back and forth between the two. That’s about as far as I got.

    • @Lollypop The Manhwa is interesting I hope they made the drama a little bit closer or parallel to it. Since the story is not yet finished how come episode 15 (the original script by the script writer) come to fruition that makes the three leads re-write or change it. Can’t the script writer consult with the Manhwa writer to at least have the idea how it will end or how the story will flow so that if they don’t like it they can at least improve it.

      • M3 is simply “based” on the original manhwa. The biggest part that it takes is that after the “marriage” (real in manhwa, fake in M3), MR’s father registers her marriage for real with JI, whom she has never met.

        Other elements are taken as well. One is the “mong mong” part. MR tells MG her name and he asks her “Isn’t that a dog’s name? Mong mong.” Another part is where the two of them run off and MG wakes up with dad, who has already taken her home. The manhwa recently had JI backhugging MR. She didn’t accept it and went back to MG. There is the part also where MR sees MG hugging another girl (in M3 it is the part where MG is kissed by SJ) and he doesn’t know she saw it and she tries to pretend that nothing happened. There are other elements, but those are a few. M3 essentially is its own story. The manhwa isn’t long enough to cover 16 episodes anyway – not by a long shot.

      • Ah…. the manhwa is how many episodes? Maybe the script writer did not know how to extend the story up to 16 episodes with more than an hour broadcast per episodes that’s why the plot goes downhill and maybe the story is only good for a movie?

      • The manhwa has 145 episodes. You can see them here: http://cartoon.media.daum.net/webtoon/view/mary

        They are relatively short and there is no way there is 16 hours of material there. And of course, the manhwa doesn’t have an ending yet. I heard a rumor that in the manhwa, JI gets MR. But at this point, she is with MG… so I have no idea if that is correct. If so, it still would not have gone over well with M3 fans. The chemistry and set up between MG and MR was so powerful, there was no way that they could not have ended up together without a total fan revolt (which is what was happening with ep. 15 written preview came out). And that is why there was the rush and fight to fix it. I was happy with the outcome, although I would have liked one more good kiss… maybe in the park or MG’s place right afterward. I think that time was an issue for that.

      • Can you imagine what will happen if the episode 15 really transpire? Me I don’t want to think about it, it will be a total chaos.

        Thanks for the link but I don’t understand Korean but if you have a link with an English I would gladly appreciate it. 🙂

        Do you think after the drama ended they would still (the manhwa writer) would still go for a JI-MR ending?

      • Hi M3Lover and Lollypop!
        so the Manhwa hasnt ended yet? i thought it’s ended long ago. think i heard that MR chose neither man in Manhwa, kind of open ending. ppl were saying the drama writer’s attempt to change OTP in ep 15 kinda pleased Manhwa writer back then. maybe it was just a rumor then if its not finished yet. I saw Manhwa MV and it was lovely. i want to read it only if MR ends up with MG!

      • Hi Jessi I can’t understand if the ending is a JI-MR together because they established well the MG-MR pairing on the drama (I just don’t know in the manhwa) than JI-MR to suddenly ends it with the latter will be unacceptable to the audience. Now if they established the two pairings in equal footing I think the audience will accept whoever the girl ends up with.

  37. kyaaa… lxandra honey, I giggle myself reading your “boxer” theory… very “creative” haha…
    anyway this is the link that I believe sharon mentioned… yes I think it was his granny, his aunty and chubby niece (her nose exactly like his), but I think it was an old vid considered that he has the BV’s hair cut…
    so it’s not a recently vid…


    keep up the spirit gals…

    • I like this about him, he don’t mind cooking and he seems to be good at it. I perceive that he is a person who strives to excel in any task he tackles, a very good treat but I hope that he give himself some allowance that sometimes, no matter how you try, there are area that you won’t be able to perfect it because we are only human not God, He alone is the only who could be absolutely perfect, we/he has to be open minded and all we/he can do is try our/his best and no regret and can tell yourself that you did your best and accept it as it is.
      Wishin you all the best and success and God bless and always be with you.

  38. what?!?! 100 comments ALREADY!! Well done, gals
    I believe it will reach 1,000 in no time!..
    Me rally for all of you… and yes… keep up the spirit, Geun2 shippers..

  39. Hi everyone…
    All speculations make me conclude one thing, that we love MGY and JGS. we want them to be happy with only speculating that they do have a romantic opportunities! Ha…ha… guess that’s what fan’s are for!
    I have a chingu (friend) from korean who adore Armand Maulana (he is a singer from Indonesia) and she hates Dewi Gita (his wife) so much, eventhough i ‘ve told her that the two of them live happily ever after with his wife and already has a teenager daughter. She said she hates her exactly for that.
    I don’t really know about the antis, but I assumed that they behave just the way my chingu did. They don’t reject MGY but they refuse anyone that will have a romantic opportunity with his idol (JGS). Just maybe!
    To Ockoala keep up the good work! Gomapsmita…

    • I can understand that kind of ‘hate’, I don’t think of it as ‘hate’ but a primal jealousy. I ‘hate’ Angelina Jolie for breaking up Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt marriage but I am not a fan to either. Yet, I have to say Jolie is a great actress. My problem is that they (antis) are verbally bashing MGY without facts. That is what surprised me.
      Someone wrote about treating JKS like an idol and yet he is an actor, that is my problem with him. I do not see him as an actor anymore. How many times has Won Bin or Hyun Bin had a Lounge H. JKS is an entertainer just like Kim Hyung Joong or any other Kpop star so to me he is an idol. Once he gives up all that and concentrates on his acting alone, I will be an adoring fan cause I know he can do it.

      • yup… to many LaungeH, don’t u think?
        I think he should minimize doing that… once a year would be OK, gather all fans in one place, so the excitement will be much bigger, twice a year max… and start concentrating in his acting and singing career, doing a lot more movie/drama projects with variation storyline and characters, that way I can say whether I’m a fan of him or not… but I admit I like him in Baby&Me… makes me cry 3times while watching it…
        so… you’re right rory’sMom, he can do it… if only he start focussing… sighhh………..

      • I’m sorry Rory’s mum I think Angie is the best! *ducking foreign object coming my way* I kid I kid! You know you can’t fight chemistry! Mr and Mrs Smith!! Another example of blossoming love onset. I mean I am sorry they broke up but men don’t just go wandering off, it takes too for that to happen…I guess we’ll never know…^^

      • I disagree, for me Jang Geun Suk is a real artist. I would never consider him as only an entertainer. It’s fine for me that he wants to try things he loves to do, and he has proved that he’s great at acting, and that he can really sing. I don’t think I can find any K-actors in his age group as talented as him. 🙂
        Lounge H for me is just a way for him to relieve stress and pressure. 🙂

      • I’m sorry Rory’s Mom, but I don’t understand. JGS has dozen of movies and six or seven dramas under his belt, and he was either good or great in most of them, and you don’t consider him as an actor just because of his Lounge H. Uhm……..

      • Ouch! Rory’s mom Kim Hyun Joong? I love KHJ a lot but for me he is a singer (they call members of K-pop boy bands idols) not an actor. He has a lot to learn before being called an actor (for now he falls under the category of ham actors). Sorry for KHJ’s fans here but I am also a fan of him but I’m not blind to his weaknesses.

        I think he started Lounge H because he loves to party & he wants to connect on a personal level with his fans. Remember he will only be launched as a bona fide singer this coming March 23. He himself stated in his previous interviews that he realized the importance of having his own songs so that he has something to sing on his fan meets besides singing songs of other artist. If you will notice in his Lounge H they composed songs that are suited for partying, songs that are dance-able. And also in Lounge H he can be a DJ, host/emcee, dance & sing which are the things he loves doing aside from acting. In fact you can call him a total entertainer because he has a lot of talents in different fields of entertainment. For me he is the type of artist that wants to explore all his potentials in these fields while there is still these opportunities to do so. Maybe some of us here wants him to concentrate on just being an actor but you know when you reach his stature in the Hallyu Wave he has to think of some other ways to retain that status to make him more appealing to his audiences. His fans are not limited in one different age bracket only so he has to find ways to cater to all his fan base. I know for a fact that actors doesn’t want to be stagnant they want to have something new to offer to make them more interesting to their fans. They have to reinvent themselves so that they can a longer lifetime span in this business. Only JGS knows when to stop his activities in a certain area anyway he knows himself more than us. What we can do is to enjoy it or not to enjoy it. If you want him as an actor only then go ahead & watch his movies & dramas, if you want him as a singer then watch his MV’s & listen to his songs but if you want him as a total entertainer then go ahead watch & listen to all things that he has to offer. It is as simple as that. 🙂

        Btw, I read somewhere that being an actor is also a form of being an entertainer because you entertain your audience through your films, dramas & plays. The world of Entertainment/Showbizness is such a wide medium that have/uses different areas/fields to entertains us.

      • I agree with M3Lover. And I think Lounge H is one of his precious thing he has now.

      • I don’t understand when you say that you don’t consider Jang Geun Suk is not an actor but he is an entertainer. I don’t think you understand what is the meaning of an entertainer. An entertainer is a person who perform to entertain.  An actor perform or act to entertain.  It is a broad word to comprise the whole entertainment industry-actors, singers, dancers, comedians..etc…that is what Jang Geun Suk do;he is multi talented that make him way better than being an actor. He is not just an actor but all of the above!  That is why, when I learned that Moon Geun Young was the same, I was so amazed of their similarity! Both of them like doing charity works too. Give donations, Just like JGS, MGY is female version of him, that he is amazed that there is another him! Their only difference is their temperament, I think, because MGY is a woman, she is more calmer than JGS which is just perfect because she can subdued some of JGS flighty personality. Their life together I am sure will be not boring, because they are so alike but there are enough differences between them that will compliemnt each other.

  40. I’m finally home!!! Thanks Mysin for finding the’ Granny X-file’ .I was so eager to get to this site that ,i very nearly took off my jeans while running up to my room whr my computer is!! What has become of this ahjumma!!! Anyway , my cousin surprised me by texting me that she bought a gift that I’d like…she bought 2 tics for me & her for JKS’s showcase in Spore!!! ( she bgt it online as soon as the tic sales opened!! at 9.05am!!) I’m at Category 2,1st row, dead centre!!!!
    Girls, I’m very tecnologically challenged so I’m gonna borrow a video & bring my camera but i dunno d quality i can give to you but i’ll try. For his sake, I’m not gonna go for phototaking/autographing session cos if i do go ,I’d get him to sign on my Tshirt & I think that might freak him out!Waaa cougar in front!So i’ll safe him fr that! Thoz of you young gals, by all means, you MUST get him to sign on yr clothes that you’d be wearing! (where did i read that someone got their idol to sign on some part of their body & went to get it tattooed on top of it!!HAHAHAHa. Yr current/future bf/hubby won’t b too pleased though!
    on d topic of undies…strange that lxandra you’d think of it cos i ws thinking too that young guys nowadays think it hip to show off the top of their briefs & i was wondering why he didn’t wear any!?!? my infamous gut feel?? i think he ain’t wearing NOTHIN’!!!
    Early in a relationship ,you’d wanna appear quite macho & borrowing yr new gf’s undies is a sure way of watering down her passion somewhat! Too effeminate a move ,me thinks! Dunno ,nothing is better than something girly!Hhahaha.better stop.
    Anyway ,hope they give us something soon to CSI about!

    • That’s the thing….its not anything new with MGY & JGS….they have been close friends for several years now…before they even turn into anything romantic….even as close friends you know your freinds very well…and in desperate measure sumtimes there’s the need to borrow sumthing from your best friend no matter how girly it wud be….and as for me, I believe they have become lovers long before M3

      At 1st I tot JGS probably wasnt wearing underwear but since he’d be dancing around it wud be very uncomfortable for himi just like any athelete wud feel without it….at least

      • dear lxandra,

        your imagination is sure running wild here, i would never imagine MGY would lend her undies to JGS, must have a very very very very close relationship between those two if that is the real story…. lol. anyway we just could not put that thought aside could we? ;p

      • LOL you know, a lot of GG shippers like reading your GSI analysis. keke. thank you for sharing your interesting and entertaining insights… you are one of the greatest! ^^ keep it up dear 🙂

      • I take it at face value that they were women’s trousers. He was commenting at a photo shoot that the trousers he was wearing there were women’s. A lot of the things he wears wouldn’t normally be purchased by men, so it makes sense that he might find some of the more interesting styles in the women’s section. And guy’s hips aren’t built like women’s, so it’s not always going to fit right.

        I don’t buy the whole borrowed underwear thing. My guys would die first before they wore someone else’s undies.

        He’s wiser now. Won’t happen again.

      • I think he just went commando like a lot of young men do today, with those XXS pants, I don’t think he had room for extra fabric 🙂

      • The one his stylist accidently made him wear the girl’s pants during Codes Combines photoshoot was a different issue…the one I was talking abt was one of the 3 mssges he left in CriJ early Feb 15th in regards of the 14th LH incident…he was trying to explaine himself of how the incident happens after many of his Japanese fans accused him being a ‘pervert’ trying to show off his bum or sumthing like that…one of the reason he said that he was wearing a ‘girl’s size pants ‘ which I didnt get him…perhaps it was mistranslated but as it was, if its a girls size pants it shud be either fit him tightly that it didnt had chance to move up or down, therefor the bum incident wont happen or it was just his size but low waist but as I said then even if it went down, his undies will be showing unless he wasnt wearing anything underneath like Sharon said, but he never did this way before…I’ve seen him several times when his pants dropping down around his hips and his undies/boxers was there

      • @Lxandra if my memory serves me right I think the bashing or negative comments came from Baidu site because as Lounge H is on going in Japan some Blue Eels are giving live updates on their twitter account & his Chinese fans are posting these updates in their fan site in Baidu thus some of his fans there give negative comments re the infamous accidental butt showing. I myself got confused & was surprise why they are reacting that way because when you read the updates it is not clear how did it happen & they way the updates are done is not offensive in ones conservative upbringing. Heh! And later on a fan account of an Eel is posted that will prove that the incident is not that controversial because he did not notice that his pants had gone down that cause it to show his butt. Meaning it is accidental not done on purpose.

        My first reaction when I read the updates is I was amused because my question is how did it happen? Because the updates are vague I waited for somebody’s accounts to give some clarification on what really happened. I don’t really understand why some people give reactions without clarifying or wait for some explanation before reacting but maybe it’s human nature to open one’s mouth first before thinking. 😉

      • M3Lover…
        I was talking abt the official complaint by several Japanese fans on Feb 15th who attended the LH accusing JGS being reckles & showing off part of his bum…I believe this was the main reason why JGS was quite distress & having a hard time dealing with the accusation…It mean with an official complaint imagine what will happen to LH concert since now it has becomes one of the main source of income for Tree J…just look at ticket price!!!

        Anyway I’m not saying he’s wearing girly undies…just one of the possibility…when he said ‘girl size pants’ becos not making sense to me if he’s not wearing any at all…In 12th Feb Osaka LH fanaccount, sumeone atated that when JGS & Kurt took off their shirt, part of their boxers were showing…so they must have known their pants were dropping half way down their hips…knowing this cus he be this crazy not to wear underpant on a big event such as Tokyo LH with his parents, grandmother & respectable guests from ELT mv production team who were officially invited by Tree J were among the audience? What was he thinking!!! That’s why I believe he was wearing sumthing but just slip his mind that it wasnt his size & didnt realized it didnt cover his whole bum….just a tot on my part, really…

      • So there was a formal complaint? Shocks! I think there should be an age limit in his Lounge H & criteria. I mean it should be 18-……. (you should notice that I don’t put the maximum age limit because I don’t know what is an older women tolerance/acceptance), a party goer & knows how to let her hair down, etc. LOL!

        Anyway, I enjoy your GSIng most of them cracked me up really. Checking ockoala’s blog is part of my everyday habit especially looking for your comments.

        Thanks a lot for your untiring investigations/analyses.

    • Hey Sharon, I’m Sporean too n I’m also going to his fm! But my seat in cat 3, UL 13-14. This playground is addictive, isn’t it? And me, I’m a fellow ahjumma 🙂


    regarding their management agency, maybe some of you have noticed it too already nevertheless, i will just mention it, hehe. we all know that JGS current talent agency was named “TreeJ” i dunno why but i always come up with the meaning “tree of jang” whenever i read it, thinking that the agency was exclusive for JGS himself, lol.
    now let’s go over to MGY, yes she’s from the talent agency named “Namoo Actors” and guess right “Namoo” is a korean term for “Tree” 🙂
    what makes this more special is that i read MGY was the one who suggested the name “Namoo” (though i dont know when) it is to indicate all actors came from this management will eventually grow/bloom talents, just like a tree, something like that…also, it reminds me of the line in “autumn tale” – “i want to be a tree so i can grow and stay where i am forever.”
    however i believe “TreeJ” is a newbie management compare to “Namoo Actors” i am not comparing in terms of professionalism. i mean, Namoo was made before TreeJ. i could hardly recall geunsuk’s former agency’s name but i know he was in the same agency with stars like TIM (singer) before going to TreeJ company.

    also, does anyone remember MGY had a crush on xiah junsu (from TVXQ). i think it was 2009 when she wrote about junsu in her cyworld stating that she adores his voice so much and obviously proclaiming she has a crush on him :). another is i believe she also mentioned that she likes junsu (from 2pm) on one of her interviews during CS times. so what’s the point of JUNSU names popping out? you got it, JUNSU is the name of JGS in the movie, “baby and me” LOL. remember when geunyoung mentioned she has watched all geunsuks’s works before during MSOAN presscon. its really interesting how little things about them get connected ne? hehe.
    another name connection, who wouldn’t notice HAN JUNSU (a.k.a. Jang Geun Suk) baby is mason MOON. considering mason moon was also the one who played baby han JUNSU in the movie keke…i have watched “baby and me” several times before and the baby really reminds me of MGY. geunyoung and baby mason are look a likes indeed. therefore, if JGS looks like baby mason and MGY looks like baby mason, thus, baby geunie may possibly look a lot like baby mason moon too!

    so go get marry you two~ hehe 🙂

    • Great post EJ!
      I mean I’m having a blast here! With a little imagination we can make any internet find look like the real deal but all kidding aside when they are so many coincidences something gotta give! The universe is really trying to tell us something! *listening very closely, meditating…*

      • Yes, I thought Tree J is JKS own agency? He kept no secret that he doesn’t like having a manager hovering over him, open doors for him, accompany him for haircuts etc, but I think it’s in the context that he doesn’t like to be tied to any management company…he was from Lobe Entertainment before right? That was the reason he started Tree J, so he can be his own boss. I’m not sure if Tree J represents any other celebrity though…note: this is just my deduction, I may be wrong

    • Regarding the underwear, since there is no clarity on, I was just laughing my head off here reading the speculations! i have another speculation, I don’t think he borrowed MGY underwear because she is so tiny, I am thinking he borrowed grandma’s! Since he didn’t have a choice, it is either MGY or grandma, and thus if the choice was the latter, probably MGY is to small, then it is bigger, so when it is bigger what will happen?!

  42. Hi everyone, 
    Thanks Moonstar for finding this compelling supporting evidence. 
    @Bashful I think we found another one 😉
    AGAIN, it can’t be reiterated enough how unlikely it is for two individuals (MGY-JGS) who supposedly are just acquaintances to coordinate their outfits so well. There was clearly communication between them/ mgmt companies, something!
    I held off on this one because I didn’t feel like elaborating at the time but since we are talking about it let’s go back to that night (2009 SBS awards). 
    First the photo-op BTS before they step in front of the cameras, MGY seems to be directing them backstage, and JGS listens to HER. MGY walks in last BUT she stands on his RIGHT Once they step up in front of the camera jGS turns to MGY first to offer his arm (isnt the other co- host older?) while MGY steps in closer, covering his shoe w her dress. Now, why would the cameraman make a point to show that? Because just like us it caught him off guard, especially when JGS does not remove his foot. I’ll spare you the description of them posing for the cameras in tandem. MGY held on to her purse w both hands, locking him into place. Can’t move unless she moves! They look like a couple, the co-host looks extra… JGS leaves and he seems to bow to  her. Wae? To me the entire interaction is typical couple behavior.
    1. She dresses him according to what she wearing
    2. She tells him what to do before they go in public, and stand on his right
     3. She “claims” him during the photo- op using close proximity, it was clear that he was  there with HER. We women have a subtle way.  of saying “back off b****, this is mine!” 😉 starts @ 3:13

    One more thing, inside the venue,
     1. again didn’t want to dwell on the matching outfits but JGS maroon tux has the same texture as MGY looking as if made of birdlike feathers, or should I say dove like, angels? *win wink*. 
    2. His 1st win, @ 0:25 he looks @ her first, and she looks genuinely surprised/happy/proud

    His 2nd win, she announces it, why not the other co-host ? I feel like she barely talked all night 🙂
    3. Totally ignored PSH! I mean they just did a drama together right? She didn’t even come up to congratulate him for his 2nd win…unlike the others!!.. BUT off camera, without MGY around he hugs her?? Like I said before, trying to stay out of the MRS way 🙂 it’s a night of celebration, no drama (pun intended)  needed!!
    Got more goodies will post later! Enjoy! 😉

    • quirkie! haha i like your thinking…
      it was clear that he was there with HER. We women have a subtle way. of saying “back off b****, this is mine!”
      i like how geunyoung do her first moves making geunsuk seems like under panic attack…LOL

      about PSH. i agree, she seemed to be ignored by geunsuk at that moment. now talking about, who’s girl did geunsuk more aware of at that moment… 😀

    • Hi Quirkie, 😀

      Thanks much for sharing this BTS video of the 2009 SBS awards show. Indeed, you’ve found another proof, or to be more accurate, 3 proofs that our 2 favorite Geuns are a couple. Excellent fact-finding work! 🙂

      Your proof# 2 She tells him what to do before they go in public and stand on his right… reminds me of what JGS said at his fan meeting in Thailand (if I remember correctly). That was when JGS said MGY was a lot like himself and that MGY did speak her mind and gave suggestions during the filming of M3. This comment suggests or maybe clearly shows that JGS does listen to what MGY says. Aren’t couples in love normally listen to each other’s views, dreams, and needs? (hehehe) So just as you said, this proof is an example of a “couple behavior”. What a great find! Again excellent job Quirkie! ^_^

      About your observation of JGS interactions (or lack of interaction) with PSH when MGY was around and JGS interactions with PSH when MGY was not around, my first reaction was I felt bad towards PSH. Then I wondered why JGS would behave that way; it was as if MGY had prohibited him from being friendly with PSH. I refuse to think MGY would do such a thing or that MGY is a jealous type. Could it be then that JGS was showing off (i.e. displaying his best behavior) to MGY that he does not look at other girls except her and only her? What do you think dear Quirkie?

      In the meantime, thanks again for sharing your findings. I’ll look forward to “more goodies” from you. 😀

      • Hi Bashful!
        Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!
        About JGS ignoring PSH when she was around (allegedly…dont want any anti going crazy here 😉 ) I think like you say its just JGS being on his best behavior out of respect for her. JGS, as we can all see, seems very playful, especially with female who seem to like him, so I am thinking to avoid any confusion he was on his best behavior.

    • Quirkie, i watch those vids yesterday after work during the wee hrs of the morning and now im commenting haha.. The first vid while they were rehearsing, i noticed JGS didn’t even look directly PSH face or even met her eyes at all. He was singing with her, yes, but he avoids looking at her directly. Makes me wonder if the Mrs. is watching in the audience 🙂

      And abt the photo op, what can i say, this reminds me of the MSOAN press con where i think MGY when beside her mr is the one directing where to pose, smile at like she is really expert in those thingy…so eversince, even in SBS awards, that is the scenario? sigh..what a loving Mr. he is no? hehe…

      Oh and i love her happy reaction when her man wins, the look of love i see there!

  43. @EJ..as you’ve promised from previous post, you’re gonna bring in some goodies to us savor about our Geun’s and wow those were awesome! thanks dear!

    I remember her CY post, read it somewhere while googling her, fangirling tvxq Junsu and i think she even put his song there? not sure though…anywho, does her JGS oppa knows this? perhaps, it’s just a admiration and besides he’s the one MGY love 🙂 hehe..

    About the Namoo=Tree, i think i read from a poster here that JGS owns TreeJ? not sure also this, but if he is, wouldn’t it be cool to think of the coincidences linking their agency name.

    • @pipa, yes i believe she put junsu’s song as her background though i hardly recall the title of the song. that’s actually the thing, when geunyoung said she likes these JUNSUS, i wonder if she ever refer indirectly to han junsu (a.k.a. jang geun suk) as well. keke ^^

      • Thanks EJ. I wonder if she still likes Xiah Junsu, coz she’s been posting a different songs/artist this time..say from BV ost? 🙂 and a few other sentimental songs from various artist and even dedicated one to someone close to him ^^

  44. Ockoala and the rest of the group thanks for sharing your information about the GeunGeun couple…I just hope the someday they will be together as real married couple…

    Keep posting the result of your investigation about our fated couple…More power to you all…

  45. For All of those who are *”hating” on our Prince J, *American colloquial language

    Here is to all of y’ll 😉

    Title : The Youth

    I think this is my fate.
    I can live easily if I hold myself,but I always set up things like this..
    Our Mrs. asks me all the time, “Why are you asking for trouble?”…
    * Our Mrs. = his mother
    At this time, I asked for avoidable trouble..
    Why did I?
    Cause I”m still young..
    Like others, trying to read somebody”s mind and paying attention to others
    I would rather die than live whatever people want me to do just like a clown…
    Hate to spend my youth like that…
    Maybe early April..
    At the coffeshop, with Curt, Do you wanna try… loungeH only two of us?
    From that start.. Today.. It came to this.
    I started it putting all the things on my shoulder, so.. although I wannted to quit it, I was not able to dro*p this in the middle…
    It was not once or twice that I was really about to shed tears..
    “Cause I couldn”t get the school floor plan in 2 weeks after request, I lost all the sponsors which I requested..
    Due to rain,so we set up a dome, but next morning, rain was collected, thus the hanrail could be collapsed..
    The second day, after event, I slept in my car parked at school…
    The last day, school called me that they couldn”t allow the permission of event place, without washing, I went to see my dean..
    Barely we got the allowance, then tried to set up sound equipment..
    But they told us that it”s impossible and gonna evacuate all, so we just ran after them, got down on our knees and begged..
    Couldn”t eat a meal a day.. working til dawn was default..
    Now reminding that all, outrageously curious about why all the things couldn”t be done as planned.. Why those things made me crazy more…
    I think… These made me really crazy..
    vague disobedience to something what, not to surrender to realities and not to be defeated, and responsibility of charging all the things unconditionally..
    Think again now, I still feel like vomitting…
    This is my fate..
    Manager, stylist, company, fans, parents,
    putting all my shields aside, wanted to fight with this world..
    In the world without their shields, what can I do all by myself..
    I wanted to test myself.
    And.. By the only one reason, YOUTH, I did bring it on blindly.
    Rather than saving my face and stiff-necked JangKeunsuk..
    I love it more, The Youth of JangKeunsuk, holding the fixed neck after sleeping in the car and carrying equipment with gloves on.
    Of course, I”ll live like this.
    Don”t want to live simply and easily and quietly…
    I will keep walking my way like that..
    I don”t think there will be such fan, but if you want an idol JangKeunsuk who follows whatever fans want, I”ll pass them chic.
    I am a person who think that making my own life all by myself is much precious than anything.
    Nonetheless if you clap your hands to THAT JangKeunsuk…
    Gonna live my life frantically hard day by day.
    More grandly! More Confidently!
    I dont give a mini cooper!
    I”m respecting those eels” passions(?ㅋ) who came in, getting through limit of student id..
    Thanks your nasty but beautiful mind ^^, who didn”t take the change telling me use it for good things, after ordering this and that, causing me mixed up, but anyway I barely calculated and tried to give the changes..
    Wanna sorry for somebodies who took my photo continuosly though I told them not to do
    Surely I hope they are not REAL eels.. maybe they are not here..
    Go away prying fans…!!!!!
    Ahhh.. sore feet


    Credit: shiro401@soompi

    I don’t give a mini cooper!!! Love it! hahaha
    And I am saying this with love. Read his read his message (5/23/10) carefully. This young man is truely amazing, hard working, multi-talented. LET’S NOT try to take that away from him. Don’t be a fan but at least respect his craft. Whether we want to admit or not AKP was getting about a 1 million hits now it has pretty much doubled and more…I challenge you to tell me it has nothing to do with JGS / M3 and we all know the ratings were pretty bad so what gives? I apologize in advance for my long post. What can I say I just love and appreciate him for being true to himself no matter what.
    “Surely I hope they are not REAL eels.. maybe they are not here….Go away prying fans…!!!!!” 🙂

    • omg, omg…I love this boy! Thnks Qurkie fr sharing this.
      ‘putting all my shields aside, wanted to fight with this world..
      In the world without their shields, what can I do all by myself..
      I wanted to test myself.’
      i love that he is being a fighter for his own life. no wonder he did that ep 16 reconstruction which must be extremely dificult and dangerous job to accomplish for actors in all ages and careers. many actors think their job is purely the acting and that’s their nature, nothing to blamed of, and thus, JKS’s rewriting final ep was an foolish act by some measures. but he did it. why? cause he couldnt sit and watch the work he participated being dumped like a piece of ***. he couldnt stand with it because he is a creater who sees the drama or the movie as an artwork. the idea that JKS cannot hav sad ending because of MGY is cute and maybe true but i think he also had an urge came from his artist side. since that incident, i decided to take his side no matter wht. this is a man of determination. and i am happy that he has a (girl)friend who can pat his shoulder saying ‘A plan is a bit exaggerated, the reality comes to up and down, but dont be frustrated or defeated!’ when he feels ‘Now reminding that all, outrageously curious about why all the things couldn”t be done as planned.. Why those things made me crazy more…’
      lov him, lov her, lov this couple <333

      • i mean risky job, not dangerous job like lion trainer or something..hehe
        forgive me and ignore plz for other misspell and typo!

    • @Quirkie I think this answers the question: “Why he do Lounge H?”

      He is the type of person who loves challenges. He wants to explore his potentials. Others will choose the safe & tested waters than wade in untested one. I’m impressed I myself would choose the safer way most of the time. But this young man did not want to stay in a box he will always go outside his comfort zone. This is not for the faint-hearted one if we want to achieve something out of life we must go the other way that others are afraid to go (I don’t mean to break the law but breaking the norm of one’s cultural orientation).

    • Thank you so much for sharing. that’s why i admire and love him so much!!!
      i think there’s a kind of person: a person who lights passion, a kind of person you just can’t like or dislike, instead you love or hate; but those who loves, loves with all it’s heart. i think jgs is that kind of person. luckily i’m one of the lovers (cause you know love is a wonderful thing :))
      i hope he’ll keep true to himself
      jgs fighting!!!!
      Quirkie thanks again

    • geunsuk is a free spirited young man who enjoys his age and loves exploring something new. he has this freedom of self expression that seems to be a feeling of satisfaction for him. esp. when it comes to his bizarre sense of style. it’s sad that most of the times, he’s been misunderstood by other fans and sometimes even EELS themselves are bewildered over his own fashion sense. but i do admire him for being bold. that’s one thing i like about him actually. he seems to be a person who’s very optimistic in everything he does and a person who makes the most of it, yet he also seems to be a very sensitive person who can also easily get upset or offended by unpleasant events or mean things that people say. we will support geunsuk in everything, but i do hope that he will also consider his fans who worry for him emotionally…
      oh i forgot i think i just went on the other side of the main point here, keke
      ok going back to the main point, i will always love geunsuk for always thinking like we only have one chance at life, we must therefore always be the best, do the best and choose the best, for there is no passing the same way again. 🙂

  46. Hi Quirkie, Thx for the soompi moons pg 89 detail.hvn’t manage to find it but i will.TX!
    just wanna pick yr CSI brains….
    Q1)In d 2009 SBS BTS 1st segment,when JKS ws tutoring MCY on pronouncing’ Go minam’, what do u make out of d Jap media when they typed in “gikochinai!” ” gikochinai!”Twice!!( itmeans awkward ,feeling of constraint) and also “ore o suki ni naru koto yurushite yaroo!” which kinda means ” i permit/approve you to fall in love wt me!”( someone correct me if i’m wrong pls) .Do the Jap’se media know something others don’t?? Why should it be awkward if its just 2 MCs just talking??
    Q2) If something was already going on at dec2009 ,why did JKS keep elaborating,during talk shows in korea/ taiwan about his mum liking PSH ?? Cos we’ve seen him evading sensitive questions very outrightly so why didn’t he evade this question since it’d wd definitely offend his gf if she not PSH. THX !!

    • Hi Sharon re your question #2: maybe his mom really like PSH especially in their YB drama. His mom even went to a clairvoyant to ask their compatibility, it was in the news. During that period they are still promoting YB & since it was in the news & reporters always asks the question of course he is bound to answer. I think his mom did it just for fun because the drama became a hit. Liking someone is not to say that she wants her to be in a relationship with his son even if ( and I say IF) his mom wants them to be more than friends this is not to say that JKS will follow it through because he is the type to be his own person. To be dictated upon will not sit easily on him. Anyway he is the one who will be in the relationship not his mother.

  47. Sharon,
    During that period, they were promoting YB and it was/still is a huge hit. Everyone assumed that they had something going. I mean the internet went wild! Why dissuade anyone? Perfect cover. Wouldn’t you be over the moon and root even harder for a couple that allegedly became real in real life? Astute marketing strategy…
    Have you hear him talking about his bride to be PSH? The video Rory’s mum posted of them in Taiwan was their last appearance together I think before M3 . Did you see their body language? That night or the next day she they both supposed to appear on a show (where he performed with the butterfly ring) she didn’t come because she was supposedly sick…well I wonder after seeing that interview…
    And guess what JGS’s mom met with MGY on set I think the day they were shooting the MR-MG wedding scenes. I guess we could speculate…just to say we’ll never know what it all really means so only JGS’S mom knows 😉
    And if you listen to what he says carefully, he said over and over again MY mum likes her, my mum thinks she is a perfect match. Even during the Champagne event when he didn’t pick her he said I am looking for a someone to date not marry ( And we know that MGY has little intention to get married soon 😉 and the M3 ) During the Japan FM he said ill pick MGY for a girlfriend, PSH for a wife but I might never get married! Now a better question is why he does not talk about or avoid questions about his long time friend MGY. I don’t see him avoiding questions about LHK…
    Addressing the BTS questions, if the translation is accurate, you answered your own question. Why would they make a point to state that the interaction between was awkward? AND point out that MGY is allowing him to love her. Did you read my post earlier. MGY behavior screamed “girlfriend in charge”. JGS is clearly infatuated with her and she is in charge, therefore more relaxed about others watching them/seeing them together. JGS is tensed the all times because he does not want to mess up/ let the cat out of the bag in front everyone 😉

    • Thanks Quirkie for yr detailed explanation!! love reading them!!
      Oh actually the sentence is a boy talking to a girl so its supposedly JKS kinda boastfully saying to MCY that she’s allowed to like him.” Ore” is used to by guys. it seems the Jap media thinks better of JKS.hahaha !
      Gawd, thz two better end up together , we already kinda done a concrete mould of them together! I can’t picture them wt any other !

      • ooh! that’s what he said to GoMinam once he aknowledged his own feelings and allowed her to love him; then afterwards they are boyfriend/girfriend. That’s the YB plot right?! correct me if I am wrong. I was just mesmerized by JGS and his skillfully eyelined eyes 😉
        Interesting, totally reinforcing my hypothesis, assuming the person who edited the BTS also believes that these two have feelings for each that have been confirmed and are dating now 😉

  48. Quirkie, Tam and Jackie, don’t be sorry to disagree with me, I enjoy the back and forth in a polite manner.
    I do not hate Jang Keun Seok. I am merely saying he is a good actor and should concentrate solely on selling that and not catering to the hormonally charged crowd. I am glad he put out an album and I believe he was his best in Beethoven’s Virus. He could be one of S Koreas great actors if he tried harder at his craft instead of catering to the his ‘youth’.
    Also, I cannot sleep without fantasizing about him, I truly think he is the handsomest male I have ever seen. Even my prince No Min Woo has to take a backseat to JKS and I don’t know why.

    • yup… I agree with your words RM… you completely say my mind
      I don’t say jgs should stop his LaungeH… just minimize it, make his LH become his sanctuary to meet and have fun with his fan… personaly, where he can be himself totally
      I read somewhere, on the net, there’s a korean actor (ahn Jae wook, if I’m not mistaken, he’s lead-actor in Mr. Goodbye) make FanMeeting annualy under the named SummerCamp and take place for 2 /3 days, not just few hours… I think it would leave visceral trace to fans than just few hours event…
      cos like me and rory’sMom think, he actually can do it… as for me I got my proof after watching Baby&Me… 🙂

    • yup… I agree with your words RM… you completely say my mind
      I don’t say jgs should stop his LaungeH… just minimize it, make his LH become his sanctuary to meet and have fun with his fan… personaly, where he can be himself totally
      I read somewhere, on the net, there’s a korean actor (ahn Jae wook, if I’m not mistaken, he’s lead-actor in Mr. Goodbye) make FanMeeting annualy under the named SummerCamp and take place for 2 /3 days, not just few hours… gather all fans in one place, I think it would leave visceral trace to fans than just few hours event…
      cos like rory’sMom think, he actually can do it… as for me I got my proof after watching Baby&Me… 🙂

      • uups… sorry for the same post… don’t know how to delete the first one… 😉

      • I totally agree with you guys, I find that he is stretching his schedule too tight! I think MGY is more sensible about her fan meeting, only on her birthday! Just get a bigger venue to accummodated more people. If not just once a year since he has Lounge H in different country, cut it back to half. Just once a year to every countries he is most popular. I find that he seems to be travelling a lot. I am getting worried that he will collapse one day because I find him too thin now a days. I am thinking that he is worried that his followers will forget him if he takes a break but I think that if his followers are devoted, they would be happy for him to take some time off and tend to more personal matters.

  49. OHHHHHH!!! Thanks for reminding me Quirkie!!! That IS the YB plot!! Why din i think of it!!m I just thot it was so strange a statement” I giv u permission to like me!” I was at Possibility number 2 ( at old site) but now i’m definitely convinced to move !Disin’t MCY say that she wants to marry between age24-25 ,at her bloom time ,if not then maybe singlehood for her? So ,this year she’s turn 24 right?Do you think its possible that they might get hitched? !!!!!? I’m going crazy!

  50. Quirkie/Sharon: You say that JKS ‘s mom met MGY? Awesome!

    I was not liking that ladies’ obsession with another actress as mate for her son. I know he can do as he pleases but most sons want to please their mom. I thought that MGY may not be good enough in her eyes cause MGY is a simple woman.

    • Hi RM, initially I’d same concern about MGY being too down-to-earth for JGS. However, my Korean friends told me that she actually has a higher “grading” (as an actor) in Korea and commands more respect from eveyone than he does. They call her A-list actress and said she is well liked with no enemy! I was relieved. Somehow MGY grew on me and I find myself liking her more n more….really like her recent short hair which makes her look so chic & alluring!

      • Yes, she is an awesome actress with a humble aura. I could almost say SK version of Natalie Portman, Dakota Fanning or Christina Ricci. I love her and agree with all the ladies here that she looks good with JKS. They made magic on MSOAN and we all know that the drama was handled poorly but they (MGY & JKS) had us glued to our PC/TV.

  51. Quirkie dear, know what i noticed JGS ‘youth’..he posted it on the day of the birthday?! how cool was that huh, it means im fated to like this fellow of talent haha.. Ok, on a serious note, since I’m a newbie with regards to JGS (though i read his wiki profile) but that post gives me an idea who the guy really is! I really like how his mind working to whatever he wants to achieve in life which is to do what he loves to do as long as he enjoys it! And yup, and i second he is a very hardworking man. I think this is why our dearest MGY admires this young man eversince they became friends (or lovers? hehe..) and even understands him too. (from Yesung’s point of view rite?).

    Thanks for sharing girl!

  52. I read some interview about Park Shin Hye in my language, and I use Google to translate a paragraph to share with you.
    Do u have any idea about her answer?

    Q:In the cast of the same age, who influenced you most?

    A:I think that’s her Moon Geun Young. I have not had the chance to meet her, but in the age range of children, she Geun Young is an actor very influential. I want to hear the audience saying, “Park Shin Hye was really mature now.” I want audiences to appreciate that, “actor Park Shin Hye is consistent with the type of role.”

    • exactly, i think i have heard about this before. thanks for posting it here! 🙂
      PSH admires MGY too. its actually an interesting point esp. referring to her fans who are anti’s of MGY. you see if you’re idol respects the one you’re bashing, then you call yourself her fan? whatta disgrace. if you respect a particular person you also tend to respect anyone he/she respects too. i thought MGY fans are not the only one affected because PSH herself might feel very disappointed about them as well…

  53. Quirkie…
    If MGY was asked not to reveal her short hair until the magazine came out in March, then why did she reveal her hair on HEH radioshow fully aware its a visual radioshow a week or so before the magazine came out? And just happen to be after JGS’s work cum holiday trip to Thailand and JGS’s own company Tree J LH in Japan? Anyway I dun think the magazine has right to ask her not to reveal her hair just becos they did features on her..she’s not their endorser…no, I still think she has other reason For not showing her real hair during the VIP premier

    So did your mom see a big crowd waiting for JGS at the airport? But honestly if he went there to film My Pet idun think his gf will tag along since this is work unless he has time to spare to play..surely she’ll give him space to get into his character..unlike when he did the cf, mv and especially Lounge H since LH were organize by his own company..even the Thailand cf, remember Kurt arrived on the last day opf JGS official work in Thailand before he ‘disappear’ in his private trip the next day? And the elt mv, remember JGS really kept the trip a secret & there’s no fan account abt meeting him there..it was JGS himself who twitted and reveal heks in Japan & he’s the one who posted his pictures with the Elt staffs..so its no surprise if he bring along his gf especially from what I understand Japanese entertainment are quite open & understanding abt their artist relationships..other words its not such a big deal for them for their artists have gf/bf..

    Just want to share my 2 cents on what Yesung said abt his jealousy to watch JGS with MGY…

    Its no surprise that Yesung is one out of so many K idols who likes MGY or has named her as their ideal girl..but what interesting is that JGS best frien CSW is also from SuJu, the same group as Yesung..and Yesung wud say this on his interview, its cute cos I’m sure he is quite close to JGS himself since one member has been close friend to JgS since long ago..perhaps he knows sumthing that we dun? Perhaps he was just teasing JGS just like the YB team during SBs performance, or as sumone said KJW too on M3 set? Afterall its not everydAy you see your friend act lovey dovey with his own gf on screen…keke..at least this is what I like to Believe..

    To me JGS is an actor and an entertainer…he is a serious actor…he was a 1st choice for BOF lead role and he can easily cash on his popularity tru that show but he refused the role for a more challenging role in a more original drama. And he prove his acting ability when his acting gets a lot of attention & even receive an award for the role…as for his other activites like beoing mc & dj its work for him..just like LH..a source of income to keep his company running..he was noted to have a good vocal and distinguish tone yet he refuse to sing many times before becos he said he wants to be a professional actor not a singer…however sumthing made he chg his mind recently…remember when he said he realized he cannot be arrogant? I think he knows now for the sake of his company and the ppl who works for him he has to be more responsible and since he can sing even better than some existing singer he might make the most of it..for me JGS has slowly mature up to be a responsible man…

  54. Watched Kimi wa petto last nite . JKS ,i think is gonna do a fantastic job of it ,what wt his lovely labrador-perfect soulful puppy dog eyes , breathtaking smile & we all know he can bark well! I don’t think jap’se dogs bark ” mong mong!” though. He looks a darn sight better than M.Jun. By a mile!! frankly, his co-star,wassa name?Err..don’t tell me ,i’v read it a thousand times but she’s v forgettable. She’s not going to do d character full justice.So Ae wd’v been really perfect for her role!I think d female lead needs to look super gorgeous wt an icy-cool exterior that also exudes academic smarts & ‘wassa name?’ just pales away. Too short for him too! If So Ae ws on board, i think it’ just might be a runaway hit! But who knows, the Jap’se fanS( at Ibaraki airport meet) look like they’ll lurve anything fr their “prince”,”brotherly figure”( yeh! sure!) & guess what ,one of them said she sees him as a ‘ god”!!! Aiyoo!!
    Poor MCY ,for the sake of professionalism, she has to lend her darling out for major mauling from other female stars!!! My heart goes out to her . Sharing him is prob gonna be hard ,this time round!

    • it’s Kim Ha Neul. She was starring On Air remember? co starring the late Park Yong Ha who played in Winter sonata.

      • “I don’t think japse dogs bark “mong mong!” though.

        actually i dont think korean dogs bark that way either. LOL i dunno if they just tend to make it sounds unique or just to make it sounds cute in a way, though i have to admit it does sounds very cute indeed. its just that, foreigners would not initially perceive it as a dog’s bark. LOL

        “He looks a darn sight better than M.Jun. by a mile!!!”

        LOL exactly! i confess im not a matsujun fan, but pls do not misunderstand if there are matsujun fans here. i read other comments comparing JGS and matsujun. i am not trying to be JGS biased but i am not blind…my two cents! 🙂

        frankly, his co-star,wassa name?

        her name is kim haneul, sorry if i insist to tell her name. keke. i believe she’s also one of the A-list actresses in korea. she has starred in various dramas and films being the lead. she’s also in the same line of actresses as soo ae, i would also like to see soo ae play the female lead but i was not surprise when kim haneul was confirmed for the role. she’s a great actress, i think she can carry it well too. 🙂

        MCY? sorry sharon i can’t help but to always notice your acronym, im sure you meant MGY here right? maybe its just a typo, ooh im such an OC to keep noticing it. pls don’t mind me…keke 😛

  55. oh ya ,forget to mention ,have ya’ll noticed that JKS has lost his look of angsty edginess fr his eyes? If you look at some of his pre-MSOAN time, you’d notice that behing that smile is some coldness . But now!Aha! From MSOAN BTS ,KBS drama Awards ,Codes combine Autograph session & this Ibaraki Airport meet, don’t you see an obvious Happy ,settled look ? A ” I’m- finally- home!” kinda look , a ” Ive found my sweetheart & she adores me back!” kinda look . Happiness is oozing outta his eyes!! Way to go, our darling MCY!!

    • Hi Sharon..yup noticed that too in the airport pics, he smile a lot and he’s eyes are just glowing! In the Codes Combine fanmeet, he seemed really tired but when he smiles for photo ops and doesn’t seem to mind posing a countless times, he’s smile is a delight to see and I see MGY face instead of his pupil haha..

      • @ Sharon, totally agree with your assessment!
        @ Pipa “he’s smile is a delight to see and I see MGY face instead of his pupil haha..” I’m still laughing typing this comment, too funny 🙂

  56. Just a random thought i want to share, it’s no big deal but it’s awesome realizing it 🙂

    Y Tree – MSOAN media promoter
    Tree J – JGS Mgt agency
    Namoo – Tree (in Eng) – MGY agency

    • saw this video before he’s waiting for MGY then when went down from the stage she followed then when somebody ask to have his picture taken with him she stopped & waited until the picture taking was finished then they went their way, she (MGY) walking behind him (JKS) leaving the venue. Sad to say the video stops there. So I’m thinking also that maybe they went to dinner or something….

      • I know! In the US we would have unearthed a video of them after they left confirming or not if they indeed were together after the award ceremony…

    • Thanks Quirkie. I haven’t seen that vid. I lol’ed at JGS coz he can keep still, whether he leave the stage or not. Obviously he’s waiting for MGY to go down the stage with him and off to somewhere else. hehe..

  57. @ lxandra,
    fist of all, i must thank u fr giving me a good laugh about ur ‘boxer’ theory. i read that dynamite comment rite bfr going to bed and really had hard time to fall sleep cause i keep recalling it and start laughing. even today, at work or walking home, cudnt help myself chuckling. man…from sharpest Thailand alibi proving to the wildest boxer guess, ur field really is huge and i lov ya! who knws if he wore a ‘rental’ boxer or not? truth is often stranger than fiction! hahaha….
    anyway, guess not my mom saw anything at airport, darn it… so the filming starts in there May. ur rite that he probably wont have free time during filiming but u knw, its just 2hrs from seoul and wht good abt the place is that local ppl have no idea who the heck is JKS or MGY. remember in YB, they visited Go Minam’s (spell it rite this time?) father’s grave? old ppl there didnt recognize them at all? that type of place my hometown is. so one day, after the class, she can just go a day trip, have a cup of coffee in there with her man. its possible, rite? BTW, he will be in Japan May 6th, her b day. I started wondering why he’s not in Korea all these importand days? New Year, V-day and her Birthday. how bout White day? (white day is not popular in states but its pretty big thng in korea, china or japan) like someone said before, they follow K-actors dating in Japan trends?

    • Aww Jessi! Japan on May 6? That’s too bad! It’s her b-day…. But maybe they are in the midst of filming “You Are My Pet” at that time. I hope he will find the time to be with her on her special day at least do something nice or romantic for her.

      • yep…double checked his japan schedule. May 6th in Osaka, 8th in Saitama, 10th in Sendai. he’s gonna be super busy! but i believe he will manage to make some time for his special. in fact, u’ll be most active when u r in the busy schedule!

      • Ah! Yes I remember it his in relation for the promotion of his album or a fan meet isn’t it?

    • “in fact, u’ll be most active when u r in the busy schedule!”

      Err, I laughed at your last sentence. My mind has an overactive imagination. Ha Ha Ha!

      • Wht, wht imagination???? U the one M3Lover, who’s making me LOL…ahem… im at work.
        So he was in very good mood at airport presscon. He joked a lot. Saying ‘I want to be ur pet’ to the audiences. (hey! U already have the owner) he joked about the other guy who’ll be debut in this movie constantly calls JKS asking A to Z bout acting & movie. He complains bout Hongi calling him to have a drink. Sure its spring. Happy season for everyone. But JKS, u look 10 times happier than others. Whtsup? Did anything good happen? <3 ?

      • haha you gals made me laugh. i do hope they will meet on her bday. remember during CS, CJM was able to be with her on her special day since they are in the middle of shooting that time. he was even the one who bought the cake for her.
        greeting her on the phone would be fair, but if there’s a chance, i do hope geunsuk and geunyoung will be able to meet on may 6th. besides i do believe that if there’s a will there will always be a way. go go geunsuk, go buy her a blue berry cake, i heard its her favorite flavor! 🙂

  58. hey lxandra! ur theory is working again. MGY finally updated her cy world. left MSG ‘should be interesting’ updated BGM is ‘Waiting Fou U’ and MSG on it is ‘Seems to be able to see the spring to come’ (credit: Fated’couple – thks EJ!) hmm…if u talk about spring in term of weather, its Spring has come or sumthng like that, rite? but she says ‘able to see the spring to come’ …interesting.
    anyway, she really updates cy world when someone is not in korea. lxandra did u hypnotize her? LOL

    • Really jessi? wow..really need to go home now from work to see it. I remember Quirkie’s post at the last thread citing MGY past CY dated October 2010, then updated Jan up to Feb. I mentioned to her MGY has not posted during filming of M3 coz she is with her MAN. Then went to back to posting year 2011 when her MAN is away, then stops when he came home. And now her MAN is away again..what else to expect, back to CY posting!

    • Oh, was that u Quirkie? Sorry! yes, yes. Quirkie mentioned about MGY’s cy world activity pattern and lxandra spotlighted MGY’s hide-and-seek appearance pattern. Wow, both of u have really sharp eyes! And pipa, see I told ya u have a good memory! Thnks fr reminded me this.
      K, girls! Lets get to work. Wht u think bout MGY’s message and BGM updates? And JKS not home on MGY’s B-day?
      gimme a hapy and juicy one ! <33

      • Jessi dearie, that post is love! Why are you hiding it in your Geun’s closet for so long?! LOL! I think it’s spazz worthy and another evidence we can all add in our million list hehe…good job lady!

        Anyway, I think that is what Quirkie have mentioned before. It’s bcoz no one have yet to paid attention on their CY activities back then, and aside from the fact no one knew they would work one day, so their secrets remained sealed. haha… but now you unearthed one…perhaps there are still more, no? sadly i read JGS deleted his, but not MGY. So, I’m sure more will come out since there are guys like you, Quirkie, lxandra, bashful, lizzyD, m3lover and the rest, we can always count on 🙂

      • Hi Jessi!
        What do I think of the new message???!! When I saw it and watch the MV posted below, I laughed so hard for 5 minutes thinking to myself “It cant be that easy!”
        OK, first do we know for a fact that he went straight to Europe without returning to SK? I assume he would need his luggage which he probably did not take with him to Japan, no?
        What do we know…
        1. MGY updated music one being ” Waiting for you”
        2. The plan was for JGS to return home first. What was MGY message? ” I can see that spring in coming” (something like that). Remember a certain someone was supposed to be ” her spring” back in January, I bet she can see Spring coming *wink wink* and she is waiting for him 😉
        3. JGS says he is scared of flying, she answers it’s gonna be fun

        Credit: Soompi Moons

        4. the MV
        The lead/actress/singer is waiting for s/o
        The shuttle bus indicates that s/o is going to the airport
        The arrival board at the airport has Ibaraki airport listed. Isnt that where JGS was for the PressCon?
        On the bus/train the sun is setting/rising. MGY changed her BG to a sun setting/rising image. connection: WR-MG wanted the see the sun rise together 🙂
        And one last interesting coincidence. Jessi, weren’t you talking about JGS being in Japan for MGY birthday. Well what do you know the video seems to apply (sorry cant read Korean) that the woman is planning a B-day @ Tokyo Sweet cafe with a cake that awfully looks like a wedding cake! I think she is reading your post/ AKP Jessi…haha..
        Ok…Someone needs to come out and confess that they are indeed dating cos my imagination is running wild here 🙂

      • Oh and and her Bday and no Jagiya around, perhaps after she celebrate in advance with her family (assuming teehee…) then on the day itself, go celebrate it overseas where her beloved Jagiya is. It would be pretty romantic if both of them would spend it alone together. 🙂

      • yep yep, that’s my wish too! i want her to celebrate her b-day abroad (!!) this year. shud we write a letter to her parents asking it, like JKS’s fans sent the letter to his mom so he can buy the car?
        ‘Dear Mr & Mrs. Moon, (dont knw her mom’s name) we sincerely ask for the permission for ur daughter to go Japan on her 24th birthday. She will have a memorable once in a life time 24th b-day overthere. oh and if you think she needs a chaperon, we are more than happy to appoint the excellent one who is very handsome and polite like every mom’s dream son-in-law, who will treat ur daughter like a princess!’

      • Hi Pipa! You are so right about MGY waiting for ” her spring”…haha
        Check out what I found it’s under Jessi’s comment before yours 🙂

    • or if you talk about spring in terms of words, if someone or something springs to mind, you immediately think of them. 🙂

      about MGY going back to CY posting whenever her MAN is away is a good hint as well. and coincidentally “again”, it seems they both like going online around 2 pm and they usually happen to post one at a time after the other. do you think thats only a coincidence “again”? say, replying from a msg indirectly 🙂 or say its coincidence! if it is, im going out of my nut with these coincidences. but ok, i will still think it simply as FATE. 🙂
      and by the way jessi, the one who updated MGY’s recent post in the blog was jas (psycho_jas/geungeunlove) it wasn’t me. keke…
      jas will also join us here anytime soon. were recruiting pipit (vitriana) too! keke 🙂

      • Hi EJ! thks for letting me know the proper credit. sorry and thank you psycho_jas/geungeunlove for the information. i dont have the access to Cy world so always counting on u guys for the updates! (i thank u in advance for upcoming flow of informaiton!! hehe..) i really like your finding of them posting messages one at a time after the other <3
        btw, good job on ur blog! whn i first listend his debut single, i liked it so-so level but now, as several times per day visiting u guys blog, his 'lemme cry' phrase repeating in my head whole day, getting adictted to his voice <3

  59. I have a question? There are pictures galore of JKS & MGY smiling together, do they not have the same type of smile or is it my imagination? Does she not have a beautiful smile too? Does she not look beautiful next to him?

    Currently upset with a comment that the best smile was another actress with him and I don’t think it was a fair statement but I don’t like being narrow minded.

    • Yeah for me MGY has the sweetest smile when she do so but as you know in most of her dramas she rarely smile rather her characters rarely smile. Don’t be upset for us Geun Geun lovers she has the most beautiful & sweetest smile. Her whole face lights up when she smiles.

      • Everyone has their own opinions so let them be if that will make them happy. What else is new in those kind of fans..but if it’s below the belt, that’s were we need to defend the person. Of cors for us who loves this lovely couple, they have the sweetest and genuine smile no other can ever match!

    • hi rory’s mom! 🙂
      im with you, its not fair. and i dont like being narrow minded either. so that is their point. what about ours? if we say MGY is the best with JGS they overreact! huh? what’s the real deal? i think they are anti’s…and i hate dealing with anti’s…its not worth for my two cents. 😛
      for me geunyoung has the most captivating smile among the actresses i have seen. constantly, when she smiles you unconsciously smile as well. 🙂
      her smile will leave a mark on you. it’s like you can still clearly picture her smile even if you don’t see her. charming girl 🙂

  60. Hi Pipa , At Codes combine autograph session ,not only was he smiling but he really looked very calm and he was singing a song while getting his autograph cards ready!! It actually looked like a noisy crazy situation with 100 fans screaming & many other bystanders so ,JKS must’v been super happy to sing & smile to himself! Well, he was gonna go see his darling right after that for a meeting, without having to hide/ disguise themselves!

    • Dear GSI…

      did anyone went to the MSOAN DVD fan meeting? can’t find any post regarding the meeting. anyone?? is it a private?

      thanx in advance….

      luv u all

    • @Sharon. Yup, you can only think of a cute and cheerful person inspiring him, and always at his side to cheer him. ^^,

  61. Ok, this is wierd, I can’t access this blog with my pc-net since this morning, and I don’t understand why… Esp when other websites was opened just fine, what’s going ms.ockoala???
    Btw I sent this post with my mobile

    • Glad to hear I am not the only one having problems getting the page to load cause I thought I might be banned or something. Kinda freaky when only one site refuses to load and it’s a blog.

    • You two still having problems? I didn’t do anything, I swear!

      WordPress has been glitchy for the last few days. Totally wouldn’t banned you lovely ladies. ^__^ This is where we come to hang out and chat about our beloved Geunnies~

  62. What??? U too rory’s mom? I thought I got banned too after I used the “f” word… But I’m not using it to look-down/underestimate someone… Really (defending myself)… Aishhh… I’ll try it again tomorow… Sleeping time now here…
    See u guys
    keep the spirit 😉

  63. @rory’s mom: I know you are somewhat irritated by some antis. I think they are just Jealous of our Geun Geun couple , just don’t pay attention to what they comments
    They do that to show how jealous they are and they won’t change with our returned comments.
    One secret thing about our Geun Geun couple:
    You know what, last year I was so crazy about EunJo ( our MGY’s bad girl role). I checked out her news on Korean websites on her birthday ..heheheheh
    I saw her birthday pictures with BD cake and fans on Cindre Sister filming set all over the places. Next to her pictures of news, there are some news of JGS fanmeetings.
    You guys know that JGS likes to check out his news on Korean news all of the times.
    The next day of MGY BD’s news, JGS posted a long message to fans saying that he missed his youth teen time because he was so busy with filming and actor’s activities.
    He didn’t have much time for romantic dreams with a girl like many students at his age . He claimed in the message that he has lost his youth to grow up fast ….

    Oh boy, when I read his message at that time, I wondered why he was suddently feeling so low and claimed he lost the youth periods?
    and I connected with MGY’s BD …haha … She was so pretty and cute with her BD’s cake in the pictures and thus she made him reconnect to his lost youth …He lost his chance to have romantic moments with MGY when they were teen age , so DANGGGG…. here came a very emotional message about the youth .

    • Thank you for the reassurance. Yes it really infuriates me cause I may not be a fan of the other actress (notice no name) but I don’t criticize her looks. There are many beautiful actresses (Park Jin Hee), I just happen to like MGY in many ways.
      JKS works very hard and I do pity his loss of youth. I believe he and MGY connect on that level. With all the acting and modeling they both have done it is amazing they have had time for a personal life. I read that he loves water sports and she does too. But she seems to lead a calmer life than he.

  64. Did anyone noticed? I think JGS outfit in the Ibaraki airport is simple, like a school uniform hehe..(but nice to see him in this kind of outfit..i find him even more handsome.) and as the same time MGY returned to college life. JGS wants to feel what his Jagiya is doing now.

    • That’s why I love you so much! So observant! right on…channeling his inner scholar..haha..while sending a message of support.

    • @Pipa JGS looks mighty handsome in that outfit.. I much prefer him wearing more that kind of outfits rather than the grandma’s coat he wore on M3 pressconf.. LOL!!

      • @ angie … i like the word u choose ” the grandma’s coat he wore on M3 pressconf ” hahahahahahha…it’s makes me laugh all the time every time i see pressconf video

  65. Happy Friday dear Friends of Geun-Geun couple! 😀

    Thanks to MSOAN facebook page for providing the following link to GeunGeuncouple website (Thanks GeunGeuncouple!) which in turn has the links to MGY’s CY message and BGM updates:


    Both BGM songs have very nice melodies…Very cool picks from MGY! ^_^

    How about the song title “Waiting for U”? Well, it maybe obvious but can anyone think of another reason for MGY’s choosing this song? Whom else could she be waiting for? 😉

    Dear MGY, hang in there! Time flies anyway and soon JGS will be returning home.

    If only JGS would send a response song to “Waiting for U”, then won’t we have a fun-filled investigation/speculation day! (hehehe)…How about JGS’ first single “Let Me Cry”, could that be his response? 😉

    Have a good weekend everyone! 🙂

    • Hi Bashful!
      OMG so many posts!!! Sorry I am reposting my comment which I posted earlier not realizing that they were so many more to come! So because I don’t want to do it all over again here it is 😉

      Hi Jessi!
      What do I think of the new message???!! When I saw it and watch the MV posted below, I laughed so hard for 5 minutes thinking to myself “It cant be that easy!”
      OK, first do we know for a fact that he went straight to Europe without returning to SK? I assume he would need his luggage which he probably did not take with him to Japan, no?
      What do we know…
      1. MGY updated music one being ” Waiting for you”
      2. The plan was for JGS to return home first. What was MGY message? ” I can see that spring in coming” (something like that). Remember a certain someone was supposed to be ” her spring” back in January, I bet she can see Spring coming *wink wink* and she is waiting for him
      3. JGS says he is scared of flying, she answers it’s gonna be fun

      Credit: Soompi Moons

      4. the MV
      The lead/actress/singer is waiting for s/o
      The shuttle bus indicates that s/o is going to the airport
      The arrival board at the airport has Ibaraki airport listed. Isnt that where JGS was for the PressCon?
      On the bus/train the sun is setting/rising. MGY changed her BG to a sun setting/rising image. connection: WR-MG wanted the see the sun rise together
      And one last interesting coincidence. Jessi, weren’t you talking about JGS being in Japan for MGY birthday. Well what do you know the video seems to apply (sorry cant read Korean) that the woman is planning a B-day @ Tokyo Sweet cafe with a cake that awfully looks like a wedding cake! I think she is reading your post/ AKP Jessi…haha..
      Ok…Someone needs to come out and confess that they are indeed dating cos my imagination is running wild here

      • Hey there Quirkie! I’ve been waiting for you to post, since i know it’s always going to be juicy hehe.. I took a nap awhile back and after i refresh the page, then bam your here! ha ha..love u too girl!

        And thanks for putting the ‘waiting for u’ vid here and even explaining what the vid is all about..you rock as always!

        This lady MGY is not just awesome, so smart as well, imagine it’s not just the song title but what the vid is conveying has too much coincidences and clues linking to where she wants to send those messages..spring, sunrise, bday at Tokyo, ibaraki airport.. I’m sure he already got it and will not be lonely to where he is..say in ‘Europe’ hehe..coz a lady back home is thinking of him.

      • Oh the lady in the vid even has a cellphone the same color or identical unit (iphone?) as to what MGY used in M3..cool!

      • Thanks much Quirkie for your reply. No worries. 🙂
        It gives me a second chance to read any fun fact or fun theory I’ve missed. 😉

        How about that MV! ^__^ Is that the MV made for the song “Waiting 4 U” or is it a fan made MV with the song as the background? Aaah, either way, I love it! 🙂

        I also love a trend: the GSI team appears to be starting another kind of investigation – subliminal messages! 😉

        While analyses on the couple’s body languages and their chronological whereabouts still dominate the GSI team forum, I read so far at least 3 posts suggesting possible subliminal messages from the Geun-Geun couple!! 😉 For example,

        In this MV, as you pointed out, Irabaki airport is listed in the Arrival monitor. Is there a hidden message from this MV, since as you also pointed out, JGS recently was at Irabaki airport? As G2 shippers, I think we’d say “of course!”.:D Thanks Quirkie for sharing this MV. It is a great find! 🙂

        @Pipa asked whether we noticed JGS’uniform-like outfit at the airport and suggested that by wearing such outfit JGS perhaps wants to “feel what his Jagiya is doing now”, “Jagiya” being MGY who has returned to school. Thanks Pipa! I like your interpretation of the hidden message behind JGS’ uniform. 🙂

        @Sharon and @Pipa observed JGS’ all-smiles and seemingly in happy mood during the Code Combines photoshoot. What’s behind or who’s behind that very bright smiles of JGS? As Sharon and Pipa concluded, it’s got to be MGY since after the photoshoot JGS was going to see her for the MSOAN DVD meeting. 😉 Thanks Sharon and Pipa for your excellent observation. I too could not think of any other reason for JGS’ happy mood. Oh, our favorite couple just makes us want to smile too! 😀

        Last but not the last, I agree with you that someone or a couple (you know who you are so please don’t hide! 😉 ) needs to come out now and admit to what the mounting evidences show…Our favorite couple claimed they are very good in keeping secrets. Well, secrets do eventually get revealed. So
        why not now, dear Geun-Geun, please! 😉

        Have a good weekend All!

      • hiya all! beautiful saturday, rite? u knw whats funny pipa? i was taking a nap too…LOL. guess everynites staying up late reading and posting here made me drift into a sleep in the weekend….haha… Quirkie!!! u never miss girl! giving us this 100% natural juicy smoothie MV. Yeah, that’s the Ibaraki airport, MGY’s Jagiya was there a couple days ago. and BD cake, cell phone and TOKYO sweets. i even thought one part in MV girl’s back shot actually looks Mae-Ri walking down the Hongdae street! i don’t think this is all planted, like MGY used all her wealth & power to make this MV (lol) or she goes crazy digging MVwhich contains Ibaraki Airport or cell phone or birthday cake. so…again! it is goose bumping coincidence. have u ever seen a pair of people who has this many coincidences? this is like beyond belief. wht u say if logic doesnt work? it is Fate.

      • See Jessi, I don’t think it’s that much of a coincidence, let me tell you why.
        First of all Bashful it’s the official MV not fan made. Eerie isn’t it? 😉
        Jessi I think MGY was already a fan of this band (btw great music you should check it out and MGY should get paid for all the PR she doing for most those indie artists..haha…looking out for my girl!) and probably had already seen the MV (which came out on 11/3/10…another coincidence…) and found it fitting because of the airport scene and waiting. I doubt that she saw the connections we did but if she did she probably had a laugh like we did. Don’t thin it was intentional by any means.

      • hey Quirkie! OK, i surrender to u on this cause its much juicier to think she’s sending signs to him. (and of course u’ve got a point there about MGY probably is a fan of this group) did u check the ‘miss u’ in French that rorry’s mom was mentioning? if its really means ‘miss u’, im gonna rush out of my house now and Hooray-ing in this neighborhood!
        dont know if JKS is going to France or not, but just its in Europe already makes me giggling like a middle school girl who found a connection between the school’s couple of the year!

    • If the speculation is correct, maybe she is just waiting for him to pick her up on the way to Europe (crossing my fingers)! I hope he did,maybe they can squeeze in getting secretly married there! Hahahah, my wishful thinking! Maybe when they are happily married, my GeunGeun Virus will be cured, then I can go back to my regular schedule instead of spending time trying to track their every post or any post….I don’t even enjoy any of the drama anymore, a friend even lend me complete sets of Asian drama, even te one I like….When I do watch, before I go to sleep, I check internet sites for any development! If none, I watch few episodes of MMM…..this is really bad, I know it, luckily, I don’t have wee ones to take care and when I ask my husband what he wants me to cook for the day so when he comes home, he would have food ready, he would say either we’ll just go out or he will cook! Where do you see a husband like that…..he knows that I am into the dramas early the morning when he gets up because I wake up with him but I just in bed since our children gave me Ipad last christmas and sometimes when he gets home, I am still into this even before I go to sleep, even when I go to the doctors! This got to stop!!!! They got to get married!!!!

    • They look so sweet here. I love to be a fly on that wall behind them just to hear what were they whispering in each other. They were eying each other so much. I got the feeling that they have some secret code/gestures or something that only the two of them knows. And before JKS answered the question that were asked of him he looked at MGY first. Lastly, at the picture-taking she put her two hands on JKS’s left hand as if she’s very happy & can’t contain it. For me that grip signifies ownership. I wouldn’t put that hold on somebody if he is not someone who’s very important/special to me, although she put her right hand on KJW ‘s waist it is just a brotherly gesture & you can see that KJW is uncomfortable putting his right hand on her shoulders.

      I don’t know about you guys but to me this Press Conference video clearly indicates/validates our speculations about the real score between this two. I hope someone will put a clearer picture of them when MGY put her arms on JKS shoulder while leaving the stage during this event. I don’t think the press people there didn’t capture that moment.

      • Thanks Hachimitsu dear!! I’m totally squeeling seeing the two eying each other whenever the other one is not looking and would smile back if they caught each other hehe.. It’s like the look of the love they’re showing out there, especially JGS who keeps stealing glances on MGY and when she notices it, she became shy and put her head down while JGS would smile back in shyness. And ditto M3Lover regarding the picture taking, It’s so odd that MGY is so comfortable holding JGS arm in that way if there weren’t something is going on. Some says bcoz they are friends from way back, the reason they are close but being friends with the opposite sex in the K ent world don’t act in this kind of way and in front of the media, sometimes they can be playful and just do casual talking but them being too chummy clearly says otherwise, they behave like lovers. And regarding KJW, true, i saw a brother and sister kind of moment there, in fact KJW even pat MGY head like a kid. I think this guy even with the angst of a rocker in him, is a sweet guy inside.

        Btw M3Lover, that was a spot-on opinion!

      • Hi M3Lover. About the vid above, did you see the distance between MGY and JGS seating compare to JGS and KJW seat distance. You can tell, JGS loves being near by her side, like what he does at KBS awards and the photo op in the stage, He can’t keep her girl away from him. haha…

        And what abt the reaction of JGS when i think KJW was being asked a question regarding MGY, see MGY became shy (starts@4:00) and JGS suddenly look in different with those fishy smile.. I wonder too what was the question all about.

      • Thanks Pipa! I can’t help feeling that there is something going on between these two beautiful couple especially watching the video posted by Hachimitsu. It is plainly for everyone to see that they are talking with their eyes, smiles & body language. And that grip on his arms I can’t forget that it now etched on my mind.

      • I hope somebody will be kind enough to sub this so that we can fully understand what they are saying…. yeah I saw that, the Geuns are seated closely together while the other two cast is a few meters away from them as if they are in their (the Geuns) own island. Ha ha ha!

      • Wahhh… M3, i can’t stop watching that vid over and over! And gosh @1:20 JGS is staring at MGY!!! she sees it and stares at him too!!

    • Hi Hachimitsu!
      Where have you been? we missed you so much and as usual you deliver tasty and one of a kind goodies, wonder if they are from Tokyo Sweets ..hum… haha
      Love the video so much!! Thank you, thank you! They are so precious!
      Couldn’t help but notice that during the photo up (even at the table) their bodies naturally incline toward each other. When JGS is by himself taking the pics, he looks tired, his affect is fat, eyes almost dead but then when MGY is added to the mix, he perks up, smiling, his eyes are shining (The look we’ve seen lately at the Code Combine signing, YMP Presscon)
      MGY too can’t contain her happiness. She is holding him so close (I was even thinking she has his arm on her breast 0_0), look at her head, it seems like she wanted to put it on his shoulder like in M3 and when she reaches over with her other hand both their smiles, priceless 😉

  66. Regarding MGY updated her cy-world pages after his man aka JGS went away.. She also updated her cy world after JGS updates or left a message on his website or twitter.. If it’s not coincidence.. i think MGY and JGS really are soulmate.. Its like their minds are connected whenever they’re apart.. ^^

    • Or they talking to each other and sharing it with us who want it so badly. Hey! a girl can dream right! 😉
      That’s an awesome comment Angie!

      • They are indeed giving us fan service.. ^^
        Thanx quirkie.. i also enjoyed ur comments and analysis.. hihi!

  67. Hi Everyone! I have been following the Geun-Geun Discussion Forum for quite some time and have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s analyses. Special thanks to ockoala for creating this forum =). I too cannot get over this cute couple and strongly believe that they do in fact have a very special relationship. I have watched various video clips of the MSOAN press conference, but have not come across any with complete English translations. Would some kind soul translate the above clip posted by Hachimitsu? I’m dying to know what each of their responses are to the questions asked by the facilitator/interviewer at the press conference. Actually, the above clip is only a portion of the press conference…would love it if someone can sub the entire conference. I’ve read many summarized versions of translations of MGY’s and JGS’s responses to each of the questions during the conference and post interviews but am unsure if things got lost in translation. I would much rather prefer to read line by line translations of the questions asked and what the responses were from each of the actors. In particular, it seems that when a question was addressed to KJW about MGY and/or her character Mary, he got flustered, embarrassed and didn’t give a response and quickly handed the mic over to KHJ. Also, regarding JGS’s “we are a fated couple”, when did he say this and in what context was his reply given? Was this brought up during the press conference or during one of the post interviews where he tried to evade the question about “romance rumors”. My husband is Korean but grew up in the US so his Korean is very limited. Thanks so much everyone for making my nightly visit to this haven so enjoyable!

    • Hi maarilyn. Glad to see your way here and finally posted. Regarding the “we are fated couple” he didn’t said it that way, he said “it’s fate when we meet” or could mean.. “it’s fate that finally we are able to do a project together” (my take on it..) and he said it at the presscon.

      About the various MSOAN presscon, us too haven’t found any subs part, it’s very rare and if we found one it’s a lucky day for us. Yes, hopefully someone kind enough would be able to sub what Hachimitsu shared.

  68. hi everyone,

    have been really busy lately but have lurked here occasionally.. anyone knows if JKS has left for Europe? is he actually coming to London? anyone’s got the schedule? saw some korean film crew at a park today and suddenly wondered if he is actually coming here..

    • March 8th he leaves for London, I believe he is headed for Liverpool though. If you can visit Facebook, look up We are the mighty Seoul Sisters. They know about him day by day.

      • Hi, cute MV and yay for loving MGY. The chances of anyone putting them together again are slim. They are too hot next to each other and I am thinking it is a distraction to their separate careers. Here is to hoping. (put hands together and pray)

      • Thanks RM.. there was some news of a twitter that he said he was leaving to Europe from Japan, but it appears that no one is sure..

  69. Dear GSI,

    Just came across MGY “Love Tree Project” in youtube. Wonder who’s idea for giving the title for the project. Might be coincidence with “Tree J” company name? Does it have any connection? I think so…. does anyone care to investigate….


  70. Hi there Geun-Geun shippers! 😀

    Have you seen part 9 English summary of MGY’s interview at HEH’s Music Town radio show? Below is the first portion of that summary.

    My heart beat jumped when I read the song title that MGY chose for this segment: “There Are Times When I Want to Hold You Like Crazy”. I had to read it twice because the title was so long I thought it was part of the sentence. 🙂

    Well, do we have another subliminal message here? 😉 How I wish we have the translated lyrics of this song. But just based on the translated song title and the reason MGY gave for choosing this song, I can’t help but conclude she was thinking of JGS! ^_^

    Of the many songs that can “comfort that empty feeling” ,why this song? OMG, is MGY having withdrawal symptoms from the many hugs she and JGS did on M3? LOL! 😀

    credit: Soompi Moons
    110217 Music Town English Summary (9 of 11)
    [MGY: Moon Geun Young; HEH: Hong Eun Hee]

    HEH: We are doing live viewable radio with MGY and we’ll listen to another song.
    HEH: Haha. All of a sudden a V (peace sign). You said you were shy before.
    MGY: Haha. I’m getting used to it (being on the radio).
    HEH: Since we’re nearing the end, you’re more relaxed.
    MGY: Yes. Ah, what a pity already..
    HEH: We’ll listen to one more song.
    MGY: Yes.
    HEH: And I think we’ll have to close.
    MGY: Yes. Uh, it’s a song called Autumn Vacation’s There Are Times When I Want to Hold You Like Crazy. After listening to it recently, it’s a song that I’ve come to like a lot. Because I spent last year so busily, as it became the new year, I felt really empty. I think the song helped really comfort that empty feeling.
    HEH: Let’s listen together.
    MGY: Yes.
    Playing: There Are Times When I Want to Hold You Like Crazy by Autumn Vacation.

    • thanks bashful for this precious info!
      “There Are Times When I Want to Hold You Like Crazy”.
      oh c’mon JKS, u have to make time for her! or admit already and take her with u.

      • You’re welcome jessi! 🙂 …Agree with you. I hope JGS somehow did cheer up MGY or make time for her after M3 and KBS 2010 awards. 😉

    • Hi Bashful

      I also become more and more liking this song with special resons. 🙂

      I found this song first when I visited MGY’s CY in January – I’m sorry but I can’t remeber the exact date, but I guess early of January. However this song’s lyrics are very touching and comforting.

      Secondly, as bashful said, MGY recommanded this song at HEH’s radio show. Yes! This song really makes feel comforting oneself or someone special!

      And…and…recently I watched M3 full version again (usually I’m seeing edited version only showing scenes of MG and MR 🙂 ). And I found this song used as a BGM in episode 9. Around 53:00, while MG and his band members are talking about hard things of marriage life as a rocker in the bar, you can hear this song.

      As long as I concern this couple, I think I find really beautiful things more and more. So these days I’m very happy even though I can’t concentrate on my own affairs. 🙂

      • Thanks Po_Im 🙂 for the info on M3 ep 9 using There Are Times When I Want to Hold You Like Crazy as BGM. I’m gonna re-watch that ep tomorrow. 🙂

        Cheers to your last paragraph! 🙂 It is happening to me too. 😀 Have lots of work to do yet it does not bother me because any news about JGS and MGY just brighten my day! ^__^

  71. @ nas: Because the name Geun (of Geun Geun couple) also means “the root of Tree” in Korean, so we can see both MGY and JGS often think about the tree in their name. It’s just their fate . They coincidentally named their management companies same names:
    MGY named her as Namo Co ( meaning Tree Co), JGS named his as Tree J Co . Love Tree project is one of her company projects for charity.

    • Dear Jess,

      Thnx for the info. just curious… why there is no post regarding MSOAN DVD fan meeting that JGS quickly went after the code combine fan meeting? was it a private occasion. been checking all the site, still no info…


  72. ah 1 more coincidence is MGY’s official fan club is named as Angel ( fan club of angel MGY). Fan club of JGS also has official Angel wings in their sign .

  73. Thnks Hachimitsu for sharing MSOAN off-cam video. i never saw the Q&A part in
    that angle before. the way this cameraman shoots is more like fancam, like he/she has some sort of theory on JKS-MGY and focusing on them to catch the evidence.
    at picture taking, noticed MGY’s smile differs w/t JKS and w/t KJW. next to KJW, she’s cute and thnks to the nice co-worker, she looked relax but i still can see her professional look, kinda posing if i say. but with JKS, her smile looks totally herself. little blushing, tilting her head left and right, holding his arm with one hand then two. like she’s so happy cannot stay still. and yes M3Lover, me too cannot shake off the image that ‘MGY put her arms on JKS shoulder while leaving the stage during this kinda posing event.’ i actually think that was the most intimate touch by MGY. very interesting action that was. dont knw now a days but woman pat or touch man’s back is not typical in asia at least in my age. man does it but not woman except to her younger bro or son. (sometimes to the friend, if u and this male friend treat each other as dudes but still its rare & that is not-at-all in this case) i think i saw wht kind of relationnship these two have. MGY touch his back in the presscon looked instinct and natural move as if she’s many times doing it before. whn will u pat man’s back or shoulder? whn u r trying to reassure him, cheer him up, or whn u r letting him cry in ur arm.
    i think these two trust each other deeply, supporting each other equally. whn MGY was tackling the stage roll, JKS rushed to there to cheer her up. whn JKS was down by Tokyo LH incident, she was reassuring him saying ‘dont worry, tomorrow will be ok’ through her cy world. JKS is a rising star. he’s handsome, talented. many girls in the K or J or anywhere else entertainment Industry has crush on him i believe. PSH is not bad, she’s popular too. but not her or any tall long legged super model types can catch his attention. why MGY? because she has something special to him that no other girls can provide. not just love but also loyal, trust and understanding. that i believe. sorry again for the long post. getting too serious about this couple? guess so.. godd nite ladies, have a nice dream! (love to say this in korean like MR said to MG. was so cute <3)

  74. I want ask GSI group to elaborate on some interesting (I think) comment to the Let it cry bu JKS at youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wL_U1RNVJow&feature=related.
    Someone @tiala12111 “I think you’re referring to Falling Slowly by Glen Hasard.”
    This is a beautiful song not in a rock style at all ( I am not sure is it a ballad?). I think Rorry’s mom and others will love this. Check the melody, the picture and the words. I see some coincidence with our Geun Geun couple. Can it really be that JKS refer to this song?

  75. I don’t know who he is dating but I hope she knows how lucky she is and I hope that whoever is with MGY knows how lucky he is. There are two words at the bottom of her background picture and I thought that it read Miss You (French) but I could not find translation for the first word. After two days of hunting for that picture I am thinking there is someone on it that is covered by the little book. I was thinking the picture has significance not just a sunset cause it is a street scape.

  76. Hi R.M, AHH!! yr ‘Fuji’ bomb tormented/haunted me for daysss!! hahaha. Anyway, I agree wt you on d strange quietness of d media. Its almost as if, someone influential send a memo out to all & sundry ,to give these 2 lovebirds a break ,to allow them space for love to blossom more ! I think maybe someone high up really wants to see this couple finally matched up. I used to wonder why ,why of all the stars available to present & compere at SBS etc etc awards ,someone always decides to put these 2 together to compere!! ( There’s hundreds of other configurations, right?) Why always JKS AND MGY together?? Remember also at M3 pressCon, when JKS was asked about possible Romance rumors & MCY looked immediately embarrassed whilst he laughed & gave some totally out of point reply that they hurriedly changed & came to d PressCon . Why didn’t d interviewer pull him back to d question? Most interviewers ,even those in Asian countries, wd not have allowed him to get away wt it !! Can’t be that they sent a nervous rookie who himself forgot d question ,right? At d Codes Combine interview wt kim ok Bin too , when JKS asked for d address of Ok Bin’s sister ,d interviewer said ,” Hey ,Im d one who shd ask that !” To which, JKS laughed & nodded surely as if to say ” Yes ,yes, I’m taken. I’m not available to ask tt question.” It really feels like, people in d industry’s trying to respect their space for this budding romance that seems, recently , to be heating up faster than before.
    BUT, for our selfish reasons, someone should just do us ALL ( and there’s alot of us) a BIG favour & go dig up some major great reveal on The Geuns for us!

    • I would take up a collection just to pay a PI cause I don’t get how every other scandal gets dealt with quick enough and this one is totally ignored, not that it is a scandal but how it would hurt his girlfriend that MGY should be girlfriend.

  77. hello again dear GSI’s 🙂
    i would love to hear your insights about this… 🙂

    Yesterday , someone spotted Moon Geun Young at the mall for shopping.
    Yesterday was also Jang Keun Suk’s manager birthday.

    As far as we know, MGY is close to JGS Manager, and JGS is really close to MGY former manager Mr.Kim.

    And the question is..
    Does MGY went to shopping to buy a birthday gift for JGS Manager? Hmm..


      • Can’t wait …haha..good stuff 😉
        Hi EJ I saw that news yesterday and linked it with the BD preparation in the MV I posted yesterday. I didn’t mention it because too many coincidences are just too nuts! Although I agree when Jessi said when it’s defies logic it has to be Fate, this particular tidbit was too weird…And before seeing the rest of your “evidence” Yes I totally believe that she went shopping for him. 😉

    • Thanks EJ for this news! 🙂

      Aside from possibly buying JGS’ manager a bday present, I’d like to guess MGY was also at the mall to buy her Jagiya something to bring for the upcoming trip to London/Europe…A sweater?..A scarf?…Or a Hair Treatment product?… 😉 …Can’t help but remember that M3 ep with MR washing MG’s hair. (hehehe) ^_^

  78. geunsuk’s reactions during KBS awards.

    i believe i have posted this before in the FB and I have just re-uploaded the caps in my twitter. let me post it here as well. 🙂

    geunsuk’s reaction when they announced the winner for the “middle excellence award for female”: http://twitpic.com/46qv3k

    just look at that stare! didn’t he look a little scary there? LOL. he seemed to look kinda upset that geunyoung did not win in the category. he was like “geunyoung should be the one up there.” haha my sis and i always find this quite funny and cute, we thought geunsuk looks like a little boy who got upset because he did not see what he was expecting, hehe…dont you worry geunsuk, you know there is a much bigger award waiting for geunyoung later. because she will win the “top excellence award” category. 🙂

    im sure you have witnessed how proud did geunsuk look when they announced geunyoung as the winner for the top excellence award.

    here is a proof: http://twitpic.com/46quic

    geunsuk was the very first one who stood up among the celebrity audience LOL
    he was like “no one should stand up before me ok, wait for my signal guys.”
    geunsuk stood up and shouted. “that’s my girl!”
    audience heard the signal and they stood up. LOL

    now take a look at this capture. guess who’s lips are protruding there. haha

    geunsuk: chagiya, i want chuuu! give me one pls, i need it now.
    geunyoung: just endure it for a while chagiya. don’t worry after this show i will give you more than one…

    omo! my mind’s eye is getting wilder again, its not only me right? 😉
    you’ll get use to me…keke

  79. Whoa…I’ve been missing for several days, there’s so many updates that I dunno where to start….hehe..

    Ok just let me start with Jesse & M3Lover….

    Yeah when I read at fb that they suddenly began to update their BGM & twitter/mssgs, I almost fell off my chair!!! I was speculating randomly that since JGS was doing his official movie work in Japan, MGY wudnt tag along…afterall this time he is really working…and it has nothing to do with his own company Tree J…& MGY shud still be preparing/registering/scheduling her school work….then bam….they started updated with songs abt ‘Waiting for sumone’ & JGS with his insecurity/uncertainty mssg when JGS was officially in Japan while MGY was seen around campus in Korea

    One of you said that it cant be possible that JGS goes to US directly from Japan for his dvd photoshoot since it wud be troublesome to bring along all his lugagge…yeah I agree..moreover he needs to bring along his stylist, assistant, cameraman, lighting guy & all other crews along…and to go to sumwhere else before their destination not only be troublesome but will cost a lot of money too….since for My Pet I’m sure JGS’s trip & schedule was all sponsored & arrange by My Pet production, I dun think JGS wud interfere by bringing his own crews along….so yeah, I agree he wud have to return to Seoul 1st before leaving again for US…perhaps he left his mssges to imply to his fans that he’s going strait from Japan when he actually return to Korea first…may be he’s nervous becos he’s going to be daring once again & risk taking along his famous gf with him “my own wishful thinking ” keke…anyway , we’ll have just wait & see if there’s anymore cy/twitter updates….

    As I’ve been saying all along I suspected JGS & MGY have been an item even before YB…this bts clip you posted @3:11, JGS looked at sumone and playfully said..”who are you?/Who do we have here?” then the other mc chuckled, but check out where JGS was looking looking…it was slightly to his right & not long after can hear MGY’s voice saying she’s gonna stand on the right side, then we saw her dressed in a beautiful ball gown ( I think its JGS’s way of saying “You look beautiful”…remember in M3 presscon he said sumthing similar that he almost didnt recognised her when she was all dress up while trying to evade the runours question?) Anyway, JGS call her informally as ‘GY’ when he speaks to her and the other mc said “GYssi”….see even the lady co host was talking formally to MGY yet JGS already refer to her informally…surely they’re already close at this time..however in bts clip 1 when the cameraman came while they were sitting & speaking to each other alone, he was shy & awkward & was sligtly taken aback when he saw the camera’s coming…so to me this is certainly not the way how 2 PLATONIC good friends shud be, right? If they’re JUST good friends why was he so shy being caught in MGY’s company alone? And why did he push LHK &playfully warning him? Well to me its clear its not just PLATONIC good friendship they’re hiding but sumthing more…

    And the way he’s been so distance around PSH in this award was so obvious…he didnt even acknowledge or congratulate her on her winning the way he did to other YB guys..the only interaction he had with her was the last ending hug which was so impersonal…it was recorded by fancam, so surely it wasnt edited..thus it was clearly just a couple of seconds ‘fan service like hug’ & JGS turn quickly to greet the person on his other side before PSH can say anything….and it also seem to me that JGS was very careful not to be seen closer to PSH than MGY on this day and perhaps like you’ll said when the mrs was around…keke

    And I find it interesting that abt 2 weeks earlier JGS & PSH were choosen to be the mc of the Melon Award 2009 becos of their fame in YB especially…the one JGS was wearing a BIG BUTTERFLY BROOCH..gosh, I cant imagine a guy wearing a brooch that big, let alone a butterfly brooch…and what-do-you-know, 2 weeks later here comes MGY smiling sweetly, her hand hooking up in JGS’s arm, with 2 BUTTERFLIES on her finger!!!

    Frankly I bet sumone wasnt quite happy JGS was rumoured to date PSH, doing mcing with her too….that he tried to avoid anymore speculation abt him & PSH by ignoring her during SBS…and I remember JGS & MGY weren’t name as the SBS mc at the same time…they name JGS first…then several days later MGY was annouce to co host with JGS…since JGS was represent by his own co, no doubt he knows the right people in the industry…so I leave it all to your imagination how the shy & inexperience mcing MGY got to be an MC in such a big event as SBS…..

    And I also want to share my 2 cents on what JGS said abt his mom went to fortune teller abt his prospect with PSH…

    I remember watching when he 1st talk abt him mom went to fortune teller…it was when he was denying rumour abt him dating PSH…he was saying..”No, there’s nothing between us, really nothing….you’ll see soon there’s really nothing between us” and the host ws like “What do you mean?” JGS said “Well…its just…” then like he was trap or perhaps he didnt want to make PSH looks bad, he quickly chg the topic saying that his mom went to the fortune teller etc…etc….now mothers went to fortune teller to see their sons prospect with certin girl or so we tot..or in this case the fortune teller thinks…but I remember actress GHS went to fortune teller before she accepted the role in BOF to see how well she get on with he male costars….so I bet his mom was the same too especially this was his first leading role in a drama…of cos the teller wud think she want to know as her son marriage partner…and since they were talking abt it JGS was in a tight position to amend their stmt without offending PSH plus their YB publicity…but I can see JGS was trying hard to emphasize he’s not interested in PSH romantically without offending her…but I think eventually he gave up by saying that it was his mother who likes her…and she was looking at a marriage prospect while he himself is looking for a girlfriend/ a girl to date…what exactly does it mean? He respected PSH TOOO much to date her or he doesnt find her attractive or like her enuf to date? Frankly if I like a guy, I certainly dun want to be either in the guy’s dictionary…I want him to be crazy abt me & to think abt me all the time!!! keke…and he has been saying many times now that MGY is the kind of girl he likes to date!!! A girlfriend type remember??! Which also means he is strongly attracted to MGY…end of story!!

    And Quirkie….you are rite too…no one ever bother to take note abt what he wrote in his cy before he deleted it & compare them to what activites in MGY’s cyworld like we do these days…

    • Hi Lxandra! welcome back! Missed you!
      Thanks for agreeing that he did return to SK. Actually I’m 100% sure that he did. He was spotted in SK after that tweet. Now why would say I was going to Europe..hum..unless something was lost in translation.
      Couple of updates that I’m 100% sure of. Btw when I’m certain is because the info came from top eels, I’m talking people who would go the end of world (literally travel to see him..) and die for him. They know the Tree J staff. How can I can put it plainly w/o offending anyone: they are “legal stalkers”, ” loving paparazzi”, our unofficial CI (confidential informants) 😉 and ladies who are referring to please believe that I love you dearly and if it wasn’t for
      you we wouldn’t get our daily fix komasimida!!
      1. Remember when JGS mysteriously went to Japan from 1/18-1/23 to shout an MV. Well when he returned on 1/21 (notice the difference in the date) no one saw him leaving @ the airport in JP only his manager…he used ViP again…he was seen when he arrived alone (I am thinking an eel contacted another when she saw Gunsama) wearing that black/grey scarf MGY was wearing on 1/25. But the pictures of his arrival did not surface until 1/24 thus everyone assuming he had returned then.
      Lxandra I have to personally apologize to you because though I thought I would be nice to travel together together incognito I never believe it. Now I do.
      2. JGS was in Seoul on 2/13 and left on 2/14
      3. As I mentioned it above he is in Seoul, not in Europe so the “waiting for you” message is not for 3 wkd from now but yesterday..a http://www..how sweet!
      4. @ Angie, like you said girl! Every time that MGY posted something I did to, scary isn’t it?

      • Wow my post is a complete disaster…haha
        Corrections: ..I thought it would be nice for them to travel…
        …3 wks from now…awww so sweet. 😉
        Oh yes when he came back on 1/21-22 he vanished and slept for hrs…sounds like s/o we know? Maybe they were together…one can only hope 😉

      • Quirkie dear.. When I his pic in the airport, I thought so too that he flied directly to Europe from his YMP presscon on the 4th then after reading an FB post on the twitter pic of him, it said he is flying back to SK and he is going to Europe on the 8th, so it did makes the BMG of MGY ‘Waiting for U’ has got something to do with him going home and then MGY spotted at the mall, possible buying something for someone abt to arrive or a present to someone close to them being his bday

        And I love that now you also agree that MGY did possibly travel incognito (with her new do, a cute boyish look hehe..) with her MAN, say starts during his Thailand event..and remember her CY messg you posted
        Background Music: (Live with/ Live together) Yaksha OST
        Message: *My body and heart does not easily recover Even though I sleep, sleep, sleep, I still feel sleepy-

        Yay! I love it, we’re all this together!

    • Hi y’all…. I’m new here (not exactly new, I’ve followed this blog for long but only comment now). I’m a big fan of MGY. & I really hope her to get a decent guy for her. & I mean a decent guy for HER. JGS is surely a decent guy, but not for HER bcoz she is that amazing person. She deserve a soft hearted, caring and not a super ego as JGS. & there are many such man out there to fit these. I like Yesung or CJM more for her man, although in terms of entertainment industry I like JGS more for his talent, but I like Yesung or CJM in terms of bf for her.
      But if she prefers JGS, than I’ll go for it, as long as she is happy. The reason I’m not that into JGS/MYG pairing is bcoz…. to my conclusion…. JGS actually had a long crush/infatuation to MGY (hence the exitement scream as he heard of MGY’s confirmation about M3, coz he thought that the chance to be closer and to get to know her better was finally come after a long waiting. bcoz, then, he never get so close to her yet & I’m sure he thought that MGY didn’t know him better yet either, & most probably he had plan to make the most of it to make her fall for him).
      They say that they were best friend, but how best/close they are, we dont know for sure. I think they like to think they R best friend but they R not that close surely, judging from the akwardness they hv on several moments they were tgether bfore M3. To me, JGS looked akward bcoz he has this crush for her but felt uncertainty about MGY’s feeling toward him (whether she will like him or not, while with other actresses he always feel so confident) & this kind of uncertainty always felt by s’one in love and makes one akward.
      ANd then come the M3 opportunity to get closer to her……there…! he had his chance and I’m positive that she finally fell for him. He said he was amazed by her, by the similarity they have, by her quality; & I think MGY also fell for him for he is such a fun person to be with, and a hard worker either. MGY is a female version of JGS, & we know that JGS is so in love with himself, that’s why he is so in love to MGY too, Bcoz whats he like about himself he can find them either in MGY.
      So they both fall for each other, that’s clear to see. What makes me worry is that I see MGY still hv this feeling (bcoz she’s that kind of person with loyalty and integrity) while JGS’ feeling somewhat fades away (I really hope this is not the case) coz I suspect he is the type always playful and fall for his co-star then leave afterward. As happen to PSH.
      I read somewhere that he knows exactly that PSH fall for him and that was why he put distance between them, not even visiting her when she was hospitalized (suffered from distress due to withdrawal effect of YAB) for the sake of giving her space to getting used to be without him. He did that after making her fall for him, it is s’thing bad, I think. I dont want this to happen to our beloved MGY. Bcoz now I see, so many signals she sent but he did not give any signal back, some said bcoz he is busy. But no matter busy he was, if he is really in love he will find time, s’times people in love even cant help but to spare time always for the beloved one.
      Sorry for the long comment…. just pouring in my thoughts….
      BTW, anybody here hv the information about what’s JGS reaction to the prank MGY/KJW plot upon him…? I really…really wud like to know…. curious….
      TQ capt…..

      • Hi Cotto62! welcome onboard!
        I know it’s your first time here so don’t take it personally when I say you got him all wrong. Where do I start…first, by your account:

        1. MGY-JGS do not know each other well, he was awkward around her in Dec 2009 and excited to work with her in Nov 2010 so he can seduce her and succeeded.
        2. He has a history of breaking heart, in particular PSH
        3. MGY is sending messages and JGS is not responding.
        I think that pretty much covers it, right? ok..

        1. So if MGY-JGS do not know each other, him addressing her informally would really make him someone with no manners. Per MGY she dislikes people who don’t have any manners, don’t think she would then fall for s/o like that,wouldn’t you agree?
        Furthermore, you are saying he was awkward in Dec 2009 around her, got over it by March 2010 (Baeksang) where they CLEARLY were very comfortable with each other given the looks they gave each other (with the matching outfits at that! see pics below) then they could barely contain/ hid their closeness (see H. comment, thx again H, that was truely a fantastic find!) in N0v 2010. Now assuming like you said that they don’t really know each other therefore did not meet between 1/201o-3/2010 and 3/2010-11/2010. How did he get over his awkwardness so fast?? I guess his seduction plan worked before they had time to spend more time filming together? Your guess is as good as mine 😉


        2. I am not going to pretend that I don’t think something happened between JGS-PSH. But I do think it was one sided. He is young, charismatic, likes the attention…oh well (sorry) she shouldn’t have fell for him, it’s just acting (again sorry PSH). The extent of their involvement we’ll never know…
        3. Sometimes I feel like I did this couple a disservice with my timeline because he was primarily focused on MGY. The thing is I thought it was blatantly clear that he ADORES her, no need to include his messages. AND believe me he IS responding. Risking the chance of sounding like a nut 😉 I’ll say check for yourself I AM not making it up, every time she posts/he posts on the day, sometimes in the same hours(1-2 hrs intervals) as if they are communicating with each other. Plus remember we do not have access to his messages (officially that it, this lady here can get very creative…;) ) therefore you cannot say that there is not any reaction and/signals back.
        Actually, to be honest I am pretty sure that he has make his feelings known and I am going to leave it that…;)

      • I don’t get you! Why, because I don’t know where you get the notion that you think JGS is not decent enough for MGY that Yesung, CJM are better. Do you know them, how do you know these guys are not players as you think of JGS.
        I am not anyone’s particular followers. I find that Korean actors are really good actors and I found JGS and MGY are particular good. I just started watching Asian drama and movies just around late  November 2010. My first taste was a Taiwanese one, “Down with Love” the actors got great chemistry too even press conference and all that….I like comedy/romance so my son suggested that I check different sites his friend uses bec. I only use Youtube. His friend recommended to watch “You’re (He’s) Beautiful ” I was so empress with JGS acting ability that I watched all movies and dramas available (I’m a stay home mom, I got all the time in the world) until I stumbled on MMM around middle of Dec. That is the time, I really got hooked by JGS-MGY, I watched and waited every week for it to be translated to English…..I don’t like watching unfinished drama, I don’t like waiting! Their acting was so natural and there was a feeling that my heart starts beating so hard and my chest was tighten, so excited to see them together, told myself, wow, these two are really good actors, They can make me feel all the emotions they are going through, I laughed, smile, felt sad and even cried. Their acting was so natural, their chemistry was so strong that it was reaching out to me, it was amazing to feel it too….this is not normal for me to follow up or make comment but after I realized what was starring at my face, I started googling them, checking their profiles from different sites in the internet, check press conference, BTS and saw that it was not just in the drama, it was all over,sparking everywhere and then saw at youtube that destiny has been working overtime for them since 2004!
        I met my husband by destiny too, we both came from the same country but met him here. He came here long before me. I immigrated here with my parents when I was not ready yet ‘coz I was in my last year in the university, just 1 last semester(last half year)! I was not coming yet, I was not included in the sponsorship. They were almost leaving but my other sibling sponsored my other 2 sisters and me, thinking that by the time our paper got processed, I would have graduated already. 2 sisters received their immigration papers and I didn’t receive mine, my pride was hurt wondering how come, but after a week it came with more papers, medical and my parents were called at the embassy and they were held back and asked them why I was not included in their papers, I was still a minor, 21. So told them because I was still finishing school. They were told to bring me with them and just let me go back to finish. I think I was the only immigrant who had a heavy heart to go abroad! My 2 sisters got denied (they met their destined husbands there). And for me I didn’t go back, I am not a materialistic person, when I found out that I have to study here again from 1st year because my education was not valid here, the only credit they were acknowledging is accounting, a very minor subject for! I was taking Bachelor of Science in foods and Nutrition! Anyways, started to work and I am just an average looking person, I had an admirer who I only offered friendship but he was persistent so I went to my friends house to stay over. When I got to their house their 4 men that they just met that day! And yes, one of them is now my husband. He was not making a move or show interest just being friendly and so forth. Few days after, I I met his ex and it so happened that this ex is a relative of my friend this ex opened up to me after only meeting 1st time, I have a personality that people tend to open up right away. Anyway, she wanted him back but he had a new GF, advised her that why push herself to the guy when he broke up with her….no use she would get hurt somemore just move on…… Aparently, this husband of mine likes to change GF often, he like being single, and learned that he was a coonfirmed bachelor I guess until he met me!!! After a month of meeting him and I became close to one the guy with him who happens to be the brother of his brother-law…..bec. We have same interest, we both like going to church, joining church choirs and so on and I can feel that is his only interest with me, no interest to court me so I felt safe…so here I was trustng ths guy asked what my husband intention wanting to take me out, I was scares, I am totally naive about this thing and I know he was a player. But my friend said go out and find ou, stupid of me, I should have thought they have known each other longer than me and they were sort of relative…..but I went out where he told me that he really like me, not love! Of course I turned him down but he was persistant, found me even when I am hiding. Was at our hour early in the morning to bring me to work, even before I wake up! He was making sure that I don’t get to leave the house before he came, by the end of the work he was picking me up even I leave work to church, he found me there even started going to church everyday with me…I was really getting scared never had someone this persistant and I was feeling weird too, my heart was beating so hard everytime I see him! Until I gave him the chance then 4 months we were on 4 months after he proposed, 3 months after we were married! Grand wedding, 5 star hotel and honeymoon….he arranged it by himself (he wanted to give me a wedding that every girl dream of)  didn’t have anything to do with it, I was still in shock that it went so fast, I thought this things takes years to be engaged first! Anyway, am I sorry, no, I am blissfully happily married for 29 years now. Have 3 grown up children around JGS and MGY age. My husband who was a player is the greatest man in the world. Players tend to love so deeply. He is very devoted, he never miss telling me that the happiest day of his life was when we got married.
        This is why, when I realized this GeunGeun couple were destined and destiny has been working overtime since 2004, I can’t let go! I don’t want them miss out this opportunity to realized that they are meant for each other and when they go for it and get married, they will have the same happiness I have. I feel that everyone should be happy like me, when you have what I have, you tend to want everyone to experience it too! I got married around their age, it is the perfect time.
        Devoted followers should want their happiness instead of their own happiness, wanting only who they should be their partner. If they are really devoted, they should accept the destiny and who they love. They are only human….they should assure them that they will remain devoted no matter who they marry or get involve with then these people won’t have to be stressed out hiding their relationship. Their partners in the drama, remain in the drama. It should not be associated to their real life. JGS never denied his crush to MGY since 2004….it shows too, every event that destiny seems to get them together, he seems to be so happy, even MGY in her shy way, you can see that she is happy too. So I hope that this too realize if they have not that they feel comfortable and at ease at each others company is not just simple friendship, it is love,friendship and loyalty.

      • Hi Smiley_iris! What a nice love story you have meeting your destiny. I’m a sucker for romantic love story, be it comedy or drama, in movies, TV series, soap opera, dramas & even in pocket books too. Reading your own love story put tears in my eyes. See how I love that kind of premise be it fictional or true to life?

        I’m with you in this fated couple too! I’ve been following JGS since I watched YB because like you I was also impressed by his acting prowess so like you I watched all his dramas & movies. But when I watched M3 I fall in love with their pairing (JGS & MGY). It’s like watching the drama in 3D wherein you got to feel what are they feeling, as if you are also a part of their lives.

        Welcome to the club!

  80. Yay! Someone else thinks like me.

    “MGY is a female version of JGS, & we know that JGS is so in love with himself, that’s why he is so in love to MGY too, Bcoz whats he like about himself he can find them either in MGY.

    Someone else who posts here once said that he had raised her to his level by saying that at the Seoul FM in January. Not that he is in love with himself but that she is a female version of him. I believe MGY to be a strong woman and cannot be easily swayed by looks or charm, she needs honesty and loyalty. I believe she can read it in someones eyes since she is an actress so if anyone would get hurt it would be him.
    People think we hate him when we say things like that but I believe that they both deserve to be happy with whomever they choose to be with.

    That other actress was acting like a child and as a child broke down because of a deep crush or maybe love but still very immature because he never had a problem with any other actress and he is playful and charming and probably playing too much without ulterior motives so I don’t blame him if someone falls for him and he doesn’t. A fan recently referred to him as God, that is scary. Some of his fans twitter Good night sweetheart as if they are involved with him, that is scary. I would probably freeze if I saw him in person (fat chance) but I would not idolize him that way.

    So yeah he knows who he is and he loves JKS but admires MGY.

    • Hi Rory’s mom, I agree with you about MGY being a strong woman and although I believe MGY has special feelings toward JGS, I also believe it’s not about his look or his charm. 😀
      I would be very suprised if PSH didn’t fall for JGS after YAB, he was at his best at that time (the hairstyles, the eyeliner, the charming bad boy character..). I also think the other actresses did have feelings for JGS (Baby and Me, Beethoven Virus) but because either they were too young or JGS was a second male lead, so people didn’t pay attention at that time. We all know JGS’s charm is irresistable. 😀

    • “I believe MGY to be a strong woman and cannot be easily swayed by looks or charm, she needs honesty and loyalty. I believe she can read it in someones eyes since she is an actress so if anyone would get hurt it would be him.
      People think we hate him when we say things like that but I believe that they both deserve to be happy with whomever they choose to be with”.
      I absolutely agree with u Rory’s Mom…that MGY has a strong mind 2 choose who’ll b the right person 4 her..and once more I agree that she’s not the one 4 d 1st in love with him,but HE IS the one WHO had really DEEP EMOTION and get Very Nervous around her and for sure that he’s the one who really fall hard 4 her…we must say our MOON should had/choose a better guy not just depend on his charm or look,but she’ll choose a guy with a strong,smart and intelligent mind as her, off course LOYALTIES and CARING HEART…
      sorry 4 my comment its not bcz i’m dont like JGS,.. surely i like him as an actor/entertainer (im not JGS fans) but bcz we love our MOON so much and dont wanna she choose a wrong person (its doesnt mean that JGS bad or something)
      As long as she’s happy…as a fans we’ll happy 4 her and always support her…
      I just love read the comments ,evidence, and coincidence abt Guengeun Couple…its proof that our MOON deserve 2 b LOVE…

  81. Hi Cotto62,
    I’m sure JKS’s very head over heels in love wt darling MCY. He’s changed. Much more calm ,more subdued in his normally playful behaviour & MUCH MUCH HAPPIER! I’m speculating that MCY is more daring in showing her feelings cos she know she has less to lose than him. Her popularity is anchored on her very solid acting which has a 90% Sure-Win Award capability & her clean-cut reputation .Where in JKS case ,his popularity is ,i suspect,quite dependant on the fact that he’s a very handsome dude wt a knack for being extremely charming to his fans ! Of course, it sure helps that he can act & sing. If he were to come out & admit his romance openly , maybe he’d lose many fans.For MCY , i think she’s on more solid ground. Thats how i’m making sense of why he’s not more public. Privately , i think he’s soo in love , I’m sure,he can’t think straight when it comes to MCY!! hee hee hee

    • Hi Sharon! im totally with u on this. i think MGY is the one who is down-to-earth in this relationship. remember JKS said in Jan. 29th korea FM about MGY ‘when they were acting together, they discussed their scenes, and even often quarreled. Moon Geun Young has very strong opinions, whether its towards acting, or in other areas’ (credit: AKP/Ms. ocKoala) Now, if the girl is in a weaker position in the relationship, she tends to avoid the confliction with her guy. but Ms. Moon was straightforward, showed her parsonality strengths to find the common ground with her co-star/possible bf. also at KBS award, she didnt mention JKS’s name in her speach even though the guy was hilariously ‘me! me!’ ing to her (loved that boyish act by JKS. soo cute!) cause she knw that the award was for CS and mentioning JKS name will just buy some ppl’s mean “this is not the dating show” kind of impression. instead, she delivered now famous thoghtful make-sense comments about drama production which also supports her beloved co-star’s opinion. if such reserved, thoughtful person is sending love messages to someone, im sure that she has a firm conviction that the other party feels the same way about her as she does him.

      • I second that Jessi & Sharon and Quirkie’s thoughts also.

        @ Cotto62 what do you mean by this statement?

        “we know that JGS is so in love with himself”

        For me it has a negative connotation, IMHO, a person who is in love with himself, is a person who only cares about himself & not a whit care about others (in other word selfish). If you happen to say that because he is the type of person that does things on his own way amidst criticisms it’s a totally different thing. He has a way of doing things that he sees as the right path for him that may be contrary to popular opinion. But it is his own life & he should live it according to his wishes as long as he does not break the law or hurts anybody. But if it’s the other, JKS is the only Korean actor (I don’t know if there is still others cause I don’t follow a lot) that I see who has a very sincere fan service to his fans whenever he sees them. He do a lot for his fans to make them happy.

        About MGY: I don’t think she is the type who easily falls in love with in what span of 2-3 weeks, 1-2 months? If your time frame is to be believed that she falls for him during/after filming M3. And I don’t want to think that she is a gullible person that can be easily taken in by a person that you depicted JKS is.

        On PSH: I’d like you put yourself in his shoes. If you are JKS and there is this colleague that you work with who falls for you or had a hard time distinguishing what is reel to whats is real in your relationship after working together what would you do to help her to get over her feelings for you that you know you have no way/intention in reciprocating her feelings. Are you going to be understanding & still being friendly to her when you fully knows that she has a hard time letting go of her character. Wouldn’t you think it is much kinder to her in the long run to be harsher to her now than prolonging her agony by giving her false hope that there is a future for the both of you? Now, regarding PSH being hospitalized & JKS not visiting her, how should we know that he does not contacted her or even visited her during that time unless the news came from the horses mouth itself.

    • I don’t entirely agree with you about MGY to be more daring, I think even think that she is the one who doesn’t want their relationship to be open. Why I think this, during press conference, when asked about growing romance, she acted surprised. I think she like the idea of it being a secret for now because it is more exciting. I even find that it is JGS who seems to be always on the verge of spilling it out! You can see that he is not hiding that he likes looking at her all the time even starring! He is the one who moves his chair closer. I notice that every chance he can touch her, he do it. And he never denied that he liked her since 2004! I just can’t find again which intervew he had that if he find the right girl, he will marry her right away…..I wouldn’t be surprised if MGY agree, he will be like my husband, arranged it right and marry as soon as he can arranged it. Maybe what he should do is like my husband did, he didn’t asked, this is how he told me “we are getting married! Still in shock, we got to my house and he was talking to my parents already! But I am not sure if it will work with MGY, she seems to be strong will too like JGS!

  82. cotto62….
    hi & welcome…

    Abt PSH getting sick becos of the character withdrawal syndrome, I’m so sorry but I just dun buy it…I’m not a big fan of PSH but I have known her since 2003 STH when she acted as young CJW opposite of KTH’s younger brother Lee Wan…and frankly I’m not all that crazy abt her acting but I still give her some credit for being professional…I’m sure she has been in the industry long enuf to handle herself in and out of a certain character….I’m sure her depresession or whatever she was suffering was sumthing more serious that a mere crush on JGS…it just a wishful thinking of Sukhye (JGS-PSH) fans to believe it was due to JGS coldness towards her….I’m sure PSH is smart enuf to know that JGS was seeing sumone during YB production…she has been teasing him abt his texting habit in between takes….now who wud be texting this frequent unless he’s in love & most likelt ‘repoerting to his gf dun you think so? Remember he said he’s a jealous bf, surely if he wants his gf to do so when she’s acting/working with another guy, he has to do the same, right….And check out the YB bts…PSH was very much closer to JYH…c’mmon if she’s that crazy abt JGS wud she flirted with another guy so much to even let him hug & hold her so casually? I dun think so….beside the first few episodes, which was more like warming up time, JGS was hardly seen close to her offcam, infact oncam too there were very minimal skinship between them….

    As for claiming MGY for his best friend, why wud he did so if they’re not truly close friends? Its not like JGS is lacking of celebrity friends…he is close to the SNSD girls…if publicity is just what he wants, why not named SNSD Tiffany as his close friend? Why MGY when as at 2007 she was still mainly known as the child actress from Autumn in My Heart & the Little Bride? Why not name a more establish & 1st rate actress HJW as his best friend? He can surely use her name for publicity yet he choose to reveal that he didnt even has her number!!! SO my point why name sumone who wasnt at her peak of popularity as his best friend if they’re truly not? So for me there’s no doubt he & MGY has been a long time best/close friend….just becos they never work together or never been seen publicly together doesnt mean they never meet outside in private…remember they both run in the same circle…they share the same circle of friends…gosh even M3 SJ was MGY’s My Little Bride costar KRW ex gf…they were still dating when MGY & KRW filmed the movie!!!

    After M3, what signal did MGY give to JGS that he has rtn ? From where I stand I see JGS was the one who’s been seen sending signals everywhere to say MGY is his girl…..Just look at the way he behave at KBS award…That was AFTER M3 wrap up…then a month or so later during a fanmeeting, without a blink he named MGY as the best actress he has ever work with….mind you not the sexy HJW or beautiful SYR but MGY….he even has the cheek to say she still owes him a drink or sumthing…

    So seriously I believe JGS wasnt just having a crush on MGY but he has been in love with her for quite somtimes…even before they filmed M3…he was houting with happiness once he knew MGY accepted the role becos it took her & the production team a long time to come to an agreement so that they cud delay their production to adjust to her schedule…and remember too, in her original schedule she wasnt suppose to take up anymore acting job after the stage play but after being offered to act alongside JGS, she made new arragement so that she can act with JGS…its not easy for a drama production to delay their work just to wait for a vertain actress but in this case, they did….that’s JGS was so happpy…

    Yeah, his travelling schedule was funny lately, huh? His departure & arrival date were a bit mysterious…beside the time he arrive in GZ & Bangkok, the rest he was mysteriously disappear when he arrive the airport or he secretly travel here & there which wasnt like him….and frankly its very hard to track his recent departure or arrival fancam even if there’s any…and usually there’s none…unlike before…he’s clip arriving & departure were everywhere…so why the sudden secrecy? to me though I still believe they are a couple since 2008/2009 but they’re not as they are not…I believe since M3 they’re more serious abt each other & a srep more closer than they are before…especially now they’re older & more mature & know what they want from each other…

    The clip you posted at the presscon…..the 1st 30 sec offcam was so cute, I cant help doing the caps…just incase if the clip getes deleted sumday..hehe

    • Sorry…here’s the link

      Just friends, huh? And looking at each other this way after working together for only abt 2 weeks…yeah, riteeeeeeee………….

      Ok this was before the interview started or during break time …so what was JGS doing? Only for show? “rolleyes” he’s practically telling the sharks…I mean the reporters, ‘She’s my girl’…or perhaps he was telling KJW who was sitting on his other side…keke

      • way to go lxandra!! kyaaa….i love the bottom left pic. JKS’s eyes looking into lovely innocent jagiya’s eyes… who look at the girl that way if there is no ongoing relationship! omg…if that is not the love in his eyes, tell me wht the h*** is that!

    • adjustment…

      “After M3, what signal did MGY give to JGS that he has not rtn ? ”

      “he was shouting with happiness once he knew MGY accepted the role ”

      ” to me though I still believe they are a couple since 2008/2009 but they’re not as close as they are now”

      “a step more closer than they are before”

    • Quirkie..

      “1. Remember when JGS mysteriously went to Japan from 1/18-1/23 to shout an MV. Well when he returned on 1/21 (notice the difference in the date) no one saw him leaving @ the airport in JP only his manager…he used ViP again…he was seen when he arrived alone (I am thinking an eel contacted another when she saw Gunsama) wearing that black/grey scarf MGY was wearing on 1/25. But the pictures of his arrival did not surface until 1/24 thus everyone assuming he had returned then.”
      So when exactly did he left Japan after the ELT mv shoot? was it Jan 21, 22 or 23? I mean he cud leave Japan on Jan 21 before midnite to aerrive Seoul on Jan 22 around 1 or 2 am but why was he arrival posted on Jan 24? you’re saying sumone saw Mgr Kim left Japan on 21st & saw JGS in Seoul the same day?

      Of cos I came to believe that in the mv, in the scene where the girl was knitting , when the cam focus only on the knitting hand, I suspected they use MGY as the ‘body double’…surely it wasnt the girl who actually knitting becos I notice she was just fumbling with her knitting stick, so they ned to use an expert for close up…in M3 since MGY is good at knitting they show her whole body while knitteing…so I suspected they use ehem…MGY …as the body double tru sumone’s recomdeation…ehe….of cos dun take me seriously…just a tot …hehe…too much coincidence that too many girls like to knit for JGS lately since MGY did in M3…why not just draw a picture of him or cook for him or even sew a shirt for him….but knitting a blue mitten too? hehe

    • I totally agree agree to all you said….he is totally into her…he seems to not even contain himself….he is always watching her,sometime you can even catch him starring at her! He catches every move she makes, even figeting with her hand! When they mention about romance about them, he never denies it, evade it, change the subject, yes…. is even the one to pretend to be surprised! Even at the award, no matter how JGS pointed to himself jokingly so that she will mention him, w/c she didn’t just did a general acknowledgement of the cast and staff….but I think he was doing it too because she was crying even though it is tear of joy, I think JGS couldn’t stand seeing her cry, I can bet that it was breaking his heart to see her in tears! When he received the award, you can see the pride in MGY and JGS can’t help himself mentioning her name for his thank you. The look they give each other is so tender it melts my heart….. That it makes me sad to think they have to hide their relation. I think JGS should not be scare to get it in the open, because I think he has devoted fans and that they should be happy for him. He doesn’t just have young female fans, it range from different ages meaning, they would be matured enough to understand that he is only human who falls in love. He is devoted to them too, I see when he have fans meeting, autographs, he takes time to talk, shake hands and take pictures. I never seen anyone that accommodating.
      I wish both JGS and MGY all the best and more success and may God always bless and be with them.

      • @Smiley_iris Others would think that he is protecting his career by not coming out in the open either regarding their true relationships or his true intentions but for me he is more protecting MGY because a lot of Korean fans are possessive of their idols (especially if it’s a male celebrity). Most relationships of well known Male Korean Celebrity have suffered from this, the GF’s are mostly the one who is hurts by hurtful comments/bashing from fans who cannot accept that their idols is also human & not their possession.

  83. Lxandra,
    What I found is that he was def in JP on 1/20 per his message/pics left on JP CY. However the posts/tweets conflicted on 1/21 and 1/22 about his whereabouts. Then on 1/24 the airport pictures surfaced with a comment from the poster saying airport pictures from days ago. So I assumed that he left JP on 1/21-22.
    This is what I found
    ” Jang Keun Suk left Japan tonight. Some eels were at the airport to see him off, though it looks like they didn’t get a good view as he went through VIP. (New Haneda Airport is very strict about departure and prohibits seeing celebs off.) The tweet said she saw his manager though I don’t know which one. I think he already arrived in Seoul and I saw an eel tweeting about greeting him is Gimpo so a picture or movie may come up soon”
    That’s when I started to believe that they might be traveling together/ have been seeing each other since he showed up in Seoul wearing a scarf similar to the one she wore @ the premiere on 1/25 covering her hair.
    On 1/24 the day before her 1st appearance wearing THE (?) scarf JGS posted ” love begins”
    On 1/25 the now famous message “if we all have a dream..” and BV OST as BGM. The only CY update to date that is directly connected to JGS at a very pivotal time in their “relationship”… coincidence? Your guess is as good as mine 😉
    And may I add one last thing, all of this happened less than a week after she said that she felt empty and her heart was uneasy. Me think someone felt bad, and tried to make it up to her by coming out… 😉

  84. To GeunGeunCoupEJ: He pursed his lips when she was on stage? That is too funny. That boy was not shy that evening!
    About antis–you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.
    MGY–she is my screen saver (blue outfit squatting holding her ear) cause she makes me smile as you said.
    JKS–everything he does or has done is great in my eyes, Lounge H does not sit well with me. I’m old I guess but if my daughter told me that she was going to dance for a whole bunch of men without taking her clothes off just for fun, I would take some serious steps to prevent it. Is that so hard to understand? I really think that being a fan should not take away your values so I won’t call myself his fan but I still like him.

    Thank you for kind of starting the GeunGeun thing. It is good to know that all this was before MSOAN.

  85. lxandra,
    the screen caps you made are great! and i agree with everyone. everybody has an innate proximnal of personal space “radar”. once crossed, you’d feel it and naturally back up once that person comes too close. however, MGY did not hesitate NOR did she back up as a natural response that everyone would have. EVEN if it is JKS.

  86. by the way, i just have to say MGY’s fashion sense is SO much better within the last year versus her old style. for example, remember the one charity event she did for Noom Tree ( i think i spelled it correctly). she went on a televeision show to promote the song she sang and the charity that her organization was hosting. when she appeared on the show, she wore a massively large grey sweater, big old jeans, and white heels with a fedora hat…. it wasn’t appealing to her physique much. i love how she dresses a lot more feminine now with clothing that compliments her petite image.

  87. Oh, I remember an interesting thing . Back in 2009, about May I surfed Daum.net for Loung H events. I saw actor Ha Suk Jin, a very very close friend of JSG had a picture of him and giant MGY poster at a department store. He posted that picture for his fans on Daum.
    I was surprised to see Ha Suk Jin happily took a picture with MGY’s poster hehe.
    At that time Ha Suk Jin and JGS was so closed that they always did many things together either going to the bars, shopping, studying, eating …etc.
    I suspected they went shopping, and JGS told Ha Suk Jin to stand next to MGY’s poster, then he took it hehe .

    • @nas: About MSOAN DVD fan meeting ; It was actually a private Loung H fan meeting . JGS always seriously requests fans not post any much info and pics on the net . He is afraid of being criticized. Loung H bar was originally created for students at his school during end- school year festival, not for only fans.

      • Hi Jess! happy to see another JKS expert like u here. our speculation or investigation or whatever it is in AKP getting more and more credible! so LH was originally held for his fellow pupils? didnt knw that. i have a question. is it the only way to go LH now is become a member of his fan club? my sis in japan wants to go there but doesnt know how. btw, the topic Ha Suk Jin taking pic next to MGY’s poster is Awesome!!

  88. Hey folks ~ !

    Sukkie did fly back to Korea on the 4th (2 days earlier than scheduled) – him flying straight to Europe from Japan on the day he tweeted was nothing more than a mistranslation ^^;

    Also, a poster from the GeunGeun Baidu bar shared some interesting tidbits regarding Sukkie’s official message (which full content cannot be disclosed, unfortunately) that he left on the 5th.

    I take no credit for her comment or translation.

    Credit: Xiao Yu from GeunGeun Baidu Bar ♥

    First off, yesterday, that is 3/4, they both coincidentally left messages.
    MM’s message, the key words were the title of one of the songs: (Waiting for you) (I’m waiting for you)
    MM’s message was in the morning of 3/4.

    Then, on 3/4 afternoon——– Sure enough, Sukkie wrote a new message. The key words were: Returning home.
    Also on JKS Japan Twitter: I’m going home now… right away again I have to go to Europe… Ah… I’m scared.]

    Sukkie Ah…… Why is it that after MM’s new “waiting for you” message, you rushed straight home? Wasn’t the original plan to go home on the 6th? What is the reason for this? Oh oh…. right……. because these next two days are weekend, the people in Korea need to rest too***……. In the springtime, what else can you do on the weekend? You guys figure it out yourselves.

    Next, today, that’s 3/5 , Sukkie’s official message spazz-worthy points…..
    1. Sukkie mentioned something about drinking and alcohol tolerance….. (When this is mentioned, who comes to mind? Who does Sukkie have a drinking date with? I don’t know.****) (**** being sarcastic)
    2. Sukkie’s message this time had this at the end, “It’s like we’re dating.” (Can this really be directed only at his eels? I declare that I don’t believe it….. So why don’t we all try to imagine who he’s saying this to?)
    3. Also, Sukkie didn’t even say the 3 words “I love you” to his fans. He only said “like” (Think about it, in the past, when Sukkie left messages, didn’t he frequently say the three words, “I love you” to eels? …… But now he doesn’t say “I love you”, he only say “like”, what does this mean? …… You all figure it out.)

    • Hi hachimitsu!!
      Finally! I wasn’t hallucinating! I read that earlier! Was spaazing out all by myself! Crazy huh!! Was waiting for you or LizzyD to say something! Silly, how as much as I love them couldn’t let the cat out of the bag, that’s why when Cotto62 said earlier ” He has no signals” I saw red 😉 thinking no! You don’t know!
      @ Cotto62 Sorry for coming @us so strongly I had just read that news and just couldn’t share it yet…
      I think dear geunies you can continues to be uncertain, as for me since reading that I am 100% sure that they are together.
      Now While he is away I want photographic evidence that she is Seoul or I Will believe that she is in Europe too 😉

      • same here, my dear…you’re not alone….unless there’s a visual evidence that MGY is seen anywhere in South Korea ground, I’m gonna take it she’s away in Europe…afterall actress GHS who is also a student in SKK University with MGY is also currently away in Australia doing some cf photoshoot…so I’m sure SKK University students can have some days off at this point of time…hehe

        BTW has anyone see JGS leaving for Europe yet?

    • Hi Hachimitsu! 🙂

      Thank you so much for sharing Xiao Yu ‘s comments/translations. Reading her comments made me smile from ear to ear 😀 for they remind me of Quirkie’s analysis that whenever MGY posts a CY update, a JGS reply would always follow…I am so impressed how our favorite couple is really finding ways to communicate their love for each other!!! 🙂 Have you seen MGY’s CY/BGM update today? One of the song titles she chose was “I Love You I Love You I Love You”…I can not wait to find out what JGS’ reply would be! Squeeee!!!

      In the meantime, have a good evening! 🙂

    • “2. Sukkie’s message this time had this at the end, “It’s like we’re dating.” (Can this really be directed only at his eels? I declare that I don’t believe it….. So why don’t we all try to imagine who he’s saying this to?)”

      I bet he was referring to sumone we all have in mind but I’m sure he was directing this stmt to his eels…telling them he feels ‘like he & this person are dating’…and my bet he was ‘testing the water’ to see how they will react if he comes out clean & be open with his relationship with her…he cant say he is in a relationship just yet…that wud be suicidal…he has to be sure that his fans are okay if he’s dating sumone first before going public but to do so he has to use a more subtle ways just like his stmt to test them..

    • Hi Hachimitsu! thanks for confirming on that twitter pic that JGS came home, since i read the other from a commenter at FB on his pic..he is not on his way to Europe yet, but he’s flying home and I read he is leaving for Europe on the 8th?

      Glad you shared here post of Xiao Yu from GeunGeun Baidu Bar. It’s trully spazz worthy, not sure if i can still concentrate my work now after so many revelations thats keep coming in..ahhh!! Sorry to my Boss, but i’m glued to this puter!

    • Where did you see this? Everyday, I spend my time checking every internet sites for any posting re JGS and MGY! I normally don’t miss a thing, only break I take is take a shower and cook! This GeunGeun Virus is so viral that I don’t watch Dr. Oz and Oprah anymore!!!! Those are my favourite shows, the only one I truly watch then basically I am quite busy with doing housework, organizing wedding, making decorations for weddings, wedding souveniers etc….this virus is affecting my hobbies/business!

  89. hi N! Ya Ya!! YTou took d words rite outta my mouth! Though i absolutely adore MCY, this amazingly pure- in- spirit ,well- accomplished star wt d sweetest angelic voice , Her dress sense made me flinch…all the time before! YES that awful ,baggy look wt d fedora that totally swallowed her up…..(shiver!)…SO NOT flattering! Recently, her choices are more feminine & i was hoping tt as model for Basic House ,they’d give some of d girly clothes tt she modelled! She said in BH interview tt she loves Spring & she’ll wanna go pinic etc & I ws imagining her wt some pretty BH ‘floral dress’ having destress time wt Jagiya! As quirkie said ,we can only dream! ( albeit based on very good Geungeun CSI facts!!

    • Might not be a dream after all Sharon 😉 have you read the latest news? I think champagne might be in order! And I understand Sukkie just got plenty of that 🙂

  90. Hi Friends of Geun-Geun ship! 🙂

    Just read at Soompi Moons in Facebook the news about MGY’s CY update for March 6 and 7th (credit: Baidu Moon Bar + Soompi Moons):

    MGY’s message:
    Tomorrow is Moonday. To spend a week that (you) want to remember
    BGM update# 1:
    1 Because It Was You – Go Eun
    2 I Love You I Love You I Love You – Go Eun
    BGM update# 2:
    1 Pray For You – Moida Band
    2 I Love You I Love You I Love You – Go Eun
    BGM update# 3:
    1 Pray For You – Moida Band
    2 I Love You I Love You I Love You – Go Eun
    3 It Became Blurred – No Reply

    As usual I like MGY’s music selections. It’s curious though that she dropped “Because It Was You”. Maybe there’s no special reason; maybe she just wanted to offer songs from a variety of singers in her CY, songs by singers other than Go Eun….

    But what could have a SPECIAL reason is SONG# 2. Did you notice its Song Title?… Is that some kind of a cryptic message? 😉 Or, are the words in that song title mean what they normally mean? 😉 Did someone just CONFESS: “I Love You I Love You I Love You”?!! Aaaaah!!! *^__^*

    • Bashful!
      You just want to feed that addiction of mine, don’t you?! 😉 After seeing this wonderful display of goodies you know I can’t help but go in GSI mode….haha
      Thanks a bunch!

      • You’re welcome Quirkie! 🙂 Cheers to you too because you feed our addiction as well with your many superb GSI reports…;-)
        Have a good day! 🙂

        P.S. I saw your “meat” reference below…Well, I took a nap earlier and ended up burning the meat I was cooking…So we have one less meat to discuss/analyze. LOL! 😀

    • Okay….a question…how long is JGS going to be in Europe for his photoshoot? So its going to be a week to remember from this ‘MOONDAY’ onwards huh? Wonder what’s going to happen on Moonday….lesson starts on moonday? But I dun think she’s gonna study just for a week right? hmmmm, must be sumthing else…what? A trip perhaps? To Europe? Well we all can guess what we like, rite…I’m going to think she’s in Europe with him..keke

      • Hi lxandra! 🙂 First, thanks so much for always providing us insightful analyses of everything about our favorite Geuns. 🙂 I’m amazed at the explanations you offer to different angles of Geun-Geun happenings or pictures. By chance, are you professional investigator in real life? 😉

        See, you have examined another excellent angle :)…Don’t know how long JGS will be in Europe…But if it is just one week, I can see the possibility you’re suggesting…that MGY may just well accompany him and “spend a week…to remember” . as MGY said…Awwww!…. ^_^

      • Me too…….I am refusing to think that he would leave her to go to Paris, city of love……

    • Hi bashful. Sweet of you to share the CY here. I gotta say her BMG these past months and as of present are really coinciding with what has been going after what we’ve discovered when M3 concluded.

      Since JGS is about to leave for Europe, the songs “Pray for You” “I love you 3x” is a definitely a send off messages for her MAN who will be away miles from her and told him not be afraid the long hrs flight.

      • Hi pipa! 🙂

        Thanks for the kind words. :)…Credit again goes to Soompi Moons in Facebook…Thanks for pointing out the song “Pray For You”. Indeed, that song along with “I Love You 3x” song are great send-off messages. Normally we just say “Bon Voyage” right? But with MGY posting these 2 songs, JGS is so lucky and so loved! 🙂

        Have a good day pipa! 🙂

    • Wahhhh! Thank you for this piece of good news Bashful. may eyes are tearing now while reading your comments/post. Finally, there is light in what are we doing here now. I hope it is a prelude before the big announcement. Heh! Just like what lxandra said maybe he’s just testing the water to see what’s the reaction of his fans.

      Keep ’em coming Keun Suk & Geun Young….

      • You’re welcome M3Lover! 🙂 Again I give credit to Soompi Moons’ Facebook page for it was there I found that update. Oh, I too do hope that was a prelude for the big announcement…I was also hoping it would come soon but with JGS’ many future commitments, it appears we are in for a longer wait, we the patient and giddy fans. 😉
        Btw, have you found any new interesting, intriguing or revealing videos on our favorite couple lately? Please feel free to share them for further analysis and commentary. 😉
        Have a good day! 🙂

      • I think so too, testing the water and I am hoping all followers will send him signal or messages that they will still be devoted to him no matter what and ust want him to be happy.

      • Hi Bashful how I wish can contribute some tidbits/news but I don’t have the time to be online 24/7. If I happen to see one most probably you & the other GSI team here have already posted it so I leave that thing to all of you who are one hell of an investigators.

    • For my own satisfaction, I’m taking only the title of songs as messages (I don’t like the MV and the lyrics bec. It is sad.) I’d like to think that JGS is so sensitive to whatever MGY messages because he is feeling the same thing (like missing her a lot) that one go signal of her, he rushes to be at her side! (I like to think it that way, I am a romantic at heart and remember I am married to my destined man who loves me a lot and I the same….so for me to tell my husband that when are you coming home,( he is at work but his work schedule is flexible) and feeling lonely if he is able to, he will rush home just to be with me….hey guys nothing x-rated here ok, I just said to be with me….we are in the age that companionship is more in dearing than anything, ok, get it…. And maybe the “waiting for you is a signal that she has decided & means that she agreed to go with him to Europe that is why he rushed home 2 days early….Isn’t it a nice thought…..feeds my romantic imagination and making so excited that hopefully they will marry soon….Actually, I am hoping that they are secretly married already and is just trying to keep it a secret for a longer time.
      Anyway, about the I love you being repeated so many times, don’t you think JGS wouldn’t rush home! I think he is a sensitive guy that he would be very touched by that….the way he look at her, gives me goose bump, in my mind I see him saying ” I love you so much, I can’t get over it that you are mine! I can’t seems to get enough, I just want to hug you all the time! (Ok, I guess I am being too prude…) so I will say too that he is also thinking ” Ijust want to kiss you all the time!”…..

      • dear smiley iris.. i am too a hopeless romantic.. and i love your post.. It’s so lucky that you’ve met mr.right.. Your own love story is so sweet.. Hopefully i can have that kind of love story too.. (i can’t find your post about your own story with your husband so i just posted here.. ^^)

      • “so I will say too that he is also thinking ” Ijust want to kiss you all the time!”…..

        I like that….. 🙂

      • Angie, I hope you find your destined man too! Actually I wish everyone will too. Just listen to you inner voice and use your intinct…..I don’t think you have to look; remember I was trying to hide from an admirer and met my desiny in an unlikely place, my friends’ house of all places and they just met him thru a friend! So when it is the right time, it will come! That is why I said destiny has been working overtime for JGS and MGY….mine was simpler….by the way, my hubby is 10 years older but he is oriental so he looks really young even up to now and he is even in better shape than me! You can see that he really didn’t planned to get married, but he met me hahahaha there went his single life! Oh well, I am sure he is not sorry, hahahaha I bet I made his life more colourful! He always show me that his love for me is still there and being a woman, we tend to grow more especially when your better half treat you well. So just wait but feel, it feels different, real love, fated love makes you so giddy, heart pounding so hard that it feels like it is going to jump out of your chest, always excited no matter you try to avoid it the guy….remember I tried to hide from him too ‘coz I didn’t want to get involve and he was 10 years older so I was a bit scared!

  91. Hi Hachimitsu & bushful! i love u guys, i love u guys, i love u guys!! (just don’t wanna ruin Ms. Moon’s precious I love you x 3…) what a great findings! really, i love u guys…

    • Oh jessi you make me blush! *^_^* Credit goes really to our favorite Geun-Geun couple who continue to give us so much clues about their true relationship. 😉 …If only they know how their ‘relationship’ has resulted in community/friendship among us here in AKP…Wow, it just dawned on me that not only is Geun-Geun love is awesome, but also the community of commenters in this forum! 🙂
      Have a good week jessi! 🙂

      • yes! thank you Geun-Geun Couple for ur hard work <3 i agree, its truly amazing to see the communications between JKS-MGY related blogs. i saw many comments from AKP in the other blogs. we are the world! We are the ones who make a brighter day <33
        i see now spring has come! thanks bashful, u too and all of u here have a wonderful week!

  92. Quirkie…
    Thanks, so you’re saying that JGS must have return to Korea between Jan 21-23, rite & suddenly MGY appear in Vip premier with half of her face covered with scarf…I wonder why? Other guess who came as official guess had shown their faces clearly & since its in a building i’m sure they have heater to warm up the place, rite….hmmm…covering her tired face perhaps beside her new hairstyle…keke

    Glad you like it….and you’re rite…if they’re just a new couple they wud be more shy and awkward especially with all the reporters around…which how they were during 2009 SBS award….I dunno why but sumhow along their old article & interview I had a haunch they turn their frienship into romance around mid 2009…slowly & growing but definitely a couple…and during M3 presscon it has become natural between them to be this way that they seems like they’re unconcious doing it…

    And abt her clothes… so far I’ve notice that when JGS wasnt around, MGY’s body usually was covered by more cloth than when he’s around…hehe…or at least I think so…

    So, the dvd fanmeeting that MGY attended recently & JGS rush to go from his fan signing was actually a Lounge H event? Interesting…not only there’s no picture but no fan account too…if she came openly this way and still no fanaccount how can we be so sure if she didnt go to most of JGS LH privately…who wud talk abt her being there especially if she was backstage most of the time….

    Actually LH is more like a concert….of cos the private one without fans and the one JGS & his Hanyang University friends initiated was some kind like a get together/hang out place…sumtimes they party sumtimes they just hang out…but he use this concept for his fanmeeting to create a more livelier & personal envirement…however, he’d be on the stage most of the time…perhaps invited a few fans to dance with him but that’s about it…he gave out champagne to his fans but not that much….this is one way of how he earn for his company…since he is not an idol or a singer, he has to find an alternative ways to attract his fans to come to his ‘mini concert’ & since they have to pay a lot of money for the ticket he has to be creative to make it unique & as interesting as possible…so far he was the only one who came up with this concept & it works…

    • I’m sorry I may misunderstood the question Nas asked.
      However, Lounge H was originally created as a dance music bar by students of Film and arts department of JGS university . You know, in every school festival, each student department like English, or medical, business department would create something like food court, presentation, or etc. to attract students in the festival and introduce their department to school and people around .
      JGS co-operated with the leaders of film and art department to do Lounge H . Many students of that department volunteered to help out .
      It was not a concert, they had wine and dance following the music, JGS volunteered to be a DJ for Lounge H because he was also a student of that department . After that, he invited his friend to co- DJ.
      At that time, fans had to borrow students ID to sneek in because it was not for fans .
      Now, mainly fans attend Lounge H .
      I don’t have any opinion about this, but in Korea and his school, it may be not good for him if his Lounge H is created mainly for fans .

      • Hello Jess. What i understand from Nas inquiry is regarding the MSOAN DVD commentary/meeting with the production staff that MGY also went too and JGS to follow after his Codes combine autograph signing.

        Yeah, no news about it yet. Perhaps they don’t they want to divulge yet any information since everything things are into planning stage. But, i can’t wait to know at least a little tidbits on what happened during the meeting.

  93. WTH? Moon Geun Young, my darling beautiful amazing actress youyouyou, you just want me to die from the happy conjecturing, aren’t you?

    *blissful smile* My Geunies are so in love with each other. I is happy now. That is some heady Cyworld updates from our MGY to her honey. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it~

    • Good Evening Captain, 🙂

      You too huh? 🙂 MGY’s recent CY update made me so happy too. ^__^ With those BGM choices, how can anyone now deny there is something very special happening between her and JGS…Oh love, love, love! 😉

      Thanks again Captain for providing us these forums. They have spawned a community not only of k-drama fans, not only of Geun-Geun couple fans, but also a community of believers in the beauty and magic of Love! 🙂

      Have a good week ahead Captain!

    • i love your banner of our geuns here dear captain.. jgs looks mighty cuuteee while mgy looks breathtakingly beautiful.. ^^

  94. Hi GSI team,
    remember JKS Japan fan MTG wehre he drew his ideal girl. welll…. lkơ at the new picture that OCKOALA has put up. the picture that JGS drew, with the girl having an extremely defined and sharp jawline…. lkơs exactly like MGY’s photo above!!!!

    • Thank u 4 sharing abt Our MOON…THAT”S WHY we love her beside her pure and caring personality and u r right…anti’s must learn how 2 respect MGY b4 they come out with a childish statment without fact abt our MOON.

      • You’re welcome. As I read more about MGY I came to love her even more, especially because she’s so admamant on doing charity work and giving back to the poor. However, I didn’t realize thAt in 2009 it backlashed and neitzens started ridiculing her and harassing her to pieces due to the large sum she gave to the community chest, some charity organization like that.

        Anyway point is if she got so much crap for donating money…. Imagine what it will be like if it was leaked that she is dating JGS. I knew K ent culture is cut throat but hating on celebrities for doing charity work… Wow!! Even Kim tar hee got severely harassed but not as bad as MGY….

    • I Think it’s quite awkward there esp. people who involve in K-ent culture who hate celebrity doing some charity activity even ridiculing her and harassing her to pieces due to the large sum she gave to the community chest, some charity organization like that…
      otherwise in Hollywood when celebrity due some charity work,people will give positive support of what they do … either on my country we give high appreciate when someone/celebrity do that…I’ll support our Moon 2 keep on going to do CHARITY work,and they suppose 2 know that it will give a good influence to the younger children 2 feel emphatic from others suffer

      • This is so weird to be harrassed because you’re donating a lot of money! This is the first time I heard someone being harrassed for sharing their good fortune. Any country, organization or whatever would be overjoyed to receive donation not criticized! This is one of the main reason I admire JGS and MGY because they are so kind hearted……. I still can’t over this harrassment bits!!! Well, MGY and JGS, ignore those jealous, ignoramous people! You know they are just psycho…you know what you are doing. And if they harrass you about your involvement or relation, no matter how bad, just remember that you love each other and you have to be strong and not be bother and like in MMM, you have to trust and be loyal to each other…. It is normal to go through rough and rocky period….at the end, it will be just be wonderful (blissfully happily married that we are-my husband and I, we went through rough and rocky road too but you have to be strong and steadfast and always remember how it would be like without each other….always love,trust and be loyal to each other, these are the key for a strong relationship.)

  95. Pipa dearest where are you??
    It’s celebration time here and you’re nowhere in sight! Don’t miss the party, we worked hard for this 😉 !
    @ KDL sorry the GSI team did not deliver a full on, bright light in your face confession from our lovely couple but will this do 😉 ?
    @ Bashful I got the “meat”…music being removed from the list…coincidence? Ur antennas are always up 😉 thanks for stirring me in the right direction. Will post soon..kekeke
    @ M3Lover, absolutely enjoyed your comment, so many protective unnies! Love it!

    • Hey Quirkie dear! I’m here in the middle of work and sneaking a post haha..I missed the fun here yesterday and whoah lots of post to read. I see our you, hachimitsu, lxandra, bashfull, jessi and some of the GSI team have brought us some meat to crave about haha..i’m still in reading mode.

      And Re – your opinion with Cotto62, right on there! Honestly I think with the video you posted of SBS during the photo op of the 3 MC, MGY is kind of authoritative in their place arrangement. I realized they are not really awkward at all in compare to the rehearsal of them while JGS is teaching MGY. I noticed coz the video cam focus could be a reason why JGS is acting that way, but MGY seemed relax. I think they are great in hiding things during that time.

      And I echo you girl, nice to see Lxandra back in the fun.. miss her too and her post and true enough she brought with us again some awesome point of view in everything with what has happening.

      • Oh just to add, I gotta agree with you on the PSH thingy. It’s obvious a one sided feelings, remember their kiss scene, JGS after the take, quickly ran off and asked for the next scene? I think he just slowly keep a distance to her, and just want to be true to himself, so she wouldn’t expect too much that he will reciprocate back her feelings. This also coincides with Lxandra theory she once mentioned during our topic on the SBS awards, JGS never had much interaction or ignored PSH..but she noticed that during shooting of YB, PSH is more closer to YJH, well I think by that PSH have already realizes JGS is not into her. And that Melon awards MC’ing thing, were they act cute..i saw JGS actions are all for fan service, nothing more than that imo.

    • Hi Quirkie! 🙂

      Thanks in advance for your research on why MGY removed the song “Because It Was You” from her first BGM update…Looking forward to your next comment! 🙂 Ciao!

      • Sorry, bashful and quirkie, I think I didn’t see your comment why MGY removed “because it was you” please post it again.
        I wasn’t that concern about it. My analysis on it was that it was a message too…..meaning….she was sending it to JGS that it is because of him she will endure….. Taking it off was that I was thinking, she was just trying to give importance that she wants him to know that she will be praying for his safety and that also would make him know that he will be in her thought all the time and chosing I love you, 3x making an emphasising how much she loves him and just endure for a bit more and these making JGS running home so fast because seeing all these messages get him more eager to see her! And that maybe like I said earlier, maybe it was a signal that she has decided to go with him or it could be that he was missing her too wanted to spend the weekend with her 2 days more than planned! i can’t help it, I am always optimistic, don’t like thinking negative things!

    • Oh whats up with MGY deleting the “because it was you” from the list…my take, maybe she mistakenly post it since the order of the way she post the songs is pertaining he is liking someone or dedicating it to someone and people might get a hint to it? hehe MGY sweetie..i think you are already caught there keke..

      Quirkie dear..can’t wait for your GSI work haha..i know you will deliver a more meaty explanation. hehe..

  96. Hi jessi..re taking a nap at the same time…i live in the other side of the world from where you are and yeah it’s funny that coz of our love/addiction to this couple we forgot that we need to sleep and not stalked them 24/7 days a week haha…but it’s awesome to have a convo with everyone here..it’s a breath of fresh air to know how most of us love these two so much.

  97. Bashful : 3/6
    Aside from possibly buying JGS’ manager a bday present, I’d like to guess MGY was also at the mall to buy her Jagiya something to bring for the upcoming trip to London/Europe…A sweater?..A scarf?…Or a Hair Treatment product?… …Can’t help but remember that M3 ep with MR washing MG’s hair. (hehehe) ^_^
    Hi bashful..Oh yes girl agree here, since she was at the mall on that day and JGS was on the way home, perhaps she bought some presents for GunSama and yeah for her Jagiya as well, maybe something he can use going to Europe. A thing he would remember her while he is away 🙂

    • Or perhap she was buying stuff as preparation for THEIR upcoming Europe trip…you know since Jagiya is busy & may be too little time to shop since he must be busy doing the paper work & other work related for the Europe trip, she might as well shop for his things & hers too…perhaps like korean pack food, maybe some medicine & ointment they’re used or even clothes etc etc…I mean when going for trips its usually me who’ll be busy with shopping for stuff like this while the hubby just focus on the transportion, passport..all those boring technical aspect…

      BTW I’m a bit confuse here …according to Xiao Yu from GeunGeun Baidu posted by Hichimitsu…

      ~Then, on 3/4 afternoon——– Sure enough, Sukkie wrote a new message. The key words were: Returning home.
      Also on JKS Japan Twitter: I’m going home now… right away again I have to go to Europe… Ah… I’m scared.]

      Sukkie Ah…… Why is it that after MM’s new “waiting for you” message, you rushed straight home? Wasn’t the original plan to go home on the 6th? What is the reason for this? ~

      So when exactly did Sukkie rush home? According to his mssg posted on 4th March afternoon, he’s on the way home already…so he shud have reached Korea on the same day i.e Friday March 4th, 2 days earlier than his original schedule, right? But here Pipa said he was on the way home on the 6th? Cud it be possible it happen the same way as he return from his Elt mv filming in January 2011, when he return 2 days earlier than his schedule but reported later/fans updated the account a couple of days later…perhaps it happen the same way again this time…

      Anyway if he rtn 2 days earlier how did fans manage to see him leaving especially with Haneida strict rules or arrving in Seoul if his werent aware he’s coming back earlier? Unless the fan was also on a trip who happen to see him arriving the airport without intention of stalking him & knowing this ppl from JGS camp posted pictures & a clip of him arriving Seoul 2 days later to create confusion IF the fans who saw him on his actual date departure share her encounter on the net…this also remind me of the fan who saw JGS left Seoul to Tokyo on Feb 14, and not long after there’s another fan account with very vague description of JGS & the date she saw him…which made many of us confuse abt JGS where being on Feb 13th…thank God Jesse is very smart comparing the ‘weather report’ from her sister who lives in Tokyo…and becos of the word heavy snow she confirm rite away it was on the 14th & not the 13th that this fan who didnt even know JGS’s name whatever was seen in Tokyo…therefore confirming the other fan account is rite & that JGS was back in Seoul for several hours for God knows whatever reason…

      • Hi lxandra..sorry that you have confused my reply to Hachimitsu, my post was just today in your time, it’s alreadyMarch 7 here my place. I’m just agreeing to her that indeed JGS returned home on the 4th, coz when i saw airport pic at FB, someone commented and correcting the pipz that JGS is not going for Europe yet but going home and read he is leaving for Europe on the 8th.

      • lxandra, I love the idea that they are travelling together to Europe 🙂 and her Jagiya will do the buying of stuff for them to bring besides he has little time to do it, so it would be fun right? especially for JGS, he will be accompanied by her sweetie, and he will be in a good mood to do those posing while she is there beside him, cheering him to do good for his photobook. And while working, have a pleasure of checking out the place, video recording the moment since i know JGS loves to film things he loves to do. I know MGY are only took only a few units and can afford to go on leave if has no classes. 🙂

      • I’m with you here, MGY accompanying him so he won’t be lonely and the being around, the photo shoots will be a success! And the shpping part, I agree to that JGS being too busy, she is doing all the errand so her beloved will be able to rest! I’d like to think that all travelling documents are in order.

  98. Dear GSI,

    Something just pop-up in my mind when i listen to the rock version of JGS “Let me cry”. Remember the scene where MR wants to learn how to play guitar, she said that “I’m a rock star “GF” at least i have to learn how to play the guitar.” can’t remember her dialog exactly. may be that’s why JGS choose a rock song for his debut. don’t you guys think…… still searching for more clues…hehehhe..


  99. WOW WEEE!!! You girls!! Too amazing!! How do i live a life outside of my com with all of you sending Meat like this ,blow by blow?? Hahaha .Guess what , i gotta strong feeling MCY knows of AKP & she’s rewarding all us supporters wt these much much needed clues cos she can sense our feverish heated support! She can always just text him privately via phone right? OK , i know i said that i understand why hr needs to be less public in his love-notes via cy BUT now,I’m greedy for some REAL meaty cy statement thats super passionate & direct!! Come on JKS ,we totally approve & support you guys so FEED.US.BIG MEAT!!!

  100. Someone posted this before but I’m not sure:


    a different angle when MGY won the Top Excellence Actress Award.

    Starting at 0:54
    — JGS looked around as if saying, “Hah, eat your heart out! MY GIRL’S got it!” 😀

    –at 2:07 when he laughed fondly when MGY said (but I’m not sure) that she worked the hardest that year.

    –at 3:13 when he started pointing at himself for her to thank him.

    –beginning at 4:00 when he agreed and was proud of everything she said.

    –thumbs up to her at 4:44

    and at 4:57 when he had to drink as if he was the one who gave the speech. 😀

    In my opinion, their interactions spoke volumes. I just can’t get over these two and I’m so into this “Operation: Perfect for Each Other” of the GSI team. 🙂

    Seeing them, I can only remember one line from the movie Eclipse, when Renee, Bella’s mother was talking to her.

    “You’re different with him. He moves, you move. Like magnets. In love. I get it…”
    Good luck to the both of them…

    • “You’re different with him. He moves, you move. Like magnets. In love. I get it…”
      Nicely put there jinxthealleycat.. These two really are like magnet towards each other.. they keep crossing and bumping each other paths many times.. it’s like they were destined to be together.. Hopefully they really are destined to be together.. ^^

      • With all the “coincidences” I am definitely believe that they are fated……gosh, I can’t contain myself…..I am beside myself….can’t believe I am still going on with this! They got to get married, I need them to then I can go on with my life!!!! This is so unheard of my normal self!!!! It’s just all the signs are all bright like a big full moon! I don’t want them to miss it! I know that if they ignore them, they will not find an everlasting love story like mine….everyone should have a happy ending….everyone should experience it! Especially when it is so obvious to the naked eyes!!! Eels, followers, whatever you call yourselves….be generous and give signals to the two that it is alright for the them to be a couple. Don’t give them a hard time, let them be normal human being and have a normal lives as much as they can! I am imploring you! I pray to God that He will give more sign to them and followers so that they will accept the ultimate result.

    • Do you realize,they always have the same hair colors????…@ M3 Pressconf, @M3 drama and @KBS Drama Award 2010, who knows???beside outfit mayb they always chat abt their hair style…like MR said MG’s Hair is means everything in the world to him…it’s seem JGS too…
      Zanessa (Zac Efron&Vanessa Hudgens – pair in High school Musical 1-3), Robsten (Robert Pattinson&Kristen Stewart – pair in twilight saga) are bestfriend b4 being a couple…i dont know abt Geungeun????? Hoping our moon find her best man ASAP

  101. Hi Ladies – I just wanted to write a short note here that I am fully responsible for Hachimitsu’s post from earlier. It was my translation and my idea for her to post it here. If anyone gets mad about details being shared, please come find me. Sorry!! I promise to be an obedient fan girl from now on, even though it’s completely against my nature. 🙁

    P.S. JKS went back to Korea on 3/4. Positively positive he was in Korea on 3/5 since he said so himself. I guess when Mary shouts that she’s waiting, her little Mu Gyul comes running (as he should).

    Take care and goodbye!!

    • Thanx Lizzy…that’s clear up the confusion for me…so she did her shopping while her MG was back home huh? And it ‘s really cute that he actually ‘obliged’ his Mary calling for him….

    • I am liking this…putting my analysis into fruition! Almost! Just keep it coming….I like it when it is almost the same as my analysis……being their position before…..hopefully it will end up like mine!!!! Happy ending! Yes, lets keep on rooting for them and pray!

  102. JGS said on 4th March 2011

    “Also on JKS Japan Twitter: I’m going home now… right away again I have to go to Europe… Ah… I’m scared.]”

    MGY said on 6th March 2011

    “Tomorrow is Moonday. To spend a week that (you) want to remember”

    Now I wonder why JGS is scared? He’s scare to go to Europe? Why? Becos he’s scared being on board? But that never stop him before…didnt he just spent abt 5hr on flight last Jan for his Bangkok trip? And didnt he’s been travelling all over Japan-Korea via flight during his Japan LH recently…and gosh didnt he spent almost 10 hrs on board last summer to Hawaii…sure he’s not crazy abt flying but did he ever make such noises being scared and such before any of those trips? I dun thinks so….So why in particular he’s so scared abt this upcoming Europe trip? So scared abt spending another 10 – 11 hrs on flight? Huh??? Then why choose Europe for his dvd photoshoot when he has a choice to do it sumwhere closer to home? of cos sumwhere close to home has it disadvantage…ppl will recognised him more, and ppl will recognised ppl with him more *wink* unlike in Europe where they’re just like tourist from Asia…and I dun think he was talking abt being scared being on flight…he’s been travelling ll over the world the past year, thefore I’m sure he’s used to flying though he’s still not that crazy abt it…I bet he was talking that he’s scared or worried abt being caught with sumone while in Europe…they way he put it seems like he was scared yet excited>>>

    And as for MGY, what’s going to happen on Moonday? A day before JGS upcoming Europe trip? We know jGS is leaving on March 8th, rite but so far do we know what time is he leaving? No, rite? So his flight can be anytime from 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM on March 8th….so let’s just say MGY too is going sumwhere on MOONDAY for a week, if her flight happens to be on Tuesday March 8th @ 12:15 AM, surely she has to be in the airport latest by 11:30 PM MONDAY march 7th, dun you all think so? Abt 45 minutes before departure…even more so if they’re leaving via ‘You’re Beautiful’ style…since 2 famous persons are travelling together…so to get tru the custom check point without being detected or notice they’re together, they have to go in seperately abt 10 to 15 minutes apart from each other…

    See where I’m going with this…and I bet he’s being scared & her exciting Moonday is connected to one another….

    • Yes, that was my conclusion too! Did you all see the pictures posted at FB where JGS was looking around and was on the phone? Feeling was that he was constantly in contact with MGY, making sure that she has arrived at the airport, or checking where she was!

      • Sorry it was not at facebook I saw pictures of JGS at the airport on the phone on March 8/11, it was at Searsblog or something. I was just at facebook and MGY posted so sad to say, she is in Korea and a classmate was sitting with her on the 9th! This made me sad because I was hoping she is with JGS so he won’t be lonely….but it looks like she is missing him a lot with her message. Hopefully my other hope that is for JGS to surprise her with a ticket to follow him on the 14th will come to fruition!

  103. So what you ladies are saying is that they communicate with each other via the internet, is that right? If they are dating, why don’t they use the phone? Are you saying that this is fan service to tell us cause it makes no sense to me all the back and forth when they could just call each other. Oh and the JKS messages…..teasing is evil so keep them to yourself or tell us the whole thing not tidbits.

    • You doubt it? I have been on the boat Sharon boarded now. Why else would they? I hope no one mistakingly think that they are not aware of this forum here or the other ones for that matter. Their people have to know its part of PR. Im sure they brought it to their attention. I’m not delusional thinking that they read it diligently (if they don’t they SHOuLD, we got good stuff here 🙂 ) but I’m pretty sure they know…
      I had two predictions:
      1. MGY-JGS would be on to us and limit their cy postings, at least the ones that suggest smoothing between them.
      2. MGY-JGS would be more bold about it. Why? because it’s fun! For all we know they are not together and having a good laugh @ our expense but I DONT THINK SO! They are in love and want the world to know. They both have a history of sharing their feelings/ state of minds before, why stop why? We are the it fans we wants them to be happy (most of us do) so they are sharing it w us…don’t go making them regret it, you hear!…not u personally.
      RM 😉 they know who they are…haha

    • As I’ve been saying, I believe they’re more on testing on how their fans wud take it IF they are to reveal their relationship…surely they cannot come out and say “Hey, look here, I’m dating sumone now, so pls support us” Now that we wud call a dead meat in no time…and I bet even if he doesnt reveal who’s the girl they will find out in no time…and remember those Korean fans are very possesive unlike the Western fans or other part of Asia fans..they can be very abusive & from what I’ve seen so far the celebrities there, especially female are really scared of anti-fans…they can be very abusive in term of words and spreading rumours…and there are even some who was physically abusive…

      Singer & actress Yoon Eun Hye was shot with pepper water at close range into her eyes that one of her eye ‘s retina was severely damage…just becos she was a replacement for a Baby VOX member who’s contract was terminated…so this person was angry and blame YEH or sumthing like that…and becos of this anti YEH’s one eye almost blinded….

      Another incident when fans finds out KSW was dating STY & plan to marry her, they digg ALL her past relationship, calling her a ‘loose woman’ , “bi***” and all kind of abusive nickname that KSW had to come out crying & begged his fans to stop doing it…and it only ended when he still wed her in the grandiest wedding of the year…

      Becos of her role in the King & I, actress Goo Hye Sun was badly criticised by anti-fans…it was so bad that she was so scared to even step out of her house. Her mom kept checking on her every few hours just to make sure she didnt do anything stupid….it went on until she starts filming another drama….

      These are few examples of how scary these Korean antifans can be…in Hollywood its the papparazzi who stalk the celebrities but at least they do it for a living…however in Korea its the fans who stalk the celebrities day and night…Idol star Kim Hyun Joong practically went out and chase his fans off his property personally telling them to get a life & not stupidly wasting their time stalking him…now he keep on moving houses until his fans lost track where he’s staying….

      As for JGS & MGY mssgs in the net, I’m sure they’ll use phones for detail planning & for more intimate conversation but wasnt it fun for both of them leaving messges in a subtle way via the net? Doesnt JGS just loves browsing the net every spare time he can get? And remember too how MGY wants more ppl to have the same dream? How are we, the fans, going to have the same dream as hers if we are totally clueless…so hinting here & there is good for her fans to have the same dream as hers dun you think so…and so far she & JGS too has been guiding us into a beautiful dream, hopefully the exact same dream as their dream..

      • I like your way of thinking. And I hope that these two will be strong and hold steadfast – love, trust and be loyal are the keywords for a strong relationship. Like the way the Korean say “fighting”. No matter what the anti say, these three quality in a relationship will bring them to the ultimate happy ending….just get married while they are abroad if they are not yet then by the time they come back, it’s a done deal. Hearing about Koran fans now me realized why JGS likes to do his Lounge H more in Japan, I was thinking, the only reason is he has more fans there.

  104. Hi RM ,I think both their phone are totally heated up calling each other since their ‘best buds’ & since JKS is well known as Mr.tele-text king .(We’v also read that he seems to call MCY every drop of the hat like the instance of singing to her ,Halloween etc etc.) So, you’re quite right in saying its kind of a fan service to us. And we’re v grateful for it!! They’re rewarding us for our support ,i guess. Can you imagine if they just do d normal way of calling/texting each other ,then go meet each other on d quiet ,then what about us?? How do we get our daily nourishment? The Geuns know we need this! I think they randomly read our stuff cos its really ALOT of details & frankly, I don’t think their English is good enuf to understand the CSI intricates. Like Quirkie said , I’m on my happy Geun ship to MoonStar planet!!

    Oh did you all read, his meet in Japan has sold out! 18,000 people wanted tickets!! Tics sold out in 2 hrs!!Whilst S’pore still has lotsa tickets left!! Hey, Spore! he may not come by here next time, if we’re so sluggish in supporting one half of the Geun couple!

    • Wow..i love that most of us here are in unison with regards to their Cy posting that it’s their way to give back to the fans who adores them and perhaps giving us a daily dose of Geun-Geun Vitamins to keep us motivated through out the day hahaha..

      @Sharon, really, the tix sold that fast? I guess JGS is really that in demand in Japan huh.. so happy for him and he deserves it.

  105. To me, I don’t see anything wrong if MGY or JGS show fans their cyber chatting. Some Korean celebs are into it and besides what’s the purpose of having their own cyworld if they are not going to use it to share their personal feelings, views or what not.

    Yeah, I believe too like the gals here that our adorable Geun’s knows this site and them sharing a little tiny bit of their relationship would be fun and give them perhaps at least an idea if fans will accept it or as they say testing the water first. And I do too agree yes, if they are going out, a cell phone is the best way to communicate. But let’s face, though they are rich and can afford of spending money for calling. I’m sure they know the value of their hard earned money, spending on overseas calls is quite a lot these days, especially JGS whose work are always overseas and he has other business to attend to. So, MGY being the understanding GF she is, doesn’t mind using the internet to communicate with him on occasional basis, especially if she is not busy as well.

  106. Hiii…i think i got curiously abt timing that show every time we post our comment…i’m from Jakarta,Indonesia and now is March 7th 22:00 pm…Captain Okoala where are you from??? Answer my curiosity,pleeeeeaaaassssseeee….

  107. I cant help post this April 2010 interview here.. the full interview
    @ http://geungeuncouple.blogspot.com/2011/03/jang-keun-suks-interview-in-trendy.html

    O = True
    X = False

    The place where JKS wants to be kissed most is his face. –> X
    (JKS answer: Neck)

    **Ermm…didnt we say this before…that JGS keeps pressing MGY’s head in his neck…and she keeps on burrying her nose & face at his neck, God knows what she was doing there!!! Anyway they both seems very comfortable & natural doing this…as if they have A LOT of practice doing this by themselves…
    First love is in Primary Six. –> X
    (JKS answer: In secondary one, had a crush on teacher)

    **This is cute…in interview since 2007 to 2009 when asked abt his 1st love he always said the girl he met when he study in NZ in 2003…and in 2010 he chg his answer to Primary 6 with his teacher? How so? Seems to me like he’s being more thoughtful abt sumone’s feeling & refrain himself talking abt his ex gf over & over again…Perhap he has experience the ‘wrath’ of his current gf that he’s now being more tactful when talking abt his past relationship or any girls for that matter…beside MGY of cos…which also remind me how he ignored PSH during SBS awards *wink*
    Most favourite activity is skiing –> X
    (JKS said he is afraid of cold and doesn’t like the cold.)

    **Why do I have this feeling he has too much similarity with KMG? He hates cold & doesnt like winter…when many people loves winter….I notice many plot & characteristic in M3 chg from the original manhwa…and I remember MR scolding MG saying that “For a guy who hates cold, why do you have to run around in cold weather?” or sumthing along the line…cud it be they adjust the character & the lines to JGS real life character? And MGY was doing her own adlib when scolding MG being in the cold?
    And from fb
    “[Note: Monday is wol-yoil 월요일 in Korean. The Korean hanja for “wol” means “moon”.
    So Moon often says Moonday for Monday because she loves the moon :)]

    **OKAY!!!! SO MGY loves the ‘moon’…HTK from YB loves the ‘moon’…JGS loves the ‘moon’

    Now I seriously wonder if HTK’s script abt the ‘moon’ was JGS’s creative adlib to make it up to sumone & to cool off her anger for his unthoughtfulness being playfully flirty with PSH in the 1st few episode bts…not realising his action wud create scandal between him & his costar…afterall he did this before with his other female partners in other drama but nobody make such a big deal abt it since most of them are several years older than him…unlike PSH who is a younger partner in a drama for the 1st time for him…perhaps it just slip his mind to be more careful with younger costars…and since the moon script & moon song came in later episode in the drama, it obviously looks like sumone was trying to give mssg to his jealous gf…what’s the sentence again….”No matter how many stars there are, I only see the MOON”…OMG I tot we were speculating just for fun but now I wonder if we are seriously right…and also the “fly me to the moon” song he sang in YB & HEH played the song for MGY at her radioshow…Now cud this be ‘HER song’ ? Or even better, cud this be ‘THEIR song’ ? You know how it is when couples has their own song…I mean me & my other half has one too since we dated years ago & everytime we heard the song now, we’re like “awww, this song….” so perhaps “Fly me to the Moon” is their song too…funny that between these 2 ppl I heard this old song many, many times already…

    And after M3, out of so many song title tin the world & songs ELT have in their albums, the one that JGS agree to participate was the one that has the ‘Moon’ title…hmmm, seems like he has much luck with the ‘moon’ huh? From gf to mv…keke

    • I like your way of thinking. And I hope that these two will be strong and hold steadfast – love, trust and loyal are the keywords for a strong relationship. Like the way the Korean say “fighting”. No matter what the anti say, these three quality in a relationship will bring them to the ultimate happy ending….just get married while they are abroad if they are not yet then by the time they come back, it’s a done deal. Hearing about Koran fans now me realized why JGS likes to do his Lounge H more in Japan, I was thinking, the only reason is he has more fans there.

    • My takes about the moon thingy is, destiny keep on directing JGS to that direction-MGY but I like your analysis too. Liking it very much because it means I can relax a bit because, if you are right about them being in relationship since around 2008, I am sticking my gun that maybe they are secretly married already that is why by MMM, despite the show of shyness on the first kiss, it is more shyness for everyone to witness. And the rest, that is why they look so natural together……(I was secretly married too to my husband just few months before the church…..my husband’s decision….. When I finally told my mom after our church wedding, my mom said that my husband sure wants to make sure I can’t change my mind and tied me very tight…..didn’t realized it then, but it did make me happy to think that he love me that much!)

    • This post about the answer and question….I think I saw this at the blog of fated couple and I commented on it too because, even though I am very new to this, and I just got this GeunGeun Virus only this Dec.2010. I’ve done a lot of research on the internet, that is my personality…..When I am curious about something, person, medicine herbs or whatever, I do a lot of checking on the internet and I don’t stop until my curiousity is satisfied with the answer. I am total confused…..because (and the problem is I can’t remember which sites I got the info) the answers are a bit different….favourite color, asked if blue, actually he had 3 colours – blue, earth colour and beige. What he thinks is his best feature, he said in one interview is his neck and I am sure the translation was right bec. he touched his neck, that why when asked where want to be kiss he said neck I was not surprise bec, when he was asked too what he usually like in a girl, he said nice neck…..and I noticed how he like putting MGY on his neck, esp at the episode where Wi Marii told him why they went to top of a building…then about not liking the cold, but according to my research, he likes skiing and snowboarding….. That is why I wanted to send him a note, where I don’t know, hahahaha to invite him to come to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada because we have several mountains here that even international celebrities and princesses and princes of England go there to ski and snowboard. Then planned to cook for them….I am fairly a good cook but my husband is a better cook, no he is not a cook but an accountant! Amyway, all I care is for this two find happiness.

  108. Lxandra you’re so rite! 🙂
    And on the other thread I had posted something from the radio interview where MGY admitted to having night blindness!! She was bumping into things during the play Closer when the lights went out embarrassing herself 🙂 …..another coincidence?

  109. Hi lxandra! thanks for sharing the interview..it was fun and interesting to read. I wonder whats with the neck that he find nice to be kissed, i thought he has a sensitive one? Or maybe it depends on the person who kissed it hehe…

    And he said, he likes skiing but not used to cold/winter? hmmm.. Didn’t MGY also said recently at HEH radio show, it’s cold that day and he doesn’t like it too? i’m sure i read at the translated interview.

    • “I wonder whats with the neck that he find nice to be kissed”

      If you want to be technical (going back to anatomy class…) It’s a guy thing (and sometimes a girl thing). The vega nerve runs up the side of the neck and connects to the pleasure center in the brain. Most men like being kissed or nibbled on the neck and that is the reason why. Sorry if that is too much information LOL.

      • Hi Lollypop, love that detailed info, so no worries. Now, it makes more sense hehe..thanks! 🙂

      • @pipa – Glad some of my college education comes in handy. 🙂 I can envision women here now kissing and nibbling their men’s necks to see what happens! Heh heh

    • I think he is sensitive there so when get kiss there, he feels more….whatever….
      Did anyone saw the interview about finding out what typr of woman JGS likes and there several women and also pictures? And befor they started one woman asked JGS what he usually look at I think or what is the best feature he notices first in a woman and he said nice neck and somewhere another interview when he was asked what is he think is his best feature, he said neck too…..He has an obsession about neck!!! So there that is why I think he like being kiss on the neck………oh no, my imagination is going wild now, talking about the neck…. remember about MGY being all wrapped up with same colour scarf as JGS? Around January 24 or something, I can’t remember! But the thing is being all wrapped up even when you think the place got to have heater, I am thinking that MGY have lots of love marks on her neck…..e-rated….sorry….too much vivid imagination!

    • Ha ha! Squishy faces! So who is that behind the camera in MGY’s pic? The mouth and nose look familiar… I like the woman’s expression the the left hand side. LOL

      • Hmm..yeah, the one taking the pic reflection is familiar as well, his nose and lips seems like JGS?..but i saw another pic of MGY in same manner, it was a lady staff i think taking the pic, i see nail polish on her fingers. I think that bts was during MR-MG running off from MR father in a bike.

    • No, this is picture of MGY was when the Tiponim (director) put her inside the van of JGS at MMM, remember when JGS was fixing things on the street and he is sitting beside the van and MGY went running ahead bec the other guy was coming to return the guitar…..
      And on JGS picture from Thailand, I am using an Ipad right now, and I notice a shadow behind him, I just enlarged it, and there is a woman inside wrapped fully on the head but the eyes looks like MGY…..please confirm it to me….or am I just wishful thinking!

      • No behind, in front! Gee, this what happen when all you do is tract down anything to do with the Geun2x couple!!

  110. I posted a cute and hilarious same pics of our Geun’s from FB, but still in awaiting moderation… I hope the captain will approve it.

  111. @ Rory’s Mom- I wasn’t going to reply because I don’t enjoy picking fights with “strangers” (as in I can’t see face-to-face), but I felt your comment warranted a response. Over the weekend, I noticed the squee-worthy parts of JKS’s messages had not made it over to this forum, so I decided to ask someone to post here to share with all of you. That same evening there was another official post from Tree J warning all fans that everything posted on JKS’s official sites including pics, messages, and news are for private viewing only, not to be shared. I immediately felt guilty, not for sharing, but because I implicated the original blogger and also Hachimitsu who posted for me. The rules are strict and I don’t want to be banned from his main site and the Chinese forum, especially if the news I share isn’t appreciated. It wasn’t my goal to “tease” anyone with bits of his message, so I will be sure not to do it again.

    Take care.

    • NO! NO! Please LizzyD!
      WE APPRECIATE you! It’s bad enough Hachimitsu and yourself only make special guests appearances 😉 Don’t mind the……you know what I mean, I know I don’t. It comes with the forum…Ok?! 😉

      • RM sweetie!
        I meant don’t mind the disagreements but couldn’t find the right words and was trying to avoid what just happened now…I apologize if you got offended as I was referring to anyone with opposing opinions. If anything I like having you around so I can work harder to show you that JGS is worthy of having you as a fan, just like MGY. I just don’t think is fair to judge him when we only know what we read about him, same with MGY I’m a big fan of hers but trust I also have an opinion of my own when it comes to her too…but it’s not about us, it’s their lives they can do whatever they want as long as they hurt anybody. No one is perfect…friends again? * attempting a hug* 😉

    • Don’t mind me. Sad that we didn’t stay friends. You and your opinions and writings are more appreciated on this blog than mine. I get blasted every which way cause I am of the opinion that they are not together but I post to defend MGY and I know you love him dearly. So when I say that that teasing is evil, I am actually attacking him cause I would never pay to be anybody’s fan not even MGY. Don’t take it personally, it is not you, it is the eel king himself that I AM ATTACKING. You once agreed with me on how eels are, you are better than that. Peace is a wonderful thing and so is detente.

      • Why are you attacking JSG, sweetie? If you don’t agree with his entreprenurial methods, simply don’t subscribe to his products. I’m rarely bugged by anything because if I don’t agree with it, then I simply move on. Its easier just to stay away from entertainers you don’t see eye-to-eye with either in performances or real life personas.

        Just my 2 cents~ 🙂 Continue to express your opinion, of course, I just think its less aggravating to not track his behavior if you don’t approve of it already.

        Kinda like me and some actors/actresses who shall remain unnamed, but I stay the hell away from cuz they annoy me.

        I love to hear everyone’s comments, so don’t think I’m muzzling you~

      • RM sweetie! I meant don’t mind the disagreements but couldn’t find the right word and was trying to avoid what just happened i apologize if you got offended as I was referring to anyone with different opinions. If anything I like having you around so I can work harder to show you that JGS is worthy of having you as a fan, just like MGY. I just don’t think is fair to judge him when we only know what we read about him, same with MGY I’m a big fan of hers but trust I also have an opinion of my own when it
        comes to her too…but it’s not about us, it’s their lives they can
        do whatever they want as long as they hurt anybody. No one is
        perfect…friends again? * attempting a hug*

      • I agree with ockoala! I’m like that also, I refrain & stay away from things I don’t agree or liked. Expressing one’s opinion is okay as long as you’re not being repetitive about it. If you happen to comment on a topic & get a negative reaction from others don’t be disheartened it is your opinion & nobody will take that away from you. I guess after giving to it (your opinion) don’t keep urging on that same topic to keep the peace. He he he!

    • Please Ms. LizzyD, I HOPE you are not serious on what you said, we love you here and we always think you contribute so much in this forum. This forum will not be a complete Geun-Geun family if one of the foundation will be leaving us.

    • Oh That’s sad LizzyD but I can understand your point & Tree J also. It is basically the reason why they prohibit posting his messages in other blog to prevent others from misunderstanding him & later on bashes him but the thing is you did not post the whole message just some part that I think is okay to let other fans that are not part or registered to his Official Fan Club to know. If I’m not mistaken the blogger put a note there that some parts of the message is not allowed to be posted so it is already edited & filtered. It’s not your fault girl I know how you love JKS & will always defend him. I hope you will change your mind in giving us news tidbits about him (especially us who are not registered to his OFC).

    • i haven’t comment much lately cause i have no time, but i try to follow and read all the comments. please lizzy d keep commenting.
      i’m also jgs’ fan, love him dearly, and anything related to him is my interest. wish i can join his fan club, but it’s so difficult to me, due to dollars restrictions (but he’s the only one i’d do it for)

  112. LizzyD, I hope that the little tidbits really won’t stop coming… For people like me who can’t read either Korean or Chinese… We greatly appreciate tour relay of information…. Is there any way we can keep it more “confidential” like jKs wanted but still have people who are similar to me and can’t access the websites to know?

    • Hi N,
      To answer your questions:
      Don’t name names, keep it general enough that it is believable but up for debate, and intentionally omit credits. I know that’s how I do it. Not that I want to claim the information as my own but i want to limit access to the information and monitor as much as i can how it is transmitted. In other words, keeping his secret and at the same time allowing us to dream right along with them 😉

    • i remember the scene when mae ri wear that sweater.. it was after she’s mad with mu gyul because of seo joon confession on tv.. But i doubt the color of the sweater is the same with the one jgs is wearing.. Gosh i better rewatch M3 again then.. ^^

  113. I don’t know if JKS and MGY are reading this particular blog or not but which chance is slimmer?
    They’ve never seen or paid attention to any blogs related geun-geun couple, or one day checking the internet for anything
    About him/herself, happen to see all these JKS-MGY mentioning comments, peek into it for sheer curiosity of seeing what’s ppl are taking? Honestly, a reasonable thinking suggests me the former is the slim chance.
    Im not saying they are reading this and feeding us the signal using cy world or twitter but if my assumption that ‘they are AWARE of this Geun-Geun fever’ is right, I don’t think MGY or JKS will drop those mysterious and suggestive messages to feed us sharks(!) here, if there is no romance going on between them. I simply don’t think they are that heartless individuals. Those who doubt about them dating or loving each other, still agree with me that JKS and MGY will not fool around with their fans, don’t u?
    this is why I think they are already dating and like lxandra says testing the water. Plus, what do u want to do whn u r in love? Wanna tell the whole world that u r in love. Secrecy is not the nature of love. They talk on the phone, text each other and that is still not enough for any young couples. Think about it, if they have some secret codes, using those in Cy World or twitter, what is more exiting for the lovers? Let them use any public communication tools for their selfish(!) reason, the young two lovebirds deserve it! Sorry for my poor ESL skill. Hope you kindly understand my point but if anyone think WHTH im talking about, feel free to ask me.

  114. Ladies, it takes a lot to hurt my feelings, I always say that I love the back and forth. I was only letting LizzyD know she is much appreciated and have no problem with anybodies opinion except antis. We will move along cause there is nothing to see here.LOL

  115. Hii… glad to read all the latest postings here…
    – About JGS called MGY informally, I thought that was just during M3 making? such as 1 we can see at one of the BTS. were there any other moments..? That is why i’m not buying they were dating bfore M3, I only believe that they do have feeling for each other before M3 but only hv the chance to explore/deepened it during M3. But they do be friends before M3 although I guess not that close hence the akwardness (esp JGS bcoz his feeling was deeper than her, I guess, plus he was in uncertainty about MGY’s). But during the negotiation of MGY to be the cast of M3, I suspect they bcome closer than ever and thats why they R very close on the presscon. Short time dont count, bcoz I’ve been there myself, being very close with my colleages within less than 1 week, when I hv a long term co-working ahead. About all the matched outfit : I say those r unplanned by them. that is why I say they deserve to be called fated couple bcoz the matched outfit just like being destined to, out of their plan. About the butterfly & other accessories: welll… I think JGS was the one whose trying to meet his dearest one’s taste here to get her attention…. lol…

    about blaming JGS for PSH weakness…. actually I didnt blame him for the afterward effect. It was the beginning that I resented so much. He knows his attraction very well, and still he went blatantly/pretentiously possesive (such as professing “i’m perfect, & U r mine”). even though it was only a playful thing but those kind of things can make women suddenly can spread wings and fly without warning…. when he didnt mean it, he shouldnt do it… poor PSH…

    – I’m not against JGS, actually I’m a geungeun shipper (more becoz I’m MGY big fan), thats why I’m here. But I’m getting cold feet lately bcoz I thought he were never responding to MGY’s posting (which I learn from these late updates werent true, Thank God!).
    – “JGS is so in love with himself”. I still think so, not just bcoz he himself ever said that (I’ve read that swhere bt forgot where), but also that is my conclusion from several comments he make. He is an arrogant man, not in every terms but just in terms of his attraction capability, that it sometimes difficult to distinguish from honesty. What he believe about his attraction is true, though…. he IS a dangerously, irresistibly attractive man, and whoever got his LOVE is indeed a lucky girl. but arrogancy is still arrogancy…what else can I say…. I hv to tell my truth for ballance…
    But to be fair…. evrybody hv their spots…r’nt they? …and…hey…. that’s the only spot I know about him (aside from the sometimes weird taste of outfit/hairstyle/acts, but, hey… them celebrities…). the rest of him, especially his humorous and his polite and attentive attitude to his fans are SUPER! ANd many more that will take me days to count here….. So in resume: I’m not against him, infact I like him much (although not as much as MGY), but I hv to be true with my judgement.

    @lxandra :
    So U watch TREE OF HAVEN? I’ve watched that too long..long time ago… but it didnt hit me that much. heartwrenching but overly doing I think… so I didnt get to the end.
    About the withdrawal syndrome of PSH….. I presume U’ve already read the link (as me think U r 1 of the experts here), but in case others havent yet, try this….
    PSH& JGS were interviewed in tandem in this. It didnt articulately say that JGS never visit her in hopital but he did say that he cut all the communication to give her time to heal from her withdrawal syndrome. I say that was a good decision. what was not good was the beginning, the early episodes of YAB where he was so playfully toward her. honestly I dont like it. But again, people make mistakes… I only hope that he didnt repeat that. BTW, I only watch YAB untill the spitting scene, after that I dropped, I gave-up. Honestly I dont enjoy it that much to make me finish it. May be bcoz I dont like the minam character. I love K-drama such as beautiful days, thank you, cinderella’s sister and of course M3 (best romcom I ever see, still watch it over & over, what’s happening with korean audiences taste???). (ps : But I did read s’where that he himself admitted he didnt visit her at the hospital for her sake).

    Hii…. Wow…. U really make my day here pal…..! First time I know about M3 was when I watch SKKS DVD and there was M3 trailer at the last SKKS episode. I got hillarious & the picture there were so amazing, it is MGY! So I roamed the market to get the DVD & thank God I got it. then, it was the first time I know about JGS. Actually, I’ve watched several movies and dramas of JGS before (Baby & me, doremifasol, BV, early episodes of YAB) but I never noticed him that much. Only in M3 that I noticed him, probably bcoz the chemist here was unbelieveably strong that I’m starting to act like a parent in search for in laws. I began to think that how wonderful it wud be if they r for real. But I got cold feet after reading postings here that MGY responding to JGS posting but I didnt find his respons back, so I think better be yesung or CJM for her bcoz those two really into her and I want her to be loved and admired as I am toward her. But now your posting of Xiao yu’s translation has rekindled my hope back. HE is indeed head over heels to HER! What a day! So I think I’m back on aboard…..O, I wish they dont make us wait for the good news too long…..
    TQ hachimitsu….
    BTW, do you… or anyone here… happen to have information what’s JGS reaction to the prank of MGY/KJW set upon him…? It must be very fun to analize….Lol…
    Sorry…capt…. this may be the longest comment hey..? Lol…. TQ vm….

    • cotto- after reading the interview that you just posted, thanks by the way, whoah!!! it seems as if Park Shin Hye every other line was subliminally screaming: “I LIKE YOU GEUN SUK OPPA!” Quite literally too….. if you guys haven’t read it, read it and you’ll understand! she’s always talking about how much she admires him, how handsome he is, and how she’s so envious and shy that he was soo handsome and “perfect” and felt relieved when she saw a more goofy side to him.

      • You’re right N. What caught my attention in this interview is : “how handsome oppa was, how perfect oppa was, always looking at oppa’s face… (ALWAYS OPPA)” No wonder this girl will surely have a hard time letting go of her character if not will have a nervous breakdown (maybe that’s why she is hospitalized). And take note JKS surely is always talking on the phone with someone who is not the producer of the drama (just what he claims). PSH confirmed it that is not work-related. Ha ha ha!

    • Hi cotto 62.. i’ve read the article you posted about JGS and PSH interview.. And btw about PSH being hospitalized and JGS didn’t come to see her was also in part 3 of the interview.. http://kaedejun.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/jang-geun-suk-and-park-shin-hye-interview-part-iii/

      From what i’ve read from that interview, what i can see is JGS and PSH were just co-stars who happens to have a lot of fun shooting YAB.. They are more like friends to me and nothing romantic.. While in the other hand, i think PSH does have feelings for other co-star (Yong Hwa).. Notice how she described him very detail and with so much adoration when being asked about nick names and constantly praising him for always helpful to her on set..
      PSH: Geun Suk oppa said that his dream type of girl is “with good taste at things and like a good mother, like the women from the Renaissance period.” If you look at him closely, you will see his British duke-like side. So I call him “Mr. Renaissance,” “Renai-Jang” in short. At first oppa looked forward to seeing me as his dream type of woman, but instead of that he saw a cheerful and bubbly me, and called me “Avant-artist type,” therefore I earned the nickname “Avant-Hye.” Hong Ki is originally a shining star, so he’s “Hong-Star”! As for Yong Hwa, because he is very quiet… Although he doesn’t talk much, he is hardworking and down to earth. But he also has times when he puts down his quiet self and reveals his true self. Like an onion so the more you look at him, the more attractive you think he is.
      and this one..
      PSH: Yong Hwa has a lot of patience. When I reached a certain point that I wanted to give up during the shooting, he was the one who saved me. A dangerous and superb person!

      It’s too bad that marry me mary didn’t get much publication so we can only see limited interaction between our geuns.. But even with that limited exposure of the geuns, look how much chemistry and proof of love we got from them.. ^^

  116. @Quirkie…..
    MGY did not admitted “night blindness”. she merely saying that she had difficulty in seeing in the dark when the lights suddenly turn-off. This phenomen is normal when people suddenly put into darkness after the highly light/shining room as in stage. people will need several seconds at the least to adapt to the darkness. While “night blindness” is a symptom of/disease caused by hypovitaminoses (Vit A)…lol… that’s what I know pal…. MGY eyes aretoo beautiful and clear to hv such disease…

  117. cotto62: Yay Moon lover.
    Anytime I read comments from Koreans who live there, they use the same word about JKS, arrogant. This is not an attack on his talent and capabilities but his personality. I never see that word associated with actors like Huyin Bin who even when he was here in Seattle was very approachable. Actors and entertainers can ill afford to be arrogant because we the fans make them famous. Lately (maybe it’s this blogs influence on me) I have noticed a calm in him and his eyes tell me that he is extremely happy. MGY may be the reason because they got closer as friends but no one here gives attention to her grandmother. That woman would influence MGY in every way, of this I am sure. Also if you see pictures of JKS mom. MGY hardly wears make-up and yes she dresses very casual but that is her style. I think the two worlds would have a lot of hard work to meld but everything is possible where love is concerned.
    I totally agree with you on the PSH thing. He should have been more careful especially if he noted the signs of a crush coming from her but he cannot stop someone from having feelings for him. She is ultimately responsible for herself. When MGY and him made the famous pinky promise, she went on with her life and he with his. I read somewhere that he used to write letters to MGY to be his girlfriend, she told him to stop. My point is that we as women cannot blame a guy for being a flirt or friendly.
    Yay Moon.

    • HHAHAH RM thats hilarious. he use to write her letters…. cute. I love MGY, i think she’s so great!

      and i completely understand where you’re coming from (comment below).

    • p.s. i believe Huyn Bin comes off so humble is due to the background he came from. If i’m not wrong, i think i read somehwere that Huyn Bin was a struggling artist before he was finally discovered and came from a poor family? could be wrong. as for JGS, he’s been a star since he was a little boy so people have been feeding his ego since he was wee small. hence, the arrogance.

      • being the only child in the family, it won’t be suprising if JKS gets all the love and always become the center of attention esp. fr. his parents. that might make him have so much confident. for me, what makes him admirable is his respects, loves and cares for his parents.

  118. Remember, JGS is only 23 and is still very young. Humans tend to flirt subconsciously, whether they intend to or not. I don’t think that what he did was to be malice or get PSH to fall for him, and in return was trying to make her feel more comfortable during that shot and was being goofy. Yeah, JGS may come off pretty arrogant sometimes, but what 23 year old boy doesn’t? if anything, the guys in the states that are 23 years old behave on a different level of douchebaggery. i personally don’t know much about JGS, and i haven’t been a fan either. However, I still feel the urgency to speak up on his behalf. If girls fall for him, he can’t really do anything about it. Should he just stop talking and making appearances, or be an extreme case of an introvert while on set for a drama? Point is, for someone whom is just 23 his accomplishments are amazing… and his talent is also something that should be recognized. With MGY or not, JGS as an individual has done nothing wrong. He’s only human, and the mistakes that he makes in life will continue on. In order for him to grow as an individual and an artist, he’s going to have to continue making mistakes. No one is perfect…. He is just like one of us, Korean star or not I don’t see why we should judge him on a more critical level than any other regular human being. And for the most part, I think he makes a great role model. Unlike celebrities in the US, Miley Cyrus, Vannessa Hudgens and whatnot whom have been caught doing drugs, leaking out naked photos and whatnot; JGS has more class and dignity than that. If anything, you guys shouldn’t be critical about the artists but the Korean standards that the artist have to abide by. My perception might sound liberal, but keep in mind that I am an asian American whose parents are first generations in the United States with very traditional values. Therefore, all the typical asian values that are still practiced in Asia, my parents are still a hundred times worse due to them being old fashion. I don’t mean this as an attack on you guys, I genuinely enjoy reading your comments and your perception on everything. I just couldn’t stand it when the general public has outrageous standards for JGS. Regardless of what happens, I believe that MGY as a person would be great for JGS to grow old with. If they end up together that’s beautiful, if they don’t that’s okay too. I think they are great as individuals, but even better when together. So I only hope that they can continue doing what they are doing and manage to find happiness within the little things.
    As for JGS and MGY possibly reading this forum, I also highly doubt it. Its possible because AKP is one of the few websites that do features on the Geun-Geun couple; however, I’m not sure if AKP would pop up in Korean search engine. Anyway, someone stated that they probably wouldn’t be able to read English very well anyway. I would actually beg to differ. I can’t speak on MGY’s behalf because I’ve never heard her try to speak English, JGS on the other hand can speak and understand basic English. As long as its not too complex or filled with vocabulary he can understand it.

    • I agree with you on that. S. Korea is a developing country but their values & tradition is still rooted in the past that’s why their expectation on Korean celebrities differs from us who are brought up in a more liberal one. I myself is an Asian & still conservative in some points but my thinking got more liberal because of exposure to other cultures & of course education. I heard a lot about them from my fellow countrymen who works there, some are bad & some are good. I understand why JKS is getting a flak from his countrymen because a very outspoken young man & liberal minded that he is will not meet their ideals of what should be a conduct of one that is young . Respecting the elder is the thing there (although it is one values that Asian should be proud of). But reasoning out & expressing one’s opinion against your elders is big no no. I heard he was lambasted because of his role in Beethoven virus wherein he go against his teacher/mentor because of differing opinions. Imagine him getting that just because of a role/character his portraying in a drama?

      Well, as I’ve said before maybe we just have a different level of acceptance hence the differing point of views. In this world really nobody is perfect…..

    • To N, I agree 100% to all of the above….. I really get annoyed when people criticize these people when all about them are what is posted or read about…personally, we don’t really know them! Interviews I’ve seen of JGS, always impresses me, though in Korean, even without translation and I don’t understand, because they either can answer right away or if not takes only seconds….when translated, always makes sense…always appropriate to the questions. Maybe people take it as arrogrant, but I take it as intellegent… Knowledgable… Maybe sometimes look remote, maybe too tired? Been in the industry for almost 20 years, he learn to look arrogrant because he needs to put distance to others? He work so hard that I feel sad for him because he looks withdrawn sometimes.But being with MGY, brings the best of him I
      think because I see him more happy…I do believe that they have been a couple for a bit longer than MMM after being in forum. My thoughts, they were only spotlighted when they are featured in an awards put together, but think about, why do these people partner them often when they have any drama or movie together? How come JGS always look so happy when they are together and so is MGY in her shy way? For me, for him admitting that he shouted when he found out that MGY was his partner for MMM and having waited to start it to accommodate her schedules tells me that got something to do with him….he was the one asked first to do the role, felt that he suggested her to be his partner or else…..why, maybe feeling is that being a couple for a long time, and him being partner with someone and always having to assure MGY that it is only in the movie or drama is tiring…and vise versa since I heard he gets jealous….so if they are together, nothing to explain, right….am I making sense, I am not proof reading this ‘coz with this Ipad being too sensitive, sometimes it get erased or I end up all the way to the top! And that since MMM, they seems to be little open, press conference & KBS Award, felt, they have excuse of being together because of MMM, people saw them hug and kiss already.
      On Cotto62- if,that is a big if for me, that you don’t believe that they were a couple before MMM, relationship, love, especially when chemistry is the main ingredient & also when fated, you can’t put time frame….I should know and anyone who is married to their fated better half….especially JGS, he had feelings already for MGY, ever since, never denied, maybe change subject because in respect to MGY request not to make it public, or like what is been said here that Korean fans are obsessive and hurtful so he is just protecting
      her…. for me their action speaks louder than words….MGY being a woman, we women tend to be shy about broadcasting our feeling, she herself said that when she like someone (radio interview recently) she doesn’t show, we don’t do the first move…..it has been oriented to us, especially if you are Asian like me, that we don’t show it, men has to do the first move, that is why it is our disadvantage in a way…. After MMM being together, it was harder for them to be separated longer, why? Being together in a drama, they didn’t have to pretend that is why I think it looks so natural, they didn’t have to do a lot of explaining, no need to be jealous of the costar…. if my guess is right maybe they got secretly married during that time…..JGS once said in an interview that
      once he sees the right woman, he’ll marry her the next day! I wish I can find
      that interview again then I can share. If they just married during that time they have endurance, fated couple usually can’t last that long, my husband made sure we were married as soon as we can less than a year! I bow on JGS for endurance to be able to wait this long. Maybe they were never as intimate as before MMM and now they have done a lot of hugging and kissing (& married and all that) it is harder for them to be separated….. when you love someone so much, just being around them, sitting beside them, just being able look at them, being just in the same room, knowing that other person is just within reach makes you so happy and content…being away even for a second feels like you are missing something….unsettled…that is how I feel until now even in my advanced age and being married for 29 years… and that is why I
      feel for this couple…. Why I think they been a couple longer than MMM, 2009 SBS Award, press conference, see how MGY holds on JGS, possesive hold even public camera notices it that they focus on it or focus on them. 2010 KBS Award, see how they are sitting, closer than the rest, the way how sometimes they are oblivious of their surrounding…how they talk too closely together…the look on their faces when one is being awarded, proud and delight of each others accomplishments…..how they held hands and hugs, no one looks surprised around their area….looks like they know the situation….where is MGY partner from CS, her costar dad was there, I wouldn’t say it was MMM cast table nor CS cast table….it was just them, JGS & MGY and dad from CS. And funny thing is they were right in the middle….was it prearranged, do they tell them where to sit just like at Oscar, Emmy etc. awards, they are pre arranged. Their names are pit on the chairs before the events. Anyway, I think this too long already, I think I made my point.

  119. Cotton62

    JGS has call MGY as GY in the SBS 2009 bts when he address to her directly….so there’s no doubt they were already close during this time…again I’m emphasizing why wud he claimed MGY as his close friends if he’s not? When he has many more famous female celebrity friends in his circle if he’s just using her for publicity…

    Abt him writing letters & such, I think it just got out of hand when the rumours start spreading…he never said such thing…he said in an interview he said abt liking MGY & wanting to meet her yet when the article came out it became “JGS confess his love to MGY” Honestly even if he did what’s the problem? They’re both single & JGS wasnt the 1st nor the only male celebrity who has confess their love for MGY….Suju Yesung openly declare he love MGY, 2pm TaecYoung call her recently on HEH radioshow just to tell her he loves her, SS501 KJ & YS choose MGY as their ideal girl…and so many more young male artist who’s crazy abt MGY….so what so wrong abt JGS being crazy for MGY? The different between MGY & PSH was that he never said anything abt liking PSH or anything like that…he has repeated over & over again she’s just like a sister to him but their fans refuse to hear him out…and as for PSH if she’s that crazy abt JGS why did she keeps throwing herself at YJH….c’mmon any guy who sees her closeness & skinship with YJH wudnt be interested in her & will assume she’s with YJH…frankly I think JGS just let them use him as a scapegoat to cover up her real problem…my bet her depression was due to her acting being badly criticized…you dun like Minam, rite…I was never crazy abt her acting before and beside STH which she played a small role. none of her drama was a hit until YB…even then it was largely due to the good script & the other 3 stars excellence performance…however her acting has turn from bad to worst…I never see a lead romcom actress talking as if they’re reading scripts the way PSH did in YB…and the way she present her character was that GMN is a cross between dumb & an idiot instead of naive & innocence…even JSM character in PK looks much smarter than GMN when OHN was supposed to have a below average IQ…that was what annoyed me the most when I 1st watched the show…eventually I just fast forward when her dialogue becomes unbearable to hear…even for a non Korean speaking as me can differentiate if she’s speaking or if she’s reading…and in YB she’s definitely reading her script…My bet though many fans like their chemistry, drama critics really gave her a hard time with their bad review on her acting…and I think this was the main reason of her depression not her crush on JGS!! Afterall JGS wasnt the only handsome guy she has ever work with….she’s been in the industry since a child from acting drama to cf, from cute Lee Wan to sexy top idol KHJ…she has work with them all…so I’m just not buying it….JGS not visiting her? Just imagine if he did, do you think the rumours between them wud have died down? And if he already has a gf just like his mgt company claimed he did during YB, do you think his gf will be happy her bf visiting sumone who’s link to him…and to say PSH has withdrawal syndrome becos she cant control her emotion towards her costar is really an insult to an actress & really looks bad in her resume…who wud want to hire an actress who will give her costars a hard time everytime she finish filming a drama?

    Okay..the interview cuts from the link you give…

    “JGS: But I also frequently forget my lines.

    PSH: Sometimes when I saw that he had forgotten his lines, but still talk on the phone at the filming venue, I would scold him angrily.

    JGS: (laughs) I was always being scolded.

    PSH: During the filming, whenever there was a free time, oppa would text a certain someone nonstop. So I was trying to stop him from using his cel phone at the filming place.

    JGS: (serious) No, I was actually discussing with the producer about my character, but was always said by her that I was doing this doing that. Ah I couldn’t tell her everything that I was doing, right?

    PSH: Don’t lie. I am sure that person was not the producer.”
    Check out the way PSH teased him, its like she knew he was texting & calling sumone close to him…a”a certain sumone” she said…she must know he was texting & calling a same person everytime, so surely must be sumone important….now what kind of person who can gets a guy, a playful & bubbly guy, glue to his phone at all time even during working hours? This guy must be a guy in love…texting & calling his lover!!! Then how can PSH, knowing this tidbit abt JGS, still falling crazily for him? Having a crush, well that’s not a big deal…it happens everyday to all ages & gender but until being hospitalized? Well its just bull$%*# to me…It was obvious to PSH & everyone on the set JGS was texting & calling sumone they dare not named…however on M3 set the crews didnt hesitate to reveal whenever they filmed seperately JGS wud call & sing to MGY tru the phone..he even admitted texting to her all the time…and when they were together its “Off with phone” with JGS…keke

    Actually believe what you like, cos as I have been tru their old interviews/article & tidbits I knew from before plus the syncronize of current happening, I too a firm believer of what I believe…

    ***ps….thanks to the PSH interview, LHK teasing JGS & YJH SBS perfomance I’m now almost 100% confident that JGS is seeing MGY even during his YB days…

    • i always love your detailed analysis lxandra.. i am also a firm believer.. JGS attitude is different with MGY.. She is much more reserved and sweet.. The way he talks about MGY is clearly showed that the guy is in love.. ^^
      MGY even said during pressconf that JGS is CARING and fun.. that must means he gave her extra attention.. hehe!

    • 100% Agree to 1xandra…. and now reading the above, 1000% sure too! This really making me very happy, bubbly in fact! Actually, feeling happy for the Geun2x couple……remember, being blissfully happily married, I want everyone to be too!

    • as i take a look on the picture of JKS and PSH on their interview part iii from cotton62 or angie’s post = i re posted the link http://kaedejun.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/jang-geun-suk-and-park-shin-hye-interview-part-iii/

      it’s like looking at the christmas photo shoots of MG and SJ for their drama in eps15 MSOAN. MG reluctantly smile while SJ looked so cheerful.

      then another picture…the holding hands picture, correct me if i’m wrong, PSH is the one who’s holding JKS’ hand…

  120. you put up a damn good arguement LXandra. i take back my comment about PSH earlier. hahhahah i agree with this one much more.

  121. douchebaggery-LOL good word. Totally agree with you on this nations lack of Hollywood stars or entertainers with any sense of morality. Why do you think I started watching Korean dramas. I don’t own a TV (well it serves as my large monitor) so I guess I mean cable but I have the internet. I only watch certain shows with mature actors. Dakota Fanning and her sister have yet to disappoint me though.

    At first I was so in love with the purity in all the relationships but being used to our standards I began to crave real kissing scenes and more touching. I am still getting used to it. When JKS ‘kissed’ MGY in ep 8, I was dancing and yelling like they do when watching a football game and your team is winning. He did great work that day.

    You are absolutely correct about his upbringing. Have you seen a picture of his mom? I don’t know about him except what I read. Truly he is a great entertainer with good looks and charisma. I have enjoyed his acting, broke my heart in many and still creeps me out in Itaewon Homicide.

    They gotta know this blog exists, they both speak and write English. Remember that MGY spent a lot of time in Australia and her sister MJY went to school there. They are both very intelligent people (MGY&JKS). I just wonder if they are having fun with us. I just don’t like that it would cost me $100.00 per year to hear what is on his mind.

    All his fans will reason with this but I don’t like it and that makes it seem like I don’t like him, that is unfair. I hate the fact that my daughter cut her hair and dyed it but I still love my daughter. People need to listen, absorb and think before reacting. I wish it were true that he and she are dating, I really do.

    • Hahaha , I’d instantly take out $100 ,even much more , to get into his head , even if its just to find out his current & future intentions wt our darling MCY!! Serious!hahaha .And oh! the part of his brain wt info on PSH ? I’d skip right pass. it wsn’t anthg then ,it ai’t gonna anthing in d future.
      PSH is to me, a bland fizzy pop drink 9 those wt cute bottle packaging but when u taste it,belch! it dsn’t taste good
      . MCY..a comforting warm cuppa designer coffee.
      And JKS ,a heady intoxicating glass of kahlua/whisky.
      MCY+ JKS – a yummy cup of delicious Kahlua Coffee/Whisky coffee!! ( Yumz!)
      Cheesy?? Hahaha .I’m one of those people who think in colored pictures & imaginary smells !

      • HAHA Dearest Sharon!
        Love the visual and enjoying the smell while sipping on a tall glass of kahlua/whisky coffee 🙂 Yumz indeed!!

      • You always crack me up Sharon dear hahaha…nice drinks comparisons of the Geun’s. From those you mentioned, it’s just coffee for me, but with those combinations not even familiar to my taste…i’d straight away drink it!

      • Sharon, I like your acronym!!!!! Really like it….but there is one thing I am wondering….. No matter how you are being corrected about Moom Geun Young initial, you still keep on typing MCY….C is far from G…. So why are you ignoring the correction, just curious! I know I make a lot of typo mistake but usually, because I press the next letter or I thought I did but after I finished and posted it is too late…but you repeatedly type MCY all the way!?

  122. Hi N,
    All ya do is go to Google & type in ‘geungeun couple'( which they know they’re being called) & this wonderful website can be found.Its one of the very very few prominent ones.So if anyone wants to find out sthg that generic ,that website is just a click away.My point- I’m sure a smartie like MCY & a streetsmart chap like JKS( or their companies) know bt this site.After all,This is a ‘Courtier’ designer level site of them!!
    About his English-I’m Singaporean .And when he ws in Singapore last year, he went to quite a few places,his English is basic, he needed Eng-Korean & vice versa translation on many occasions during his appearances. So, if you think he can easily understand & digest what we ladies r intricately sharing/talking here, i don’t think so. maybe, the 2-3 liners posted but when d experts go into CSI mode ,man!! Even, with English as my 1st language, i too have to slow down to process d info! Slowly digest & savour d juicy bites! Hahahaha.

    last nite ,i decided to check out on him,( i feel like a protective mum checkin’ up on my prospective son in law). I feel that for a v dignified girl like MCY whose normally protective of her privacy,she’s v expressive recently,that can only mean, she’s REALLY V CRAZY over JKS!I can’t explain it, i suddenly felt protective like” JKS she’s SO in LUV wt u, you better not fool around wt her & break her heart!” .when you go into the fan accounts of those who track him, suddenly, you go into another level! Conclusion-1) he dsn’t have much of a (private) life, 2) He dsn’t hv much rest 7 sometimes overdrinks 3)he feels caged -resulting in unpredictable behaviour 4)His manager has an unenviable multi-task job as bouncer, PA, etc( no wonder ,he needed 2b recently promoted!) 5)He’s really very caring of his fans despite being crazy busy!-Always waving,smiling,giving them food .
    My concern- It’ll take a pretty free person to fit into his punishing schedule. is their love affair a flash in d pan? Since, this is her 1st big-deal romance,she mind end up v badly battered.Him? I think he hit pay dirt when he got his all-time crush to finally fall headlong for him.That in itself IS a victorious celebratory climax.If it dsn’t work out, it like, hey! he at least lived out his crush! How lucky is that? How many of us get to hv a romance wt our diehard crush? hahaha.
    Anyway, my ‘mummy’ concerns for them aside , I still really hope they can bash thru the Odds & give themselves & US ,a happily ever after ending.She gonna hv a bundle on her hands , but she’s gonna be really stabilising..absolutely GREAT for him.For her,
    who dsn’t want a delicious face like his to feed on ,topped up with ooooozy pourings of such an intoxicatingly dreamy voice .She’s like a cup of warm comforting milk drink & he’s like a heady glass of whisky-rich coffee!My Wish? That they blend well together.Thanks ladies, for putting up wt my indulgent talk. sorry if it ws lengthy! ** blowing Kisses over**

    • Hehe…perhaps they both were taking tips from us in here, eh? Even if JGS does not speak much English I bet his friend Kurt does…I heard Kurt’s English is pretty good…who knows perhaps they get the idea to update cy & leaving mssgs via twitter when they’re not together in the same country from us here…may be at first it was just coincidence but seeing we made the assumption here, they join in the fun & play along…it’ll be really great if this truly happen…keke

    • Sharon, my take on this,
      1. His knowledge in English, I agree on with you in some level. But I think, having a translator is handy for him, why not, he is so busy, that time is an essence for him and trying to translate for himself might take longer…. For me it is a second language thought I speak English 99% more now and definitedly write in English 100%, I’ve been here for 33 years now so the only time I talk in my native language is when I am with old folks from my country and my relatives where I still punch in English still because it is more natural for me now but definitely 100% understand my native language….when I went home after 23 years, yah that long, I stayed home for one week to acquire the accent so it is not scary to go out and be picked on…. Anyway back to th real subject JGS( & also MGY) I have feeling their English is more than adequate….I used to host international students, from Spain,Taiwan, Japan, Mexico,Korea you name it for more than 10 years, not anymore, I have too many dogs(6) to worry and take care of… But during that time, Japanese and Korean and Taiwanese…. They have adequate education for the language, the problem is in their school, in any of these countries, they don’t have conversation….they know how to write and read and definitely can understand that is why they come to an English speaking country to practice….I was very adamant then with our students that they answer me not with a sign, nod or shake of their head because I told them that simply getting use to even say yes or no would give them confidence to speak the language….I constantly talk to them and encourage them to talk to me and my kids so they can practice, the one who listens, by the time they go home, they can carry a conversation…especially who stayed for a year, for a week not much so, but gave them the confidence to try to speak the language because I tell them that they should not waste their parents money for sending them over here…..if I have than 1 student and come the same country, I encourage them to speak English, and told them that at least the can ask each other what the right work in English but scold them when I see or hear them speaking in their own language…..so definitely I can bet my dollar, if they are reading our forum or blog, they can understand and if they think we are making ourselves, they are laughing their head off at use but we they are liking it and taking notes, good redance for them….I am not getting upset either ways….I am just enjoying myself here actually, especially I am doing this still in bed and my husband going to catch me still in PJ and realizing right now it is already almost noon…no worries, already cook a lot yesterday so no need to cook and phoned him earlier and and ask what time he is coming home ‘coz I want us to give our 6 doggies a bath and grooming and the stuff so no plan to bath myself until we are done…..we groom them every week…having 6, have too or else the house will smell like a dog house, hahahaha….
      2. Yes, Being a mom of 3 of around their age and seeing the chemistry of the two, I did a lot of digging too since of course, being a woman, I am worried of MGY being hurt too… But I am not too worried about her, actually I am more worried about JGS, why, he has obviously been in love with MGY for a long time that he is in deep water already….totally deeply in love and if you know check his history with his relation, despite his flirtatious personality, he doesn’t jump from one relationship to another, he always have long term, like 3 years. On the other hand, since MGY is so private, I can’t find anything about any previous relationship….maybe she is like me, my only boyfriend is my husband…lots of opportunities even thought I fell in love when I was just 17 and even a few months before I met my husband. But I made a promise to myself that my first would be the last because he will be the man I marry and I am glad, because the one I thought I loved when I was 17 is different,entirely
      different feeling… The two love that I thought I felt is different, I think they just pass by me to know the difference what fated love really feels…..with the two love, when they are not around, they didn’t bother me, life goes on, excited and my heart beat when I saw them, that is why I thought it was love, they were typical woman’s ideal man…tall, dark, handsome and smart…my husband….when I saw him, he was not my type, he was not tall, only 5’4″ where my type is tall means around 5’7″ and up bec. I am only 5’ 1/2″ but I wanted to improve the race, hahaha…..my husband is very smart, at his work before, the president of his company during christmas party always comes up to me and tell me “take care of our little man, he is very vital to our company” dark, yes, handsome……just average, I had better looking ones courting me… But because he love me unconditonally, I say that, because I have gained so much wait compared to when We got married, I was only 85 lbs and now I am not even gonna say it but there are 3 figures now! I love him more now than when we got married . Anyway, you can see, how fated/destined couple tend to be we like to share our love story, why…I like everyone to met your fated partner you have not yet. Hope that the reason, there is no article about MGY romance or involvement is that she is like me, made sure that JGS is the one and not hurt him…I am pretty sure he will be hurt if she breaks up with him…and I find that his personality, despite the that fun,flirtatious, outgoing personality, I think inside him, he is really a softy, someone when in love, really love deeply…don’t you think, isn’t being in love with MGY since 2004 maybe longer show how he can love someone and not change that feeling that lon, like I said I can feel in his every look, every subtle touch,every gesture and the tender kiss he gave her at MMM show how deep he is in.
      3. His schedule- that is one my biggest concern, he is growing too thin for me, his schedule is for a machine, I repeatedly mention this at every site I can post that he needs a break that whoever is scheduling is not being considerate…..that if he taking advantage of his popularity right now, it might be worth if he collapse from exhaustion. He is always on the go that I hope that MGY would be with him to get him to have moderation…she is more sensible about her commitment. I think he is more worried about the people working around him to make sure have employment and about his Eels. For me since he is so good to them I am pretty sure they are devoted enough not begrudge him if he take a break for a bit longer than a week, a month would be ideal if you ask me, he has been working, travelling non-stop! Time for rest enjoy the fruit of his work and smell the flowers in the garden as the saying goes. Spend time with the love one especial with VIP in his life….

  123. I completely understand what you’re saying. that one hundred bucks… yeah… the hundred dollars RM, unless its going to charity he can so kiss my ass. i’m not coughing it up. sorry buddy…and i’m talking about kids in africa getting filtered water, shoes, clothing, and food charity work. 🙂

    • Just to be fair. $20.00 to join plus $60.00 my bank would charge me in transfer fee cause they don’t accept cc or paypal. annually. Still too much for me.

    • N even if I have the money to register it I can’t understand his messages because I can’t understand Korean. LOL!

  124. Hello Dear Friends,

    Sorry if I’m interrupting or joining the current conversations at an inconvenient time…But when it is convenient to all, may I request/suggest a virtual GROUP HUG?

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

      • Thanks much Quirkie. 🙂 Thanks much N. 🙂 I think I should give some reasons for my request/suggestion. 😉 They are:

        1. To celebrate this forum and its unique and beautiful commenters’ voices and viewpoints.
        2. To celebrate the info shared by Hachimitsu/LizzyD that JGs did send a reply “Returning Home” after MGY’s “Waiting 4 U” cy update on March 4th.
        3. To celebrate MGY’s cy update on March 6 which included a BGM entitled “I love you, I love you, I love you”.
        4. To celebrate Captain ockoala’s comment saying “My Geunies are so in love with each other. I is happy now. That is some heady Cyworld updates from our MGY to her honey. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it~”
        5. To celebrate JGS’ trip to Europe since whenever he is away, many intriguing clues come out and which enliven this forum to the max.
        6. To celebrate the number of comments in this forum is reaching 500.

        Thanks again…^__^

    • Yay to that bashful! Let’s celebrate for more blissful Geun-Geun love and cheers for a continued camaraderie here at AKP!

      • KDL dear! *HUGE bear hug* glad to see around. Miss you. Hope all is well with you 😉 ciao

      • Dearest one and only Quirkie! 🙂

        Thank you so so much for your kind, kind comment, dear Quirkie and for the warmest and most heartfelt welcome to me in your comment above which i hope to reply to but since you posted a comment here, i will reply to you here 😉

        Thank you so much for calling me here after i have not posted any comments for some time 😉

        i’m busy with school and my pupils and everything else… 😉

        btw, Quirkie, i have to say this :

        you are just AMAZING!!! 😉

        ive strolled through this wonderful blog and found that you are one of the commentators with the most number of comments and info on the Geun-Geun couple we all love, that i am truly impressed by how much effort you have put in to keep all of us entertained and full of hope and love for the most loved Kdrama pairing EVER (IMHO)… 😉

        thank you so much Quirkie for all your effort because i absolutely LOVE all your entertaining insight, research and investigation of everything and anything that you could find on the Geun-Geun couple… 😉

        i am swamped with work now and will be for the next few days so i will not be able to post any comments, but i hope that i will be able to post some comments soon because so many of the comments here, most especially yours, dear Quirkie, deserve to be given support 😉

        once again, dear Quirkie, please accept my sincerest appreciation for not forgetting me…i am truly touched and honoured 😉

        take care and do continue giving your thoughts on the Geun-Geun couple…i look forward to reading every single wonderful word in your comments 😉

      • btw, *MILLIONS OF HUGS AND KISSES* for you too, dearest Quirkie! 😉

      • Quirkie dear! i forgot to say how marvellous and absolutely generous of you for your time and effort in posting your comments to so many of the comments posted by others here! 😉

        i salute you for your kind appreciation of others’ comments and generosity of spirit… 😉

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        thank you, dear Quirkie, from the bottom of my heart 😉

      • Ahh..KDL there you are, what’s keeping you up these days? Yes Hugs and Kisses to u as well. We’ve been missing your post and hope things are doing just fine. Can’t wait for you to post back dear. 🙂

      • THANK YOU KDL !!!! *crying a river*
        I’m truly humbled and really really appreciate your comments. Thank you. I strongly believe that we have a happy group here and everyone’s opinions is valuable….unless you say mean stuff about my favorite couple, then the claws are coming out! Just kidding! 🙂 Its all LOVE 😉
        don’t work too hard…C u soon <3

      • why, hello there, Pipa dear! 😉
        thank you so much for your lovely words!!
        i am so touched! 😉

        IMHO, you are also one of the most loyal commentators here in Geun-Geun couple-Land-of-Love… 😉

        i have enjoyed reading your interesting and entertaining comments and analysis, so please do continue with your love for the Geun-Geun couple.. 😉

        thank you also for your kind concern for my well-being seeing as how i am so swamped with work now…i am truly touched and honoured 🙂

        *millions of HUGS and KISSES* to you, dear Pipa! 🙂

        see you soon! 😉

      • Dearest Quirkie! 😉

        “I strongly believe that we have a happy group here and everyone’s opinions is valuable….unless you say mean stuff about my favorite couple, then the claws are coming out! Just kidding! Its all LOVE”

        LOL! you are just so adorably funny, your words i extracted above just crack me up! 😉

        thank you so much for your love for all us, dearest Quirkie! 😉
        i feel so truly blessed, there are no words to express how happy i am to know blessed folks like you, dearest, one and only, Quirkie! 😉

        keep on loving, my dear lovely Quirkie, for there can never be too much love to go around, right? 😉

        thank you so much for your kind, lovely words of concern for my well-being…i am truly touched.. 😉

        you take care too, dear Quirkie, and please continue with all your lovely, wonderful comments because even if i may not have the time to read and comment on them now, i look forward to reading once i am free to do so 😉

        lots of love, for the lovely Quirkie, and endless *HUGE BEAR HUGS AND KISSES*, dearie 😉

      • KDL..I agree with all your wonderful words for Quirkie. She and lxandra keeps this thread lively and fun. My hats off to her! And thanks for Hugs back and Kisses. Take it easy and always keep safe. Post back If time is on your side 🙂

      • Dear Pipa! 😉

        i am so glad you agree with me abt Quirkie being such a loyal and instrumental member of this thread because as you aptly put it, she makes it so lively and fun! 😉

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      • Hi All, 😀

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        Cheers to All! o/

    • Dearest Quirkie too,
      * Clink glasses * Dreamers & Imagine-ers lurve company!! * Clink clink*
      When we hear something really solid fr him, we’ll do the champagne!! Too bad you ladies are all over d world…we cd really celebrate at my place! I got the works!! Name it! HEE HEE HEE!

    • Hi pipa,

      Of course! *Hugs* to you too! 🙂 Isn’t it amazing, we’re again reaching the half-way point? I need to work harder in researching for clues or new material. 😀

      Have a good day at work, and hope the weather is nice out there. 🙂

      • Bashful..i think by the end of the month we will reach another thousand comments, see the trend at last month post? In just a a month we reach that comments? Good luck on your research, i crave a lot for Geun-Geun meat lately.. hehehe

        Yay you’re smart girl, how’d you i’m at work? haha.. yup, nice weather here.. summertime with occasional rains?! haha

      • Pipa/ Bashful, by the end of the month? We almost reached the half-way point in 8 DAYS!!! I’ll say we’ll reach a 1000 comments nxt week 😉 I’ve got more meat but I feel like I’ve been all over this forum too much (a bit vocal at time, very unlike me…) and need to go somewhere and sit down 🙂

      • Hi Pipa and Quirkie,

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        Dear pipa, I only knew it’s work time there because I recall the day I posted the MBC radio link around this time, your reply said you were unable to open that link at work. 😉

        Dear Quirkie, hang in there; please do pace yourself for health is more important. And we do need your help in getting that “meat”. 😉 I prefer it to be “well done” served with a glass of red wine. ^__^

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      • Oh shoot Quirkie, is that how much we are accomplishing now?! darn it.. I think i lost track of the days that went by, only realizing it’s just on the first week of the month and we are already on our 500th post?! Yay! I think we will be in for a guiness record in posting LOL! And yep, go get some rest girl, you’ll need that in case you are ready to start serving those meat to us. 🙂

        @bashful, ahh that’s right, you were on here that time.. and you still remember when i post that comment, i think i lost track of my post before keke..but awesome memory, dear!

  125. First, *HUGS* to all.

    It is hard to understand the writer’s true intentions and thoughts. Which is why it makes it more important to open the dialogue and discuss it. I’m not good with words so I tend to shy away except when they call me ”bad luck”, jk.

    Anyway, the fan club stuff is an Asian thingy, right? You gotta pay big to join the Johnny’s fanclub…but now with twitter and cyworld…it’s easier for the fans to connect with their stars for free.
    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  126. Hi, u guys still there? sorry to be late for the group hug. thanks for the offer bashful…..why i like AKP is this. i have each one of ur image in my head. i read ur comments with those images smiling or LOL-ing or today even hugging!
    love u all. hugs & kisses <3

  127. Hello my beloved geungeun lovers.. i want to join the group hug as well!! <3> Reading part of interview of JGS about MGY makes me go aaawwwwww.. That’s so sweet of JGS.. I can simply feel his sincerity, love, and admiration towards MGY.. I believe MGY held a special position in JGS heart.. <3 <3

  128. cr: lizzy_darcy10@ggcbaidu

    “I’m glad we were able to help a little. Just keep in mind that in his current profession, JKS has always and will continue to come into contact with many women. There’s a reason he chose MGY. Here’s an excerpt from an interview in 08/2010 (Hot Chili Paper magazine). I translated from Chinese and I think the article was originally in Japanese. I = interviewer and KS = Keun Suk.

    I: If it’s love at first sight and you don’t pursue her right away, perhaps you may never have the opportunity to see her again.

    KS: Right, right! I would regret it. But, I’ve had that type of love at first sight experience before, but I can no longer remember when that was, it was a long long time ago. (Points at his manager sitting next to him and says), The both of us have very high expectations for our ideal type. In other words, for the both of us, just being pretty isn’t enough. We’re wary of pretty women from the start because they’re fawned over and pursued by many guys. As opposed to outer appearance, I’m more attracted to girls I can talk to and are compatible with mentally. Yep, love is difficult… (laughs)

    I: Alright, let’s cut to the chase, what is your ideal type like at this moment in time? Specifically, what type of girl is she? I’m sure fans want to know the details.

    KS: Then, for everyone’s sake, I’ll describe in detail (laughs).

    Skin needs to be white, neck line has to be really beautiful, treats everyone warmly. Looks really good in dresses and skirts, this type of girl is my ideal.

    Here are more specific quotes about his thoughts on MGY that will make you happy. This is from an interview towards the beginning of the filming of M3. I translated from Chinese.

    I: Your costar MGY is also a child star, so the two of you must understand each other?

    KS: Before I saw MGY, I was really excited because I was finally able to act with her. But, I brought this excitement with me on the day that we met. We were both very reserved. Not until after 2am, when we were both a little drunk, did the barriers between us, all that sort of stuff, suddenly collapse. I don’t know who said it first, but we both said to each other, “I’m so happy to be acting with you.” At that moment, all the words I prepared to say to her were no longer necessary.

    I: What kind of person is MGY?

    You can say that she’s the type of person who can motivate the staff and actors. Even if everyone is exhausted to the point of collapse, but if MGY blinks her big eyes and says, “let’s go drink tea”, it’s impossible for anyone to turn her down. You sort of feel like if you say you won’t go, then she’ll cry. She’s a person who can make the set a livelier place.

    I doubt JKS knew that his ideal girl was about to walk out of his dreams and into his life. Our boy is very capable of being devoted and committed to a long-term relationship, as he has proven in the past. He’s intelligent enough to realize that love is difficult to find, especially in the industry and environment he works in. Thus, I sincerely doubt that he would risk losing something so rare and beautiful. Tell your Geun-Geun heart keep faith.”

      • Thanks much angie! ^__^. I love that interview! Such a mature statement from JKS when he said “being pretty isn’t enough.” And how about his description of MGY: “it’s impossible for anyone to turn her down.” 🙂 Is that the reason JKS returned home after MGY’s cy update “waiting 4 u” on March 4th? 😉

        Thanks again angie for sharing this interview! 🙂

      • “It’s hard to turn her down” Haha..that’s right bashful! haha..so before going to Europe, visit first his sweetie whose waiting for her 🙂

        I think JGS found a jackpot with MGY, she is not just a pretty lady but beyond that she has all the qualities that a guy can ever imagine would have!

    • and he said …”if MGY blinks her BIG EYES” key words, key words!
      didnt he also say like he was amazed at how her small body filled with energy or something in one of BTS? big eyes and petite woman? haha…he’s keep quoting his own words about ideal girl to MGY’s description! this boy is so careless & cute! thanks angie for the lovely post!

      • Well I guess the Shrek’s cat’s eyes blink blink in M3 was his idea afterall….becos MGY did say she was so shy doing it for the camera….but I guess she must have done it many times in private especially to JGS for him to know ‘her talent’ this well, huh…