Sunny Happiness Episodes 4-6 Recap

Sunny Happiness Recap Announcement: I’ve found the DL links for the C-drama airing, so I’m going to be recapping that version since it’s done already, and I can’t wait week-to-week to recap this baby and talk about it. That is how much I love this drama. Just a note that this particular recap is titled episodes 4-6, but is really just a recap of episode 6 of the C-airing.

Since the scenes in episodes 4-5 were actually aired in episode 3 of the TW-airing (which I have recapped already), in doing so, I’ve aligned my recaps back up with the C-version. Unfortunately, some of the recaps going forward may be missing screencaps because some of the DL links don’t work, but I’ll reinsert the screencaps once I find the episodes.

I know there are bound to be different perspectives on who is at fault with respect to the dissolution of Wan Lan and Yun Jie’s marriage. I think it takes two to tango, and both share the blame for not talking, not compromising, and not trying to see things from the point of view of the other person. BUT, I think its really Wan Lan’s doing that the marriage ended that way. It may have ended at some later point even if they got through this issue, since fundamentally I don’t think they were ready to be married, but the entire abortion issue was all Wan Lan’s doing.

She gave her husband an ultimatum – abortion and nothing else. When her husband signed the papers and left her (because who the heck wouldn’t leave a wife as selfish as her), she then one upped him and mailed him divorce papers. I believe Wan Lan has every right to elect not to have a baby, it’s her body and her life. But then she has to accept the consequences, which is that her husband is not going to want to be with someone as selfish as her.

I applaud her for making the decision to have Xiao Nian and then raise him as a single mom. But logically it just negates her entire decision to force Yun Jie to have the abortion in the first place. Which is where I go – woman, abortion is not an easy decision, and you made it so rashly and forced Yun Jie to accept it, and in the process you lost a husband and your son lost a father. I have zero sympathy for Wan Lan, because she made her bed, now its time to lay in it.

Episodes 4-6 Recap:

The Xian parental units are home from the set-up intended for Yun Jie, and they bemoan their perfect eldest son actually being irresponsible today and not showing. Yun Jie is at a seaside overlook point, having driven there with a reluctant passenger in tow. Yong Yong asks what he intends to do about Xiao Nian, and Yun Jie honestly answers that he doesn’t know.

Yun Jie wants to stay awhile and enjoy the view, and tells Yong Yong that she can leave if she doesn’t want to be there. Yong Yong points out that they are in the middle of nowhere, and she’s stuck with him for better or worse. Yun Jie quietly thanks Yong Yong, otherwise he might’ve never met his son in his entire life. Yong Yong says that meeting his son has taught Yun Jie some humility, and Yun Jie is not amused.

Yun Jie shushes Yong Yong from her nagging, and notes that in some planets, supposedly there are multiple sunsets in a day. But on Earth, we only can see one sunset each day, unless we hop on a plane to see one sunset after another. Yong Yong notes that she’s never seen this side of him before, this introspective and rather melancholy side.

Yong Yong finds the sunset beautiful, but meaningless if all one does is look at the sunset but does nothing else. Her ideal sunset is when someone works a long hard day, is coming home, stops by the convenience store to buy a beer, and looks up to see a beautiful sunset. She’s adorable, and Yun Jie stops to look at her. Yong Yong looks at him brooding by the railing, and she sits down to keep him company.

Later that night, Yun Jie takes Yong Yong to a bar to drink. She’s nervous that he’ll make her pay, but he tells her that once a bottle is opened, its worthless. She happily downs her glass, and he tells her that she just drank her two week’s salary. She wonders if he’s drunk, and he tells her that he’s never been drunk before. In fact, he doesn’t have a single bad thing about himself. She is appalled, until he laughs and tells her that he’s just kidding.

They keep drinking and talking, and I seriously love this scene and their conversation. Yun Jie confesses that he was really envious when he saw Xiao Nian with Wan Lan and Si Han. He realized that “this is what a family looks like” and that family should have been his. He sees Yong Yong’s face, and apologizes, for talking about family with her, since she has a Cinderella family.

Yong Yong does have a stepmother and two stepsisters, but she thinks they are really sweet and cute. They bicker all the time, but after her mom died, they made her feel the warmth of a family again. Yong Yong feels very happy right now. Yun Jie asks if Yong Yong is angry at her dad for leaving her at the orphanage, and she says no. All she thought about was if she was able to help her dad back then, if she was a better child, then her dad would have kept her.

Yun Jie sighs, saying that he should make a decision about whether to seek custody of Xiao Nian. But he doesn’t have the heart to split up the mother-son. He takes a drink, and asks Yong Yong if she’s ever played a time capsule game. Xiao Nian is his time capsule – Yun Jie used to think that part of his life (love, marriage, child) was long dead and buried. But now fate is reminding him that it’s still alive.

But Yun Jie laments that he is not the same man he once was. He gulps his drink down, and he tells Yong Yong that he suddenly feels very carefree at this moment. She goes to the restroom, and comes out to find Yun Jie passed out on the table. She wakes him up, and he mumbles that he’s happy today. He has an eight year old son, who looks just like him when he was a child.

Yun Jie stumbles outside, and Yong Yong yells at him for claiming that he’s never been drunk before. She shoves him into the backseat of his car, and is about to leave him there for the night. But she decides it won’t do, and takes him and hops into a taxi. But Yun Jie is adorably drunk and can’t tell her where he lives. The taxi driver berates her for being a bad girlfriend and tring to leave him behind. Heh. She ends up taking him back to her house. Oh this will end hilariously!

Yun Jie is the cutest and most useless drunk (and he insists on taking the giant bear he bought for Xiao Nian everywhere with him). He makes her take of his shoes, then he pukes on himself, and peels off his clothes in his drunken state. Yong Yong washes his clothes and cleans him up, looking at him sleeping in her bed. She spends the night outside in the living room. The next morning, second sister comes to wake her up to make breakfast for them.

She sees a pair of hairy legs in Yong Yong’s bed. She walks out to the living room, where first sister joins them, and second sister asks if Yong Yong brought a friend over last night. Yong Yong rushes up to shut her bedroom door. Second sister suggests Yong Yong lend first sister’s shaver to the friend, who ought to shave before going outside. Mwahahaha. Yong Yong says that her friend has a hormone inbalance.

Mom walks outside, and first sister complains that Yong Yong didn’t make breakfast AND brought a friend over last night. Mom says they ought to have breakfast together and treat the friend well. Mom decides to start singing opera to welcome the new friend, and OMG it’s atrocious and so damn funny. Yun Jie wakes up to a foreign room and some horrifying musical choices.

Yun Jie walks outside with his bed head and topless. The other three ladies gape to see him there, and he gasps and rushes back inside. Yong Yong hands him his clothes, and goes inside to see him after he’s dressed. He asks her why she took off his clothes last night, and she told him that he took off his own clothes. He asks what happened last night, and the two stepsisters are adorably perched on her window ledge, asking as well what happened last night.

Yong Yong shuts the window and informs Yun Jie that nothing happened last night. She tells him to come outside for breakfast. The three ladies are dressed to the nines, and start grilling Yong Yong on what happened last night. She stops the 21 questions and tells them the truth – he got drunk and she had to bring him back because she doesn’t know where he lives. Yun Jie comes outside confirms the story.

Yong Yong walks Yun Jie out, and he apologizes for causing her problems last night. She tells him not to feel bad, she doens’t want anything to do with him, so he doesn’t even owe her for last night. Yun Jie asks whether her house has any hidden cameras, and she scoffs at the rich people logic that everyone is out to get them. She tells him that even if there are hidden cameras, she has no interest in recording his naked body.

Yun Jie left the giant teddy bear behind, with a note asking Yong Yong to take care of it for now. Yong Yong heads to the hotel to discover that Wan Lan has taken Xiao Nian and left. She gets a call from the orphanage director, who tells her that today the construction equipment has moved into the orphanage. Her friend, Ba Hu, is outside the Tian Yu headquarters protesting. The lackeys want to get rid of him, but Yun Chao (oh squee, this is not good for my mental health) comes out and tells the guards to allow him to come inside.

Yun Chao is listening to the friend rant, when Yong Yong bursts into the room. She reminds Yun Chao that he agreed not to begin construction right away. He says the machinery is just waiting there, and they should move according to schedule. Yong Yong asks for one week, just one week. Yun Chao agrees, he doesn’t want both sides to mutually destroy each other.

Yong Yong wants to do all she can to help the orphanage. Yong Yong considers whether she should ask Yun Jie to stop the orphanage project, now that she has helped him a lot. She helped find his son, helped them meet, and helped take care of him.

Yong Yong adorably has an angel v. devil discussion in her mind about whether to leverage her helping of Yun Jie in exchange for the orphanage. Angel Yong Yong doesn’t want to do tit-for-tat with Yun Jie, and devil Yong Yong accuses her of having feelings for Yun Jie. Angel Yong Yong refuses to consider that possibility.

Yong Yong finally decides NOT to ask Yun Jie for help. The director tells Yong Yong that there is someone who may consider helping the orphanage. She asks Yong Yong to go speak with that person, who is a benefactor of the orphanage in the past. Yong Yong agrees, and prepares to head out to the meeting.

Thoughts of Mine:

An episode without Wan Lan is automatically a win for me! Okay, all kidding aside, how lovely is it to see Yun Jie and Yong Yong have adult, thoughtful, and frank discussions about their lives and feelings. I think we are used to seeing so much plot for the sake of excitement, that it was refreshing to see an episode where nothing much happened, but a heck of a lot passed between Yong Yong and Yun Jie.

I love how their relationship is ever changing, from antagonistic strangers to bedeviled employer-employee, and now to not-quite-friends, neither is stagnant and always reacting the same way to each other. In essence, they feel real to me, two people who hang out and get to know each other, without any of the behavioral tics that so many dramas foist on their leads.

Yun Jie was so cold and aloof in the beginning, but almost immediately upon seeing Xiao Nian, his entire demeamor seems to be undergoing a fundamental shift. It’s like he’s stashed away the real him from 8 years ago, and transformed himself into this workaholic perfectionist, when he’s deep down still the guy who wanted to be a father and a husband above all else.

Yong Yong can glimpse that, which is why she’s not holding the favors she did for Yun Jie over his head in exchange for sparing the orphanage. When before she had no qualms about begging him, now she has reservations about bargaining with him, using something as unpalatable as his reunion with his son. I admire her principled position, and realize as much as she subconsciously realizes it, that she seems to be having some feelings for him. And all I can say is – hell yeah!


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  1. I know it’s much to ask. But can I know where did you get the DL links for the C-version? Altho they’re all on YT, Tudou and whatnot, streaming is just too much for me >.<

    Thanks in advance. =)

  2. dear captain, did u have d’ links for hard sub (english) coz can’t found it..
    thx b4…
    btw, love the banner..:)

  3. hi koala!!

    haha. just wanna express my gratitude for recapping this drama in a fast pace!

    can’t possibly imagine if u were to follow the recapping schedule, which is 1 episode per week.

    I have never watch the drama before, but am enjoying and looking forward for your recap everyday. keep up the good work!

  4. thanx again 😀 been watching this in viki but still i wanna read your recap and of course, wanna know your thoughts as well. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the recap. Though i’ve finished watching it, i still enjoying it read. And no, i do not blame you for the cause of my ‘panda eyes’ cause it is a joy watching this drama. The pace of the drama from the beginning till the end is good, there is little or no dull/ slow moments to speak off. I am glad i watched it. =)

  6. I loves this episode because of the adorable drunk Yun Jie. The way he dances with the bear, orders yong yong to take off his shoes and… Everything lol

  7. Another recap so fast, how awesome — plus I never realize how much I want to know how others reacted to a show, until I see a recap and think, “boy, I was really wanting some alternate POV on that episode.” XD

    I applaud her for making the decision to have Xiao Nian and then raise him as a single mom. But logically it just negates her entire decision to force Yun Jie to have the abortion in the first place.

    Absolutely, and I chalk that up the scriptwriter’s issue and not the character’s issue. I mean, otherwise (in her job, at least) she seems to be relatively intelligent. Perhaps it’s that in revising-as-I-watch, to adjust for this apparently really stupid action on her part, it means I’m willing to give her a little more benefit-of-the-doubt. If I look at it in a different light (that she willfully forced YJ out of her life to purposefully raise the kid on her own), then she gets no sympathy. She also gets major crazy-points, too, because who wants to be a single mom (and then spend her life lying about being a single mom)? Just… very strange.

    On the other hand, her crazy does soften my attitude towards YJ’s entitled behavior, because it does make sense that anyone would see “don’t tell the world I’m your mom” as a pretty destructive thing to do to a kid, in the long run.

  8. after reading the first two recap i couldn’t wait for the english subs, so i just watched the raw mainland version without understanding 100% ^^ it has been a long time since i watched a good t-drama (since autumn concerto) and it was a relaxion not to read subs^^

    thx a lot for the recommendation!!!

    does anyone know if the OST is out already? i’ve been looking for it and haven’t found anything yet. except for the title track on YT.

    • I haven’t been able to find the instrumentals yet, but I know you can find both the ending track 伤日快乐 by Angela Chang and the insert track 那首歌 by Li Yi Feng (the guy who acts as Yun Chao) on Youtube.

      • Do you know who does the opening song? …the voice sounds so familiar to me, but I can’t place it.

      • thank you <3
        and i do agree, angela is a better singer. i don't really like her as actress she got something that annoys me to see her.
        but this song is good!

  9. this drama is added to my addictionary! i’m half way through the drama now and can’t help loving it.
    i also agree wholeheartedly that YJ and WL’s issues stem from her. every argument she makes, even if it has a sliver of merit, is negated by her initial selfishness. i find it even more infuriating that she refuses to acknowledge this.
    i also love how the drama points out, even this early in YJ and YY’s relationship, the vast difference btwn the two couples. YJ and WL never had “real” conversations (someone talking, the other listening and processing-vice versa), while that’s all YJ and YY do. they may argue and disagree but there is clear communication. decisions are made based on both parties and if not, there is a discussion about how unacceptable or presumptuous that is. its a definite example of healthy relationship building and I absolutely love it!

  10. the thing I dont like about this series is the second leading female actress. Do they have to choose her? she is too old for the whole main actors and actresses, I cant stand the scene back to the past when she was with Mike…..
    But this series is really gud. The script, acting, chemistry.. are all gud.
    and Thanks to Koala, even I watched 25 eps, I still enjoy reading your recaps.

  11. Ockoala!

    Thank you for letting me know about this drama, as soon as I read your first recap, I looked for it and whatched it till the end. 😀
    I do love all the characters and their conversations, not a tipical Cinderella story, it’s really unique.

    May I ask a question? Wan Lan, I mean the actress, does she have a speaking problem? I don’t know how to say it in english, but her pronunciation sounds different to the others, it sounds like she can’t say some or one letter properly. I’m just curious, but have no clue. 🙂

  12. Just finished all 25 episodes (didn’t sleep last night!). Eyebags so worth it hehe. Thanks koala for the recommendation. SH is awesome! I’ve been lurker in this site for a long time and it took this drama for me to post a comment 🙂

  13. Can I WORD every lovely word, every sentence you’ve written in this recap?!?!?! In my head when I’m reading ur recap I’m writing my own *WORD* (drawing hearts and all) along every point along the way. I’m going ‘yes!yes!!yes!!!!… to this..and THAT!’ and I’m highfiving the air imagining ur hand there. That is down to my first impression of the ep: An SHep w/o WL is by default awesome!

    on WL:
    I think this is the inevitable clunky part of a C-TW collab. I think this gem glues together so well because it’s basically a TW labor of love in creativity (I find in crappier TWdramas there r never the lack of heart), marrying with ample $$$, resources and time allocated for a C production. Anhui cable network pays the bills and they get to insert some of their up and coming contracted stars into supporting roles whether they r best fit or not. WL and her too buddybuddy colleague/bff r too obvious the case, sticking out like sorethumbs.
    The actress has a lisp and usu I can care less, but when she’s playing a top anchor, it’s very hard to suspend disbelief. She has no chemistry with Mike, let alone touching what Mike and Janine has and their whole Romeo and Julietting is sth I let it slide. In all honestly I wished she’s more outwardly crazy and abrasive instead of this passive aggressive cuckoo.

    Useless ranting aside, when I get to the beach scene… I’m so calm and happy a camper. Mike’s hotness with the seabreeze caressing his hair and his brooding hot side profile can do that easy, but it’s these quieter moments in SH that is so hitting the jackpot. These characters are given the time and allow to be real and just breathe in front of us in out getting to know them in this make belief. We’ve seen drunken pouring of hearts before, but never had it felt so pitch perfect w/ just enough sap, words taken out of our mouths we all can utter with a much less hot counterpart in real life. The lines r without a lot of fancy adornment that will push this to too saccharine. They may not be memorable quotables, but inserted into the scene and designed so carefully in sync with what exact progression the relationship of the characters are at, not one hair further than what’s presented. That takes great control on the scriptwriter’s part. And they keep coming in waves, these convos. The premise/packaging maybe as cliched as can be, but when we’re led there in the middle of all their turmoils and happenings, it’s hitting us at our guts these r normal adults strapped in a fantasy romcom world with corniness slapped on them, but it’s fine, there are many moments when I get so immersed in it it doesnt matter how many cliches we have to turn a blind eye to get there, and insert the location may it be bar/beach/patio/piano/bball court…the characters r allow to stay true to themselves, be cohesive and complete and no lobotomies, I can live the moment just like the characters.

  14. hello koala!!!:) thank you so much for all the recaps:) i just finished watching it and no words can describe how grateful i am to have watch this drama. Just want to ask if you can give me the links for instrumentals?i’ve been searching it for ages but i really can’t find them.
    here is my email address:
    please koalaaaaa! i really need them 🙁
    hope you can help me:)

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