SBS Releases Official Posters for 49 Days and 3rd Teaser

We’re two weeks away from the premiere of 49 Days, and my personal goal is to finish my Sunny Happiness recaps by then so that I can get that addiction out of my system (good luck with that) in order to start squealing over this drama. SBS released a ton of official promotional materials yesterday, including posters, character stills, and yet another teaser trailer.

While nothing about 49 Days screams groundbreaking or mindblowing, I nevertheless really like what I have seen. The posters and stills are rather posed (which seems to be the trend recently), but manages to convey a sense of wonder and interest – giving off the impression that there’s more than meets the eye. It leaves me intrigued, and all the collective pretty doesn’t hurt either.

I have to say that there is something about Jo Hyun Jae that is SO different since his return from MS. It’s like being a real army soldier for two years scrubbed every last smidge of boyishness from him, and suddenly he’s all man. And I’m totally bowed over, because he gives off this melancholy and newly-intense vibe from the trailer and stills.

I have to confess to being unimpressed, and even a little put off, by what I have seen of Nam Gyu Ri so far. Her presence in the trailers seems stiff, and I can see her working at the acting. Plus she looks just like a porcelain doll!

Just my initial impressions, of course. Conversely, one tear from Seo Ji Hye and I am totally sold – woman is going to make me love her even if she’s a bitch from hell who steals her in-a-coma friend’s fiancée. I also know imma going to love Jung Il Woo as the rebel-esque Angel of Death, and Bae Soo Bin as the conflicted and complicated fiancée.

3rd Teaser for 49 Days:



Finally, I’ve watched almost every Lee Yo Won drama out there, and she’s always at the mercy of her character. If the character is well-written, she shines. If her character is a weepy cipher, she can’t rise above it. I’m hoping she’s got a kick ass performance in her for this role, because the heavy-duty requirement for her to play two people means that 49 Days will rise or fall on her shoulders.


SBS Releases Official Posters for 49 Days and 3rd Teaser — No Comments

  1. Fess up, how many people right clickie and saved one of those shots ::raises hand:: I’m actually looking forward to this. Nam Gyu Ri looking stiff doesn’t bother me in the shots where she’s a ghost because it makes her look like a Japanese horror ghost to me. So I’m good with that. 😎

    • Me me!! ^^

      Save all. Especially Jung Il-woo and Lee Yo-won ones. Luv them both, if there any shoots of they together, I spazz it nonstop. And me satisfied with all going on for this series so far.

  2. OMG i’m really looking forward to this one. Not many kdrama mini series has held my attention since late last year. I can’t wait for this one.

  3. he gives off this melancholy and newly-intense vibe
    So glad i wasn’t the only one picking up that vibe. I’ve liked him in all I’ve seen him before, but wow, he’s more intense now. I’m totally with you on that.

    I do have to make a complaint. WTH did the stylist make him wear in those stills and posters? I’m baffled.

    As for everything else? Oh so pretty! *____*

    • Did the army make him go patrol the DMZ or something?

      Seriously, my boy has this laser eye beam that is totally O_O in a good way.

      I’m getting the premonition that he’s going to blow us away with JHJ v.2 (like when JH came back from MS and turned in his Thank You performance).

      • I have no idea what they made him do, but holy wow, if he keeps THAT intensity throughout the whole drama, I may start swooning.

        Yeah, word! I never considered him one of my biases, but I think I’ll have to rethink my opinion soooooon.

        PS: I watched 3 eps of Sunny Happiness tonight. Damn you, I’m hooked! I can’t wait for more interaction between the leads and zomg I definitely can’t wait till the shippy bits. aklsdjlahfladkhf

      • You’re watching SH? Oh yay! With subs right, so you understand every line of awesome dialogue?

        There are so much shippy bits, two sets of shippy actually. One of THE most amazing love triangles.

        Lemme put it this way – Kender and I have come to the realization that in ANY OTHER drama, the younger bro Yun Chao and Yong Yong would be the ultimate OTP to end all OTPs.

        The fact they we all root for YJ-YY is a testament to (1) how unbelieve the canon OTP is and (2) how well developed the secondary OTP could be.

        $%&%*&*%^%&^ I’m on my third SH rewatch.

      • Well, I can’t say I’ll always watch it with subs, but yesterday my connection and viki cooperated (YAY YAY!) so I took advantage of that and watched the first 3 eps. I was tempted to start the 4th, but I was too tired.

        Oh when I saw Yun Chao and Yong Yong butting heads for the orphanage I figured the triangle was going to include him though I’m more concerned about Wang Lan and the whole kid storyline.

        I’m SO happy to hear the love triangle is that compelling! o/

        PS: I like what you did with your blog. That your comments are a different color now? I’ve just noticed that and yay, I’m glad you did that.

      • Of course I meant I’m more concerned about the WL storyline right now. I’m sure that’ll change soon. Hopefully

  4. The cast is so big it’s hard to pick favorites. It’s not even airing yet but i’m already thinking about how the ending will fair. The person that the main guy loves is actually the soul of another woman. That excites me already..lolz

  5. Oh great, maybe I’ve finally found something worth watching and following. It’s got great eye candy and I really want to see Lee Yo Won recover from her Queen Seonduk role, which frankly was disappointing for me.

    It’s been a bit of a dry spell for me.

  6. Jo Hyun Jae!!!!!OMG!!! Can’t wait to see him acting once again….loved your description of him, Ockoala!!! komawo!!!

  7. thanks ockoala!

    been excited for 49 days!
    liking what i see in the trailers and stills so hopefully it will be good as it promise!
    and besides im missing jung il-woo and jo hyun jae!

    and ockoala, im resembling a panda due to Sunny Happiness!
    but its ok! im loving how the story goes and Mike He is being a pleasant surprise!
    (I’m usually blinded but the fact the only Zai Zai and Joe Cheng are my fave taiwan actors!)

    hope 49 days will be a fun ride!

  8. I watched Nam Gyu-ri in Life is Beautiful so I’m really hoping she’s better than then. Not that she was bad per se. I guess I wasn’t really interested in her character. Fro what I can tell she’s a pretty decent actor so hopefully this will all work out for the best. Seeing as her character is very important it would suck if she sucked.

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