Li Yi Feng: My Gift From the C-drama Gods

Since I started blogging, this is the first time this has happened. I’ve had years and decades to find actors who I like, and I’ve pretty much got my collection stashed around in a happy place. I rarely add new likes to the list, and definitely I have never ever (ever) fallen this fast and this hard for an actor I have never see or heard of before until now.

Li Yi Feng – you are a special boy, oh yes you are. And the fact that I see a horde of also newly created Feng Feng fangirls barreling towards me (I know who you are, ladies, and I have my eye on you) means that I can’t rely on having MINE’d him three weeks ago in my first Sunny Happiness post (was it only three weeks ago?) to secure my iron-clad ownership. As such, I’m here to introduce only the second C-actor to join my collection of MINES. You can all look but no touchy touchy, okay?

Whatever the hell it is that stars have which make them utterly mesmerizing, Li Yi Feng has it. Putting aside the fact that he’s got a gorgeous face, amazing voice and can sing, and a mega-watt smile that can melt polar ice caps – he’s got the “It” factor which is immediately evident when you watch him act.

Having rocketed to fame through a Chengdu version of an all-guys American Idol (where he didn’t even win the damn thing – what are the judges blind?!?), he’s since released three albums, was the second male lead in two dramas, and has a TW- movie coming out in August co-starring Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen. All in the span of three years, and lots and lots of hard work.

The hard work has paid off, because he would have stole the show in Sunny Happiness but for Mike He putting forth his best performance to date. I spent all of Sunny Happiness having raging second lead love, which somehow co-existed happily with raging first lead love. I can’t explain it, I wanted both guys to be happy and get the girl, even as I solely cheered on my canon OTP. It was a bipolar experience to say the least.

I’ve tried to explain Li Yi Feng’s appeal, and I’ve boiled it down to this – looks-wise he’s the love child of Show Luo (the face) and Joe Cheng (the bad boy eyes and smirk), but the boy-next-door vibe and brilliant smile makes him the doppelganger for Lee Seung Gi’s brand of noona-killer. It works, cuz this noona has been slayed.

I’ve seen dozens of pretty boy actors and singers come around, and one vital point which sets Li Yi Feng apart (for me) is that he is a very natural and wonderful actor. He intuitively understands the essence of acting, and his line readings have this flow that never distracts him from his facial and body performance during a scene. It’s always the acting that wins me over, and this boy is a born actor. He just has to gain the experience and hone the rough edges, and then he’s got an unstappable career ahead of him.

Next up for Li Yi Feng is another C-drama, a 30-episode remake of the daily K-drama White Lies. There are conflicting reports as to whether my Feng Feng is technically playing the lead or second lead, but I’ve been told he definitely gets the girl. Huzzah, that is all I care about! Actually, his character is an autistic second generation chaebol, and I love that he’s picking challenging roles.

He was also just offered the lead role in the C-drama Brilliant Legacy remake, and he turned it down because he wants to branch out. I totally approve, even though watching him play Lee Seung Gi’s Hwan character would have been amazingly apropos.

I mentioned earlier that Li Yi Feng got his start as a singer before transitioning into acting. He juggles both hats currently, and one of his songs from his latest album made it onto the Sunny Happiness OST as a sub-theme song, the tender ballad “That Song”. I’ve got a pretty definitive taste in terms of what kind of songs I like, and my boy sings my kind of music. Double huzzah!

I said I couldn’t really pinpoint why I am this smitten with Li Yi Feng, but some discussion with friends helped clarify his allure. He has that Terry-esque attitude oozing out of his pores. If you don’t know which Terry I am referring to, please go consult the shoujo manga bible that is Candy Candy. It’s the bad boy aura, but one that is just waiting for his perfect girl to tame his wild soul. See, I told you I am smitten, since I’ve resorted to spouting romance novel platitudes left and right. I’ll stop now before I embarrass myself further.

To conclude, have some MVs.

MV for Four Leaf Clover (his first single):



MV for That Song (his latest single):



One of my favoritest scenes between Li Yi Feng and Janine Chang’s characters in Sunny Happiness (start at the 6 minute mark of this video):


Just a friendly reminder that this perfect boy belongs to The Koala. But rest assured I’ll be updating on his news from time to time. I’m sure only those who’ve watched SH will understand the power of Yun Chao’s smirk and smile. But it is dangerous indeed.


Li Yi Feng: My Gift From the C-drama Gods — 38 Comments

  1. ~grabby hands~ Koala-unni, you have so many, can you just share him when you’re playing with your other MINEs? I just want to touch… *looks hopeful*

    • Awww, how can I say no to my dongsaeng?

      Oh wait, I can! No.

      😉 Okay, I’ll stop being cruel and hoardy. I’ll create a time share club for y’all. And anytime I need to be busy with another of my MINES (and I have very few, so don’t you go and make me feel guilty), you guys can play with him.

      But like I told endodo – he totally screams I am a bad bad boy, so I worry about my dongsaengs in his presence. See, I’m older and more composed, I can handle him. 😀

      • Worried about me snatching one of your MINEs away? 😛

        ROFLLLL. You do know that Rain sang a song that goes, “I’m going to be a bad boy, I’m going to be a bad bad boy…” But he’s no Rain. He’s even BETTER! T_T LYF doesn’t have to try to be badass — he IS badass.

        And I wants him, I do. I wants my preciousssss.

      • Awww, unni, you’re so thoughtful, to try to protect me! Luckily, I am the “reform the bad body into loyal family man” type. ^_~ kkkk

  2. wow, he is beautiful, even in stills I see the “it” factor of which you speak. Now to behave myself with work and actually have time to start SH!!

  3. Terry!! OMG YOU’RE SO RIGHT!!! ljfskldhflsdf

    I didn’t know he was a singer. Why didn’t I know this?!? Shall I listen to his music?

    I’m glad he turned down the remake of Brilliant Legacy. Man, I watched that thing only for my BSB and his oh so unforgettable Jun-sae oppa! This is coming from someone who actually liiiikes Seung-gi.

    (I know who you are, ladies, and I have my eye on you)
    Hahah. I feel like I know who these ladies are. *g*

      • Sunny Happiness has made me even more shameless and I have recently converted to the Church of Shamelessness.

        Li Yi Feng is a god. I love Mike He, Li Yi Feng makes me go grabbity. I believe Kender is first on the Timeshare list and I’m second. I don’t know who goes after me but I am second AND I will enjoy my sweet time with him! *evil laughter*

        Just kidding, I’m a sweet dodo and I will be composed if I ever meet Li Yi Feng. 🙂

      • We are all victims. I concede I lucked out – I found him first before alerting my beloved dongsaengs to his existence. Hence I got in on the action first. Otherwise there might be bloodshed or at least some slappy-hands fighting for him.

        @my dodo mei-mei

        Let me repeat what you said last night – all you want to do with him in a room is sing and harmonize.

        What did I say? Ah yes, “harmonize my ass – you want to do things that can only be done in a horizontal position with him.”

        Does that sound like you are trustworthy to act in a composed way around him. 😛

        Mwahaha, sigh, I’ll let you single and age-appropriate kids try your luck with him. *My heart, be still*

      • here here here, fangirlslave reporting!

        All my life since I’m indoctrinated by CandyCandy, I’m glad nobody will ever adapt it…ever.

        BUT I can give up my CandyCandy fiend protection if someone will cast LYF as Terry.

  4. first off he’s going to be in the new Winnie Chu drama with Ariel?!!!!….yayayayaya!!!!…..secondly…there was going to be a c-drama remake of Brilliant Legacy?!….i need to get my hands on that when it releases!!!…thirdly…..i really need to get started on SH soon

    • Oh noes, he filmed a MOVIE with Ariel, but he had a secondary part.

      SH is the most addicting drama I have watched in years!

  5. OK I watched the video from SH, but what is being discussed there……can anyne tell me………………Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.

    • LYF hands Janine a bottle of antacids for her upset stomach, and she says she has no money on hand to pay for it. He laughs and asks her to just play ball with him.

      After the game, where she totally played dirty but he let her, they sit down to chat. He tells her that when he is with her, he doesn’t mind losing. In fact, it makes him feel like he has this weight lifted.

      She asks if he’s feeling stressed lately? How could he, when his work is going smoothly, and he has a fiancee. He says that lately he’s been thinking about regrets in his life, and wanting to make sure he doesn’t make any more regrets.

      For example, there was this girl that he had a chance with, but he let that chance go due to life’s unexpected interference. He wonders now what might’ve been had it continued. He asks her what her regrets are?

      She says that if she sees something that can be salvaged, she’ll do it, so that she doesn’t regret it. But she looks at him and tells him that this doesn’t include him trying to salvage anything with that girl from long time ago, since he has a fiancee now. He laughs, and doesn’t say anything more.

  6. Whoa!!! The pix are gorgeous.. And I had no clue he is a singer but I wanna hear him sing. Seriously, I have trouble being bipolar lol if it wasn’t for Mike He I would’ve joined Li Yi Feng camp from the ver first epi cuz he makes the character so interesting.. The smile is cute xD

  7. Hey ockoala…

    Because of you recapping the SH drama, I accidentally finish the whole drama in three days! Seriously, this drama made me so addicted until I skipped one night sleeping. I finally can breathe easily now as I finished the drama already. But yes, that Li Yi Feng is a killer boy. Certainly can kill a noona..hahaha. Anyway, just wanna tell first love is Joe Cheng and you are right, Mike He is getting charming every episode together with Yi Feng. I was swept off. Anyway, it was great knowing your blog and I will continue to be your fan and loyal follower!

  8. thank you so much for the article!!!….I was trying to find stuff written about him on the net but i could not find much 🙁 …. I LOVE HIM TOO!!!!

  9. Haha, thanks for introducing me to SH and Li Yi Feng! I have to say, I skipped a lot of his scenes b/c I found his fiancee too annoying most of the time … now I have to go back and rewatch 😀
    Wow, now that I know he’s from Chengdu his Mandarin sounds even more endearing <3 – my entire extended family is Sichuanese 🙂
    p.s. on the subject of Mandarin–Wan Lan's Chinese just gives me goosebumps. Goosebumps … I also find it difficult to believe that Mike He and his kid pronounce "dad" in differently, but that could be justified somehow.

  10. Ockoala…because of your recommendation & Mike He(hihihihi!!!)…I finished SH in 3 days & I agree, its totally addicting!!!
    Thanks for the recaps & articles… it made me look at TDramas, all over again!!!

  11. OH MY…! ahdaldkfhakfjalfla;dfjkalkdfj

    The pic with LYF wearing the hat, staring out the window reminds me of another fave of mine… HK singer/actor Chilam Cheung in the early days of his career.

    LYF, where have you been all my life?! Thanks for sharing him with us, ockoala! I’ll try to touch only and leave the harmonizing or whatever to dodo. 🙂

    • I saw a bit of early Chilam as well, but when he smiles he has a bit of Bosco Wong in him.

      ie he’ll charm us and get our defense down with his puppy gorgeousness then slay us with his deadly badboy heartbreaker self.

  12. When I saw your post abt Sunny Happiness I was well into the series and was as addicted as you were! LOL!
    LYF was actually in the first of the trilogy of dramas with Ming Dao and Annie Cheng called “Happy and Love Forever” which aired last year. I was a bit confused at first bec he played Ming Dao’s good friend who’s a designer and then he shows up as Mike He’s brother! Turns out to be a totally diff character.
    He had more screen time there I think and actually preferred his role in that drama. He did really well with the role. He is a real cutie esp when he smiles!
    You might want to give that drama a try and see if you’ll like it.

  13. Haha oh unnie, I totally see why you are head over heels for this guy. (This is basically how I was for Bii. Ahhh good times.)I don’t have much to say, considering that I haven’t watched anything with him in it (except for that clip you posted), but I agree that he has a very natural flow in his acting. I appreciate the realness of his delivery. His voice also quite nice. Definitely keeping an eye out for him! ^^

  14. He has similarity to Kim Hyung Joon (to me) but he can surely act. That’s how I explain his attractiveness and vibe.

  15. Dear Ockoala,
    I totally agreed with you… I’m smitten with Li Yi Feng too, in the movie Sunny Hppiness, I ogled on him more that I did Mike He.

  16. …So I’m not the only one.. 🙂
    I was incredibly impressed with Li Yi Feng in SH. I adored Yun Chao and found myself smiling whenever he was. I was (sort of) rooting for YC and YY, but probably only because she made him so happy and because they had awesome chemistry.

    I can’t really explain why I’m so smitten either, but he’s also my latest boy-crush from the industry. 🙂 LYF definitely has potential, his acting is so natural and convincing.

    PS: Thanks for the photos and I look forward to reading more about LYF here 🙂

  17. I watched the Happy & Love ,Li Yi Feng is cool ,very calm acted very real, very good and natural i like the way he smiles, i wish i could see him , he is a good actor keep it up —
    Your fan -lucila

  18. I am almost finiished watching the first installment of Happy trilogy and I love him soooo much there!!! I thought he was ok-good in Sunny happiness but I totally fell for him in Happy and Love Forever. That’s when I remembered to look for this post and re read it more carefully 🙂

    He is my favorite character in it!! Despite some plot devices I hate, I am now watching it mostly to see him lol At first, he looks very relaxed in this role and his smile is really cute! Planning to re- watch sunny happiness because last time I was focused only on Mike…

  19. mainland actors are not that good looking usually, but he’s pretty hot
    really wanted him to get the girl in sunny happiness though

  20. I really like him… I actually searched for his name and I found this website…Thank you for sharing your thoughts and information about him.. I want to know him more too and I heard he is a little naughty… Not naughty bad, naughty play…

  21. I just started to know him this year tru SOF, since then tried to catch up his latest and previous works. My obsession is just like yours, & ur thoughts were exactly as mine! I cant believe it! So nice to hv someone share the same feeling as mine.

    BTW do u still love him? Coz this post is on 2011,u know time flies, and love can change~ hehe

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