Written Preview for Episode 8 of Midas

Midas has slowly but steadily been getting better and better. I’ve simply been too busy to post more about it, but rest assured that I am watching it and have quite a lot of thoughts about the story and the characters. I started watching Midas for Jang Hyuk, and I’m staying for the side stories. I am way more interested in the secondary characters like No Min Woo‘s cancer patient rich boy and Do Hyun’s father and brother, than I am for either the two leads Jang Hyuk and Kim Hee Ae‘s characters.

I feel like Midas touches me on an impact level, whereby I’m not interested in what happens, insofar as what grips me is how it all affects the people peripheral to the central plot. 7 episodes in, I can safely say that Midas is worth checking out. It’s solid and compelling.

Written preview for episode 8:

Jung Yeon gives Myung Joon painkillers, asking him whether this alleviates his pain? He tells her that he doesn’t have much time left, so why bother doing these pointless things. Jung Yeon tells Myung Joon that rich people often don’t act like rich people. They keep wanting to make more money. She sees this, and wonders if rich people have different blood flowing through their veins than regular people.

On the other hand, Do Hyun is on the rooftop, and cannot think of a solution to extricate himself. Suddenly he gets a call from In Hye, asking what his plans are for today. Do Hyun explains that he planning to attend a gathering of his former classmates. In Hye asks him to cancel his plans and meet with her right away, Do Hyun has a very bad feeling about it.

[Credit: written preview released by SBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Midas bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Episode 8 of Midas — 11 Comments

  1. Thank you for the preview recap. I agree with you, it is turning out to be a good drama to watch. I did not like LMJ character in BOF but I thought ‘she can act’. Now I am so liking her more and NMW is awesome to look at and he has great acting skills.
    OK, maybe that is an exaggeration cause I love him (maybe not) but yeah he is good to look at.
    I was reading softy summary at Rebel Souls and watching it raw which was good enough but I’ll read your recaps if you continue. I hope for more banners of NMW & LMJ, they look good together. The Namoo actor Yoon Je Moon is awesome as a bad guy.
    Thank you again.

  2. Honestly, the rich people intrigue/maneuvering plotline is not compelling to me, so I just skip anything that isn’t Myung-joon. He’s by far the most interesting (and most gorgeous!). But if you like that kind of plot, Midas is really good.

  3. Thanks Koala for the written preview!!!!..I have been looking all over for it….
    and I agree Midas is getting better and better with each episode. I’m loving
    how DH has transform into this money making machine and he is going full speed
    ahead. But the one person who truly is rocking this show is IH, this woman is
    is doing an awesome job. Over all Midas is a solid drama and all the characters have something at stake which makes it more interesting to watch.

  4. Congratulation on your new playground Koala! 😀 I really like coming here and reading your recaps and thoughts about anything!

    I like Midas, but I love Royal family. I wish I can watch that too with english subs! I am dying to know what’s happening.

  5. Thank you for the preview. I agree with you, Midas is woth checking out 😉
    there are so much things we can learn from this drama.
    & it’s getting better and better 😡

  6. I thought you’re not watching Midas!
    I like it so far, and I even watched ep 6-7 without sub.
    I like the story, somehow it’s like TVB business related dramas. For now I don’t really care about the love story, but I do enchanted with NMW all over again. I hope he gets more meaty scenes and he’ll show acting improvement..so far so good.

  7. I think the story is getting interesting now.. wah min woo so hot n sexy here, even when he’s sick, so nice to watch him looking at min jung while she was trying to inject him with painkiller.. please ockoala recap the next preview for episode 9 pleasseeeee.. I will be thankfull for that..

  8. Well … I have a confession to make, I think I will be moving to Seoul just for No Min Woo. I have fallen … hard for him. Oh dear lord, ha. I have been looking for previews for EP 10, but can’t find it anywhere! Is there a chance you post it ockoala (while I make a puppy face)? Ahhh, I just want to see these two get together already. Especially in ep 9 where he was all like, I want more from Jung Yeon, but all I get is painkillers .. you know something of that sort .. BAHH That killed me. I totally wish he does not die, this is kdrama people, they can totally find a cure 😉

    I hope you will find ep 10 preview!

    Thanks for previewing this episode :D!

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