Kim Soo Hyun and Jung So Min on Behalf of Clinique for Vogue Girl

Pretty, so very delectably young and pretty. Clinique chose Kim Soo Hyun and Jung So Min as the spokesmodels for its Moisture Surge line of moisturizer, and Vogue Girl filmed the photoshoot and released a cute little video showing both stars gamely primping and posing. Everything about this ad campaign is perfect, from the age-appropriate stars to the flirty Spring aura, except for the fact that Kim Soo Hyun and Jung So Min didn’t appear to interact once.

What tha? Hello, two super gorgeous wonderfully talented young actors together in one place and no one thought to actually have them doing couple’s shots? I am appalled at the lack of fan service. *pouts*

The only way I can be appeased is if these two immediately make a drama together, but after Kim Soo Hyun first finishes filming the movie Thieves with Lee Jung Jae and Jeon Ji Hyun. With such promising young actors as Kim Soo Hyun and Jung So Min around, I feel pretty good about future of Korean entertainment.

Vogue Girl Making of Clinique CF:


Kim Soo Hyun and Jung So Min on Behalf of Clinique for Vogue Girl — 14 Comments

  1. ahhhh they look so cute together and after sometime I have found a young couple that can act as well. i am not keeping my hopes for them to get a show together because i think it will take a while but they look really cute together….i had rather kim soo hyun take dramas so i could watch him on screen longer but movies give actors wider audience so he is getting popular and am looking forward to the korean version of oceans 11… hopefully min min will pick something up a new drama. Playful kiss and bad guy were just her starter shows so am looking forward to her acting

  2. Wow for a moment I thought another of my kdrama wish materialized with these 2. Oh well…at least they look adorably cute. Love JSM’s look…refreshing and healthy glow.

  3. Wha, no couple shots? I’d even take a photoshopped one if they’re scheds won’t permit a synced shoot. Sigh. Included in my (many) requests to our fickle drama gods is a drama starring the two of them, seeing as they’re incredibly talented and would most likely explode together on screen… Still, cute!

  4. thanks koala!

    jung so min is so beautiful in her clinique pictures!
    the photoshoot was done right for her!
    its young, fun, girly and sweet just like jung so min! really love this girl to pieces!
    and kim so hyun is such a hot property as coming from the success of dream high.

    and we are in the boat for wishing that these two wonderful young actors work together in one drama!
    if they would, its really something to look out for!

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