Jang Geun Seok Releases Teasers for his First Single and Photobook

After laying low for the past month or so, Jang Geun Seok looks to be gearing up his activities again. While his upcoming movie You’re My Pet with Kim Ha Neul has delayed its filming due to the recent tragic disaster in Japan, his other projects continue to go forward. His photobook will be released soon, and the picture above is the teaser shots released. His upcoming first single, the Japanese language “Let Me Cry”, also released its teaser music video as well, which I have linked to below.

I don’t know why the second half of the video has no sound. Every uploaded link has the same video with the latter half missing any sound, so I reckon it’s the original state from which the record company released the teaser. I like the song, but the video I’m pretty indifferent about. It’s good to see him back onscreen though. I can’t believe Spring is here, and all that M3 craziness during the Winter months feels like a lifetime ago.

Teaser of “Let Me Cry:



Jang Geun Seok Releases Teasers for his First Single and Photobook — 17 Comments

  1. Do you believe that recently he said he should go on a diet? He said he has mass to lose from his tummy…… I like him, but really I think he is almost anorexic.

    • I read that too! So in addition to me wanting to fire his stylist, I train my guns now to his trainer. Fats?! What fat is he talking about?! Seriously! He’s grossly underweight. What he needs is to eat and eat more. I love him so but he’s making me exasperated. Diet? Come on!

      • I know, but the hair I guess is because he is aready filming the remake of ‘kimi wa petto’ , I hope he cut it after filming the movie and also gain weight. How I miss JGS from B. virus times, manly eith abs and not so thin…. T_T

  2. I think it’s okay if guys have the same phobia as women to keep the tummy flat, as long as they keep eating and working out to have buff shoulders, arms and legs. Men demand S, I demand V.

  3. YES! *pumps fist in the air* I’m buying the album, no question about it. *taps foot impatiently*

    The MV is pretty standard imho, but I’m okay with it. Cos I like seeing him 1)on screen, 2)singing. So YAY

  4. nooooo!…the movie’s been delayed again?…why can they just film in Korea?…was it always planned to be filmed in Japan?….i’m so sad 🙁

  5. awwww too bad vid is not playing anymore….

    But yes I agree with the general concesus here that he needs
    1. Cutt off the hair ASAP
    2 Eat more and have a healthy weight
    3. Hit the gym if he wants to work on that belly….

    I just think JGS just needs a new image overall, the hippie/rocker/ is gotten to boring. Hopefully once he is done filming he would get the make over he needs really baddd….

  6. i’m looking forward to oogling at JGS next week when he visits SG! oooh, noona is SO excited u’re coming to my sunny island! wheeee~

  7. i’m agree that he should gain more weight, eat what he want to eat and do some exercise. it’s not that he is not healthy now, he is indeed healthy. But what can we do, he is so determined in dieting etc to able to portray the upcoming movie character, so as long as he is happy, i will be happy too. all i can do is support him!! jks fighting!!
    about hair…i love the long hair as much as i love the short hair.
    he is so gorgeous.

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