Cast for Upcoming HK/C Movie Saving General Yang Including Vic Zhou, Wu Zun, Louis Koo, and Ekin Cheng

When I first heard the casting news, I did a double take, and then had to check five times to make sure it wasn’t some elaborate April’s Fools punk. Of course it’s not, and the reality only makes it more surreal since I can’t fathom how much this movie is going to wallow in bromance manpain and the collective pretty. Famed HK-producer-director-actor Bakmin Wong’s upcoming epic movie-version of Saving General Yang (杨家将) has just announced the seven lead actors playing the famed seven brothers of historical lore.

Only two of the actors have been confirmed to play a certain brother (Louis Koo as Big Brother and Wu Zun as Sixth Brother), but I can pretty much guess which brother the other five leads will be playing. Ekin Cheng I suspect is Second Brother, Raymond Lam is likely Third Brother, Vic Zhou could play Fourth Brother in his sleep (OMG the angst), Deng Cao would be perfect as stoic Fifth Brother, and Feng Shao Feng as playful Seventh Brother. Okay, you can start screaming now folks, because that above, is the epic cast for the upcoming The Yang’s Clan movie.

The historical folk legend of the Yang’s Clan and the seven brothers (and their awesome General Daddy) who set out for war on behalf of the Song Dynasty against its enemies, and only one brother returned, has been made into movies and dramas so many times I have lost count. The story extols family honor and patriotic virtue of the Yang’s Clan and their willingness to give their lives for their Emperor.

The drama adaptations tends to focus on the younger brothers more, with Sixth Brother usually the lead since he’s the only one to return from the battle, though other versions have chosen to focus on Fourth Brother. I adore this story since I watched it as a kid and totally swooned over the brothers and their camaraderie and general awesomeness – they use spears as weapons, each has his own OTP, they fight all the time just for fun, they always have each other’s back. And it spawned a very famous proverb – “The Yang’s Clan, 7 sons left, 1 son returned.”

The confirmed cast also includes wuxia veteran Adam Cheng as the all-powerful and wise Daddy Yang. This movie version will supposedly center around the seven brothers’ rescue of Daddy Yang, likely from evil varmints of some invading nation. The poster above was made by C-netizens at Baidu, and at the end of the cast list naming each of the guys I listed above is this awesome tagline “and a bunch of Yang’s wives, too.” Mwahahaha, yup, don’t forget the wifeys. The movie starts filming this August, likely scheduled for a Fall 2012 release.

[Credit: Ifensi news]


Cast for Upcoming HK/C Movie Saving General Yang Including Vic Zhou, Wu Zun, Louis Koo, and Ekin Cheng — 38 Comments


    Husband walked in to see what the high-pitched shrieking was about.

    • My throat is mentally parched from all the muffled screeching I’ve been doing all afternoon as I wrote up this post. I don’t care if this movie sucks, these 7 dudes playing the 7 Yang’s bros? I am so in it’s not even funny.

    • LOL…that was my exact reaction! OMG…and I’m still saying it!

      CANNOT wait is a total understatement!

      Love all of them! Seriously how did they get all these guys to appear in the same movie?! However, I think Ekin should play the oldest brother though…and Louis should be the 2nd brother. They’re all my faves (not all of them are great actors, but I like them anyways…hehe). The only actor I’m not familiar with is Deng Chao…but I’m sure he’ll be good.

      超期待 “楊家將”!:)

  2. Wow. Star power! I will watch. But it’s so sad to know the end. I hate war (and war movies/dramas) and all the heartache that it brings. But I will watch this one. Thank you for this info. So much to look forward to. Please keep us informed! 🙂

  3. So ZaiZai [Vic] will have the leading role in the MOVIE? cuz if it is WuZun I’m afraid he still have a long way to go [in what being an actor means] Sorry fans I like him very much but don’t like very much he’s acting ><'

  4. Vic Zhou and Feng Shao Feng?!….*aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh*
    I believe you’ve achieved your goala koala!

  5. Oh. My. God.

    How… just… HOW did that kind of cast get put into the SAME MOVIE? The screens are going to explode with their collective awesome. Omgomgomgomgomg. *incoherent* I hate sad stories as a general rule, but this I absolutely HAVE to watch. Feng Shao Feng, Vic Zhou and Louis Koo on my screen!

  6. Ok so this why Wu Zun dropped Sunshine Angel….hmmm well I thought he was under contract from what I heard he is not under any contract from Sunshine Angel….well an angel is always an angel panic here. Hang Geng has been filed a law suite as per Wiki Pedia, so that was bad. Well good luck with WU ZUN’s career and Vic oooh this I wanna see!!!!

    • I think you’re confusing Absolute Boyfriend and Sunshine Angel. Wu Zun didn’t drop Sunshine Angel; in fact, it’s set to air this May. However, he did put filming for Absolute Boyfriend on indefinite hold sometime late last year, and ended up dropping it in the end.

  7. i’m just curious. u post news about many asian entertainment. not only are u capable of korean, u know japanese and chinese too? as in can read and speak? sorry if i come off impolite

  8. Ah, so it’s confirmed now that Vic is one of the cast. So happy!

    I’m clueless about the story before. I only knew it’s a war movie. I didn’t know it’s about seven brothers. And now after hearing it, I kinda felt like I knew this story. Is this the one TVB once made a series? In which The Five Tigers were in it, and also Alex Man?

    • yeah, TVB made this one before with Andy Lau as 6 and (my) Tony Leung as 7. Chow Yun Fat was also in it as a deity or something other. Always a fun beginning and then a spiraling disastrous ending.

  9. this IS such a dream cast! though I hope Ekin will play Big Brother because isn’t he like years older than Louis Koo? I know Louis is in his 30s (late 30s?) now but he still looks soo young 😀 also, DENG CHAO DENG CHAO DENG CHAO!!! i dont remember what filfth brother is like but Deng Chao can do angst like nobody’s business, so um no stoic character please 🙁 In the last ep of that awful c-drama, “rich man poor love”, he had to say the cheesiest lines, and yet he made me tear up :-O
    omg this will be my most anticipated movie of the year! oh wait, next year! 😀 hope they cast the wives soon, although i doubt they’d play major roles, if the movie centers around the rescue…

  10. How Wu Zun always gets cast in big movies still baffles me. Just saying… I pretty much love all the other actors, though <3

  11. As much as I love all of these guys together.. (Wu Zun, Ekin!) It just sounds like a big mess.. Hopefully everyone can get along with each other, otherwise, its going to be a big popularity contest amongst each other.. I personally like the Tv drama version in 2006 with Peter Ho(sorry Koala, I know you’re not a fan of him!) but they better pick good wives to act along.. then again, they probably spent too much money on this stellar cast that they probably can’t afford big name actresses to be in this one.. (same like they did the Tv show w/Peter Ho, where they picked somewhat good actors to be the brothers but did a poor choice with the wives.. but thats okay, wasn’t watching for them.. )

    But I also agree with Anne up above.. How in the world did they get them all to match their schedules??

    I hope it won’t be THAT big of a mess than I imagine.. and maybe it will turn out good.. I’ll have to wait till it comes out on DVD (since I’m in the States)

    Thanks for posting!

  12. Based on the pics you posted, it’s only my dear VIC who have not done an ancient china warrior movie. Hmmmm, can’t wait to see him don that outfit. Oh, looking back, I remember he has don that outfit for the Pepsi commercial before. But this one is gonna be more exciting coz it’s a movie.

  13. LOL!! So you finally discovered this rumored news that has been going around chinese sites for the last 1 month.

    I am also super excited about this esp it will be Vic’s first martial arts ancient movie. But …… nothing has been 100% confirmed yet as there was not official news announcement. Just little bits of information released by producer Raymond Wong through one interview and also his weibo.

    Louis Koo is confirmed as the oldest brother and lead his 6 siblings to rescue their dad General Yang who is trapped in battle, due to the evil minister Pan’s plan. So the focus in on this rescue mission and will center around kinship and filial piety of the Yang men. Loius Koo’s role has the heaviest scene (according to Raymond Wong). I think Wuzun is confirmed as 6th brother (the only one who returned from that battle). Not sure if there will be much focus on the Yang wives, but Madam General Yang will play quite a big role (I think, cuz they already announced the actress …forgot her name. She was in Aftershock movie).

    Cross my fingers and hope the cast will be finalized soon. 😀


    **speechless** OMGGGG **screamsss** YESSSSSSSSS
    there is a powerful drama god out there cause this is
    just TOO good to be TRUE!!!!
    I don’t care about the story
    I don’t care about wardrove
    I don’t care about script
    I don’t care about director
    I don’t care about female costars
    I don’t care that Wu Zun can’t act
    I ONLLY care watching these MEN in 1 movie!!!!!!

    **faintsss**.. 😀 😀

  15. Adam Cheng as Daddy Yang?! Waw.
    And why Louis Koo as the eldest brother? I think Ekin looks older than him. And sixth bro is Wu Zun? I think he doesn’t really fit for that character. Sixth bro is always my fav character ( Andy Lau’s sixth bro character to be exact ), and why Zun?

    I love love this story. Even though they’d be almost all dead, but this story is one of my all time favorite.

  16. So Xu Fan has been cast as Mama Yang. She has just won the Best Actress at the 2011 Asian Film Award for Aftershock.

    The casting has been too good to be true. I bet something bad will happen like casting Angelababy, Charlene Choi/Gillian Chung, Chrissy Chau or/and other irritants as some of the “wives”.

  17. I’m not so interested in the cast for this new one. I still like the 2006 cast better. They are far more closer to “Traditional” (not exactly the word I was looking for) then the modern looking guys. Heh, hehe.. Not Hating or Anything.. I’m still giving it a chance… I can’t wait for it to come out so I can watch it.. I know I won’t like it as much, but I still wanna see and compare the two.. even though 2006 will still be my fav. 🙂

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