City Hunter Releases a Batch of Stills of Lee Min Ho’s Location Shoot in Thailand

If you asked me to fantasize about an uber-delicious K-actor doing a particular activity in a drama that would make me swoon – Lee Min Ho riding an elephant in Thailand would NOT be on the list. In fact, said scene would be banned from my list, because it’s just weird, not to mention totally random in the context of the original City Hunter that I know and love (talking about the manga here).

However, if that scene serves as important purpose for the City Hunter K-drama, then by all means put Lee Min Ho on an elephant. CH also released additional stills from Lee Min Ho’s location shoot in Thailand, and the prevaling theme seems to be that his hair defies Thai humidity and he really loves that camo-green v-neck t-shirt.

The more stills from CH I see, itย further belabors my point that the K-drama construct bears as much a resemblance to the original manga as the Wayan Brothers’ Scary Movie shares with Hitchcock’s Psycho. I read CH the manga live during the 90s, following it book by book for a good 9 years, hence my personal objection to randomly throwing a seemingly completely unrelated story and character elements at the screen and calling it CH.

If K-dramas ever remade Buffy the Vampire Slayer and set it in Seoul with Buffy being a hairstylist who is an animal whisperer, then I will officially have cracked my brain from the insanity. Stay away from BtVS, K-dramas. I’ll give you CH, but don’t overreach. Frankly, I would prefer you stayed away from the untouchable loves of my youth, period.


City Hunter Releases a Batch of Stills of Lee Min Ho’s Location Shoot in Thailand — 17 Comments

  1. Can I say that the shirt was blending with the elephant skin…totally camouflage ๐Ÿ˜‰ LMAO !!!!! It’s a pretty guys head on the elephant….with arms too yey!!!!

    • And Koala Bear honey don’t murder Buffy The V Slayer, we had such good memories together, Sarah M Gellar Prince happens to be a brown belt in Teakwondo so I have great fondness of her;-)

  2. haha, omg, what is this? I saw the first couple of stills, which I somehow missed while reading other blogs and forums, and what? What? I can’t even. BUT I totally approve of that shirt -WHERE did LMH hide those arms? Is it possible I’ve been completely blind until now?- and the hair. Melikes the hair a lot!

    If they remade BtVS and by remade I’m thinking just take the concept of the vampire slayer, lose the title and completely rework the imaginary of the slayer? So it wouldn’t be a remake but a different thing altogether? I’d be in, I think. *hides from all the objects thrown at her* But what they’re doing with City Hunter makes no sense. It’s not a remake, proper or not, it’s not even a rework of a concept in something else, different, creative. What the heck is it then?

    watch me cave in and add this to the zillion dramas I’ll be watching in May. How is this my life again? I curse you, Kdrama addiction.

  3. well, but he does look good in Tees. Eye candy. Am glad I have no expectations as to where the story should or shouldn’t go.

  4. Hi there! Long time creeper here. What’s up with the deep V’s? The man cleavage…it’s kind of all I notice. I’m a bit (not so quietly) disgruntled at the whole premise of ‘City Hunter’ too. It was like I was baited with delicious, delicious dreams which were quickly squashed under the reality of this Blue House, MIT grad, camo deep-V business…

  5. “However, if that scene serves as important purpose for the City Hunter K-drama, then by all means put Lee Min Ho on an elephant”
    I highly doubt it….*sigh* this will be like that Italian sequence in Athena right??……I have yet to see a kdrama that has got the plot right and sensible in the spy/action drama…in a way it’s good that I have such low hopes for this drama ‘cuz then the potential to surprise me would still be there

    • Actually I was wondering if it really has to be earth color for him on tees…hmmm was wondering if neon orange would have been better… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. HE LOOKS HOT!!!!!…those arms are incredible..**drools** he is all the eye candy I need… **having a fangirl moment**

    Ok Back…I agree with the total consesus that CH is not the original CH…is just the name, but essense is gone. I’ll tune in and watch first episode, but with so many great dramas coming our way, CH might end been the one I’ll watch months later….

  7. I’m already doubtful of the current Buffy remake. Don’t jinx it further, and put ideas like that out in the ether.

    Meet the new writer of Buffy

    As far as City Hunter goes, I feel your pain. I hate when titles are used purely for marketing, with no respect for the source material; but, like you said before – there is no way the LMH could pull off the original CH.

    • Ok she’s (Joss) as old as I am, well this remake is creating a scene in my mind, I wonder if shooting it in down town San Fransisco and New York would make it realistic for slaying devils I mean Vampires (instead of shooting it in some crammy studio) hahaha….like Bless the Child scenarios….High Shool is so old school….as far as Angel my beloved Vampire with a soul is concern. And yup I’m happy there is a remake for old time sake ( Call my daughter Buffy and it will be so fine). Hmmm I can see the masculinity on her face on this pic of hers and yep she will be able to implore the character of Buffy as if she has stepped into her shoes from the looks of it….but as far as the other elements in creating a story I can’s simply give an accurate conclusion…. Anyway what I love about the character is the shift of a blonde clueless cheerleader into an ass kicking and slaying woman….huh well writing is a passion of mine if only I can get the perfect winning log line any ideas anyone?

  8. I’m loving the pictures – and not being familiar with the manga, I’m actually eager for this one. LMH looks great in the pictures but I was not interested in neither BOF nor Personal Taste so he is unseen territory as far as I’m concerned.

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