City Hunter and Lie to Me Release New Romantic OTP Stills

There can no be other way to describe today other than it was the Fat Tuesday of K-dramas. Laissez le bon temps rouler! I have never posted as many posts in one day as I did today, and it was well worth the insanity. When I saw these new official stills from Lie to Me and City HunterΒ (SBSΒ is definitely on a roll today)Β there was no way I could withhold the goodies until tomorrow. I think Best Love needs to, ahem, get on the same bandwagon quickly. Once you see the pictures, you’ll know what kind of bandwagon imma talking about.

If there was even a sliver of doubt that Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye look breathtakingly perfect together (I had no such doubt for I am a true believer of their awesomeness), these stills under the cherry blossom tree put that to rest. Stunning doesn’t even begin to capture it. And all that about-to-happen kissy kissy? Just icing on the cake, baby.

Like I said, I better be seeing some major making out pictures (or footage, I’m not picky)Β of Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin soon. Not that I am being demanding or greedy. I’m merely expressing a publicly held opinion that more kissing is always a good thing in our romcoms.

Not to be left behind in the dust, Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young also put their lips to good use for some dance floor kissage, as their characters for whatever reason (I’m guessing it’s work related) kiss on the dance floor of a night club. LMHMG, if you can top the “Game Over” kiss, then City Hunter just jumped a notch or three in watchability for me.


City Hunter and Lie to Me Release New Romantic OTP Stills — 31 Comments

  1. waahh! πŸ˜€ i’m loving the insane amount of posts today, and loving the reason for all the posting! these May dramas have got my head spinning – i dont know how i’ll keep up with watching all of them AT THE SAME TIME! hahaha..

    & yes Best Love had better get on that bandwagon quickly!!

    thanks Koala for sharing all the delicious goodies!!! cant get enough of them!

  2. I’m so in love with the “Lie To Me” stills. I love the cherry blossom effect and the whole background. It looks so romantic.. Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye have an awesome chemistry.

    I don’t know if they really will kiss but eventually they will…

    I really can’t wait for the airing of “Lie To Me”.

      • The pics are lovely but as soon as you hear KJH speaking it is very disappointing : the voice of the christmas turkey in the oven .

      • I know what you mean Alexe… I heard his voice and was Huh? Here is the sexy and deep voice that I thought he would have? His voice and face don’t match.. I hope I get used to it, because I really want to watch lie to me …

  3. Omo! Lie to me stills are gorgeous! Love it! Please someone make a beautiful header to ockoala using this lol (I would if I were skilled….)

    Thanks for posting this!! ^^ Today sure was a good day!

  4. Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye already look like they have some sizzling chemistry together onscreen. I can’t help but love this girl and I’ve never found KJH so hot until NOW. This summer will be the battle of the couples and so far KJH and YEH take the lead.

  5. Madam Koala, I hereby bequeath you with the crown of glory for the service you have done us today. May the screen on your laptop always be bright and the speed of your Internet fleet.

    P.S. SQUEE! Kisses! I also offer you roses just for these stills *hugs*

    Those stills are HOT. Kang Ji Hwan &Yoon Eun Hye are just perfect together. I mean from those pictures alone you can just feel their chemistry &their not even kissing though xD so imagine the actual footage of them kissing OHWEEE that’s gonna be hot. Yoon Eun Hye is one of my fave female actress/celebrity in general while Kang Ji Hwan is the same especially after watching Coffee House which I LOVE. Seeing them both on one drama is like OVERLOAD of awesomeness xD

    Now Minho &Min Young, honestly after seeing the stills for Lie To Me I didn’t think City Hunter can top that but well it didn’t xD cause I’m bias to YEH &KJH but they did hit the same level of awesomeness. Dude that kiss is hot. They look real good together. Move over Yoochun, Min Young looks WAY better with Minho xD even if she’s his noona by 1 year. They look good. Especially in that still they hella compliment each other.

    Gosh dayumit City Hunter comes on the same time as Best Love huh? UGH..I swear May month of drama is gonna kill me. I’m gonna do some major overtime just to be able to watch them all. F’reals though Best Love better release some hot stills of their OTP to hype up the competition.

    • May will be not much different to me than now. Currently I’m watching:

      * 49 Days
      * Crime Squad
      * Midas
      * Sparkling (Twinkle Twinkle)
      * Thorn Birds
      * Manny (also subbing to Spanish)
      * Drunken to Love You (Taiwan) (also subbing to Spanish)

      Yeah, I don’t have a live….

  7. Oh my goodness! The photos of Lie to Me are just sooo beautiful! You’re right ockoala, awesomeness to the nth power! I’m just so afraid this is merely a dream sequence, a staple of kdrama romcoms. Too good to be true. But boy oh boy, they truly look great together. Another perfect couple in the making! While Lee Min Ho looks so hot aarrgh! These guys are driving me nuts!

  8. Ok I just saw a Korean guy who looks like Lee Min Ho in his attire with the short length slacks and blazer he spoke English roughly but HE’S SO CUTE FYI!!!!!! πŸ˜€ And CHERRY BLOSSOMS IS MY OFFICIAL WEDDING FLOWER NOW IF ONLY I CAN FIND THE GROOM duh duh duh????? LMAO πŸ˜‰

  9. it seems to me like he was playing with her just to see her reaction but I REALLY can’t wait for this!!!
    drunken to love you, lie to me and best love… oh miss koala, i love you!!
    btw, are you going to do the recap for lie to me and best love?

  10. Thank you ockoala for posting ao many goodies! I am addicted to your site. I feel restless if i can’t check your site at least once a day.

    Lie To Me gosh I dont even know where to begin…I am so excited to see this! The last time I was this excited to watch a drama was during Coffee Prince, Queen Seon Deok and Baker Kim Tak Goo. Gonna have to kiss my social life goodbye once Lie To Me starts. There will be neglected friends and an unhappy husband starting May 9th.

    Lie To Me MV

  11. Hi ockoala!

    These Lie to Me stills are gorgeous. I usually avoid anything remotely spoilery, but I couldn’t resist. Has there ever been a more perfect pairing? I’ve never been this excited for a drama before!

    Also, WOW. You are an amazingly prolific blogger. Where do you find the time? Keep up the awesomeness. I lurk on AKP from time to time and I always enjoy your posts. Sorry for not commenting very much. I really enjoyed your PK recaps πŸ™‚

  12. Please, point the post where you list all the dramas of May, because I’m lost now, with everything that I have to watch!

  13. Dude, did you miss that we already got a glimpse of the cherry-blossom scene in the trailers? When I looked at it, I was like, ommgggggg, they’re probably going to kiss in that scene and lsdkalsdjaldja It was stunning. And now I know!!!! I can’t wait for this drama.

    And ack, I put City Hunter on my to-maybe-watch-LATER list but for some reason, the second pic, which is not even the one with the kiss, made me all tingly and itching to watch it. It looks like they’re bantering? IDK, something captured my attention and IDEK what it is exactly

  14. Drama gods are being soooo much kind to drama fans eh? πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for these dramas!! Gaaaah! I hope May will come as soon as possible!! ^^

  15. The cherry blossom scene is fabulous just from stills.. I can’t wait to see it actually on screen!!!
    Haha topping the Game Over kiss will be hard but did u forget the Coffee House kiss at the train station? I am not a fan of the drama but it was pretty good.. I hope KJH tops it in Lie to Me πŸ™‚

  16. Thank you for sharing the stills..preview of Lie To Me is blocked in my country argh…KJH and YEH look awesome together. If anything I’ll just watch it for them..

    City Hunter on the other hand doesn’t seem to do anything for me even with still of the kiss….

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