Mike He and Janine Chang Reunite for the Armani Collezione Summer 2011 Campaign

I have to admit that as much as I adored Mike He and Janine Chang in Sunny Happiness (one of the best OTPs ever, with incredibly rich co-star chemistry), I don’t actually ship them in real life, nor am I fixated on their characters and unable to move on. But that doesn’t mean I’m not all wistful again whenever I see them together.

Armani Collezioni in Taiwan got Mike and Janine to model its Summer 2011 collection, and they make any outfit look good. Mike confesses to dressing casually in real life, and notes that he tends to play rich guys so he dresses much better on screen. But Mike has a love of cars, and he counts driving his Maserati as his way to relax.

Janine does a lot of endorsements every year, and in addition to the Armani ads which came out this week, her print campaign for Adidas was also released. I love her Adidas pictures so much I just have to share them. She looks luminous and breathtakingly beautiful.

[Credit: Adidas and Apple Daily]


Mike He and Janine Chang Reunite for the Armani Collezione Summer 2011 Campaign — 6 Comments

  1. Janine is gorgeous, but I have to say, that picture of her in the Armani add makes her look like she’s playing dress-up in her mother’s clothes. Or her big sister’s. I hesitate to say she looks bad, since she’s gorgeous from the next up…but I really do not get what the appeal of her outfit is.

    Still, love the Adidas add shots! Especially the one on the ladder.

  2. On one of the pictures, her feet look so awkward. The second solo picture of her. Her feet are pointing one way but her whole body is facing the opposite direction.

  3. NOOOOOOOOOO! Not you too, Mike!

    Why the ramen-Bieber hair look? 🙁

    I thought this was only popular in Korea???

    *starts to boil water for cooking ramen*

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