Li Yi Feng’s Upcoming C-drama White Lies Releases Poster and Synopsis

Li Yi Feng has been a busy boy since wrapping Sunny Happiness last year. He filmed a TW-movie Love Phobia with Ariel Lin, and for the early part of 2011 he was filming the C-drama remake of the K-drama White Lies. The drama wrapped production last month, and today released the first poster.

While my Feng Feng’s hairstyle has much to be desired (I want Yun Chao back, damnit!), this time he gets to challenge his acting skills further by taking on the role of an autistic character. The production released a plot synopsis, which I have translated below. This looks to be so NOT my cup of tea it’s not even funny. But I can do a Feng centric watch, and FF all the rest of the makjangness.

White Lies plot synopsis:

The story is set in a major city in China, with a poor and a rich family as the centerpiece. The story begins with a mother who does all she can to love her autistic son. She is currently the president of a large department store, with a lot of wealth and power. In the eyes of the ordinary folk, she has everything, and should have no worries. But the real her has innumerable woes and pain that she cannot express. She has a husband who is unfaithful to her, a son who is autistic, and a rebellious daughter. Her son falls in love with a nurse, who has a broken heart from a painful previous relationship and betrayal. To give her son the woman he loves, the mother does everything in her power to bring the nurse closer to the family. Because of this, her rich family becomes intertwined with the poor family, and from there a serious of complicated inter-personal relationships will develop.


Li Yi Feng’s Upcoming C-drama White Lies Releases Poster and Synopsis — 8 Comments

  1. He’s paired with Fiona Sit? I like. I may check this out…even though its probably 50 thousand episodes like the rest of the c-dramas…

  2. The korean version of White Lies was really good. One of the most interesting daily dramas I’ve seen.

    I’m not too crazy about the Chinese taking on the same storyline. I might watch the first few episodes to see how the acting comes up to par, but that’s about it.

  3. So this is a remake of the kdrama by the same name with Shin Eun Kyung(my only reason for watching)? Is the story based on a novel or literature of some sort? It might be interesting with a younger cast…

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