SBS Releases First Trailer for City Hunter with Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young

With less than three weeks away from the premiere of City Hunter on SBS, right on schedule, the first teaser trailer has dropped. Y’all know I read City Hunter the manga, and I’ve been internally reconciling all the changes to the original story concept to this K-drama adaptation, so I figure I’m ready for anything CH wants to throw at me. After watching this teaser, I am simply speechless.

Really, I have nothing to say, because I am so freaking confused as to what I just watched. This is my face ———-> O_O Is CH a noirish thriller? Is CH an action rom-com? I have no clue. As for the aesthetics – Lee Min Ho is broody and hot, Park Min Young is cheerful and dewy, and the drama has Bad Guy-esque pretty visuals splashed all over it.

First City Hunter teaser trailer:

The Youtube video below has no audio, because this trailer uses a very famous American song, likely without proper authorization, so YT has muted it. For the trailer with the audio, cick here for the Youku link. Personally, I like the trailer better without the audio, which is so out of place that it increases the WTF factor for me.


SBS Releases First Trailer for City Hunter with Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young — 34 Comments

      • Shelve it for later. 🙂

        Although that last “smolderingly smoldering” look from LMH might convince me otherwise.

    • Actually, not really. I think the music choice — Louis Armstrong’s version of “I’ll see you in my dreams” — is meant to be, like, ironic. And stuff. Slow and just a half-beat off the on-screen action, which is much more rapid.

      Or maybe it’s meant as a homage to the scene in Good Morning Vietnam (and then used in way too many other war movies, including Platoon and Full Metal Jacket, I believe) where the visuals are of the fall of Saigon but the music is some dreamy, low-key, American blues — frequently semi-happy blues, at that, like “It’s a Wonderful World”. Y’know, irony! And stuff.

      Still, as to what the show itself is about? I got nothin’.

  1. I have no words…. are we supposed to be psyched up for this drama? Cause I am just verrry confused. It’s like there are two writers who aren’t communicating with each other. Oh well…Lee Min Ho, I’m watching just for you.

  2. OMG! Worst trailer ever! What the heck was that about?! I want to give this drama a chance but I’m almost afraid to…

  3. Okay, that trailer looked like three different films spliced together into one with know rhyme or reason. Then I watched it with the audio… WTF?!?! That was… just wrong! All I can think is that the promo monkey had seen an American and/or British trailer that had used a happy song with something violent (like “Wonderful World” set to a gun battle) and tried to do the same thing.

    Too bad. I like Lee Min-ho and Park Min Young and was hoping the drama would be good, in spite of everything. It may have strayed far from its source, but it could have been like how the Tom Cruise movies have very little to do with the original Mission: Impossible television.

    • the promo monkey had seen an American and/or British trailer that had used a happy song with something violent (like “Wonderful World” set to a gun battle)

      Ahahaha, clearly GMTA is still a rule of the intarweebs. ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ has a LOT to answer for.

      • Hey, if your going to steal the idea (and I’m not saying that anyone should!), at least do it right! Most if your deliberately going for the emotional dissonance, then you better make sure the timing of the song and your clips sink up!!

        But honestly the trailer stunk without the soundtrack, so it’s not like there was anything to work with!

  4. You guys are funny. Thank you. Ms. Koala I could be wrong but I got that it’s flashbacks of his life and then present time.
    I don’t understand about Good Morning Vietnam cause it was a comedy. Broody is so boring, I hope they get him to smile more.

  5. The only reason I’m tempted to check out the drama is because of LMH, otherwise, I’d be concentrating on other dramas this month such as Best Love and Lie to Me 😀

  6. BRB LOLing forever. Or crying forever. I haven’t decided what’s the proper response to this trailer yet. WTF pretty much sums it all up, though.

    Btw, one of my maaaany reactions was, why the hell is Uncle Jun in a pool? And why is he wearing a uniform?

    And omg the ost! o_o Okay, yes, LOL it is then.

  7. Huh.

    Looks like a police action drama to me a la Lethal Weapon 1 – w/o the comedy, but with the angsty, do-good, bends-the-law-to-achieve-justice, haunted-by-his-past, playboyish protagonist.

    Or, I’m giving it too much credit? . . .

  8. Poor LMH, to get stuck with another WTH drama after Personal Taste. He’s always good, but the scripts and plot development aren’t.

  9. Oh Lee Min Ho how can you look so tempting and yummy even with that music and cheesy as hell action sequences, making me want to watch this?
    also Kang Sang Jun!!!!!!!…..I’m sure Thundie will be happy

  10. Hmmm this trailer has another thing in common with Bad Guy – I’m so hyped because of the main Leads (KNG and Ha Ga In were number 1 in my fav list (f &m version) – and I ended falling in love with Kim Jae Wook and Jung So Min) – that drama was noir – but they are experts in angst – not noir 😀 – and sometimes I was wonder ohhhh this should be angst 😀

    So now I’m hyped with Park Min Young & Lee Min Ho but the best ones could be Lee Joon Hyuk (after City Hall I wanted so badly to see him nailing a role so I watched 3 brothers – at 54 his char already annoyed me for being mama’s boy) and Hwang Sun Hee(the beautiful baddie from SIGN) or Goo Hara (which I doubt)

    However this is a better trailer than Midas(THAT was a WTF trailer) – maybe SBS learned its lesson

  11. Ummm, okay? Watching it without sound was weird, watching it with sound pretty much had me laughing. It’s just so wtf? that it makes me laugh. The club scenes, cars exploding, salutes in the water (WTF?), and the song going, “I want to hold you” as one of the guys holds someone as they die in the water. I’m just so confused. If I do watch City Hunter, it will just be because I want to see what it’s about because this trailer sure as heck didn’t tell me.

  12. “Really, I have nothing to say, because I am so freaking confused as to what I just watched. This is my face ———-> O_O ”


    It was okay for me. Not the best teaser I’ve seen, but not the worst ever.

    Waiting for the next teaser.

    • that was Lee Min Ho voiceover
      I saw City Hunter with Jackie Chan 1993 version – it was a comedy – in fact a cracktastic one – but female actresses looked like they didn’t have the slightest idea about acting or better over acting – (however it was Eng dubbed )- when I’m pretty sure that I saw girl’s previous works and they did an ok job acting wise

      however after that movie the writer never agreed with television or cinema versions – maybe he wasn’t happy at all with Jackie Chan’s performance or the whole result – the terrorists were White muscle monkeys a la Lorenzo Lamas in Renegade but without the looks – JC is a good comedian, super skilled in martial arts but womanizer ? with his face? never( he can do OTPs quite well but playboy – even he was in his youth – nobody would believe that)

  13. Wooooo! Im so dumb didn’t read any of the notes attached to the post so here I am trying to figure out as to why there’s no sound! hahahahah Ockoala you got me there!

  14. LMAOOOOOOOO!!! what the hell was that!! I mean really REALLY…the only HOT thing there was LMH..omg the mud fight wow **drools** I just love the man….but over I don’t get the trailer and the take on manga story. I’ll watch 1st episode and then decide……..

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