Video Preview for Episode 17 of 49 Days

I love how the interconnected characters, histories, and future livelihoods of all six leads in 49 Days constantly feel uncertain, unsettled, and unnerving. Four episodes until the end and I still have no clue how it’s all going to play out. I refuse to believe it’s a given that Ji Hyun will get her three tears, yet I find myself like some hyped-up cheerleader hoping that she can succeed. Not because I want her to resurrect, but because I want her to understand that she was loved because she made a difference to people.

Preview for episode 17 of 49 Days:

Kang: This is a matter of life and death. Please can you help me?

Yi Kyung: Song Yi Soo, you should use this time spent making food to sleep.

Yi Soo: Sleep. I can sleep all I want after I’m dead.

Ji Hyun: Please look, didn’t you come here to look for Shin Ji Hyun?

In Jung: What do you want!

Yi Kyung: If I were Shin Ji Hyun, I would follow In Jung forever.

In Jung: We can’t see Ji Hyun, but Ji Hyun can see us!

Min Ho: What are you doing? What is going on?

Yi Kyung: I got rid of that woman (Ji Hyun), I have come back.

Min Ho: Shin Ji Hyun, do you think I’m an idiot?

Yi Kyung: *smirks* Why would you think I am Shin Ji Hyun right now?


Video Preview for Episode 17 of 49 Days — 13 Comments

  1. Thanks for the preview!

    One correction, though. Near the end, Yi Kyung doesn’t say: Because of that woman (Ji Hyun), I have come back.

    She is actually saying: I got rid of that woman (Ji Hyun) and have come back.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow~~~

  2. I love what YiKyung says at the end. She’s like playing hard ball &funny thing is Minho &InJung don’t really know if it’s Ji Hyun or YiKyung. They weren’t expecting YiKyung to make an appearance &go against them. Minho thought he can just bully YiKyung to leaving but see that’s were he is an idiot cause he doesn’t know YiKyung at all. No one does. She’s the trump card, very unpredictable. She doesn’t have to help JiHyun but since JiHyun cares for her &she can feel/hear/see it she’s gonna help her. I wanna see YiKyung take Minho &In Jung apart for Ji Hyun’s benefit. 🙂

    Honestly my theory has always been the same like I don’t see how she’s able to complete her task. My theory is that Ji Hyun doesn’t complete the task so in the end what she does is set up her parents to take in YiKyung as a “daughter” that way YiKyung will get what she always wanted which was family love. A place to feel secure &I can see her getting it from Ji Hyun’s parents &Kang will be there to help her. Like it’s Ji Hyun’s last gift to those she loves giving them another chance of happiness with YiKyung &vice versa for her unnie to get what she always wanted.
    That’s my first theory my second is that IF JiHyun does complete the task in a way I hope because I too want her to know that she was loved &she’s an honest character yeah she’s kinda selfish at times but she doesn’t mean it. She’s naive, gullible &just loving. She’s the type of person that you can’t really get mad at so for In Jung to is just plain stupid. The girl was just jealous plain &simple, so shame on her &I hope she gets her karma but yeah anyways if Jihyun does complete the task I want her to take YiKyung in. Be there for her unnie &help her out.

    I still have hope for YiKyung &Kang just because I can’t see JJH being with NGR, they don’t really match &his main chemistry is with LWH, only reason I wanna see that pairing but if I don’t get that I want YiKyung to be with her Yi Soo. Their love story still pulls at the strings of my heart.

    • i like your theories. this drama has been so good and i have my theories too, but i know whatever they throw at us will be great.

    • I sort of have a different take.. here is what I am thinking: JH did not get her 3 tears at the end, but YK is willing to give up her body for JH because she would like to be with YS/Schedule after his 5 years plus 1 week penalty term… YS will get his chance to fulfill his wish after his term and I am hoping to clear any misunderstanding between him and YK. JH’s soul will be in YK’s body and JH’s parents would take YK in as a daughter since they both like YK and think that YK is a good friend of JH and YK is an orphan… when JH’s soul in YK’s body woke up… she would lose her memory but Kang will be there for her…

      MH and IJ will end up nothing.. their plan completely failed…

      can’t wait for the episode and see how everything wrap up at the end…

      • I like your theory kaleido. I really hope those two pairs end up together (well, not Min-ho and In-jung!). Thank you so much ockoala!

    • I like your theory, marmar. I hope all of this is happy ending, all of them get happiness.
      And waiting for upcoming episode….. kyaa……

  3. ok, what was with that brief scene of Min Ho standing there with Yi Kyung, and some dude waving his hands over her head? Is that like the ghost buster or something? I’m dying here!

  4. From the beginning I’ve always wondered whether YiKyung will be one of Ji Hyun’s tears. Maybe my imagination is running out of control.

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