Written Preview for Episode 4 of Best Love

I like that the written previews for Best Love are so simple and slim-pickings in terms of spoilers. BL feels like the best kind of situational comedy mixed with cute parody, and it’s all about the delivery which brings the conversations and moments to life. Of course, once the drama veers into emotional intense territory I’m sure I’ll want detailed spoilers, preferably involving lots of kissing and making out.

Written preview for episode 4:

Seeing former Treasure Girl Mina…..Gu Ae Jung, a person like you dares to!

Pil Joo’s unexpected choice leaves the audience shocked. Receiving the rose given to her by Pil Joo, Ae Jung is very happy. She shows it off to Dokko Jin, who has arrived at the filming location.

On the otherhand, Dokko Jin finds that Ae Jung is constantly on his mind, this girl who makes him feel absurd. To return the pen in Ae Hwan’s hands to Pil Joo, Ae Jung goes to the Oriental medicine clinic. There, Ae Jung runs into former Treasure Girl Mina.

[Credit: written preview released by MBC, translated into Chinese by Best Love Baidu bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Episode 4 of Best Love — 12 Comments

  1. just to think i have to wait like 10 hours to watch episode 3 🙁
    happily i have things like this to keep me going
    thanks for the preview this drama is my new obsession. i loooooove it!!! i read episode 3 is lots of fun and i think from this preview episode 4 will be funnier, with Dokko Jin’ jelousy 😉

  2. Eeeee! I’m dying here waiting for subs. This is now my favorite 2011 drama – every single one of the four leads is delivering and I’m cracking up every five minutes.

    I was planning to wait and then marathon this, but once I saw the first episode that plan went out the window. The Hong sisters really deserve an altar.

    • I don’t think this drama will have so many kissing scenes or even bed scene, GHJ never played that kind of scene before, maybe yes for kissing scene,but for bed scene? She played many role before BL such as Pasta, Thank you, The teacher, she only have kising scene with those co stars on those drama but never a bed scene. But if this drama would make her taking that scene I will be very pleased and happy about it!! its time for her to go and take that kind of scene, to bring somehow her sexyness in her.

  3. Just finishing watching ep. 3 raw and this drama is official my crack omg!!! so mant LMAO moments !!! Hong sisters are awesome..Doki Jin I love him!!! is official LOVE him…and again what makes this drama stand out is the super acting that we get from this veterans actor… for those who can’t wait to watch raw here is the link, hope is ok to post here… 😀

  4. Man I was laughing through out episode 1 &2. Hong sisters are awesome. I love the way they are always taking a stab at real life events or stuff. Like Ninja Assault? Ninja Assassin anyone? or Peter Jason aka Peter Jackson. You gotta love the Hong Sisters for their humor which is my kinda humor hahahaha
    Can’t wait for the next episode.

      • lol me too. He is hot, but the drama seem a mess…

        I don’t know what to guess. PMY and LMH met and become lovers, but because he has some important mission he must go to thailand and roll under mud with a guy and ride a elephant, and because he miss PMY he looks to her photo that he has on his bedroom? (lol this is what i thought after seeing the trailers)

  5. I haven’t seen subs for BL anywhere.. Some problems with viki.. But from recaps I can totally see that where I can simply love/support a drama for my love of the leads(LTM), I can also appreciate this drama with so much awesomeness.

    YKS!!!!!! Looking handsome.. but no glasses?!

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