Mei Le, Go Ramps up for Premiere and Releases Photo Storybook

The Taiwan airing of Sunny Happiness on CTV is wrapping up in two weeks, and it’s successor drama Mei Le, Go (though it looks like the English title may be Love Keeps Going) is ramping up for its premiere.

Okay, I’m just never going to concur with the decision to air one Mike He drama right after another Mike He drama, which just leads to potential Mike-fatigue and crossing of OTPs. Like anyone watching SH is going to immediately board the MLG pairing of Mike with Cyndi Wang? Yeah, not bloody likely.

I would much prefer Sunshine Angel get dusted off and pit Angel Rainie Yang against Drunken Rainie. Now that would be a battle royale worth the watch. But it’s MLG that’s gotten the green light, and the production has announced that concurrently with the airing of the drama it will be releasing a photo storybook. Bringing you all some pictures from the photobook, and a blurb about the drama.

In front of love, everyone turns into a coward. So It’s easier to hide in one’s own kingdom and be your own King.

She, outgoing and hardworking, eager to help others, has an innate desire to be needed.

He, arrogant and self-absorbed, disdainful of others, has an innate dislike of being cared for.

One is a reincarnation of a serving girl, the other is an epitome of a king.

She takes care of him, because he’s going to be family, she will soon be his sister-in-law.

He looks down on her, because she’s so subservient – the more she gives, the less it’s appreciated.

She can’t change him, but the two of them sure can fight, fireworks spewing everywhere.

As a music producer, the world is his to command.

But he falls to his knees for something so insignificant, but somehow utterly important.

Only the bread she makes can give him creative inspiration.

The true love she so reveres is suddenly in danger with the intrusion of a third party.

Her bakery is on the brink of going out of business.

He finds a solution to save her bakery and defeat the third party intruding into her relationship, so that she can continue to bake bread for him.

He doesn’t know that his arrogant self-constructed kingdom is in danger of collapsing from the onslaught of the scent of bread.

Love and bread, can they co-exist, and how easy would that be?

MLG is co-produced by GTV and the Taiwanese Hakka Cultural Association, and the Hakka dialect will be heard in parts of the drama. Just like many Taiwanese dramas tend to incorporate smatterings of Taiwanese, this time it’s the even more minority dialect of Hakka (and the Hakka culture), that will be featured in this drama.

Taiwanese citizens of Hakka (客家) descent comprise about 10-15% of the population, and there are many more Hakka people in Mainland China. In the early-to-middle part of the last century, Hakka people were discriminated against and persecuted in Taiwan (whereas the Taiwanese Aborginal people were merely shunned and pushed to reservations).

Only in the last few decades has Taiwan made a concerted effort to rid itself of inter-ethnic discrimination and proactively tried to raise public interest and awareness of the minority cultures that continue to thrive in Taiwan, including Hakka and the Aboriginal culture.


Mei Le, Go Ramps up for Premiere and Releases Photo Storybook — 22 Comments

  1. Hmmm… Why is the symbolism of bread so popular all of a sudden? Love and Bread, and now this.
    I know bread is like ‘essential’ for life since it’s a basic need etc… But still, it’s weird.
    And I’m getting really really tired of the naive, innocent, kind, girl with a simple job that doesn’t earn that much money but she enjoys, and the cold, rich guy who somehow falls in love with the girl despite thinking the girl is ‘below’ him and doesn’t understand why he fell in love with her.

  2. I’m not only tired of the plucky innocent girl but the arrogant rough guy. Are these the only people in the world that end up together? She’s dirty, he’s clean. She’s nice, he’s mean. Really? And then, he mellows out and she toughens up? Exasperating.

    I do want to see Mike(I’d be insane not to want that) but like a lot of others Cyndi… I tried Momo Love and just couldn’t hack it. Hope it does well… but against Drunken to Love All Things Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru? I’m not raising my glass too high over that one…

    • I pretty much agree with your first paragraph. In many of the TWdramas I’ve watched the girl is the innocent, pluck, kind hearted one while the guy starts of as an ass. And it does get very tiring after a while.

  3. I love sunny happiness to bits! Its the drama that gets me interested in TWdramas again. And, I love your banner! Looking at it reminds me of those extremely sweet moments between yongyong and yunjie..

  4. I’m hoping the actors can pull off Hakka. It’s a very uncommon and difficult dialect. My grandmother’s Hakka and up till today I can barely understand the simplest of phrases.

  5. There hasn’t been much tw drama that appeals to me…the last that I was captivated was miss no good (excluding dtly as it still have a long way to go to judge though I love it now)
    not that I can act but… Mike’s acting is like…..the same in each of his drama…he did improve but I don’t see him specially craft a character for all his roles…the way he talks n actions does not surprise me n I just got bored after watching 3 of his drama (despite his good looks).
    In dilemma now whether to watch cos I like cyndi…she’s quite a natural with her roles so far…

  6. I’ve watched all of Cyndi’s dramas and I really like her acting so far. I’m also looking forward to this drama 🙂
    As for Mike I only watched his DBY and never get to finish it lol

  7. so when exactly is sunshine angel coming out? i thought it was coming out on 28/05… i can’t wait for the wu chun rainie pairing, coz i think theyre both super cool.

  8. Not gonna lie, Mike He has aged really well. I never found him to be really attractive *dodges bullets* up until Sunny Happiness. But I’ve been a fan of most of his work ever since watching Love Contract so I’ll probably give this one a shot. Mike He fangirl coming through!

    As for Cyndi Wang, I remember liking her (most of the time.heh) in Smiling Pasta when that came out though I haven’t seen her in any drama since then. I’m kinda excited.

  9. I read the blurb and it sounded like just about any romcom out there. Then I got to the bread bit and I -I kid you not!- started LOLing IRL. I mean, come on! I’m one to appreciate good bread, my mom can bake mean loaves and I can bake some pretty darn good myself, but come on, a whole drama based on that the concept that bread can “inspire”? Er. o_O

    I do want to watch Mike He on my screen agin, but…IDK. I’ll stick to DTLY for now.

    • It’s MAGIC BREAD, yo~

      Or at least that’s what I think it must be, otherwise Mike has an olfactory problem. 😉

  10. The pictures look nice enough and they might have good chemistry… But Yong Yong and Yun Jie’s is best!! It will be difficult to switch OTP in a week or two..

  11. Words cannot describe how frustrated I am right now! I love Mike He to death and his acting is brilliant. If you’ve seen him in one of those starring scenes where his eyes do the talking, you know what I’m talking about. As for Cyndi Wang, I cringe at the sight of her acting. It’s not believable and looks like she lacks the emotion to play her character properly. No amount of love for Mike He will convince me to watch this drama.

    I’ll stick with Drunken to Love You and Lie to Me for now. However, it’ll be interesting to see the ratings battle between Rainie Yang and Mike He.

    • But there already is a ratings battle between Mike and Rainie. Rainie’s DTLY premiered against Mike’s Sunny Happiness and beat SH right off the bat.

      • I think you’re mistaken. I remembered that after I was done watching Sunny Happiness, there was this huge gap where I didn’t watch any dramas since nothing new came out. March must’ve been a slow year… Curse my drama addiction!

        Anyway, I checked. Sunny Happiness ended on March 2 while DTLY premiered on April 17. You are right about the ratings though. If SH and DTLY were pitted against each other, DTLY would have a huge lead.

      • No, I’m not mistaken. But you are also correct that SH ended already, if you are talking about the Mainland China airing of SH.

        The Taiwan airing of SH is still continuing, and will wrap up in two weeks. MLG will be the drama following SH.

        Ergo, DTLY has been airing against SH in Taiwan since it’s premiere in mid-April.

        Everyone gets confused with the SH airing times because it aired in its entirety in Mainland China before it even started airing in TW.

      • Oh… I see. I assumed Sunny Happiness was a Taiwanese drama rather than a Mainland Chinese drama. Thank you for the clarification!

  12. Ummm. . .what?!?!?! to the description. Don’t know if I’m feeling this drama. As cute as Mike is, that description just turned me off. She was supposed to be his sister in law? Weird. Then why is she the one helping him and not his fiancee? I’m confused >:-/

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