City Hunter Holds Press Conference and Releases Extended Trailer

The upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama City Hunter held it’s press conference yesterday. The cast showed up to introduce their drama to the media and present a 9 minute trailer (linked below). I think the cast is quite pretty, no doubt about it, but I’m just not getting that added oomph of chemistry from the group.

I do wonder if Goo Hara and Park Min Young are having a skirt-off (my skirt is shorter than yours – no, mine’s the shortest!), what the heck is Lee Min Ho wearing (yet again), why Hwang Seon Hee looks like a sexy librarian, and couldn’t Lee Joon Hyuk find a suit that fit properly? See, clearly I only notice very important things.

Highlight Video for City Hunter (starts at the 3 minute mark):

Yup, after watching 9 minutes of this baby, I still don’t know what the drama is about. Oh, I have a better clue, but still no overarching narrative.

[Credit: all pictures are official stills released by SBS]


City Hunter Holds Press Conference and Releases Extended Trailer — 23 Comments

  1. Hmmmm… Pass

    Oh dear Koala, please post Ripley Press Conference as well. They all look great. After reading Ripley character description and watching the trailer, i sure am impress. I am so watching Ripley.

    • I’ve got zero interest in Miss Ripley, but I suggest hanging out at Mookie or Dangermousie’s pad, both of them are really excited about it. 🙂

  2. Do we have a clue as to why he’s showing off that god-awful coat? Is it straight out of the manga that this once based on before it lost it’s mind? Or does it have some other purpose in life – it’s longer than PMY’s dress, so if he had given it to her to wear I’d have said that was a nice gesture.

    • Oh hells no. LMHMG’s outfit was not anything Ryo would have worn, even if he was cross-dressing for a case. Ryo typically wore jeans, t-shirt, and a blazer (think Don Johnson circa Miami Vice, but less primary colors and grease). Sometimes Ryo wore a trenchcoat, but it was a standard long Burberry/London Fog classic style. LMH is singlehandedly elevating metrosexual dressing and hair styles to new levels of, uhm, edgy.

      • Well, supposedly he’s very hard to fit and they have to tailor darned near everything (see, I remember SOMETHING from PT other than my gag reflex). But apparently his stylist is…well…edgy. And has a thing for pink pants. On the whole that gives them less of an excuse for that coat, doesn’t it. Considering he really can rock a tailored outfit. Clearly it’s fortunate he doesn’t have the same stylist as JGS. Because LMH would look beyond edgy into insane in some of JGS’s outfits.

      • Oh, LMHMG is prolly the one other twenty-something K-actor who can actually Zoolander with JGS on a runway. Imagine them in manliner and lots of ripped clothing.

        I actually think JGS dresses himself, and that is him expressing his own individual identity. On the otherhand, LMH’s outfits for the past 2 years, since around the time he did PT, don’t make me think I’m seeing who he really is. It just cries out “this is what my stylist wants me to be”, which frankly annoys the shit out of me.

        My sister, to this day, still shudders and says the a couple of Hail Marys when I even casually mention PT, bc she’ll just subconsciously flash back to the horror that was everyone’s wardrobe in that drama.

        Best part of PT – @nycgrl using LMH’s wardrobe as her Summer style that year and getting raves, and her coining PT “the drama I most like to pee on.”

        LMH needs a style-intervention, stat.

      • God I hate PT with all the might of the combined dark forces. Chronicle of my kdrama style inspirations:

        -2 years ago JGS in YB: Alexander Wang jackets, cowl neck loose jersey shirts, granny booties, girliner & snarl (no animals were killed)
        -Last summer LMH’s slim boyfriend cardigan with high water pants & flats (sans vacant expressions)
        -This fall JGS’s MMM with lots of plaid, leather jackets, moto boots, dark skinny jeans & rhinestone cuffs (a mashup of my existing closet thanks to my hippie/grunge/punk days)

        Sadly I have no style inspiration this year but I think PIE’s poofy hair in DUO might serve as inspiration for a post-victorian punk chic.

  3. Come to think of it, he did the dead animal on the shoulder look in BOF and rocked it, so I think you are right about the runway. Wouldn’t you like to see a “Top Model” style Vogue-ing battle between LMHMG and JGS? ::leans back and imagines that::

    I desperately try NOT to think of PT, but nycgrl’s comment is priceless. 😎

  4. Oh man dude like what the heck is this drama about?
    Man watching the trailer it felt more like a movie xD
    But I do like the way the Mins looked at each other in the club before he kissed her.
    The way Minho held her head &they locked eyes…THAT was hot. Imma still watch it for these two. I just hope it doesn’t become a flop.

    • its not we dont noe wat tis drama abt.. becos they speak korean… we need eng sub for tis trailer to get to noe more… right?? i alredy watch it at least i get to noe tat tis drama telling us abt something to do between south n north korean… lmh’s real father got kill by some soldier… lmh’s godfather (Kim Sang Joong) bring him up to become a city hunter… something to do with his real father death… i think.. the woman who make noodle for him was his real mother( Kim Mi Sook) … lmh was taking away by his godfather when he was a baby after his father die… so his mother doesn’t noe lmh was her son…

    • By all we hold holy! you are right! It’s God of Sun, the main theme from the A Man Called God OST! I knew it was familiar….and this does not bode well, does it, if it flames out as badly as AMCG did.

    • Thanks for pointing it out!

      Now I know why I had a strange emotional reaction to the song. At first I was confused:

      Why am I feeling all tense when the trailer is booooring? – it’s the MCG song stirring up the Kookie memories…

  5. I’m still not sure what this drama is about. I’m so confused. The more trailers and posters and screen stills come out the more confused i get. Sigh

  6. The trailer confuses me too.. only LMH’s hotness is clear to me. 😀

    I find his presscon outfit a bit off.

    And about JGS and LMH clothes.. well this might sound a bit bias (since JGS practically owns me) but JGS can get away with whatever he puts on (no matter how extreme the weirdness factor is).. he exudes this happy-go-lucky attitude.. LMH on the other hand is a bit quiet and reserved to be sporting these kind of clothes.. so it makes me feel that he’s putting on whatever his stylist put on his rack.. just my two cents.

  7. I can’t wait for this drama since there is nothing else I am currently watching. I am glad I know nothing about the Manga so I can be unbiased. Of course I want to see LMH and since I never watched PMY except when younger then I am looking forward to seeing this. I mean LTM, all I can say Hong Gil Dong I was glad he got killed and cannot ever watch the actor again and beauty is in the eye of the beholder but Ms. Eun Hye reminds me of a pretty mouse. There is nothing in Kdrama for me anymore since watching Manny got me ill. So bring on City Hunter, it has great actors in it.

  8. You basically put in words what I was thinking when I saw these pictures too. I saw the press conference news at another website before you put your post (sorry!) and I was like wow.. what is Lee Min Ho wearing and the girls skirts? Park Min Young’s outfit has a strange black line going across and the goo hara one is cute but short as well.

    Anyways.. I’m not sure if i want to give this a shot.. I’m debating between this one and Ripley…:D

  9. LMH: That outfit has Kibum written all over it.

    1& 2 Ladies: If I tilt my ipad slightly I think I can see NAE PANTY! NAE PANTY!

    Lee Joon Hyuk: Why would they make a hottie like him look like Chauffeur Lee?

    LMH & 2nd lady: Most energetic “Hwaiting!” ever seen at a press junket. LMH is positively beaming with enthusiasm for this project.

    Clearly I notice important things too!

  10. …again, when I find myself lusting after an outfit as opposed to the actor in the outfit, something is obviously very wrong and someone needs to shoot LMH’s stylist. I like it when JGS is artsy and metrosexual and edgy with his outfits because he obviously enjoys the hell out of being outrageous and campy and urbane; when LMH tries that, it just puts me off because, somehow, he never manages to get pants that fit him, dang it, and he just looks really awkward.

    That being said…Jang Guen Suk is the cutest thing ever. I just love him in whatever incarnation he chooses to be — crazy neighborhood hobo, sparkly drag queen, classy urbanite in classy suit, or that insane guy shaking his ass to Sexy Back on stage. I love him so much, I’ll even watch Kimi wa Petto, even though I can’t really stand that story. JUST FOR HIM.

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