Love Keeps Going with Mike He and Cyndi Wang Releases Two More Trailers

Man, if this drama makes me end up sick of bread imma going to be pretty PO’d. Two more teaser trailers for Love Keeps Going (which is the official English title for the TW-drama Mei Le, Go) have been released. I’ve translated the voiceovers to try and understand what this drama will be about. I think the colors of the drama look quite pretty……and that’s about it.

The most notable thing for me is that the first trailer shows a scene completely ripped off Sunny Happiness it’s almost a parody that they got Mike He to perform said scene again. Yeesh, more originality people. Nevertheless, against my better judgment, I really like the trailer song, so I guess this means I’m definitely going to check this out.

Trailer 1:

He, is in search of a romantic melody.

She, longs for the taste of happiness.

Two people from completely different worlds, will create a touching melody

Trailer 2:

Love has not yet suceeded, Mei Le needs to keeping trying.

This summer, the most aromatic scent of love, is at Mei Le, Go.


Love Keeps Going with Mike He and Cyndi Wang Releases Two More Trailers — 6 Comments

  1. Definitely not watching, bored with the trailer and they r short, harmless in context and I only notice mostly the pretty pretty Mike. And the passing seconds of Cyndi…I already wanna pluck eyes out. Is shallow, can’t stand her face and herTM ‘I’m cute and plucky!!!!’ expression(s) one bit.

    This is waking me up fr my new Mike fangirling, reminding me of his tendencies of picking godawfully lacking dramas with tiny nuggets for him to shine in. SH is his aberration. 🙁

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