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Aish, I don’t know what to think. The written preview doesn’t reveal much about episode 20, nor does the new video preview I have linked to below shed any definitive light on what’s to come. If 49 Days weren’t so unpredictable, I’d cast my vote on Ji Hyun being the one to ride the final elevator with Scheduler, this time not due to an early death caused by an expected accident, but because it was her destined time to depart. Being confused is probably a good thing, because I’m already way too teary as is. I have some more thoughts after the jump.

Written preview for episode 20:

Yi Kyung is shocked and sits facing Ji Hyun, hearing Ji Hyun calmly discussing her own fate. Ji Hyun begs Yi Kyung not to tell Kang anything. Ji Hyun arrvies at Heaven (the restaurant) bearing a picnic basket. She asks Kang to spend one day with her as her boyfriend. Just for one day, she wants to go with Kang on a date…..

Preview for episode 20:

Translation of dialogue:

Ji Hyun
: This today of yours is the precious tomorrow of someone who passed away yesterday.

Ji Hyun: So who gave me the 3 tears?

Scheduler: One of the tears came from Park Seo Woo, but the other tear didn’t come from Song Yi Kyung.

Ji Hyun: Then who was it?

Kang: Shin Ji Hyun! What are you doing here?

Ji Hyun: Han Kang, can I borrow you for one day…… to be my boyfriend?

In Jung: Oppa, we can’t continue this anymore. You need to stop now.

Min Ho: I cannot stop. Even if it rips me into pieces, I’m will keep going.

Ji Hyun: You’re Scheduler, right?

Scheduler: Don’t tell me you forgot about me already?

Ji Hyun: No, I remember. Why do I remember my 49 days?

My Thoughts:

This drama has been heavy on the parallels and symbolism throughout the show. I’m too bone-weary to run down the list, but the writer has really integrated the theme of fate well into this drama. See Min Ho and In Jung, who deride their born-fate of being poor, and seek to escape not through legitimate means but through exacting some sort of “you are also due to suffer” vengeance on those who were born to live easier lives.

See how Min Ho and In Jung suffer, not because of their poverty (which they have endured and overcome), but because of their twisted jealousy, envy, and self-hatred. These feelings literally eat them alive from within and are the key to their own self-wrought downfall. See Yi Kyung thumb her nose at fate for taking away Yi Soo from her, so she gives up life. See how she suffers, because she chooses not to cherish her life and instead wastes it because she has not the courage to move on.

This drama rewards those with courage to live and love. See how Kang comes alive once he takes the step forward and confronts his years of unrequited love for Ji Hyun. I’m saying all of this because I think Ji Hyun is going to die, and she would show exactly how strong she is by embracing her fate and living every moment she has left to the best of her ability. The date with Kang is TOO much a parallel of Yi Kyung and Yi Soo final date not to mean something other than a simple date based on the writer’s pen in this drama.

For Ji Hyun to believe she will die (for a reason, I’m guessing Scheduler told her something) and then not die because of some miracle negates the drama’s basic premise that death cannot be avoided. What can be done is maybe we get one chance to fix what we have left unfinished – Scheduler got it through being a Scheduler to earn his date with Yi Kyung, Ji Hyun got it through her 49 days quest. What is left is just an understanding that life remains always complicated, unfair, and ultimately precious in each and every moment. Damnit, I love this drama.


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  1. well said! i love this. it’s an exact replica of my own thoughts “What is left is just an understanding that life remains always complicated, unfair, and ultimately precious in each and every moment.”

    here, here!!

  2. that’s why we gotta live life to the fullest! ^^

    koala unnie! thanks for all the recaps and written previews you provide for this drama!
    it’s my first time leaving you a message on your page! hehe! love it!

  3. Yes, you said it beautifully, Ockoala. A celebration of true steadfast love and the preciousness of life – that’s what this drama is, and I love it cos it’s so thought-provoking and makes me realise life is so transient and precious. Like you, I think this drama has to end with Ji Hyun’s death. Her death is a fitting closure as well as a new beginning for those she leaves behind. This is a precious gem, this deceptively simple drama, with many layers that keep unfolding with each new ep. It has touched me so. I don’t think I’ll ever watch it again. But I’ll remember it forever.

    • forest friend. i am coming out of the woodworks to say hello. *hugs*

      i’m with you. it is such a touching and thought-provoking drama. the first time that i’m truly in love with not because i’m obsessed with the actors but mainly for the story itself. kudos to the writer for doing such a great job! <3

      • yeisha, my forest friend!!!!! Missed you *hugs* Here’s a toast to yeisha! *raises green soju bottle*

  4. I think Ji hyun will probably be the scheduler’s last ‘job’ 🙁

    Can’t believe the other tear didn’t come from Yi Kyung! If it didn’t come from her, then i bet it came from in jung

  5. i don’t think ji-hyun will die
    i think the writer knows that most of the viewers want kang and her to live happily ever after
    so…i do think there will be some miracle at the very end that ensures a happily ever after…

    • I really hope for a happy ending!!! My fingers are crossed! If Kang doesn’t end up with Ji- Hyun…I’m going to be really upset :(…

  6. I think it will be an open ending….

    JH dies most probably… and will end up with a scene of YK and Kang but no love confessions or so forth… just leave it to the viewer…at least indicates they are getting closer

    • i have a feeling about this too. that they will show HK and YK becoming best friends..perhaps even visiting YS and Ji Hyun’s grave together. ah, so bittersweet. or it could be a time jump with HK designing that pension house that YS dreamed for YK and they will live there happily. however way it ends, i know it will be good.

      ahhh..i miss this drama already. 🙁

  7. if the other tear wasn’t from song yi kyung, then i think it’s
    either from in jung (because she still holds true feelings deep inside) or the scheduler. last episode :'(
    everything is so heart-wrenching.

      • Oh I posted my comment before reading yours, omo. Yes, I think so too. So sad that Min Ho loves her and he didn’t even know it.

    • Maybe the tear is from Min Ho? It’d be even more heartwrenching then….cos he loves her despite not wanting to. Oh, this show just makes me hurt….

  8. If you look really carefully in the video preview, there are three scenes that flash for one second each: YK is standing alone in JH’s room (:04), JH’s mom and Kang visiting YK in her apartment (:09) , and YK smiling at someone whoa appears to be Kang (:26). I think Ms. Koala is right that JH will die and YK and HG might end up together!

    • Also, this was my first time leaving a post! Ockoala, I have to thank you so much for providing beautiful recaps. I’ve been following your posts for a while, and I am so thankful for your hard work.

  9. My guess is dat JH wont die in d end but instead it wil b Y…also if d tear ws not 4m Y thn cud it b dat they 4 siblings???im going crazy wid my own thots how it gona end!!!

  10. Thanks for this preview ockoala! So Ji-Hyun dies… and I think nobody will be left with anybody… my, that is just so sad. Kang and Yi-Kyung by their lonesome (and I don’t care about In-Jung and Min-Ho). Min-Ho would probably end up in a psychiatric ward. I mean I thought he’s resigned but it seems that he’s not. So he’s really losing some screws now and probably end up just like his mom. The last tear? It’s probably his. So he loves Ji-Hyun all along? But then again he seems so evil, so nah. I don’t really know, but then whose is it? In-Jung? …this drama makes me think “what if, what if…” driving me nuts but I just couldn’t do anything about it. I am just so into 49 days, what can I say? I so love this drama too!

    Now I’m really thinking about Kang. He’s going to have a date with Ji-Hyun, the last one, then she dies…oh poor Kang. How could he be able to end up with Yi-Kyung if the one he loves just died? I mean the scheduler appears again, and there was this last list that we saw but didn’t see who’s the last one to board the elevator. It’s Ji-hyun alright, and she only has a week to live. So she goes… so what will be of Kang? Poor guy. Or maybe the drama would end up like any other dramas with ” after so and so years…” but that’s not the writer’s style, I think. I guess I should just patiently wait for tomorrow morning really and stop all this nonsense it’s making me weary… So thank you ockoala, for keeping my sanity because you’re one fast koala in recaps!

  11. i do think all the signs point to JH dying i just dont think it will happen, i mean this drama is unpredicatable, so who knows?
    i think the only reason she thinks she is going to die is because she can till remember
    the 49 days, because it will be unlikely that both couples dont get to be together, but i dont know…. thats why i love this drama its always got me thinking,
    i hope JH doesnt die, i mean her and kang have never got the chance to be together, i also feel that if she does die it will have a big impact on both kang and her parents because they finally got a chance to be with JH again,
    either way i feel that this drama will leave me with tears….hopefully good one

  12. Totally agree with your thoughts.
    In the end JiHyun was destined to die, so she was given this chance to fix what she needed &to complete her unfinished business. Scheduler was always meant to take JiHyun but that accident wasn’t her time, her time was 49 Days after that accident.
    I seriously love this drama. It’s one of those dramas that makes you open your eyes to your own life &re-evaluate what you have done in your life if you like it or not. Like I said in my post for episode 19 this drama is like telling you that your life &time on this world is precious, don’t waste it.
    Honestly this drama really opened my eyes &realize that I should live my life with no regrets so that when it’s my time I can go happily. Dayum such a life teaching

    Anyways, I assume that the third tear was from YiKyung but since Scheduler says it wasn’t then I don’t know who it is..I’m guessing In Jung had a change of heart. I really don’t know who could that tear drop be. I hope we find out soon.

  13. I am leaning toward In Jung for the 3rd tear but could it have possibly been from Min-ho? I was sorta expecting In Jung but Minho, I would definitely be surprised if that were the case.

    I have loved this drama since episode 1… I am really really going to miss it. I love LYW and I hope her YK character gets a nice ending. 🙂 She did a really lovely job as YK and JK. What a wonderful drama this turned out to be.

    Thanks Ockoala for all your thoughtful comments & recaps on this.

  14. Wow,so it’s not Song Yi Kyung after all.

    Who is that third tear from In Jung or Min Ho. I would be most shocked that if it is Min Ho.

    Please let Ji Hyun live. I hate sad endings. A main character dead is always a sad ending no matter how sweet they try to make it.

  15. “For Ji Hyun to believe she will die (for a reason, I’m guessing Scheduler told her something) and then not die because of some miracle negates the drama’s basic premise that death cannot be avoided”

    I don’t think it nullifies the drama basic premise if Ji Hyun is to live. death cannot be avoided, who is to say that it is Ji Hyun time to die?

    I don’t think the scheduler will tell Ji Hyun that she will die, I think it is base on her own conclusion because her memory did not wipe away. The scheduler is probably confused why Ji Hyun still have her memory as well.

  16. What a wonderful thoughts of you Unnie Ockoala…I think also JH is going to die seems like she already knew about her fate to die basing the last scene flashback video when she and scheduler was having a heart to heart talk at the hospital. Oh the writer-nim is driving me crazy.. I couldn’t make my work efficient today coz half of my mind is thinking what the outcome ending tonight waaaaaaaah!

  17. guys, because this is a highly unpredictable drama, all your predictions will not happen. JI HYUN WILL NOT DIE.
    Those pictures of YK with HK? it’s JH inside, permanently. YK just evaporated into thin air to heaven, like that letter that dropped out of nowhere.
    aigoo. bring it on. Ji Hyun, Han Kang, aja aja, fighting!

    ps. sorry i don’t really see why JH’s death will mean YK and HK together. but, if you tell me it might be Min Ho and Yi Kyung, I would entertain the thought. Han Kang? He loves Ji Hyun so much, it will take him a million years to forget JH, lol.

  18. I think it still might be YK because of the time Scheduler looked at his list and said something like “who is going to be riding the last elevator with me?” and remember we still don’t know YK real name (and neither does he). Unless that whole plot point was just a red herring.. but then why would they tell us JH is dying instead of keeping it a surprise… also didn’t they say it would be a happy ending… I don’t know this drama is too unpredictable!

  19. First of all, thanks Ockoala for recapping this are always so fast… I totally agree with you about this drama.. about the meaning of live.. etc… I think the writer outdone herself here… not sure what she can come up with now.. when I saw PP, I love it.. she has a way to capture and develop emotion.. of course the KSY and PSH are absolutely amazing in PP… then comes 49 days.. I love every single moment of it…

    My guessed always been the 3rd tears is from MH.. because he realized that he actually did love JH.. I would be disappointed if it’s not him… now about the preview… may be JH will indeed not die.. may be schedule is there to finally clean up her memories?!? May be MH is the one who ends up the last person on scheduler’s list.. the writer is so unpredictable… and seriously at this point, I am happy with any ending… Happy not meaning that I won’t be crying my eyes out in the final episode..

    Thanks again for recapping this drama…

  20. After XX times watching the 19th episode I come by with a theory: what if YK lives a happy life with the doctor? When he came to look for her at her appartement, the scheduler told him to come back in few days.. For Kang and JH, I don’t know how but they will live a happy life together. Ok still the question who will die? Humm no clue! Rhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa can’t wait

  21. can be the 3rd tear coming from God or the heavens, so that it can give JH the chance to “tie loose ends” on Earth? 😀 well, this story bends the rules a lot so can it be possible? 😀 after all, the 3rd tear is larger than the 2 😛

    anyway, great show and can’t wait for the last ep! 🙂

    Thanks for this post!

  22. “What is left is just an understanding that life remains always complicated, unfair, and ultimately precious in each and every moment. ”

    Thank you OCKOALA, while at some level I may have gotten this message, I would have never been able to articulate it. These types of insights are the reason I love to follow your recaps/summaries. Thank you for your efforts and for making 49 Days that much more enjoyable. Fortunately we don’t have to wait a week for the conclustion, just a few more hours… a few more hours… a few more hours…

  23. Just love this drama. It didn’t disappoint me from the beginning to the end. A bittersweet ending but nevertheless, a more realistic one.

  24. This has already aired in Korea right? ahh… the agony of the wait. I’m sure there will be a lot of tears.

  25. thanks for this ockoala. i’d have hated the ending but you put a spin on it that leaves me satisfied with how things turned out. l love what you’ve drawn out of it, particularly:
    – This drama rewards those with courage to live and love.
    – What is left is just an understanding that life remains always complicated, unfair, and ultimately precious in each and every moment.


  26. Koala, i love you. Its well said. your comments is so sharp and meaty. My guess for 3rd tear is Ji hun mom. She is probably adapted daughter. thanks again Unni Koala. My first to comment but ive been reading your blog.

  27. Honestly, I’ll be incredibly depressed if Ji Hyun does die at the end. Would it be fitting? Yes. Absolutely. I’ve also been expecting it ever since Scheduler looked at his list to see who would be the last to ride the elevator with him. This drama isn’t any more random than the fate woven so deeply into the storyline, and it would have to be someone he knew.

    That said, I’ll still hate the end. I get that death is unavoidable, that she may have gone through so much just for a chance to say goodbye rather than a chance to continue living. I get that maybe she was slated to die no matter what, and all the accident did was cause it to happen too early, give her a chance to accept what would happen anyway. I get that…but it still seems so pointless, at least when she initially thought she was fighting to live a long life. And it’s sad, because if she leaves, then Kang will be left behind to mourn. I’d hate that.

    Not that I won’t be watching with everyone else, of course. I just won’t watch this drama more than once, and I usually watch my favorites over and over.

    I really hope she doesn’t die.

  28. Thank you so much for such a timely recap again.

    The only detail didn’t sit well with me was suddenly in this last episode, YK turned out to be the long lost sister of IJ. I was like where did this come from??? Isn’t this too convenient? But you’ve clarified it was mentioned sometime earlier while I wasn’t paying too much attention to details. So, over all, it has been such a satisfying experience to accompany the journey of those earthlings.

    You rock, ockoala!

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