Jae Hee and Lee Bo Young are the Leads of the Upcoming Weekend Drama The Woman Who Never Loses

Any longer before announcing his post-MS comeback project and Jae Hee was about to turn into Won Bin v.2, which is not a bad thing, mind you, just makes his fans long suffering between projects. Thankfully, the uber-talented Jae Hee, after completing his military service over a year ago, has just been cast as the leading man in the upcoming weekend drama The Woman Who Never Loses, co-starring Lee Bo Young. This drama is slated to air on MBC following Can You Hear My Heart. I’m sure this news makes Jae Hee’s many fans exceedingly happy.

The drama will be about a divorced woman who re-discovers life after her marriage ends, and if it follows the typical weekend drama patterns, will be family-oriented and be about the heroine overcoming obstacles in a heartwarming fashion. I’m simply too busy on weekends to watch dramas, and rarely follow a weekend drama unless it completely calls out to me. I like both Lee Bo Young and Jae Hee, so I’ll definitely check this out when it premieres in July.

Jae Hee was released from MS the same day as Jo Hyun Jae, and I’m hoping Jo Hyun Jae’s great luck in picking projects (49 Days) also happens to Jae Hee. The drama will be helmed by PD Joo Sung Woo, who directed Goldfish and Chun Ja’s Happy Events, and written by Park Hyun Joo, who did My Precious You and Golden Bride.


Jae Hee and Lee Bo Young are the Leads of the Upcoming Weekend Drama The Woman Who Never Loses — 23 Comments

  1. well, finally! I really, really hope this project is good for his sake, considering how some of his past projects turned out.

    Won Bin v2. LOL

    Pssst, he didn’t finish his service a week ago, did he? 😉

      • Dude, I don’t know how you keep recapping all those dramas. YOU ARE AWESOME!

        Withs2 just released ep 1 of Lie To me. I’ll watch it later. It’s not going to be a waste of time, right? It gets better, you said. Right? Right?

      • If by better you mean “I get to watch Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye make out like bunnies” – then yes, it gets better. 😉

        Actually, the entire drama’s lackings fall 1000% on the scriptwriter, no one else. Everything else is fine.

      • Aw, damn! :/ Poor YEH. Why can’t she choose a drama that is good?

        And yes, I call that better! *g* What, I’m shallow. It’s not like you didn’t know! 😉

  2. The story sounds not so interesting…but I love Jae Hee, ever since Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang I have a soft spot for him. So talented!!! I hope this will be a success like 49 days was a hit for Jo Hyun Jae…Kang aaah..

  3. JAE HEEEE! Finally, I was getting antsy. Urgh, I really don’t need to watch another weekend drama right now (or any more dramas for that matter because I am watching way too many) but, it’s Jae Hee and it’s been way too long since I last saw him so I’ll check it out.

  4. I loved him more in Witch YeoHee than Delightful Girl…CH even I love to bits Hong Sisters… and DGCH… is one of their best

    indeed JH needs lots of luck…

    I avoided until 2 days ago Can You hear my heart …and after an ep…. in 24 hours I’ve seen all 16 eps aired until now …. this one is different than the usual format of week-end dramas- but it know how to put stakes and leave me with a cliffhanger at the end of the episode – I’m still afraid of that writer coz in the middle of the game in Smile you … gave me a char with cancer …. when I wasn’t available for that kind of story – I hated her so much for that – however I love her style of writing the episodes

    (btw I’m watching Lie To Me, Baby faced beauty, Best Love , Romance Town, City Hunter and Manny -just that sometimes I have patience to see them subbed – my lil OCD needs to stop)

    • Smile ,You has 15or16 episode extension which is why the story gone a bit crazy
      It will probably the first drama that i love every single episodes if there isn’t any extension.

      Honestly , i hope that the ratings for ‘can you hear my heart ‘ won’t be too high as i do not want extension(i don’t want ‘Can you hear my heart’ to be ‘smile,you’ v2( for having a good story until the extension decided to kill it))

  5. Hey ^^ hI oKoala!
    Well, your blog is one of my favourite and It’s been a while i ‘ve been following your advises (about drama)
    But I don’t understand why you’re not talking about Can you Hear Me? = It’s one of the best Kdrama ever made. Everyone’s acting is perfect the characters are well written etc. the plot is good enough and the screen directeur is amazing
    so why

  6. Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee!

    hahaha just spamming cause I just super LOVE him!!!
    I like him delightful girl chun hyang! H was adorable but I super love him 3 Iron. for me that is his best work!!! i mean he was EPIC, no words were needed but he delivered his acting chops with such high caliber. that’s talent baby!!! DAYUM!!!

  7. FINALLLY!!!!!!!!!!!
    i dont care if I misspell or dont make any sense…you have no idea how I’m feeling right now…Jae Hee is my first big K-actor crush!!!….though I admit nor particularly excited about the drama or it’s premise…but HE’S BACK!!!!!!…this means we can expect more from him….i was about start thinking that the man could’ve given up on the entertainment biz…thank you for making my day!!!!!
    *Runs off to cry tears of Joy*

  8. YESSSS!!!

    The drama gods have blessed me this year. Somehow you managed to tie in 3 of my 5 “oppa crushes” back when I just started watching kdramas, in one post. Won Bin, Kim Jae Won and Jae Hee were (and still are!) drool worthy back in the days of Friends, Romance, and DGCH. And now Jae Hee’s comeback drama is airing right after KJW’s super amazing drama Can You Hear My Heart? Heck yes!

  9. interesting…. both Jae Hee and Lee Bo Young worked with Jo Hyun Jae in the past…. JH and JHJ were in 3dads1mom, while LBY was JHJ’s leading lady in Seo Dong Yo.

    it seems more big stars are now doing weekend dramas. will definitely check this one out. thanks for the update!

  10. miss KANG AHHHHHHH. oh but he was at the 47th Baeksang with his brave Ji Hyun. They look good together, imo.

  11. OH EM Gee Jae Hee. Omg, I was starting to think that I made hime up. Gosh he is so pretty. Like seriously. He looks as if he invented cute. I just wanna him. But I prob wont watch this drama. But Hope it rocks. Im having a hard time with weekend dramas. I was giving the drama My Love By My Side, a shot because the premise seems so nice. Something that I would wanna see but its getting all complicated and drmatic and taking forever. But I cant quit it cuz theres this cute guy inthere that I like heheh and I wanna see him and the girl together. ugh. Anyways, sorry for that. Jae Hee!!!!!!

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