Warrior Baek Dong Soo Releases First Trailer

I find myself torn about the upcoming SBS Mon-Tues fusion sageuk Warrior Baek Dong Soo. I was totally salivating over it when it was rumored that Kim Bum would take the titular role. Then Ji Chang Wook was cast, and my interest plummet. And then my interest sky rocketed again when it was revealed Yoo Seung Ho turned down the lead role of Baek Dong Soo to take on the role of Yeon Woo, the antagonist male lead for this drama.

Little So Ji Sub as a kickass bad guy? In a sageuk? Wearing all black? Oh Hells Yeah, I am so there. I just know this is Yoo Seung Ho’s version of doing the Bidam (see the hundreds of essays written on how Kim Nam Gil stole the male lead role from none other than Uhm Tae Woong in Queen Seon Deok and the drama actually changed OTPs in the end because of it).

The reason I haven’t posted more about this drama is because……it’s the successor drama to Lie to Me. *sobs* For WBDS to air means my Ki Joon and Ah Jung aren’t going to be on my screen every Mon-Tues. *plaintive wails of pain* Hiccup, here’s the first trailer for WBDS. It looks excellent, like a noirish version of Chuno. Man, if Yoo Seung Ho dies in a Bidam-esque blaze of glory at the end of this drama, all my OT-gals are going to need to stock up on tissue beforehand.

Trailer for WBDS:


Also bringing some posters and stills for the drama

There are some monster heavyweight older generation actors in this drama. I think it’s just missing Kim Gab Soo to complete the awesome. We’re getting Oh Man Seok, Choi Min Soo, Jeon Kwang Ryul, Park Joon Gyu, and the list goes on.

The child actors they selected are awesome as well. I’ve seen them play so many of the younger versions of some of my favorite male leads in various dramas. Most notably, little Baek Dong Soo was most recently little Gang Mo in Giant (Lee Bum Soo‘s character) and little Yeon Woo was once little Soo Hyun in Time Between Dog and Wolf (Lee Junki‘s character).

I’m not going to lie, completely and totally watching this drama for Yoo Seung Ho, and refusing to acknowledge that he is still only 18. Hell, he’s even too young for ICOMYM.

Warrior Baek Dong Soo premieres in three weeks. The female lead will be Yoon So Yi, who I’ve never once connected with onscreen. Her performances are always just good, but lacking in heartfelt delivery. Here’s to hoping she’ll wow me in her first sageuk drama role.


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  1. “(see the hundreds of essays written on how Kim Nam Gil stole the male lead role from none other than Uhm Tae Woong in Queen Seon Deok and the drama actually changed OTPs in the end because of it).”

    Uoo, please tell me where to read these analyses. Thank you!

    • oh me too…Please tell me too…or even better did you write anything abt QSD??? I’ve only finished QSD this week and I’m so in love with Bidam I don’t even know where to spazz, since the drama was over like 2 years ago….

  2. (see the hundreds of essays written on how Kim Nam Gil stole the male lead role from none other than Uhm Tae Woong in Queen Seon Deok and the drama actually changed OTPs in the end because of it).

    ugh i hated that. stopped watching QSD cos of it

    • I think it’s because she’s a big time UTW fan? Actually I have come across people who don’t like Bidam’s character….

      • Historically I wouldnt give a crap about Bidam and I felt that Yushin’s character should have been developed better. I mean this is General Kim Yushin who is well known in history.
        I think UTW did his best with what he was given but KNG was fresh and charismatic that it was hard not to root for him. I think the change in the end was a complete fan service on the writer’s part and she did admit that she didnt want to disappoint Bidam’s fan beside the ratings was dropping fast after Mishil’s death.

  3. Well, I think SBS made an excellent choice when they chose to replace LTM with something completely different in tone, theme and genre. There’s that, chingu. Not seeing HwanHye on screen is going to be painful and I’m afraid it’ll be like going cold turkey, but on the other hand, maybe since it’s so different, we’ll be able to cope a little bit better? *crosses fingers*

    NGL, I had the same experience. I do like JCW, but i’ve seen in only one drama (and someday I WILL tackle Smile, Donghae if only to see 150++ eps of Alex Chu being awesome) and I’m not sure if he’s quite ready for a sageuk. As the male lead. Yoo Seung Ho, on the other hand, is oh so wonderful.

    I’m so going to watch this for the bromance that goes bad and turns the leads into enemies. I am a SUCKER for that kind of thing! However, I suspect we all need a ton of tissue by the end of drama, am I rite?

    And hold your horses. Oh Man-seok is in this? how come I didn’t know that? Definitely watching it then!

  4. I really liked Yoon So Yi in the sageuk movie Shadowless Sword.

    I’m not sure how she’ll do in this drama with all the youngsters as it seems she is the oldest actor.

  5. if yoo seung ho will play a role as a little bidam, hen im up for it. haha.. i loved him when he played chunchu in QSD but not enough to take my eyes off Kim Nam Gil who played the role of Bidam. haha…
    where can i find the the hundreds of essays written on how Kim Nam Gil stole the male lead role in Queen Seon Deok? pls.. thanks!
    i wonder if the eng subs for this willl be released right away?
    anyway what does ICOMYM means? thanks!

    • inappropriate crush on much younger man

      Yeah, Yoo Seung Ho is definitely near jail-bait. He’s still jail-bait in American age (17, nearly 18). I love that Hancinema’s profile pic of him is one of him as a very young un.

      I keep reminding myself that he’s the little brat who squirted in his Mother Theresa of a grandmother’s shoes, not the hottie leading man that he has been becoming. That boy’s going to kiss all the hottest noonas before he’s even 21. I seriously hope he has tons of grounding influences in his life.

  6. Both of the little boys have been little Lee Jun Ki’s and little Ji Sung’s.

    Little Baek Dong Soo / Park Geon Tae:
    • Time Between Dog & Wolf as little Soo Hyun (Lee Jun Ki)
    • Kim Soo Ro as little Soo Ro (Ji Sung)

    Little Yeon Woo / Yeo Jin Goo:
    • Iljimae as little Iljimae (Lee Jun Ki)
    • Swallow the Sun as little Jeong Woo (Ji Sung) – only very briefly though, with bio-dad played by BDS’s Jeon Kwang Ryeol

    Yoon So Yi – loved her in Tell Me You Love Me. The only other I’ve seen her is in Hero, which just bit hard and in which she also starred with Baek Dong Soo’s titular hero. heh heh heh.

    Sometimes I love playing the six degrees of separation game with the kdrama actors.

    Dang, I just took a look at the veteran cast. Hello, who gets marquee billing? They’re all big honchos or amazing character actors.

    Choi Min Soo (Sandglass)
    Jeon Kwang Ryeol (Kim Tak Goo, Swallow the Sun, etc.)
    Seong Ji Roo (TBD&W)
    Park Cheol Min (my favorite crazy man from Return of Iljimae, heart of gold cabaret trumpet player who picked Kang Mae’s nose in Beethoven Virus)
    Lee Won Jong (bad guy in Kim Soo Ro, the trans-fortune teller cameo in Sungkyunkwan, baddy again in Iljimae, gangster in Kick the Moon [which also featured Seong Ji Roo & Park Cheol Min])
    Ahn Seok Hwan (good [for once!] Confucian scholar in King Geun Chogo, bad slimy daddy in Personal Taste, hilarious lech artist in Chuno, Jandi’s dad in BOF)


  7. does the trailer remind anyone else of Yaksha?? Other than that though I am totally looking forward to this and I love the lead men…I adore Ji Chang Wook and Yoo Seung Ho seems to be kinda really good at picking projects….I’m totally with you about Yoon So Yi though…she’s not bad but all her performances come out kinda cold…..I hope this drama lives up to my expectations

  8. Holy cow what a cast. Ok. I think the only thing to do here, since it’s redonkulous that little So Ji Sub is jailbait, is to pick a veteran cast member and go with that. Manzzang is rocking the hat, isn’t he? Sigh. It just looks like a bucket of awesome there.

    As for where one might find the love of Bidam posts, well I was busy in DB’s OT at the time. I believe searching on Bidam or the Army of Bidam Lovers (aka AOBL) in OT will turn it up or over in Soompi. It was determined that no one could MINE KNG, because otherwise violence would break out, hence, the Army. Essentially, the young cast was pretty good. Mishil ate up the screen, then Bidam. And many of us stuck around for the Hwarang hotties, including Alcheon. My Dad lasted as long as Mishil did, I lasted as long as Bidam. 😎 But there was a serious lull in the series after GQDS became a princess. Belleza and I kind of went to town in OT there for a while. Alas, Bidam.

    As sagueks go, QSD is kind of middle of the road. There are better ones, some MUCH better, and some worse, some MUCH worse. I enjoyed most of it, so I can’t complain, especially since it gave us Bidam and the hotties.

    • Momosan,
      Do you watch sageuks very often then? GQSD was my second long sageuk after Jewel in the palace which I finished and that was a long time ago….

      After GQSD (which I marathoned in 1 week recently and which I love to bits…I must be blinded by my love because I didn’t find any lull…maybe just when Yushin was framed by Bidam), my appetite for sageuks has been whetted and I’m looking for good ones to watch….that’s why I’m definitely checking out this one…

      And since you’ve mentioned there are better ones, what do you recommend???

      • Here is the mother of all sageuk recommendations.

        The fact that Thundie got this many writers to participate is just mindboggling. Please disregard my lame choices.

        I’d go with anything X picks, though most are impossible to find.


        My favorite sageuk remains Damo. The best sageuk I have ever watched is hands down Conspiracy in the Court.

      • Oh thanks Ockoala, I’m actually checking out Damo also, on epi5 now…I find it good but what puts me of is the chinese dub…I can’t seem to find another korean version…

      • My first k-drama was a saguek (Emperor of the Sea), and my family are junkies of the genre. The last show I finished was Duo, a really quite good saguek.

        For BEST, I think you’ll find few people who will disagree with –
        Conspiracy in the Court, 8 Days, and Shin Don as the top 3 – the order depends on the mood of the person.

        Shin Don is long, but it’s on Dramafever, so it’s fairly easy to catch. For CitC, prowl around Thundie’s for links, it is a stunningly good show. 8 Days may be harder to find, but oh, so worth it. Both of those are fairly short.

        My very favorite show is Damo. Also a saguek, but of the fusion variety. If you wonder why so many of adore Ha Ji Won, there is no reason to look any further than Damo.

      • I’m going to mention that Conspiracy in the Court is not for everyone. I made the mistake of saying so on Thundie’s and got totally chewed out by X, but I think it’s only fair to warn that CitC demands a lot, even from someone who’s as much as sageuk lover as I am. It’s very lovely, very well-made, but soooo utterly bleak. I couldn’t take it then. Maybe when I have the emotional wherewithal, I’ll go back to it.

        First kdrama: Wang Gun. All seeming 200 episodes or some ridiculous number of it. Man of the Sun, Lee Ji Ma (again with Wang Gun’s Choi Soo Jong). Dae Jang Geum, Seon Duk, Jumong, Hwang Jini, Return of Iljimae (lovely, not for everyone again), Legend of Hyang Dan, Yi San (yes, I deserve an award for getting through that story, but I really liked the gentle Yi San in love with the damo Han Ji Min), most of Emperor of the Sea (I fell for Song Il Gook’s character, so once I couldn’t bare the tragedy awaiting him, I left), Chuno (lovely but hated the ending. Less bleak than CitC but bleak nonetheless), Painter in the Wind (like), AND the awesome, awesome, awesome Eight Days with City Hunter’s badass Undaddy as a fabulous Jeongjo. It approaches Jeongjo’s relationship with his mother, Lady Hyegyeon & the Memoirs of Lady Hyegyeong in a very unconventional way.

        Lastly, I highly recommend Chunhyang (the pansori dramatization), an Im Kwon-Taek film. Simply breathtaking, though again you have to be willing to sit through the initial shock of pansori, if you’re not accustomed to it or love it (me loves it). It’s absolutely gorgeous, totally sumptuous.

  9. i am not willing to look beyond LTM for now. So will reserve all comments until LTM finishes and am ready to look at some other show after this.

    Later, while i wait for LTM Monday

  10. Looking at that cast…Wow! Add in a Bidam type character, I’m in! Just make me have to watch it. Just make me. 🙂

    Oh my poor Bidam! 🙁

  11. I’m not going to lie, completely and totally watching this drama for Yoo Seung Ho, and refusing to acknowledge that he is still only 18. Hell, he’s even too young for ICOMYM.
    Took the words right outta my mouth! I can’t tell you who those others fools are, nor do I care. I’ll just be surprised when the show airs going “Ooop I didn’t know they were in this drama!”

  12. Ugh, I finished watching QSD two weeks ago on hulu and I went online to find anything and all I could find was Bidam this, Bidam that and I just did not get it. I mean I liked the character but I preferred Yusin, which is weird since I’ve hated the actor that played him ever since I watched delightful girl. I guess you just had to be there but the show veered off course for me when it became all about bidam to be honest.

    • The reason why you dont find much on Bidam is because he was executed and all his history wiped out for his revolt against Queen Seon Deok. There was no romance between them, he thought she was not fit to rule Shilla and maybe he was right because Shilla lost a lot of territories during her reign. It must have been difficult for her being the first female ruler.

  13. Koala even thought this what I’m gonna say is not related to the post I just wanna say that I like the Heartstrings (you’ve fallen for me) picture there in above. I’m so getting excited already for the showing of it, it’s not yet showing but I’m already getting crazy in just waiting for it’s showing, I hope that I’ll really be fan of it in the future and it will be very exciting and interesting. xD

  14. I will be checking it out for the older generation as the male leads are much much too young for me, YSH especially – I want to pack his lunch and lay out his school outfit, not salivate over him. I think he’s much too young to play an adult role, opposite an older leading lady no less. But hey, OMS and CMS? I am so very there.

    • ahahah! You and your aversion to the kiddies. 🙂

      As intrigued as I am by Flames of Ambition, I get so unnerved by the idea of his playing husband to Seo Woo that I can’t bring myself to start the series.

      Choi Min Soo, however, yes. I still reel at times whenever I remember the bewildered look in his eyes in his final scenes for Sandglass. I haven’t yet seen Father’s House – can’t seem to find it anywhere. If anyone point me in the right direction, I’d be very grateful.

  15. I’m soooo watching this. Besides, it starts on MY birthday!! I was already sad that LTM was ending. However, what a wonderful birthday present K-drama world is giving me. Pretty boys with sageuk hair. *gets all melty*

  16. i maybe just a minority but i don’t feel Bidam that great, huh?
    yeah not like many people said but i think Bidam and Mishil were overrated.. 🙂
    if you wanna see, the man who played Chillsuk is also great, and the woman who played Sohwa was good too.

    and UTW did a good job in potraying Kim Yu Shin
    and Lee Yo Won was also great in doing character transition from Nangdo Deokman to Queen Seon Deok.

    Mishil has come from the first episode with stable and determined character and it went concistently till the last episode she appeared.
    while Deokman has to grow from baby to teenager no silly nangdo, her Queen character hasn’t been determined but had to be built step by step..

    and the changed OTP and ending by scriptwriter just for Bidam’s fan service and rating totally piss me off… i hope will find writer who will not be influence by fans’s demand of not being afraid to be scolded by giving ending the she/he has determined since the first time.
    for this, I salute for Writer So Hyun Kyung who dare to make 49 DAYS having a great great ending, even she realized many fans will hate her.

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