First Peek at Kim Sun Ah in Upcoming Weekend Drama Scent of a Woman

Weekend dramas really aren’t my thing, primarily because I’m so busy on weekends I really have no time to watch. Nor do I want the possibility of getting rabidly obsessed with one. Nevertheless, I usually check them out anyways. Curiosity, it kills the Koala. Upcoming SBS weekend drama Scent of a Woman with Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook has started filming, minus Lee Dong Wook, who doesn’t get out of military service for another week or so.

But the first stills of Sun Ah have been released, and the rest of the cast held a script reading earlier which included Seo Hyo Rim and Eom Ki Joon. The premiere date for the drama has been pushed back to July 23rd, which must be a great relief for the cast and crew since its leading man isn’t even currently available for filming.

Apparently we’re going to hear Sun Ah use her fluent English-speaking ability since her character works for a travel agency. The drama is about a thirty-something woman who gets the medial diagnosis that she has only 6 months to live. So she quits her job to spend the remaining time doing what she’s always wanted to do.

Lee Dong Wook plays the heir of the travel company who finds new meaning in his life after meeting and falling in love with Sun Ah’s character. Seo Hyo Rim as Dong Wook’s ex-girlfriend and Eom Ki Joon as the childhood friend turned doctor to Sun Ah rounds out the foursquare of messy relationships.

Okay, it can’t be just me, right? Who else thinks Sun Ah looks exactly like her Sam Soon character – messy long hair and slightly frumpy dress. It’s been ages since I’ve seen Sun Ah back onscreen (though I rewatch City Hall so frequently it’s like she’s never left really), so I’m really interested how this story will unfurl.


First Peek at Kim Sun Ah in Upcoming Weekend Drama Scent of a Woman — 37 Comments

  1. I watch City Hall (dvd) so frequently, I feel I’m gonna wear it out. But I think she looks too good to be terminally ill. I’m glad she’s back.

  2. nice to see kim sun ah back! her hairstyle is growing (very slowly) on me. ahh, i miss samsoon! hope kim sun ah does a drama with hyun bin after he gets out of military service!

  3. funny seeing random Indian guy in the still..dressed up that way to boot…wonder what the deal here is?? also funny to see script reading pics and the first still out already without the lead

    • Kim Sun Ah’s character goes to different countries. I’m roughly assuming that they are filming a supposed-to-be-in-India scene or soemthing…

      without the “lead guy” you mean? coz we obvious have the “lead” here. 🙂

  4. am sooo excited!!! KSA is one of the most talented actress out there…she really gives life to whatever role she’d in thus, making that a memorable one…plus she gets the hottest main leads too…squeeeeeee

    after LTM, nice to know that i might be in love with this too…so far, this is the only one that interests me…sigh

    • i think there will be a make-over somewhere. But i find it off her being frumpy coz i’ve met lots of travel agents and they all look pretty and spiffy. oh well, i just need to watch it to know.

      By the way, Eom Ki Joon really looks good during the script reading. he can be like Piljo looking like that, i mean the good looking, good character with warm personality looking like that in the pic =)

  5. Loved her in Kim Sam Soon & Loved her in When its at Night wt Lee Don Gun.Haven’t watch City Hall but will get on it asap. I’m sure I’ll love her in that as well. This new one? Will not b any different , I expect.
    She’s one very likeable & lovable actress to watch !

  6. Hrmm… Her hairstyle in City Hall was soo much better.. However, she looks cute and young… I miss her with CSW… Please kdrama gods have KSA with CSW in another drama pretty please…

  7. KSA is my top favourite K-actress. I love her do comic scenes but this drama’s premise sounds heart-breaking. I hope it’s not going to be that sad.

    MNIKSS is one of those dramas that I never tire of re-watching. I also like her in WIAN and CH is one hell of a roller coaster ride.

    I hope she has chemistry with LDW. I’m looking forward to this.

    Thanks for posting these photos.

  8. I love KSA and the story is similar to an american movie starring Queen latifa but i don’t remember the name . i liked that movie specially the ending so i think i will check this out .

  9. I was thinking her look reminded me a lot of Choi Jin Shil’s in Last Scandal with the curly hair and glasses. Is she going to get a makeover too?

    • MTE!

      I don’t see SamSoon at all, and I’m hoping hoping and hoping this character won’t be anything like SamSoon, just my peeve.

  10. As much as I love Kim Sun ah this sounds like a drama I might pass on. I can’t seem to handle sad K dramas or movies because they always get way to depressing.

  11. After seeing so many new pix of KSA in her new hairstyle it’s finally growing on me…
    LDW will be out of MS tomorrow and I guess he’ll start filming right away perhaps on coming Tuesday.
    I’m definitely following this drama (thanks to KSA’s facebook I got news about this drama quite frequently while waiting for July 23rd to come)!
    I would imagine there’ll be a makeover halfway through the drama… let’s see.

  12. Ahh KSA is so pretty. She looks so beautiful in the script reading pic. But ill watch. though I’ll give the episodes a few head start.

    And why does it always have to be an ex-girlfriend? Gah, im tired of ex-girlfriends especially the one I am dealing with now in another drama. They are so psychotic.

  13. Awww I am sooo glad this drama has Kim SunAh as the lead actress, she is one of my very favorites! And 90% guilty to my Kdrama addiction since they aired Kim San Soon in my country! I totally love her and have seen all of her dramas!
    My favorites of the favorites (:P) are City Hall and Kim Sam Soon!!!!!!!!!
    SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!

  14. waah….nice post….about KSA and her new drama
    really can’t wait to watch this one
    she looks nice…….so slim…..not like Samsoon…..I think
    hope she will an awesome chemistry with LDW like she has with CSW and Gong Yoo

    but the fact that her character is terminally ill… not so…..hmmmm
    hope it will not get too heavy

  15. and she is so back miss her …….. i really want her with go yoong in there movies so im hoping for a drama for them rom com they do that the best

  16. Indeed she looks like Sam Soon once again in this drama and probably Dong Wook a rich guy will be like HB in SS? Anyway, i really miss KSA in tv since CH ended. I can’t wait to watch her again and see perhaps again her flair for comedy which i love the most! Hopefully while the drama progresses they will change her hairstyle cuz i kinda don’t dig it. 🙂

  17. Please, let this have a happy ending. Please!

    And gah, I have, like, 4 different weekend dramas I want to watch and I can’t find the time and now this? This one I’ll watch it for sure. I LOVE KSA!

  18. Kim Sun Ah & Kim Dong Wook…WOW, what a magnetic combination!!!
    I’ll surely look our for this drama….2 of my favorite actors!!! love it!!!

  19. I miss Suna, after City hall, it`s been 2 long years of waiting.
    Suna never fails to amuse me, she might look the same, but not the way she deals with the character she will portray.
    Kim Sam Soon way of speaking is different from Mirae and HCH, their mannerism is also different, the way they move, the way they laugh, the way they cry.
    Suna can transform herself into someone she is not. How can she do that…amazing?!

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