Scent of a Woman Releases Five-minute Trailer before its Weekend Premiere

Scent of a Woman with Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook premieres this weekend, and I’ve got the five-minute trailer below that appears to summarize the first two episodes. I love Sun Ah, but I hate her aegyo voice, and she’s dropping it left and right in the trailer. I’ll grit my teeth and bear it, hoping it’ll stop soon. Seo Hyo Rim has the psycho bitch face on already, and she’s about the cutest girl in person so this will be interesting to see her so nasty onscreen.

Eom Ki Joon does cold and bastardy like no one, and Lee Dong Wook doesn’t really make much of a impression on me other than in a “oh, look at that hot guy” way. The drama visuals look really pretty though, and when Sun Ah cries, a piece of my heart crumbles. Looking forward to checking this one out. Continue reading