Baby Recap for Best Love Episode 16 (Final Episode)

Even though the penultimate episode of Best Love was somewhat of a letdown for some folks, myself included, nevertheless I was undeniably excited to watch the final episode. I did feel like I took a trip to a strange land much like Paul did (the comic Pil Joo uses as a reference to his situation in the drama). While the characters and the situations of BL were surreal and extraordinary, I connected with much of it, and felt rewarded in the experience. In the end, watching this particular dramatically constructed “greatest love” unfold was entertaining and memorable. To celebrate a great ending to a lovely story, my treat for all the BL-fans – a baby recap of the final episode to tide you over until the recap proper.

Episode 16 Baby Recap:

Jin’s public and dramatic declaration of love is received differently by everyone watching. Ae Jung finally lets go of her hesitation and worry and accepts Jin’s love without reservation. Pil Joo is sad but accepts this is the end of any possibility with Ae Jung. Agent Moon is concerned but begins to handle all the media and public scrutiny for Jin.

Jin meets up with Ae Jung, wearing another giant red bow, and proposes to her using the clover engagement ring he’s been keeping hidden from her. Ae Jung hugs him and says not only is she not running away, she’s never letting him go. Immediately Ae Jung is being reviled by netizens and Jin’s endorsements fall away and popularity tumbles. Ae Jung’s family and friends congratulate her, and remind her that it’s going to be a hard road ahead.

Pil Joo prepares to leave for China and Se Ri tries to use a China CF project to continue stalking him, but he’s still not reciprocating. Ae Jung’s popularity has gone up since people are fascinated by her more. Jin has Ae Jung sign a marriage certificate which he registers. Public is stunned they already got married so quickly. Jin’s Cannes movie role went to another actor, and he’s no longer the face of Vitamin Water.

Jae Seok mentions that there is a video out there between Jin and Ae Jung, which Manager Jang overhears. He leaks the news and makes it sound like it’s a sex tape. The public starts manufacturing parodies of what the contents of the video are. Ae Jung gets into a car accident and has minor injuries. Jin finally gets fed up with the vitriol posted online about Ae Jung and wants to sue the netizens. Agent Moon asks Jin to drop the lawsuit since the people responsible are just housewives and kids and all feel apologetic for their poor behavior.

The video is leaked and it turns out to be a final farewell from Jin. He narrates the video as if he’s dead so this video is being played. He reveals he loves Ae Jung, who has been unfairly reviled and misunderstood. Ae Jung made him a better person, so he asks his fans to love her and take care of her now that he’s gone. The public reception to this video is positive.

Ae Jung gets married with Mina, Jenny, and Se Ri as her bridesmaids. She bids a final farewell to Pil Joo as he leaves for China, not to get away, but because he wants to go study there. He thanks her for the trip to the strange land, and one day his feelings will completely go away. Fans send congratulations on Jin and Ae Jung’s wedding.

Time jump! We see Jin buying diapers and formula. Ae Jung leaves for work early and kisses Jin and their baby daughter before she heads out. Jae Seok is promoted at work. Jenny wants Ae Hwan and Jae Seok to keep fighting over her, but they are more rivals at work now. People keep wanting to introduce daughters to Pil Joo. Se Ri runs into him on a hiking trail. She still likes him, and he smiles back at her in the end when she suggests they go eat ramyun.

Ding Dong is trying to teach the baby but is told a ten month baby can’t learn anything yet. Jin and Ae Jung tease each other about yet another news report about them, so they need to do another public outing like a picnic to squash whatever new rumors are out there. Ae Jung suggests that celebrity couples with lots of children get good publicity. Jin replies they should get started on that right away. Jin and Ae Jung hug and say “recharge” to each other. They turn to look at the camera (us) and waves.


Baby Recap for Best Love Episode 16 (Final Episode) — 32 Comments

  1. i’m still looking for the raw ep but thanks for the baby weecap…i’m glad to know that we did have a happy ending after all…
    thank you for the beautiful ride Best Love and of course to koala for your great recaps!

  2. The ending sounds cute, but not what I would expect from a grown-up drama. I am disappointed in that aspect. I should stop expecting beautiful romance and kisses like those from City Hall. Though Jin did his character well, I still have the conviction that his character would have been better for someone much younger.

    • Go watch it.The episode is so good I am rewatching it for the 2nd time.

      This is from not even a rabid GL fan.It is a truly well written last episode.

      There are some beautifully touching scenes in it.That is why it is a baby recap.

      Thanks ockoala for the baby recap.I was all choked up during 3 scenes.I don’t give out spoilers as a lot of ppl didn’t seem to have watched it yet.But wasn’t it beautiful? I was like ‘aww…..aww…….’

  3. what?? is this romance town?? coz i got confused… but, this drama already finish?? woow… so fast!! hmm… is this drama has a nice story?? i mean is this drama iss good drama too watch?

  4. Awwww…this is too cute. I can’t wait to see the actual subbed episode. Just based on your recap, I think it ended perfectly. I just hope the same for LTM (fingers crossed)! Thanks for the baby recap Koala! 😉

  5. Thank you madame koala for this… I like the finale… sounds cute… the only thing I do not like is the possibility of PJ ending with SR… I still believe PJ is better off landing with someone else (preferably me if not to some other great girl). Sorry, I just don’t like SR… She’s too full of herself that I feel PJ is wasted on her!!!

    Am so excited to finally watch the subbed episodes…

  6. I enjoyed every minute of BL. Soooo happy with the ending. Thanks koala for the baby recap. XOXO to you!!! Can’t wait for the completed recap.

  7. OMG so cute xD a baby &a marraige.
    Seriously Manager Jang should get his ass served. That fool annoyed the hell out of me even to the very end he still trynna ruin Ae Jung but his ruin plans only just makes her even more popular..stupid jerk. I’m a little disappointed that the past secrets didn’t come out &the clear but then again happy because the only ones that really needed to know what happened in the past was us the fans(viewers) &Se Ri.
    I like how in the end Treasure Girls all sorta reunited and became friends. It’s like Se Ri just needed to know what her little prank did to the rest of the group. So she can realize that Ae Jung in the end saved them all. She took the whole fall of everything.
    Jenny is the cool one out of them all. She obviously didn’t care how things went. Be an idol, okay. Live a normal life, okay Like either way she would’ve been fine just doing her own thing.

    I’m gonna hella miss this drama. I loved it. Thanks koala..looking forward to the full recap &waiting for those subs 🙂

  8. I was so pleased with the full feeling of happiness in my heart and was recharged by the love of this drama! How come a man become so sexy even when he go shopping for diapers, Cha Seung Won-nim is so adorable!!!!

  9. Loved the part where AJ kissed a sleeping DJ! Made me wish to get married and have kids but then again not!! LOL! It was a fun ride! Hmm made me think? ( do CSW behave like this with his wife) ? Heard he is a great dad!

  10. I am sooo excited to see how it wraps up. Though You’re Beautiful will always hold a special spot in my heart of hearts because it introduced me to my biggest crack – Jang Geun Suk – I think that Best Love is the most well-written and well-acted drama of the Hong sisters. Cheers to Jin and Ae Jung!

  11. I choked up a lot, but unexpectedly when the Dugun Dugun girls shared the clover bread. Even now, I’m getting weepy. The quartet that started it all getting together for the love of AJ just gets to me in a way that nothing else did. Maybe because IRL, I have a close quartet of friends and I know how important it is to have each other…idk

    Very satisfying end. I am almost ready to say good-bye to DJ and AJ knowing that their happiness is settled. I will still rewatch this show for the next few months, I am sure.

  12. Love this episode so d@mn much!

    Just wish it was 30 minutes more so we can spend more time on the wedding! My goodness, AJ’s wedding dress is GORGEOUS!!!

    I want more happy family moments!!! Oh well…

  13. I love it!!! Thanks koala! I watched live streaming yesterday and damn I was 100% satisfied with the final episode. CHA is perfect for the role and he nailed it that everyone will remember his performance here. I am glad that they made the role older just for him since the marriage thing and all those decisions about his love for AJ will be realistic. Only few celebs marry young. Greatest Love is going to be a wonderful drama to watch over and over again. Both actors did great and the story writing was great. Just a tiny complaint over the way they handled the post surgery thing but this is one drama I enjoyed watching from Episode 1 to its final episode. Hong sisters did it again. I love how they showed just a only bit of the wedding, Dok Jin grocery shopping, the dating scene where she was singing to his ear and the way they both said recharge at the end of the episode. This drama earned a spot on my top 5.

    God bless Koala for always making us happy with your recaps!!!

  14. Koalashii thanks for the baby recap BEST LOVE ever! But I am still waiting for the sub and your full recap. Thank you for recappig this drama I also enjoyed it. I know I will continue to be with you in the other dramas that you recap (LTM) hehehe.

  15. thanks so much for the baby recap. it sure is a good way to recharge early in the morning until the mama recap is available. i love the ending although i haven’t watched it yet! i’m glad DJ and AJ have finally faced the public together. thanks again OCK for your recaps ….. this has been a wonderful ride and i totally enjoyed every moment coz of your recaps! 🙂

  16. Finally.. the ending episode.. I miss BL already.. love this episode so much.. I am happy its a happy ending and I do enjoy the ride ockoala.. thanks to you.. I want to say thank you so much for the writer ‘Hong Sister’, they make a wonderfull script and beautiful dialoques and also for the director who can make such a great drama like BL, this drama is memorable.. I will definetely watching it again and again..

  17. I loved the ending! I thought the actors were casts so well. The lead actor really made such a big impact for me, his character really stood out. Also the ending was too cute! This drama was both hilariously funny as well as heart warming. I don’t think they could have done a better job with the casting.
    As for the overall story, I think we can all learn a lesson and not judge celebrities so harshly because we don’t know all the facts and they’re just people too.

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