Upbeat Spoilers for Lie to Me Plus Snippets of Kang Ji Hwan’s Interview for Cosmo Korea

I feel like a bad mommy who force fed my kids bitter medicine (the Lie to Me written previews for the last two episodes) followed by a sweet candy chaser (the spoiler I’m about to bring you). Trust me when I say I’m suffering as much as all of you, and we’re all suffering as much as our howling Korean and Chinese bretheren at DC LTM Gallery and Baidu LTM bar, respectively, with so much topsy-turvy nailbiting wait for the final two episodes of the most obsessive drama I have ever followed.

Folks have posted this spoiler in the comments section of the written preview for episodes 15 and 16. I checked DC Gall and it’s being discussed as well, so it looks to be all true. I’ll reserve judgment on what a “sweet and intense love scene” means after I see said love scene.

Upcoming spoiler [credit: MariYEH at Soompi’s Lie to Me thread with some edits from me]

With the upcoming finale of the SBS drama Lie To Me, it has been revealed that Gong Ah Jung and Hyun Ki Joon will give the audience a sweet and intense ice-cream love scene.

Ah Jung gets accepted back into the tourism ministry office on the episode airing on the 27th, “so in order to celebrate Ah Jung’s well earned re-employment back into her government office job at the ministry of culture and tourism, Ki Joon decides to give Ah Jung a surprise ice cream party. AJ is moved by this event and the two happily sit by the table and enjoy their ice cream together which eventually leads to a sweet and intense love scene”

We also have picture proof of the ice-cream party, with wuri Ki Joon acting the part of what looks like an old-fashioned ice-cream shop keeper.

I posted a few weeks ago the pictures from Kang Ji Hwan’s June Cosmo Korea photoshoot (click here to see the pictures), and now I’ve read the interview itself, which ranged in questions from his interests, to his recent projects such as Rough Cut, 7th level Civil Servant, and Cafe In, and finally to his personal life. Bringing you snippets of the interview which reveals a bit about the normally very private Ji Hwan and his own thoughts on his future that might interest everyone.

Select transcript from Kang Ji Hwan’s Cosmo Interview [credit for translation: huskydawg at Soompi’s Kang Ji Hwan thread]

Q: But you’re doing a romcom again. Looks like your new drama “Lie to Me” is getting a warm reception.

A: I tried to put a whole spectre of emotion into this chaebol character called Hyun Ki Joon in this romantic comedy. I didn’t want it to be just a good-looking well-mannered role, but a character who’s, shall we say, more temperamental.

Q: Compared to “Ripley” and “Baby Faced Beauty” the shooting of “Lie to Me” had a late start. Did you have enough time to get acquainted with your co-stars and the staff?

A: Isn’t drinking together the best way to get acquainted? Ha, ha.We got everyone together and went drinking. We got to know each other very well, and lately we go drinking to discuss the drama.

Q: What do you do when you’re not working?

A: I do housework at home.

Q: Housework?

A: I like to clean the house and do the laundry. And since I majored in graphic design, I’m interested in interior décor too. I spend my time decorating the house and making interior accessories.

Q: You make them yourself?

A: Nothing big, just small stuff. I like that kind of stuff so there’s a lot of props and clothes I bought myself and used in the dramas. Oh, I did design my home bar. The only thing I really spend money on is my car.

Q: Women won’t be very happy when men spend so much time and money on cars.

A: What are you talking about! I’m doing all this work on the interior of my house and car for my future wife. I want her to live comfortably in her dream house and drive around in a nice car. The setting’s complete now. I’m just searching for that woman who would fall for it.

Q: You sound pretty desperate. In this drama, the character decides to break up for his brother’s sake. Is Kang Ji Hwan someone who can do that?

A: Definitely not! That was the part I couldn’t empathize with even as I was acting. It’s unthinkable to give up a person you love. Even if it’s for your brother!

Q: You’re so emphatic about that. It looks like you’re the type who’d snatch someone away rather than vice versa.

A: Ha, ha, ha. I wouldn’t go that far. There’s been lots of women I wanted to snatch away, but I never did. I’m actually a very ethical person.

Q: At any rate, a lot of fans will be saddened when you find that someone.

A: Acting is something I do because I love it, but I don’t necessarily have the desire to be at the top. But when someday when I meet the woman I love, I have the goal to be able to support her so that she can live an enjoyable and happy life.

– So there you have it, Ji Hwan is looking for his perfect woman to share his life. Awwwwww. I don’t think you need to look too far, guy.


Upbeat Spoilers for Lie to Me Plus Snippets of Kang Ji Hwan’s Interview for Cosmo Korea — 191 Comments

  1. Ok I’d fall for the house but the car hmmmm….I need a driver I might get a scratch on it and you end up putting me for adoption :-p 😀

    • lols. I know exactly someone like that. LOLs. I wouldn’t drive the car even if I was given the keys and told everything’s fine. Goodness me. You’re lucky if it was just put up for adoption. 😛

      • ah huh… would this be a time to ask the one OLDER should get him first??? am proud to say am a golden girl… hehehe so he’s mine first…move girls…bwahahahaaaaaaaaa

      • You have Song Chang Ui. Go away. And yes, MINE at this place. I also pretend nowhere exists but here.

        Lookee, my Ji Hwan and my Heon oppa even took a picture together so I can make it my desktop picture. They love me so. You all shoo.

      • But…but…we’re friends! We can totally share! It’s not like you only love our Kang Ji-hwan!

        And yes, SCU is miiiiiiiiiiiine! All mine.

      • PS: yes, I’m aware there’s some kind of logic fail there, but it’s 5 am here and I’m not exactly thinking straight. Between the news for LTM and heartstrings….yeah, maybe it’s better if I go to bed before I say something more, er, incriminating!

      • I didn’t want to have to point out your epic logic fail in asking me to share and then using the word mine that involves about 12 i’s to emphasize the mine-ness of your SCU.

        But yes, you need some sleep. We have a long few days ahead twitching until we get our next LTM fix.

      • But…it made sense in my head, I swear! I will explain the whole sharing/mine thing when I regained control of my brain.

        Okay, I’m going, but it’s just not fair we don’t even share the same timezone! I always miss all the fun! *pouts and scuffles toe*

  2. That first pic – SCRUMPTIOUS suit!

    So… where do we queue for the ice-cream cone topped with a touch of KJH ?? hehe.

    At least something promising to look forward to in LTM !!

  3. not going to get my hopes up for the love scene or whatever.

    While I read the interview, I made noises, chingu. Happy noises of GLEE! And I kept chanting “please, let that woman be YEH. Pleasepleaseplease!” Yes, ma’am, I’ve gone over the edge and beyond!

    Also? Housework? Design? HOLY HANNAH! *____* BRB swooning forever now!

      • Until I see it with my own two eyes, I don’t believe it’ll happen. I just don’t want to get disappointed!

        As for the second, 1)you never know and 2)a girl can dream, right?

      • hahaha and me thinks the lady is already fast asleep. . . it doesn’t take too much to get your goat ..

        LTM makes us all prickly for sure.

      • I’m with you @ Sere… Until I saw with my own eyes the Ice Cream intense love scene…I won’t buy anything …

      • Must have been burnt a lot to become cautious. hahaha. . . screw those writers and pds who let you down before . .

      • @bo

        Yes, I’ve been disappointed before. Have you ever watched a drama only to realize you’ve wasted 16 to 20 hours (if you’re lucky!) of your life on something that turned out to be one of the biggest letdowns ever? It happens.

  4. What a way to start a day! Taking my sweet pill mother! Thanks! My fairy godmother never fails!

    KHJ was in command of that interview. Quite manly admitting doing hh chores! Must be a source of good pick up lines (do laundry with me-would you? Yay too early to fantasize.

    • I’m sooo totally for a man who knows the Kitchen….but not too OC believe me it will drive you crazy, like where did you put it away??? I just put it here a while ago….tsk tsk tsk 😀

      • Exactly my thoughts! It will be difficult for YEH since they share the same interests. Imagine the two of them competing on the same chores? **Unless they can compromise with cola and ice cream all the time**

  5. Thanks koala…at baidu I saw the pictures in the magazine(forgot the name) june 11th translate in 3 languages (china,korea n japan) n it said that KJH is a ROMANTIC GUY…I can’t read cause the characters are too small…KJH n YEH hobbies are the same..stay at home n like to decorate their own house..just can’t imagine if they get merit..stay at home n decorate their house together wot wot wot..so romantic..just die to think about that!!!

  6. Nice to know KJH for once. YEH’s life is pretty much an open book. Lots of people know most about her and she is not shy sharing herself (except her love life).

    • She is! She always takes a million pics when she’s on set and sometimes she helps with it, too. Like, I remember Coffee Prince and all the doodles and sketches she made for it. It was so.Cute!

  7. There’s a self-made video of Kang Ji Hwan’s apartment… It must’ve been a while back though. I think he made it as a birthday video. contrasting that tiny apartment to his souped up hummer is pretty interesting. It’s on Youku somewhere.

    • There is an easy compromise. After they get married, Hwan can moved into Hye’s gorgeous big pad, and they can go out on dates in his souped up Hummer.

      Honestly, Ji Hwan driving a Hummer made me ROFLMHO. Way to be covert and unobtrusive, my sweet boy.

      • It’s a hummer wow romantic, you may end being high jacked because someone mistaken you for a bank car….LOL ok anyway what a way to love someone….a house is not a home….hope he comes home long enough to enjoy it best wishes 😉

      • I LOVE BIG cars… hummer huh… hmmmmm plenty of room to play with YEH…not bad… hehehe

      • A Hummer? There’s a joke hidden in there somewhere, but I’ll refrain from even thinking about it.

      • i wanna see a pic of YEH’s pad. and KJH’s car.do you know where i can find it? hehe… and i’ve been thinking about this for weeks now… i’m dying to ask you koala but i’m kinda shy but i braved myself this time… why do you call song seung hun “my robot”? hehe… jus tout of curiousity.. by the way, KJH and SSH looks hot in their pic together that you posted.. ^^

      • I love the man to death, but my Heon oppa cannot act. Occasionally he can bring it, like in My Princess, in the right role and right chemistry with his co-star. Anything meatier and he’s just a giant robot.

      • I love how in that interview, he was SOOOOO freaking excited about his hummer-baby, he HAD to make the interviewer get in his car to see the interior!!! lmao, and then that picture of him with his hum-baby was so rap-star, I couldn’t stop laughing.

        Oh, KJH… I’m just so sure you’re a goofball under that hot sexy exterior. This is why you and YEH are so perfect.


        you’re. welcome. hahahaha. gotta love couchkimchi’s title for that entry!

      • Wow we have the thoughts- he is good looking all right but not much in acting, his facial expressions (oops w/o an s) is same same.

        Godmother may I ask if you will recap ERIC’s spy rom com? Please.. but if you do can you not ship him to his partner? He is reserve to YEH (or me?) hehehe

      • @Hwanhye … that’s some hummer… seriously.. what went through his mind??

        (erm, u wouldnt happen to know a link to his pad would you?)

        gomowo 🙂

      • thank you for all the links… you just gave me my energy booster!!! oh la la!!! can’t thank you enough girls…. muwahhhhhhhhh

      • Yes, well… at least YEH would have the ca$h-money to pay for the gas he’d need to run that hummer. lol. I can’t believe he really has that thing… with giant rims too. And KJH can use the residual millions he’s about to get for LTM to re-do the streets of Seoul so his Hummer can fly through the city.

        KJH = Big Pimpin’

      • @Hwanhye shipper – great link! Thanks!! His place is too neat! 😛 and i just picked up a tip ! hahaha … so thats how you can hang your watches, sunglasses and wristbands! 🙂 but seriously – whats with that mouse in the kitchen?!?!?!

    • I know the perfect girl for KJH..tadadadada Yoon Eun Hye! she has exactly the same hobby as him. Staying home, decorating her house, fashion design she designed the whole Joinus Clothing Collection and is an expert seamstress. She’s been making clothes, curtains and etc. since she was a kid. She also made props and costumes and accesories for The Vineyard Man casts to help minimize cost.

      She wanted to take up Arts in College but her parents couldn’t afford it at that time, they always felt guilty cause they didn’t have the means to enroll her in that, and even guiltier when she kept winning Awards at school for her paintings and for art competitions.

      She said she wants a man who could help her around the house, saying that it doesn’t matter if the guy is temporarily jobless, she can take home the bacon, while he cleans around the house and take care of their babies. She prefers an older partner and said she’s never been in a relationship to someone younger than her.

      She likes well-mannered caring guys who are respectful to their elders.

      religion: devout Christian

      Hindrance to KJH: 1. YEH is too independent, maybe he likes to be the one to take care of the girl.

      2. YEH wont make the first move, she said she is very shy and even if she likes a guy, she’ll never make the first move.

      3. Timing! Even when 2 people like eachother but if the timing is wrong, nothing will come out of it.

      In 2009 YEH purchased a 2 billion won villa in Nonhyun-dong, but I heard she moved out and her parents live there now.

      The pictures of the interior are just of a model unit.




      I feel like i just wrote a YEH resume.

      • AMAZING! No wonder I’m drawn to this girl aka YEH! She is a beautiful person in and out. Love and respect for parents gives her blessings in return. Too good for just any man.

      • Wow. That’s some pad there. Sorry.. that kitchen just reminded me of the cola kiss… 😛 haha

      • You sure know a lot about her. They do make an excellent couple, and I believe the chemistry is there. I haven’t seen such chemistry in any other K-couple before! Hopefully something will come out of it.

      • She is AMAZING!

        Another thing that might be a disadvantage towards KJH is that he is too goodlooking. YEH said in an interview that goodlooking men make her feel nervous relationship wise and to her good looks is not a priority.

      • @Amber, I am thinking that maybe she had a traumatic experience with a goodlooking guy before. she was rumored to be dating a goodlooking guy during her Baby V.O.X days who supposedly turned out to be a not so good guy.

        What I like about KJH is that he seems to really take care of YEH from the bts I’ve seen him giving her a heat pad, fanning her, slightly massaging her shoulders and looked around for pillows so that YEH wont hit her head on the floor. I like that he takes care of YEH…I wonder if he does that to all the actresses his worked with.

      • lol, or her Match(dot)com profile… haha. I love it. She and I think the same exact way.

        You forgot that she used to like bad boys but since she’s grown older, she’s realized that it’s the caring, responsible older guys that make better husband-material… which is why 2pm and Kim Hyun Joong are sooo out of the picture.

        Now KJH totes has that bad-boy side to him (even if it comes off as a bit dorky sometimes), but he has that similar sense of humor as Eun Hye and he can totally give her butterflies. But yeah, it all depends on them.

        I’m hoping that they could find time to let the love blossom after filming… but since KJH plans to be very busy to compensate for the past 2 yrs being blacklisted, I don’t know anymore. It’s all in the timing.

      • Wow. That’s one helluva crib. It’s amazing. YEH single-handedly did all that. Girl is one amazing bread-winner. All before her 25th birthday: her own company, her own giant home she gave her parents, her own home herself… no wonder she can afford Louboutins, Balenciaga, Kuxo. Anytime she’s here in NYC, she definitely hits up the high end boutiques. Plus she still finds time to do all this charity work.

        I adore her so much… dunno if anyone’s gonna be good enough for her (maybe Hyun Bin? lol). Hope KJH doesn’t let his own pride get in the way of getting to know YEH. He’s still rebuilding his career and all.

        One more, she likes a guy who is “a little chubby”. Hahaha. I couldn’t believe it when she said that during her Cass CF interview with 2pm. Hilarious!

      • @HwanHye Shipper so LOLtrue I feel like such a dork for putting that match(dot)com like profile in here, but just couldn’t help myself…I just had to.

        They seem pretty compatible and attracted to eachother, but I wont be surprised if they deny that during interviews…we know how korean actors/actress answers…

        Big question is, if KJH is attracted will he have the balls to pursue her or will he be intimidated like other guys?

        Oh yeah @Best Luv she likes guys that’s not too skinny, small eyes…like you said she needs a guy who’s not afraid of her success. Cause it’s crazy that at her age she owns her own management company. I think almost any guy will be intimidated by that. Heard she also paid for her brother’s College education and has been anonymously donating to different Charity Organizations.

        I pray that KJH wont be put off by all that:( cause you know how guys are.

      • @baby love that must be the reason why she is still looking around – most men would be intimidated by her success. Hope she finds a real Korean chaebol who will treat her right. Also I’m also thinking of the likes of Jay Chou (Asian guy in the green hornet) aww he is young! Any one of the same stature and not so good looking’ there’s a song that goes like this

        @@@ if you wanna be happy for the rest of your life don’t get a pretty woman your wife so for my personal point of view get an ugly girl to marry you@@@@ my mom would sing that from trini Lopez I think?

        No need to be ugly though hahahaha

      • wow!!! YEH looks like she’s earning more than KJH… I love her house!!! and she’s sooo perfect!!! any mom would love to have her as daughter-in-law!!! hmmmm babylove, thank you for sharing YEH’s resume, I believe a number of mothers are eying her as potential mates for their sons now!!! hehehe
        but I still like KJH for her…I do hope the connection they emit onscreen happens offscreen as well… and yes, i believe timing is also very important… ahhhh to be young and in love!!! sighs

      • @Bo hmm tough call cause I dont think she goes for chaebol type. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up marrying a non celebrity dude in the future.

        @mizweng I like anybody who will be good to her and will give her a happy married life like what her parents have, who even to this day YEH says are like newlywed in love. It would just be a bonus if that guy is Kang Ji Hwan.

        @Angel how I wish I was her assistant.:) I’m just a fan who is obsessed with YEH’s interviews cause I find her so darn articulate http://kpculture.wordpress.com/2009/07/27/yoon-eun-hyes-interview-vogue-girl/

      • I don’t think who’s earning more now really matters to them. Because in Korean entertainment industry, male actor gets more advantages in longetivity department. They usually can go longer than actresses go. There have been numbers of actor-actress pairings that man eventually caught up with initially more successul partner. And KJH is more successful in movies than TV, which is a plus for him.
        I think these two can be a really compatible couple, but again, it’s all matter of timing.

      • Ok I saw the Baby Hummer….and all I could sink in my head was the comments about big feet and something about how to compensate with big cars….ahahaha so this guy has a deep dark side….soft in the outside tough in the inside like mentos….hehehe YEH can tame him I hope…. 😉 RED HUMMER???? yup RED is the color of confidence…. 😉

      • OH YEH I think I’d get lost in that bathroom….uhmmm I think I entered here ah ani ani ani, where is the door OPSO???? odi odi odi???? 😉 ahihihi

      • @babylove – nice link!!!

        She’s got really nice proportions! *sighs* serious leg and arm envy. Since Goong days, her legs – super awesome. It doesnt look like she works out either! 😀 Sighs. Thats what good genes does huh?

        KJH – you can be busy after LTM – but if you don’t give that girl a buzz or two every day, or better yet, make sure she tags in your luggage – *really dunno what to say* 😀 She liked her last vacation in Tokyo!!! Big enough hint ya?!

      • wow! simply amazing! what can you ask for? YEH have everything a man (specifically someone name KJH) will want for a wife.

        thanks for all the info. i’m happy that i choose YEH to idolize. good looks, well-mannered, responsible, talented and so on…

        YEH & KJH = perfect couple

    • I’ve seen a video with better resolution but can’t find the url right now. I forget which KJH-bar it was embedded in (either DC/Soompi/or Baidu… maybe Baidu?). Anyway, here’s a pixelated version. Definitely still his place after Fireworks… but dunno if it’s still the case now.


      • hehe… I just had to reply here anyways – cos it just struck me .. .that his place looks like an efficient bachelor pad.

        I can so imagine him running the lines in that place. hehe. Sighs. Can he get more man-next-door than this?!?! And then switch back to being awesome and cool the next?

        Btw, it just struck me, lols but what a reversal – in life – their pads look exactly the opposite to KJ’s and AJ’s. hahaha

      • @Lynx LOL yeah I also noticed! KJH’s pad is more like AJ’s pad and YEH’s villa is more like KJ. Total reversal.

  8. Ms. K,

    Quick question pls.. What kind of LOVE SCENE are we talking here??? All of a sudden my vocabulary went limited… So a little help here……Could it be a EYE SEXTING?? Could it be ICE cream scene with kisses and hugs toppings on it??? Could it be a Bed Scene with ice cream all over them????? Specific explanation of LOVE SCENE??? AHHHH this LOVE SCENE WORDING is driving me crazy.

    Thanks Ms. K

    • I have been told that apparently I run a PG blog where I should refrain from cursing and/or discussing boating in any concrete terms. Otherwise I’d write for you exactly what kind of love scene I have in mind for them.

      • Oh hello friend! You can email me your…theories! I’m veeery interested in them!

      • Oh pls…don’t old back….just go for it captain…dying to know what u have in mind.that’s compromise is best combination.they said 2 income better than 1 right.

      • You just want me to write you a romance novel boating scene so you can giggle all night long, don’t you?

      • If you’re asking if I want to read Ah-jung/Ki-joon fics, then the answer is YES! Giggling is good for the soul, don’t you know?

      • So are we thinking the same LOVE SCENE… Like they will burn the bed and blanket???? ahhhh

      • Hmmm… something that keeps them occupied at home….

        yeah. ‘decorating’ and ‘housework’ sounds just about right. hahaha

      • So that’s how they call it these days. I swear I’ll never think of housework the same way again!

      • @Sere – LOLs. Yes… i think it burns calories too 😛 if anyone’s curious 😛

      • Oh God! ^o^ We’re so going into non PG territory here…

        Koala, honey, I’m anticipating and half-dreading the discussions that ep 15-16 will spawn! Okay, who am I kdding. Dreading? As if! XD

      • They need to do justice for that unbeatable chemistry… And the justice that Im talking about is “BED SCENE” I dont care if I sound so pervy, so be it, Im perv as long as I have KJH and YEH in bed together burning my screen .. LTM would not be completed without a bed scene..

      • aigoo aigoo… so for our LTM withdrawal period/rehab, can we just all collectively create a fan-fiction… heavy on the fan(tasy). hahaha. because that’s CLEARLY what the rest of us are thinking.

      • OMG! This must be the reason why i read one blogger rating LTM as soft porn. I so disagree but matters of perception I guess. . . . . . . . .

  9. That was a sweet interview. Thanks Ockaola and now dying to know whats gonna happen to the last 2 episode. I really hope it will be a happy one and if not, I will surely stalked the writer’s coming dramas and vow never to watch it….lol….oh LTM what have u done to me…..

  10. Thank you captain.You made my weekend and despite my bitter after reading the preview..the Cosmo article give me some hopes or light at the end of the tunnel.

    Men like that nowaday is so rare isn’t it?or is this just me thinking that way…I like that ethical part abt him, not just go in n snatch anyone even though you are interested.uhmmm..wait for the right one right, the one that deserve the snatch..hahahahah…. what I previously knew, these two ppl definitely made for each other…they shall end up together make the good looking babies for Korean entertainment industry

  11. Thank you so much!they are match-made in heaven!!So KJh is preparing or ready for married life?!He doesn’t need to LOOK far..the GIRL is just BESIDE him!kekeke..oh please..i am praying let them be together!!And i think KJH will be a great provider for his future family!!I think he’s a good man with good manners!

    Are you allowing KJH to fall for wuri YEH?!for sure lots of fans will love it!

    • @andreana

      The question is, are we allowing wuri YEH to fall for KJH? Is he the best out there? I’m wary of guys who love their cars too much. urgg can’t be this emo.

      • hmmmmmmmm am quite biased to KJH… I feel he’s one of the best if not the best!!! hehe kidding aside, he seems grounded and mature so he can handle YEH better… anyway, it’s not our call… only them could decide if they fit each other or not… we can only wish, fantasize, swoon and squeeee (when that happens)…

      • @mizweng

        AHHH I take your word for it. After all as you said they will make the call if and when. So back to fantasizing about our OTP. Tiring to think about what might not be **** just let it be is better****

  12. Thank you madame Koala… As usual, you are our savior… after those crazy news yesterday I felt this is like a breath of fresh air… Am still rooting for the most beautiful ending there is… I believe LTM will not disappoint us… After all, we have been loyal and good to them… I simply refused to waver in my belief…

    The article on KJH was awesome… thank you…. I didn’t know he has that side (romantic) to him… I knew about how he loves to drink (read an article somewhere where the concept was a drinking interview). OMO the more I read about his interviews the more I fall deeply in-lust (errr in love) with him… bwahahaaaaaaa

  13. I don’t understand why fan’s will be saddened when he finds the one. He is no longer young and it’s time to settle down. I will be very happy for him. Even happier he it’s someone we all know and love…..anywho…I just want his happiness!!
    I can’t wait for that love scene on episode 15…shall we say, from cola kiss to ice cream love..yum!; but episode 16 still bothers me.

    • Provided that I do agree that fans should be happy if their favorite celebrities date/get engaged/get married/have kids/whatever and that idols shouldn’t refrain from doing whatever it is they want to do just for the sakes of their fans, “he’s no longer young”?!? o_O What? He’s a 77er for goodness’ sake, not a decrepit old man! If he feels the need to settle down, fine, but…he’s not old!

      (I’m totally not projecting! I’m 3 years his junior so that totally doesn’t apply to me!)

      • Didn’t mean he is old; I mean’t that he is of the age where if he doesn’t start a family now, he will have to be a grandpa chasing after his young kids.

    • What does that three dots mean Angelitocurioso? Speechless?? oh well, looking and knowing Ji-Hwan deeper can really drive one speechless..I share the same feeling Angelitocurioso, it took me a while to recover whenever I see him. ^o^

      • nado nado nado… i also become speechless and then spit collect in my mouth that i can only have a big gulp or i drool like a dog in heat!!!! bwahahahaa

    • Thinking that the end is so near, and with those “not so flattering” previews, I don’t have anything to say, , my brain finally do “kaput”
      !!!! Y_Y

      • Yesterday I was working, and I was just looking at the horizon with a lost staring, and my co worker ask me what happen, you are in silence, and when it get me, I was damn this thing hit me hard!! I don’t wanna know if there is a disastrous ending!!! I don’t wanna!!!

  14. Wow Ji-Hwan really impressed me with his preparation for his blissful years..I remember reading that YEH’s also into house decorating when she’s at home…I also learned from yooneunhye.net that she’s ready to settle down. They have the same passion and dream duncha think…And what was that, drinking as a form of bonding for all the cast and crews? Isn’t that an excuse to date? 🙂

    Thanks for this update Ms. K, you really brighten my day!

  15. Dear Koala,

    I am a not really newby here, as i have been lurking all of your comments ladies, since PK aired, i am a dear fan of HYUNMIN and now i have a second more mature OTP shipping going on with Ji Hwan and Eun Hye, and you gals just cracked me so much about the waiting of the boating scene for PK and now the anticipation for the next week finalies, WOOT WOOT, and Koala, please please write a fan fic about our latest couple in asianfanfics please please i know it is going to be AWESOME as i know that you are a very good writer just by the blog.

    Hi to everyone up here, and continue your salty comments all .

  16. Thaanks Koala.
    Hmm, I’m not putting any stock in that alleged “Intense-love-scene” because frankly…I dont belive it. I wont until I see it. Now if it wans the first writer still on board, I’dve expected a love scene since ep 12 :). But for this so called love scene, i’ll wait.
    Even though I know what I want to see. I want it to be after the party Ki Joon throws for Ah Jung. Ki Joon says “I wanna show you something” and takes Ah Jung to his home. He shows her his miniatures and ofcourse YEH–oops I mean Ah Jung–walks around and looks at them, giving teasingly cute comentarys, with wuri sexy Hyun Ki Joon walking behind her every step of the way. She stops, looking at one particular model, and Ki Joon, standing behind her, points out that the model she’s staring at is his favorite. He steps closer and she ask why and he pulls her flush against him in a back hug and tells her why. Ah Jung tilts her head back and looks up at him, smiling. Ki Joon of course tilts his head forward to return her smile, then they get captivated and he slowly lowers his mouth to hers. Ah Jung turns in his arms to encircle her arms around his neck and return the kiss…..
    I shant go on since this is a PG site. But thats basically how the so called “intense-Love-scene” should start then end somewhere around him lowering her to the bed. With lots of cute morning after scenes.
    Oh plus I loved KJH’s interview, especially what he said about not giving up someone he loved because of a brother. So true Ji hwan. Cuz if you can give em up for such a silly reason, then….you didnt really love em enough to keep em. lawks LTM brings out my obsessive possessive side. It turns me all batty and twitchy too. hehe

  17. I feel like being put through the wringer due to my obsession with LTM. I’ve been completely dysfunctional for almost 2 months…losing sleep from watching live streams, constantly searching for updates from blog sites which involves sneaking around, using my phone and going to your site Koala! Hey I’m not complaining Ms. K, I’m enjoying every minute of it! But I’m kinda missing my old life pre-LTM go figure! Nice info about KJH, he is now my all time favorite Korean actor. It’s nice to know that he’s so ordinary. KJH you just have to train your eyes to where YEH is and I assure you, she’s the ONE! LOL

  18. YEH loves to decorate her home too! Both of them should get together decorate their homes or home… Ha! They just look so good together….

  19. thanks koala, your making us a bit sane here…

    thank you guys, your comments and all the posibilites but i don’t want to expect much on the love scene since they have been holding back after the “cola kiss”. and this will just lead me to not actually watch raw til i see koala’s recap..hmmm if i could muster that. 😉

    please please please…don’t forget to bring back the fun that says romcom and our wuri’s aj/kj ‘s happy ending!!! kekeke hwaiting!

    KJH you’ve been 2 seats apart with YEH in the 44th Paeksang..you have co presented with her lately..and now LTM..aren’t your worlds getting closer? why not stay warm with her for always? not bad right? hehe as if he could read this.

  20. YEH has a boyfriend who she has been dating for a while, so let’s not start ridiculous rumors about her and KJH. It’s bad enough that she gets paired up with all of her co-stars all the time.

      • Dont believe that…it’s just probably someone who is shipping her with a different guy. YEH said she is single and I believe that over what others say.

      • I agree with babylove.
        I’ve seen lots of other couple shippers doing these kind of things.

    • Not unless you have proof.

      She said she is single so until I see concrete evidence or she admits otherwise then we are free to ship her with whoever we want. Capisce?

    • Don’t know where you’re getting this info from. YEH has never admitted to dating anyone. In an interview done during Mini-Black Dress promotions (and in response to being asked about Han Byul and S7ven’s relationship), she said that she’s been single for so long that she’s gotten used to it. She’s never been spotted with anyone except for visiting and supporting friends’ events, but she does that for everyone.

  21. if i’m not mistaken i also read here that kjh and yeh date after the awarding…. and they also went on a videoke……. so is this all lies? but im sure i read it here,,,, and it also says that kjh invite yeh in his premier night for his movie….. MS KOALA can you help me with this one? ….. pls i just wanted to know the truth here…….

    • Going to karaoke together doesn’t mean they went on a date. YEH usually gets close to her co-workers, just like with her Coffee Prince family (go watch ep 18 special), often inviting them to her house so she could cook for them. Her first twitter update from the beginning of filming LTM was of a feast she prepared herself for the cast and crew.

      KJH also gets quite close to his co-workers by going to for drinks and karaoke (just check out the BTS video special for Coffee House). Just because he mentioned that they’ve done karaoke before doesn’t mean it was in a romantic setting (we can hope, but it more than likely wasn’t).

      Still doesn’t mean that feelings aren’t blooming… but just keep it in mind before believing others’ speculations. If people say things about their lovelives here at the playground, consider it just speculation and letting our imaginations run (it is a playground afterall). Until they release official statements/interviews, then that’s all that it is, our hopeful imaginations.

    • I would rather believe 99% of the dating issue with KJH since they both said they know each other for quiet a long time already, went out for karaoke (I forgot what it’s called in korean, sorry) and they both went to support each other’s films..that means so much to me…

    • I like this vid. But its better when you see it in its entirety, evene if you dont understand korean. Especially when YEH gets up to dance, the reactions she got was just so WAH! Haha I know you see their reaction now, but compared to the girls who danced before YEH, especially on the same songs, you see just how different the guys reactions are.

      • True! Plus, YEH gets soaked with the tongue-twisting game. My favorite part of the show! lol. Who was the girl next to Han Byul? The one who really tried hard to dance sexy?

  22. @Bo hmm tough call cause I dont think she goes for chaebol type. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up marrying a non celebrity dude in the future.

    @mizweng I like anybody who will be good to her and will give her a happy married life like what her parents have, who even to this day YEH says are like newlywed in love. It would just be a bonus if that guy is Kang Ji Hwan.

    @Angel how I wish I was her assistant.:) I’m just a fan who is obsessed with YEH’s interviews cause I find her so darn articulate http://kpculture.wordpress.com/2009/07/27/yoon-eun-hyes-interview-vogue-girl/

    • A non celebrity would be better so she can keep her privacy and no potential professional jealousy can get in the way! I really wish her to be happy. I’e become a certified fan. Ahhh just can’t help wishing she grow a teeny weenie bit of a pair so she’ll be more confident and not too shy with men in real life….

      • You know the shy one is always beaten by the aggressive ones . Before she knew it all the good ones are taken and mostly mediocres left behind!

  23. Ockoala I missed you, thank you sooo much for this!

    I do hope that there is indeed a hot, passionate boating scene on the next episode and a baby on the last one mwa ha ha. Oh I so miss these two already. I just watched episode 14 and boy, was I so touched with Ah Jung and Ki Joon, with both of them protecting each other. My fave part was when KJ and AJ met at the cherry blossom lane after KJ flew in from China. They’re great actors indeed! KJH’s face is full of concern and love for YEH, I mean I hope it’s KJH and YEH really, not only KJ and AJ (I’ve gone bonkers again, dear me). I played that over and over AND over again! But seriously, are these two really just acting? I mean just acting, like only acting? If so (well that would really be so sad), I hope they don’t snap off from their characters right away when the director says cut and wish the feeling of KJ and AJ’s love for each other would linger in KJH and YEH’s for a long long time, like the forever type mwa ha ha (okay, totally lost it! Well, what can I do? They’re so maddening, these two!).

    Love to know more about them. So, KJH is now looking for a wife huh, and YEH wants someone older, like maybe six to eight years, well KJH fits the bill right? I really hope to the high heavens that their search is so over now!!!

  24. I think “sweet and intense love scene” made my brain go into overdrive

    p.s. No Min Woo in your header! I love the guy to death…he’s multitalented and a good person

  25. Thanks for this… I can’t imagine LTM ending next week. I can’t get enough of these two. I really like their pairing in here and I hope to see another team-up for the two of them, more in REAL life vs reel life. hehehehehe

  26. oh! before we all get lost in our fantasies and die of anticipation for the last two episodes, please don’t forget to keep voting for our YEH at http://music.cyworld.com/event/promotion/2011/choice/vote.asp#none
    (it’s category 02, i don’t understand korean but i just looked for her image and ticked the check mark next to her rating.^_^). as of this comment, she has 10% lead (1st is YEH 46%, 2nd is Gong Yo Jin 36%, #3-5 are too far behind). let’s make sure she secures the top spot til the end!^_^

  27. Wow – KJH – I am very impressed… cleaning and doing laundry. Nice house or not… I’m sure the right one will love you either way. Hope he finds his soulmate soon 🙂

    As for LTM – I put myself on a slow withdrawal track… so I haven’t watched any LTM for 2 days (esp after the awful last 2 episode previews). But none of the other dramas are really captivating me much. Sigh.

    I have no real wish for the actors to end up together in real life. But I do hope that they eventually have another project together. When I’m watching LTM, they are their characters because they nail the acting so well. So if AJ and KJ are not happily together at the end, I will be kicking up a very unpleasant fuss at the writer. Onscreen – these YEH & KJH are one of a kind – magic!

    “AJ is moved by this event and the two happily sit by the table and enjoy their ice cream together which eventually leads to a sweet and intense love scene” —> hmm… so they are in a public place with this said ice cream so how do they get to the private place? 😉 “sweet and intense love scene” – could go so many ways. It could be G/PG style – blah!! At least make it PG13 or R. LOL Anyways, I’m not getting my hopes up until I see it onscreen. And if it’s in ep 15 – then it leads up to the “emotional distance” etc? URGH.

  28. my saturday morning schedule :
    1- get up and turn on the laptop
    2- check KOALA¨S page for LTM updates!
    Koala, u r such a good mama!!!! TX!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. dont know abt u gals here…..but i feel that kang ji hwan looks better n better as he gets older……he matures well n i love his looks now compared to when he first started……he ages and matures well…….i will never get bored looking at him!!

  30. Dear miss koala,

    hallo Miss Koala, im just got back from the church and opened my laptop and go to your website only want to see the latest news from my favorite drama and OTP HEHEHE 😛 ….thank you so much for posting it miss koala, thank you thank you, thank you … i’m happy to READ it :D…. hope the best ending for LIE TO ME for last 2 episodes…. and cant wait for watching episode 15-16….. :D… for kang ji hwan and yoon eun hye all the best for both of them, i hope they will get the best from god just like they are hoping for their life partner (eventhough i’m still hoping that they will considering for dating or being a real life partner and geting married hehehehehhe 😛 coz i think they will be a perfect couple coz both of them was caring person :))…..anyway GOD BLESS AND SUCCED always for KOALA PLAYGROUND ( always giving us a great preview and recap and analysis for our fav. K-Drama :)), for LIE TO ME , for ALL THE CREW AND SUPPORTING ARTIST OF LIE TO ME, for SBS , AND for ALL LIE TO ME FANS, ALSO for KANG JI HWAN AND YOON EUN HYE FANS…. all the best for you all …. :D……

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