Cartier Bague Releases Full CF Featuring Jang Geun Seok and Lee Min Jung

Magnificent. Beautiful. Stunning. What the heck was W Korea doing publishing the stills of Lee Min Jung and Jang Geun Seok’s Cartier Bague photoshoot first before the actual CF movie was released? The stills do not do this CF justice, which I found simply sublime, quiet and introspective, desolate yet immersive. To say I loved the full 6-minute CF is just a weaksauce description of how mesmerizing it was to watch.

The decision to keep the CF nearly free of background music, allowing Jang Geun Seok’s buttery voice and the sound of the windy desert to heighten the sense of wonder was a brilliant idea. Since Cartier is my favorite jeweler and I hardly need more reasons to add more pieces to my collection, but hot damn this CF made me want to run to the store immediately and start splurging. Good job Cartier, you have succeeded masterfully in enticing me.

Full CF for Cartier Bague:


Cartier Bague Releases Full CF Featuring Jang Geun Seok and Lee Min Jung — 15 Comments

  1. Beat everyone again busy but surfing ahaha I like Cartier but I’m a charitable woman so unless it means a lot to me nope NO BUY…. 😉

  2. it’s the “twilight zone…..” i don’t care so much for her feathery hair—seems “off” to me… not my style i guess… oh well. life goes on.

  3. Beautiful CF and Keun Suk is always so eye catching and irressistable. But can’t quite fathom the story behind (maybe it has something to do with not being able to read the korean words?), can ockoala kindly explain?

    • well what was explained to me was that in the CF Lee Min Jung has no voice and can’t hear *hence the talking by chalkboard thing*, JGS takes her underwater where he also can’t talk or hear, so that they could be the same.

      • Thanks, that is so sweet – taking her underwater and all. But is there some kind of time travel involved? Saw the watch ticking backwards.

    • Oh, I love this CF to death. Poor Butterfly is a very good song choice for this. The tone, the feel of the CF are like Ms Koala said: Magnificent! Beautiful! Stunning!
      And Keun Suk’s voice? always love… LOL
      I have new-found respect for Zosun Hi because of this project… ^.^
      I think the clock ticking backward is signaling the next scene was actually the previous scene?

  4. omo, i love the twilight scene – the one with a feathery meadow….beautiful CF! JKS is really a master of drawing you in with his voice and his eyes…ok fangirl speaking here…:)

    Thanks Ms. Koala!

  5. Visually, it’s very appealing…
    but maybe I’m dense or what, but I don’t get the story… or is there one?

  6. wow nice acting there, really!
    and lee min young is so beautiful, one of my favorite faces from Korea.
    and that handwriting of jang geun suk!!! nice&cool!
    why i think of GD from bigbang when looking at JGS’s face here?

  7. Such a captivating CF,
    The light,tone,music,acting, and the desert itself made a perfect combination of creating dreamy-heavenly like feeling.
    Good job!

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