Written Preview for Episode 14 of Drunken to Love You

I can safely say this drama is almost over, despite no official reports as to how many episodes in total Drunken to Love You has. I can sense it wrapping up, and in a way that I’m thrilled about. Episode 14 looks amazing, giving us the breakthrough we are looking for plus some long awaited pay-off. In addition, below I’ve linked to a preview of the MV for Rainie Yang’s lead single off her new album. The song is “We Are All Fools” and has been featured in DTLY since episode 1. The full MV will drop next week, but the teaser looks so moody and evocative. It guest stars Joseph Chang, and in the MV, Rainie and Joseph will play an illicit pair of lovers cheating on their respective significant others with each other. Both Joseph and Rainie look so darn sexy in the preview for the MV.

Written preview for cup 14:

To protect everything about Xiao Ru, Jie Xiu takes her to an unfamiliar elementary school. It is there that Xiao Ru sees the person that she feels a lifetime of guilt towards, the sister she inadvertently hurt when they were children – Yin Fu. Under Jie Xiu’s considerable effort, Yin Fu forgives Xiao Ru.

Xiao Ru realizes everything that Jie Xiu has been quietly doing for her, and she finally lets go of the past and herself, gaining the courage to pursue her own happiness. Xiao Ru finally releases the pent up emotion she has for Jie Xiu and accepts his love. This love which started accidentally did not end up changing its tone, as these two people pledge their love under the cherry blossom trees.

As it appears that everything will be fine, a landmine detonates right at this time. Jack (the paparazzi) brings a media crew and disrupts Yi Xian’s wedding with the goal to reveal the fake contract marriage and unearth the person who devised it. To end this farce, Jie Xiu steps forward and announces that he will divorce Xiao Ru. At the same time, he tells everyone present that his love for Xiao Ru is just that secure and unwavering, and he just wants to give Xiao Ru the wedding she has long envisioned.

At the same time, Rickie is also going to risk everything for love. He wants to help heal Avril’s hidden pain from long ago, so he goes to her college to try and discover what the pain is. He unexpectedly finds Avril currently facing another dangerous situation.

Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru arrive at the civil affairs office, excited and unable to wait to become official husband and wife again. Except they run into a meddling do-gooder who obstructs them, which unexpectedly leads to the discovery of yet another big secret….

So what is the secret that Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu discover? And who is obstructing their marriage? And Avril, having forced herself into the corner, what danger will she now face?

Preview of Rainie Yang’s MV for “We Are All Fools” guest-starring Joseph Chang:



Written Preview for Episode 14 of Drunken to Love You — 37 Comments

  1. Thanks for the translated preview.

    Btw, can someone confirm this? I got this screencap from the DTLY thread at AF (asianfanatics forum), that the producer/story writer of DTLY says there will be 18 episodes at her weibo, and apparently there’s a wedding night coming? Can someone translate this from the screencap from their weibo [so I can have some kind of confirmation lol, I can’t read Chinese]: http://i51.tinypic.com/6xt3x1.jpg

    • Yup, so I guess this confirms it. DTLY has 18 episodes and there will be a wedding night. BUT, writer-nim says she does not know whether PD Chen filmed a bed scene or not. Booo PD Chen. I demand bed scene.

      • Ohh, thanks for confirming it. ^^ Well goodness, I sure hope there’s a bed scene lol. I’m still curious when this will occur in the drama: http://i52.tinypic.com/349b4eu.jpg (since I keep seeing this spoiler pic being posted on websites, but have no idea when this will happen lol)

      • Thank you! Glad to know there’s going to be a wedding and bed scene even though we have to wait until the end to watch it..
        I’m going to be sad when this series ends cos can’t get to see SJX 🙁

      • It says 15 on viki since no one really knew how many episodes there would be. Because at first it said 13, then 15, so it was pretty much a guess for them. xD But yeah seems like there will be 18 now.

  2. We get to spend five more weeks (episodes) with Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu?

    I have no complaints here. 😉

    Thanks for the translated preview for episode 14 ockoala!

    • I’m so psyched about it being 18 eps instead of 15. Why do they have to get divorced if they’re staying together?

  3. Oh Joseph Chang so sexy! Now he’s my favorite TW actor above everyone else! because he looks so manly and real 🙂

  4. Cant wait for you to recap this. I love reading your recaps for DTLY. This is the show that keeps me going a lill ever since LTM ended. Even though I havent watched it, I love to read it.
    Oh and that MV looks fricking HOT. I dont condone cheating, but some people sure know how to make things look sexy. tsk tsk. Joseph Chang, you are so hot right there, about to mack on her with your respective partners none the wiser.

  5. Wee….thank you thank you.

    Your blog is now the 1st thing I check even before my viki mail nowadays since I started DTLY based on your recaps post LTM.

    Can I just tell you how much I love this show and Joseph Chang?I even stopped watching all the KD because of this?This normally does not happen and I have only watched 4 TW prior to this.I am a person who can’t do multiple loves.Only started DTLY last week.

    Wedding night?We have a written wedding night.I am stoked absolutely in bliss.Thank you so much.

  6. Actually, I don’t give a damn on what danger Avril will face. She well deserves that. Just gimme more JX and XR!!!!

    And thanks so much for sharing the MV… I’m immediately drawn to it… I don’t know how to put this but Joseph definitely has the air that matches well to a movie setting (correct me if I’m wrong, I think TW shoots MVs using film just like shooting for a movie). I’m gonna dig out his old movies to watch after the end of DTLY. And I do hope Rainie will explore more in the movies after this. She has great potential.

  7. I am far too old to SQUEE and yet I find myself doing so whenever Joseph Chang is mentioned. Send help soon… or at the very least, a life-size cardboard cut out of him.

  8. Even though I don’t condone cheating either – no matter how hot the other guy is – Joseph is looking so darn fine here. They really know how to sell a MV! One of the best looking ones I’ve seen in awhile.

  9. read this on my phone while at work but watched the preview for the MW and i hafta say that was H-O-T! these two have sizzling chemistry. love, love, love this OTP.

    thanks for sharing, koala…

  10. Joseph Chang !every woman’s dream,every husband’s nightmare..my husband finally took me to task this morning and has banned Joseph Chang from the dinner table,breakfast island,bedroom,garden etc…..it was theMV that proved the final undoing…..dark and sweaty…Joseph n Rainie ,both so intense n that look of pure lust…it s so tangible n raw…..
    This MV manages to be both sexual n sensual..n u can’t find SJX or XR in this MV…just two conflicted souls looking like they r about to tear each other’s clothes off…n die from the wanting n longing for each other..I can’t get over how real it all looks…. OMG at this rate,my husband may soon b accusing Joseph Chang of being the ‘third party’ in our relationship..Help….

    • Sunny, I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard at this post! Thank God I don’t have a husband, instead I’ma try my best to be the third party in whatever Joseph Chang is doing!

      @Tammie you are absolutely right. Idk how old you’re supposed to be to surpass the “squee’n” bracket but obviously I’m going to apply for a redistribution of terms because obviously no one made provision for the wonder of Joseph Chang’s Song Jie Xiu!

      • Tsk….M green with envy,u should thank the gods u decided to remain single for as long as u have,at least u still have a chance of being the ‘third party’…had I known dat such a man would exist at least 2 generations later….would have taken a vow of chastity n used a chastity belt for as long…LOL…Alas,twas not to be n m now bound by my vows to love n to hold,for better or worse in sickness n in health,so help me god!!!! Let this fixation ,obsession,complete madness over this quintessential hunk of a Man called Joseph Chang be just a fleeting fancy or lust n not the temptation that the drama gods have sent to test the EVE in each of us.The forbidden fruit could not have come any sweeter n frankly,if I were rainie,I d grab more than a bite!!!hell with being called XIao San or third party..the man isn’t married,so he still has a right to choose..didn’t we learn that from SJX in DTLY??Oops my man is home…wifely duties call..bye….SOB..

      • I believe we not only need to apply for a redistribution of terms, but a new term all together. ICOMYM is to benign with regards to Joseph. ICOMYM belongs to JGS, Kim Bum, Lee Min Ho(t) et al. Joseph is a category all together different. I’m not talented enough to come up with something witty, but it must be something to express the utter mind collapse when he comes on screen like SSHSPO. (Squees-So-Hard-She-Passes-Out or something like it.)

  11. before drunken to love you i have only few taiwanese male obsession that is jerry yan and joe , but now joseph chang climb the rank and staying on the lead , obsess to have a song jie xue in my life heheh , if that happen i will be very lucky ….. but back to the drama i like honeymoon too like the hotel balcony scene in iswak but more intense hehehehe

  12. I was all ready to squee over Joseph Chang but the MV is dodgy as hell.
    Kissing someone while your partners are right next to you asleep …. uh, hell no!!!

    Guess I’ll just go back to watching my last DTLY video to get my fix ……

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