Second Adorable Teaser for Protect the Boss

Super duper wuv! The second teaser trailer for Protect the Boss is out, and it’s just so energetic and interesting. I can honestly confess to wanting to watch this drama purely on the story alone, with none of the usual hooks roping me in, such as fangirling any of the actors or the genre being my bias. It’s so cool to genuinely be engaged by a drama for, well, the drama of it all. Heh. Watch the second teaser with English subs and giggle with me. I think Ji Sung will be one of the lamest heroes ever to grace the small screen (and he wears a backpack to work, which instantly makes me think of the infamous Jung Jae Min of WHIB-fame), and I can’t wait to see how he transforms alongside his interactions with Choi Kang Hee.

Second teaser for Protect the Boss:


Second Adorable Teaser for Protect the Boss — 18 Comments

  1. Hahahaha. Ji Sung will be hilarious and that has me grinning like an idiot! Even his hair crack me up. ^^’ I can already imagine when he transforms into a super cool and efficient business man and what the reactions to that may be.

  2. I just can’t wait to see this drama. For now, it’s so cute to see them fighting together. Just looking at them made me smile like an idiot. So… I’m waiting patiently for the first episode of it. Tx koala!

  3. OMG!is it just me or JJ’s smile, smirk and…darn everything!made me smile, drool and fainted???NO!!!I got this feeling that he is a better actor than Yoochun(SORRY!!!!I still love you), Changmin(dnt worry I’m still ur noona) and YUnho(HTTG is a disaster, but ur still my favorite)..wa!!!Even If I dnt want CH to end(It have to, or else I cant see JJ in a drama)…(Dnt watch his jdrama, I love doramas but I wonder Why I didnt watch it and he won an acting award.. and refuse to watch Heaven’s Postman…I DL it but refuse to watch it…eheheh..jealous of the kissing scene..darn!)…CH MUST end..a drama who is extended just because of the ratings will lose its quality.

    oakoala..r u planning to make a recap for this??Wa! and I’ll try my best not to read it!unless I have watched the episodes..(Dramabeans and ockoala is spoilng me with recaps! that sometimes I rather enjoy reading it rather than watching the drama…hahah )

    So excited already!!wishing tomorrow is August 3…hahahahahah

    • hahahahah girl i was thinking the same thing!
      he only appeared for 2 seconds and im in love again!!!
      damn that man is so damn cool!

  4. this looks cute, also the teasers for Ojakyo brothers (dont know of I got it right) were released and looks adorable as well

  5. I can’t wait for this drama. Ockoala, give Jae a chance, he does have acting chops. I like how he’s only supporting role here, unlike his fellow counterparts: Yoochun, Changmin and Yunho all played leads – which I thought they weren’t at all ready for. However, Jae is choosing to play supportive role, where he can shine but also learn from veterans like Ji Sung (and Ji Sung is amazing).

    He really surprised me in Heaven’s Postman and I think Jae might be better than Yoochun. Yoochun is a little stiff I think, his acting is…..><

    • I luv Jae but Yoochun is EXCELLENT
      there is a reason why he got the critical praise and even a baeksang and i think he stepped it up with Ripley

      Jaejoong was good but Yoochun was better

      Chnagmin and Yunho: NO COMMENT =.=;

    • Oh shit, Mia, you just made my day. It was like a walk down fashion-victim-memory-lane with Jae Min and his fursploded coats and giant back pack. ROFLMHO.

      WHIB actually isn’t funny in the least, but Jo In Sung was just magnificent in pulling off everything that made Jae Min detestable yet strangely alluring.

  6. kyahh OMG jaejoong looks soo cute ^^
    i cnt wait to watch him :3
    i love protect the boss for givin me more jaejoong time!
    ji sung looks adorable too 🙂

  7. Thank you for this!!!!!!!!!!!

    I confess to totally wanting to watch this to see Ji Sung in a comedy. 🙂 Oh how I hate watching things live.

  8. Cute. I wasn’t sure if I would like this as I’m not familiar with any of the main actress’ work but I think feisty and nutty is a perfect combination for me. Besides, Ji Sung’s in it. Wha more could a girl ask for?

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