Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong Attends Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Tokyo

My pretty Playful Kiss babies Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong were reunited earlier this month for a fan meeting in Tokyo, and Hyun Joong also followed that up with some performances for his new mini-album. It’s almost the one-year anniversary of PK’s premiere, which also reminds me that I’ve been recapping dramas for an entire year. How time flies.

Min Min looks AMAZING, as always, and I’m completely digging Hyun Joong’s new look (hairstyle and color), though I am still quite peeved about his new nose. But I still love him, because he’s just so darn cute! I always suspected PK was really a J-dorama masquerading as a K-drama, and it’s wonderful to see the drama gain such popularity and recognition over there.

[Credit: all pictures as marked via Baidu Playful Kiss bar]


Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong Attends Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Tokyo — 79 Comments

  1. I dunno what you think about his nose? Care to share? LOL I also feel like something’s changed in him (not just his hairstyle) but I can’t pinpoint it…

      • Oh… so that’s what’s off. I thought something looks different because of his new shorter ‘do cause I can’t tell that much.

        Well at least he didn’t hide it like most celebrities do. That’s a good move. 🙂 I prefer his old nose too.

      • I want his old and humble nose now he looks like a big nose with a small face…shoot the art of discontentment….it sucks I used to love this face shop guy….man is 200 pound beauty influence gonna be a lasting era!!!! 🙁

      • The nose job was done way before BOF and Playful Kiss, why all the fuss ? He didn’t do it after PK you know?

      • @ Kitty

        I can assure you that he got that nose job after PK. Likely sometime between Jan-March of this year. It doesn’t take a plastic surgeon’s eye to discern that his nose looks completely different than his old one in PK and BOF. He may have already had an old nose job, but he got a new one. If it weren’t so honking different I probably wouldn’t have noticed or cared. He can get as many nose jobs as he likes, doesn’t change how much I adore him.

        But to like Hyun Joong and then blindly buy whatever his agency doles out as gospel is silly. You have eyes, sweetie, just put his pre-2011 and post-2011 pictures side by side. Especially the profile ones. He’s new nose is about 2 degrees higher than the old one, and larger in width as well.

        I think we can like our stars AND still use our own brains when it comes to news pertaining to them.

        If everyone is noticing he looks completely different, there is a reason for that.

      • I very much dislike his nose in PK, that was chopped at the end and uneven nostrils. But nose in PK….was also not his original nose either. My favorite is still the one he was born with (circa 2005), no idea why they had to go and mess with it. But I like the new nose including the size since it has character. Heh.

  2. Wow. They are too cute together but yeah he looks different. Still pretty but a nose job changes that certain something about a person’s face.

    I hope you don’t stop blogging for a long while. I love reading your stuff.
    Thank you Ms Koala.

  3. Jung So Min didn’t do nothing more after PK aside that mv with So Ji Sub… won’t she be in anew drama soon? Does you know what she is doing lately Koala? Cfs?

  4. He looks very different. He also looks really thin even though I know there are giant muscles under there…may be because his clothes look baggy… I can’t understand why already hot people get plastic surgery. It’s like you’re cooking a fine dish and you think you probably added enough salt, but you doubt yourself and add more… and then the dish is too salty.

    Playful Kiss was so my guilty pleasure last year. I giggled through the whole drama. Long live robot boy Baek Seung jo!

  5. i was wondering why he looked so odd to me! something was just off with his face. why do perfect people get surgery? they always end up ruining their glorious faces.

    • This. I partially agree. Weather it’s his old nose or new nose, i didn’t like both. But his new one, i guess it’s slightly better, though it’s too big to my liking, but you’re so right about his old nostrils. they bugs me so much. I guess with his new nose, his nostrils got better.

      but me likeeeyy him in person 🙂 he’s cute with the new hair!!

      • Ok your statement made me do a cartwheel, I like I don’t like ahaha crazy 😛

  6. I really liked watching Kim Hyun Joong in his SS501 days, the reality shows that they did, and watching BTS of BOF. He is such a natural on camera for reality shows, but when he is made to do a scripted drama, somehow i feel he is not his complete self fun guy. But who cares, more screen time of Kim Hyun Joong is always welcome.

    I am not a big fan of Jung So Min, since she shot the hero in Bad guy, but its difficult to set eyes off Kim Hyun Joong when he is on screen. Anyone complaining?

    • Girl, Jung So Min is a actress, It was a character that shot the guy in the drama, get over her character. Pretty childish not liking her for that reason… well it can mean she acted very well to be this hated.

      • count me three…how can anyone not like the cutest girl in the whole wide world!!! weeh

    • seriously….. i like So Min….but y does she always wear her hair in a bun like that? i guess she can be cuter if she change the hair style… ^^

      • well, she did have a lot of hairstyles in PK…so I guess I won’t be complaining if I see her in buns for a while

        but I agree that she’d be so much cuter

  7. Ah, it’s the nose! I thought it bcoz of new hairdo and he’s maturing.. ~ sadly I’m totally mistaken.. In my pov, the old nose was good, the new one is not bad either..

  8. I’ve read a few translations of his statement about getting his nose done. It seems to me that was done years ago right after his nose was hit by a ball & had to go to the hospital to get it fixed. So fix it better while the doc was at it.

    I keep looking at his nose lately because of the news and I can’t tell the difference from the present to the past few years. So I guess the nose was done years ago.

    He looks different lately, I think is because he buffed up even more & he has less fat percentage, the great hair, eyebrow shaping & great wardrobe. To me, his nose is not his stronger point/feature, (it’s not that great), but it’s his je ne sais qoi 4D cuteness & his knowhow of presenting himself that is so popular. I’m his fan of course.

    • I really hate it when celebrity’s try to reason their plastic surgery with some kind of random accident. Seriously just man up and admit you did plastic surgery, because YOU wanted it and not because of some devine intervention.
      Also I think it is very obvious he had a nosejob very recently, cause he definetly did not have this nose in BOF.
      -End of rant.

      • hahahah you go girl!!! That’s is right. But at least he said he did it unlike some others actress/actors who deny it until they die…

    • He was going to fix it and since he would do it he kept this chance to high his nose a bit, it was what he said, this is still plastic. Also you never know he did really get hit by a stone or was just a excuse to make the plastic.

  9. I just finished watching Playful Kiss and after every episode and webisode I had to read your recap. Loved your recaps so much and was simply thrilled when I saw this post. Secretly still hoping for a PK2 but guessing it won’t happen…

    And I really dislike his new nose… He looked so much better before… ;_; But yeah if you didn’t say it it would have taken me a while to realise what was off with his face and why he looked like a completely different person… Amazing how much difference a nose job makes!! 😮

  10. hi ockoala!
    glad to know that i’m so damn right!
    you would feature our lovely PK OTP here in your playground!
    and happy to know that you still love them so dearly!
    you are still our dear PK fairy!
    its been a year yet im still crazy about PK, Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min!
    And there is no stopping! ^_^

    yup its almost been a year since we flooded and had a blast in your recaps for PK!
    and from then on there in no turning back in your site!
    I still come here read your recaps and news about dramas!
    in this site where i started it all!
    congrats for doing well in recapping dramas! Keep up the good work!

    love love love this site and a certain koala!

  11. Any plastic surgery makes the actors look less human. I understand doing some at the outset for the competitive edge in the looks obsessed business.

    Mid career, when you have already reached the highest heights you will ever reach? Unnecessary. Who is he listening to that tell him it was a good idea?

    • Please everyone, the nose job was done long ago way even before WGM. You guys here are so out-dated when it comes to idol info.

  12. hahah PK was from a japanese manga ^^ the japanese drama was aired in 1996. epic i know.

    YES YES HYUN JOONG’S HAIR XP i didnt notice his nose though…till you mentioned heh

  13. I like his new nose better. The tip of his old nose was not quite right, which made his nostrils stand out too much. This new nose is larger and more manly, IMO.

    • I have this theory… at the time of SS501 debut, he’s got his original nose. And then he had an accident, had his nose fixed, and that was the appearance during WGM, BOF, and PK. The problem was, his nose at that time was “not quite right” as you said, and then just this year, he got his nose done again, hopefully for the last time. And I think it’s just to restore what his old nose looked like…because if you look at it, his nose during debut then and now, is quite similar.
      I have no qualms about koreans getting their noses fixed or what not…I mean we are all korean drama addicts out here, I think we should all get used to it by now, lol. In every korean drama there’s either one or two actors in the series who has had something done.

      • @poppy I agree to your theory! I think his nose now is better than the previous one. At any rate, I hope there won’t be anymore tweaking cos he has always looked wonderfully gorgeous then AND now. That’s why his fans called him ‘guljo’ way back…

  14. First of all thank you sooo much ms koala for posting about Playful Kiss!!! Yes, Minmin is looking great and lovely as usual. She’s always got this effortess, natural loveliness aura to her. As for Joongie, he’s looking hot as always, and I thought people had gotten over the fact that he’s gotten a new nose, but I guess that’s not the case. He’s still the same 4d guy we are all used to, so no biggies 🙂

  15. WOW! I missed that news about the nose job. I thought he looked really different too but I was thinking it must have been a style change – hair, maturity, more this and that since he went solo… but looks like there was more. He has undeniable appeal to him and I like his songs all right as in I think he has talent. Plastic surgery is a personal decision so I respect that, regardless of whether I would agree with it. I’m not sure I understand his reasoning since I thought he was pretty darn good looking already. Glad he’s happy with it.

    PK – despite being based on my favorite japanese manga, I just haven’t been able to fully watch (not the right timing). But when I actually do, I know I’ll love it.

  16. Hello
    KHJ is my husband and first love Asian and playful-kiss my first drama, then I think that I cannot be impartial with my opinion to this beautiful and talented man, to my I love that you always look good, is an Idol, and I think that his already fine factions of child only a bit array with the operation of your noseI love him!
    do and JSM is a great actress at her young age she is adorable and beautiful, but you know if it is operated by the bust, he looks much more?

    Best regards

  17. I hate the new nose! What the heck were he and his surgeon thinking? He went from absolutely yummy to ugh! It’s an Lee Min Ho nose in extra large, which wouldn’t work even for Lee Min Ho (who got his own shaved down) and certainly not for someone with as fine features as Kim Hyun Joong! Whatever. Good to know poor judgment doesn’t affect only women.

  18. I like his last nose better too. But it was rather delicate and made him look like a pretty girl, so I can understand if he / his management company wanted to move on from there.

    They can’t win, can they. If the job is too noticeable the fangirls howl, and if no one notices what is the point? Oh, the challenges of being an idol.

    • But Yamapi gained man-boobs for his idoru career, which he can get rid of easily. Hyun Joong got a new nose he can’t “un-get”.

      I totally blame KeyEast for this fiasco. I LOVE his pretty boy old nose. Can you imagine him as Rui/Ji Hoo had he had this nose?

  19. According to the article(link below),he had to get a nose job due to an incident when he was observing some boys trying to break a radio using rocks, One of the rocks hit his nose and so he undergone the procedure to ‘raise it a little’.
    Thank you Ms.Koala for the news , I really enjoy ur recaps and daily updates and lil interesting tidbits,they really make my day,ur blogging is like a happy pill that I take everyday(absolutely necessary),so I really hope that u would continue blogging .thanx again and have a nice day!

    • BS! Harhar. That kind of accident is just too lucky. I wonder if that’s true or his agency made it up coz alot of people noticed his nose. Anyways. I can’t decide which nose I like better. :p

  20. How can someone have plastic surgery on their nose and still play aggressively in league soccer? He has admitted to having work done but I would think anyone whose had surgery would not take a chance of damaging it by playing.

  21. Why do Korean Celeb always end up doing some kind of surgery. Are any of them ever NATURAL ????!?! Still, he’s cute as always. Sometime soon I know we will get used to his NEW nose. (T^T)

      • Maybe it’s to make her cheeks or jaw thinner? where did she have the buttocks injected? I remember Charice has botox too on her jaw to relax her jaw muscles and make it smaller.

      • I know I mean Charice need it gurl, she was singing for Glee but then again with Rachel she did not be a swan, but Bom common there has to be a logical explanation….

  22. KHJ and JSM are still good looking together. They are one of my favorite k-couple on screen.. as usual, they are gorgeous ever!

  23. bigger nose? well you know what they say about a man with a big nose 😉 but in this case..how do we know? I’m joking don’t shoot me KHJ’s fan, as long as he delivers a good drama, its fine with me..just don’t do anything with the forehead, cheek, chin and lips, I found it disturbing when an actor/actress cries or laughs but the face doesn’t move an inch.

  24. Hi Ockoala~~thanks for posting about our fave drama, PK’s FM in Tokyo!!
    Kim Hyun Joong & Jung So Min looks so gorgeous with matching outfits & their winsome rapport with each other is much evident until now…almost 10 months after!!
    KHJ is as 4D, as handsome & as dashing as he always has been for me & millions of his fans!!!

  25. I knew it! I knew I’m right all along! Thank you for pointing his nose out Koala. I thought he looked different and something’s changed in his face when I saw his music video. His features became sharper but I couldn’t exactly pinpoint what has changed. He did have something done again. Man! He is handsome, I’ll give u that. The cost of beauty. Why did he have to have it changed though? He looks good enough with his previous look.

  26. I was watching an old episode of “My X-girlfriend” which JGS hosted and found something really odd. His nose seemed very different now in particularly the bridge area right between the eyes. Looking at his pictures now from the side, that area seemed to be artificially raised. I didn’t read about him having his nose fixed but only that he carries a mirror around all the time. Can someone clarify that for me?

  27. I don’t think that is his first plastic surgery because I’ve seen hyun joong old pics (before he get famous… a model in a video clip) and I’ve seen his metamorphosis pics where he has been transformed from a cute guy (he’s already cute before all those surgeries) into totally a beautiful guy (just my opinion). So, it’s nothing new if he wants another surgery… He still a beautiful guy I’ve ever seen. He also the only male artist that I’ve never get bored enjoying his pics… Although I must admit he is a bit like a walking mannequin…

  28. hi koala, thanks so much for posting about our lovely PK couple so min and hyun joong. Missing PK moments in this playground and we all had huge fun at that time. Now I am waiting for their new drama for this year 2011.

  29. Well, plastic surgery is very much a personal choice. So whatever he’s done, hope he is happy with it. But hope he won’t get too obsessed coz I know some celebrities become so addicted to looking perfect, they dun know when to stop and then before they realize, they look so plastic. It’s a pity.
    Yes, I love KHJ and JSM together, they are one hot looking sweet pair! Love JSM…she is simply gorgeous and blessed with natural beauty. Totally smoking hot.

  30. Even though I like his new nose better, it’s still a bit disturbing. It’s like he got a new nose to go with his new image as a solo artist. As in, “goodbye jihoo sunbae and the delicate, pretty flower boy from SS501” and “hello manly-man, sexy muscular solo artist Kim Hyun Joong”.
    He could’ve just bulked up and changed his wardrobe and hairstyle (which he did, btw)….but instead he went the creepy-Korean-idol-way and had to take it one step further and change one of his facial structures….
    I just hope he stops there with the plastic surgery and doesn’t go overboard like so many stars out there. Otherwise he’ll end up looking like a freak.
    And to think he was just fine the way he was born…..sad…

  31. Well, I’ve been thinking about it too… I mean he looks totally different… considering the fact that he had a nose job, he still looks as if he did something more than that… I mean he said it was because he broke his nose, but I think it’s absurd for someone to fix his nose because “Omg, I broke my nose, Ok, then let’s go to have a nose job if it’s going to be fixed at the doctor’s anyway…” I’m a really huge fan of him and I really like him, both his dramas and his songs. I really think his nose was way better before… and something that really caught my attention was that if you take a snapshot of his new face, without hair, just the face and his old face, you’ll realize that maybe it’s really just the nose, but he lost his baby-face and he became more manly… that’s what I think, after looking and about 50-50 photos of his new and old nose and face, taking snapshots of his face, without hair and putting them next to each other… try it if you don’t believe me! 😀

  32. i will cryyyyyyyyyy =(… his new nose is terrible =(… why he musst do it, why he musst ruin his beautifull face :'(… I’m verry sad…

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