Chun Jung Myung for the Fall Collection of Basso Homme

It’s official. PIE is reverse aging. The latest pictures from the Basso Homme Fall Collection featuring Chun Jung Myung makes him look like he’s still too young to have sprouted whiskers. Maybe the secret is smiling a lot and generally seeming like a happy dude in real life.

I think I’m going to try that out. Who knows? If it works I’ll let everyone know. Until then, marvel at the baby-face that is PIE, who is preparing for his next drama Man of Honor with Park Min Young.

[Credit: Basso Homme via Baidu Chun Jung Myung bar]


Chun Jung Myung for the Fall Collection of Basso Homme — 26 Comments

  1. Thanks Ms. K for featuring the handsome, talented Chun Jung Myung! have watched him in What’s up fox?, cinderella sisters and the duo. n caught him in x-man vids too. His Basso Homme photos are certainly ‘boyish looking’ younger n better over time. too cute!

  2. Oh dear I honestly love this guy… Thank you for featuring him…muwahhhhhhh and lemme congratulate you with this new LOOK!!! I simply adore it to bits… so cool and nice Madam K!!!!

    • You’re at the right place! You like? I was trying out two layouts and the first was cute but had some ease-of-reading issues, so I’m going with this one instead.

      • I like it! I really like the new font (yay for something bigger. Yours truly is blind as a bat XD) and the rounded corners.

        I do miss the list of HTML tags allowed here. I always forget what’s allowed where and what format (you know how sometimes forums use square brackets [] and other blogs the regular html ) but hey, that’s just me. Other than that, it’s perfect imho. It’s clean and simple and I LOVE it! 🙂

      • Uh and IDK if it’s a temporary glitch but when you submit a comment, you’re not redirected to the updated post, but to a blank page. Or rather, it seems the same post (the url is the same) but it’s blank. One has to reload the page to see the updated upost and the comments.

      • I logged out and posted a comment as a regular user and it submitted just fine. Let me know if and when you get any glitches. Send me email, okay sweetie!

  3. Omo sister, i was gone like a day and you got a hippier look here! Kudos, tho i also liked the previous AKP look but this looks clean and cool. You just rock! with this new outfit and the ‘most’ latest news around blogtown. 🙂

    Loving you for featuring PIE here, I loved him to bits on What’s Up, Fox? If anyone doesnt age, it’s Chun Jung Myung 🙂

    • @MoiBelle
      I don’t know what could possibly need to be photoshopped about this guy! What were they thinking?

      He looks like Moon Geun young’s older brother in the 1st and 2nd picture.

  4. Nice gift for the morning! Thanks!
    I see arms. I like.
    I love the denim jacket outfit from the nose down, but he reminds me of KHJ a little because of the cap.

    Beautiful layout! It makes me feel full just looking at it.

  5. I like the new look of the website. Very modern! The banner looks really nice with the rounded corners. And LOVE, love, love the ‘Page Top’ button at the bottom of the screen. That will come in handy when there are a gazillion comments.

    My suggestion would be to have people’s names either in bold or maybe a different color than the comment that they are leaving. It’s hard to scroll and find your place or a certain person’s comment right now because the all the text is the same.

    Thanks for all your hard work, making such a wonderful site! 😀

  6. LOL new layout congrats, but i personally prefer the older ones 🙁 the ‘recent posts’ is what i am using often and now i cant differentiate them if they belong to same post title or not 🙁

  7. PIE is definitely fine and he has earned the honor of being my screen saver since I watched The Duo. I love turning on my laptop and seeing him first thing in the morning. Now, if I could just turn over in bed and see him next to me (daydream!), that would be better, but now he looks way too young for me, hahaha 🙂 .

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