Sung Yuri and Park Min Young in Hawaii for Sure Magazine

Going to Hawaii to do a photoshoot after wrapping a drama appears to be the recent trend. Yoon Eun Hye did a Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot in Hawaii right after finishing Lie to Me, and now two other May K-drama actresses have followed suit. Sung Yuri completed Romance Town and Park Min Young wrapped City Hunter, then both girls went to Hawaii to shoot a spread for Sure Magazine.

I love every single picture in this shoot because it’s that great presentation balance of model and backdrop. Even more than Eun Hye’s photoshoot (which was really all about her), the ones for Yuri and Min Young really capture the beauty of Hawaii as well. Min Young is sure a busy little bee, as she’s back in Korea preparing for her upcoming drama Man of Honor with PIE.

[Credit: Sure Magazine]


Sung Yuri and Park Min Young in Hawaii for Sure Magazine — 19 Comments

  1. Ouch….is this a p*rn site?? (re. the banner), hhahahaha…Love it though..Both of them looks beautiful, truly refreshing my eyes, even for me as a woman, thx Ms. Koala

  2. AuntieK,
    Thanx for the Photoshop, I’m totally fans of both these actresses and I love what they are wearing which I will be copying of course for this upcoming semester. BTW I’m doing a scholarship that will allow me to go to Korea for a year to study& teach so wish me luck playmates that I get this opportunity.
    Hearts&Hugs playmates 🙂

  3. Hope you are enjoying your vacay. I have followed Yuri from Prince First Love to Romance Town and liked her best in Hong Gil Dong where she showed her fun side. Liking Min Young too specially in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and looking forward to her drama with PIE. God bless / cheers!

    • Have you seen her in Snow Queen with Hyun Bin? that was a good one… give a try… caution.. sob sob drama .. BTW, she wore beautiful clothes there too!

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