Two Little Playground Announcements

The first item of business is that I’m sure everyone has already noticed the playground has a brand new look. I experimented between two formats, and this one has the best of the two most vital functions: broad reading width and wide comments section. Hate it or love it, it’s here to stay. My previous layout was always meant to be temporary (it was too cute and squishy) until I could find the ideal format.

That’s the good news. The next announcement is great news for me, but maybe not so good news for you. The second item of business is that the dog days of August are here, and this Koala has finally earned her vacation. Which means that *cue drumroll* I can’t promise any recaps for any drama for all of next week.

Okay, not earned per se, since I can go anywhere I want, I just don’t have the time anymore. Super le sigh. The irony of life is that when you have the time you haven’t the means, and when you earn the means you no longer have the time. Regardless, I’m off for a week of R&R, so that means new posts will be posted when its posted.

See, that totally was vital information I needed to share with you guys. I might produce a recap or two if I feel like it, but what’s the point of being in paradise if I’m typing away and missing the experience. Right? With that said, I’ll have some treats for you guys while I’m gone, so be on the look out for a new posting category I’m inaugurating.


Two Little Playground Announcements — 104 Comments

  1. After everything you did to satisfy our craziness, you deserve to have a looonnnggg holiday. Have a nice holiday 🙂

  2. The new format is growing on me 🙂 I like how it’s very clean and simple.
    Enjoy your vacation and don’t worry about recaps! <3

  3. have a very good vacation i’ll be waiting for your recap for ‘can’t lose’ i know you’re also excited for it 🙂

  4. Koala sis, on news #1, love love love your new format, it’s crisp, cool and clean.

    on news #2, enjoy your vacation! you need that much needed rest as much as anyone else. we are always here to stay and watch out for whatever post and whenever you’ll be doing it. mwuahugz! have an awesomatical vacation!

  5. Enjoy your well-deserved vacation! Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure we’ll all still be here when you get back :D. And love the new format. It’s very easy on the eyes.

  6. Family always come first because they will always be there for you and your family needs your undivided attention, especially during vacay. Try not taking your laptop/tablet and living like a woman of the 60’s. People used to have fun just talking and getting to know one another. Technology is good, but loving and being loved is way better. Have fun and thanks for everything you do for us. 🙂

  7. Koala dear,
    The new layout really grew on me. I love it now!

    And although we’ll miss you while you’re gone, we’ll wait patiently. Enjoy your well-deserved vacation!

  8. I really like the look of your blog is now more fun typing and read comments.
    thanks koala and happy during the holidays.I will definitely wait for post from you after the holidays..^^

  9. Enjoy your vacation!! 🙂 You deserve time off for some r&r. We’ll all just have to wait patiently for new posts and recaps. *sighs* How will we survive?! LOL. 😉

  10. Awww, Mz. Koala, you made sure you leave us with all these treats before taking your vacation??? *touched* You are truly awesome! Thanks for your hard work. You do deserve a super duper, safe, fun and restful (if that is possible) vacation! We will miss you! Do take care. Love ya!

  11. I’m sure the layout would look great from a PC, but sadly for me it’s not mobile friendly. Since I can only go online from my mobile phone, I guess I won’t be reading your site often. It gives me headaches reading all the small letters. Nothing against you, I always love your recaps. Maybe I’ll come back for PTB 🙂

  12. Knock down a few… the dramas will still be there.. .and we’ll just chill wherever we are hehe 🙂

    Enjoy the sunshine! (I’m assuming it’s not somewhere cold 🙂 hehe)

  13. Oh Captain, no complains at all on your playground new layout. What we’ve experience on the discussion forum is manageable and totally understandable since you are trying out various ways to improved your lovely site. Having said that since at work i’m using an old fashion monitor and browser, i think not showing full screen of your site there is my issue already and not yours. I say i’m all good and okay with it and love cool!

    And like the rest of the people here, i join them in wishing you and your family a wonderful vacation ahead! You definitely deserve it Captain! Hopefully when you come back you will the MMM fanmeeting in Japan. 🙂

  14. I’m glad you “redesigned” your playground.. I found a site having the same layout as your old lay-out. Copycat?

    Anyways… Enjoy your vacation. We’ll hear (read?) from you soon.. Take care, mama Koala. Will definitely miss you.

  15. A fabulous holiday to you, Sweetheart, and thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all of the continuous love you show us by doing so much so much of the time!!! GO! Enjoy!!

  16. That sleeping koala is so cute!

    Announcement 1 noted. Annoncement 2 – just enjoy yourself. When on vacation, I go cold turkey and do not watch any kdramas. As a matter of fact, in a less than a week I will be off on my vacation too!

  17. Thanks for all your hard work. You deserve a great holidayka. Wish you and your family a safe, fun and relaxing holiday, where ever you are heading for holiday ka.
    (Little wish from this part of the planet ka)

  18. Hey guys, I’m not gone yet. Haha, still here. Not leaving til tomorrow. But thanks for all the bon voyages. I’m off to somewhere sunny, in the middle of the ocean, and very relaxing. So I’ll definitely unplug, so y’all play nice, okay? Teasing, you guys always do.

  19. Hi Koala,
    Suyoupeng & Hiroshi Tamaki have just confirmed for 铜雀台.
    It also seems Chow yun fat is mentioned and the director is confirmed now as well.
    The director say female role will be Korean actress Yoon Eun Hye, but didn’t confirm Chow Yun Fat yet, right?

    I’m really excited, this story is based on Cao Cao’s tomb discovered recently and the female who was burried with him. The story is very intriguing and exciting.

    If you have any further information, can you post it in the future?

    • Hi nodame,

      I’m waiting for 铜雀台 to be fully confirmed before posting. But yes, Alec’s been onboard for awhile now, and Tamaki just signed on for sure. CYF is a lock, so it’s just YEH I’m waiting for confirmation about. The storyboard is not out yet either. So I’ll post when there is more substantive information. Jo Hyun Jae is in China for the next few months doing Rouge Hegemon, it’ll be cool if Eun Hye does a C-project as well.

      • Wow!!
        Thanks Koala.
        Pretty big time actors involved.
        Glad you’ll be tracking this.
        I understand this is about Cao Cao’s romance with a young girl who’s body was found in his tomb, buried alive. Seems like this may have a great storyline.
        I like the actors involved. Chow Yun Fat is absolutely amazing, and I like all the other actors. Thanks!!

  20. wow!!! am so envious now…enjoy your vacation and don’t mind us… i will still visit the playground daily…even if there’s nothing new to read…(that’s how addicted i am with your playground)…be safe and God bless…

  21. You have worked so hard for your viewers who have loved your playground which
    everyone considers it as their HOME.
    You deserve a grand vacation/rest – take time and really make it GRAND with your family.
    As you said you have all the devices – please leave them behind but I guess who’ll bring one or two.

    I will miss your PINK NOTES!!!! Definitely will be waiting for you – with your PINK NOTE AGAIN.
    Take care and God Bless .

  22. hey koala!
    thanks for all the time and effort you put into everything on here! have a great vacation; i’m sure you’re ready for some r&r. while you’re away, you should just get someone to do mini-recaps for you to hold people off until you can do a full recap! 🙂

    side note: i watched epis 2&3 of sunshine angel…and man, if it weren’t for rainie and wu chun, i totally wouldn’t watch it! why must every taiwanese drama have a set of totally annoying parents?! and i just really want to kick the rich girl into the netherworlds.

  23. Miss K

    Vacation: You deserved! Managing being a mom, a recapper and have a drama addiction is tough so, for now just breath, and enjoy the “free time”, you earned! Besides, you need to recharge batteries for the drama goodies out there!! Too much drama, so little time!! *drools*

    New look: Awesome! It’s good, it’s fresh and besides, it is YOUR site, you do it your way, and if someone doesn’t like it, they can fall of a cliff, for all I care!! LOL,

    BTW the Lee Dong Wook “bathing” header A W E S O M E!!! *double drooling* that guy is so FINE! LOL I’m falling in love, all over again!! LOL *sighs*

    With love, yours truly;
    Me XO

  24. Koala, honey, you definitely earned that vacation.

    Have all the eucalyptus leaves your heart desires!Come back refreshed. Am sure all of us here will be the beneficiaries of the creative juices that will flow from your re-invigorated pen/keyboard. Sorry for the mixed metaphors. 🙂

  25. Have a great trip – wish you, Mr Koala and the Koala babies a safe and wonderful trip! You work hard so play hard. FYI with banners like the shower scene lee dong wook – thanks for making it that little bit easier to keep us distracted until your return! lol Always so thoughtful oc!
    thanks 🙂

    • I never got to say hi back, bspanda! Of course I remember you from our OT days. You were the only reason I went on a caffeine bender one night and wrote like 7000 words on Candy Candy. Welcome~

  26. Have a great vacation!! I actually recommend trying to stay unplugged for the entire week. It feels totally refreshing!

  27. Have a great time on your island BUT keep an eye out for HwanHye for us? They might just stroll past you on the beach!! Then you just have to please, please drop the bomb on us – LOL :p – otherwise – don’t plug in!! Really! Just relax and soak it in!!!

  28. When a Koala’s got to play, it’s got to play. Mr Koala needs Mrs Koala (*winks*) and Koala babies need their mommy too.

    Have fun and do not think about us at all.

  29. hmmmm my dreamweaver knowledge has gone the drain…so sorry to my teacher anyhow I love the Koala layout, but I can’t really keep up too, the pic remind me of a Koala bear given to me where it grips on the money, I want a Koala Money Holder…. 😉

  30. i would really like to know what u do for a living. please dont reply if you dont feel comfortable 🙂 also thanks sooo much for the stuff u do

  31. Re: new layout feedback

    It looks really, really good. The only thing is, it’s not mobile friendly.
    The text doesn’t automatically adjust to fit my screen anymore so I have to turn my phone horizontally (I use a Samsung S II). It makes it very difficult to read and it’s your blog that makes my long train/bus rides bearable. I can live with it cos I’m always thankful for your work but would love it if you could adjust the site to accomodate smartphones 🙂
    (I hope that didn’t come off rude or demanding)

    Enjoy your vacation ockoala! It’ll be a sad week without your recaps :’)

    • I can’t do anything short of overriding the site and turning on mobile windows, which then makes it very hard to navigate to older posts and forums. I have an iPhone and it works just fine, so it’s compatible with smartphones. I just tap to make the posts bigger until the words are the size that easiest to read. I wonder if it’s just an issue with the make and model you have? I’ll check out the site on other phones to see if I can spot the problem, if any. Thanks for letting me know. As far as I know, you’re the first to have this issue. But if anyone else has any mobile viewing concerns, let me know as well.

      • It works on my iphone too. And I do love that it is able to zoom in and out, which other k-blogsites don’t have.

      • It’s fine on my iphone too – only thing is it won’t load back pages – Love the zooming features.

    • Hi kt 🙂

      I’m using a samsung galaxy 551. It’s much more older than yours, but it’s running Android OS too (albeit just Froyo/2.2, I think yours will be 2.3). I’m using the opera mini browser/app and I just double-tap on the content part of the post and the text automatically zooms in to adjust to the page/screen width.

      Have you tried this on your phone? Yours has a better screen resolution and larger size than mine. I think that you should be able to get a better reading experience than me, and I can read the content section just fine. 🙂

  32. Ms K, love that koala pic! And I like this format better too.
    I’m surely going to miss you next week. But I think it should be OK since I’ll be busy finishing up my works as I will be on vacation the week after next. That time I think I’ll be camping here all week..hahha

    Enjoy yr tree top, koala!

  33. Have a great time, I wish I visited your blog more often though. I’m giving myself a few days drama break, May Mayhem and then July Jolly has exhausted me and at the moment I just can’t give into finishing You’ve Fallen For Me like I was suppose to yesterday. Blah. break for us both, although I’m too lazy to ever write recaps :/. Have fun~

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