Kim Hyun Joong Visits Taiwan to Promote his Album Breakdown

Grrrrr, Hyun Joong, you are just trying to torment your noona (ME), aren’t you? I bitch about not being fond of your new nose, and then BAM, you toddle off to Taiwan for a whirlwind trip looking about as hot as I have ever seen you look. You are simply going to force me to accept your new visage by taunting me not to drool over you. Well, you win. I concede defeat. New nose what? Koala could care less. Neither could the crazy girls in Taiwan, who swarmed your visit and pretty much dogged your every step. Kim Hyun Joong was in Taiwan this week to promote his new mini-album Breakdown. Like I said, nothing too exciting happened, except he was simply too cute for me not to post about his visit.

I can never ever resist a man in a well-tailored, well-fitted suit. And the LV belt? Perfect slightly blingy touch. This Koala highly approves of your outfit to meet and greet your Taiwanese fans. I only wish I could have been there.

[Credit: Yes news]


Kim Hyun Joong Visits Taiwan to Promote his Album Breakdown — 46 Comments

  1. I don’t know if it’s the hair or the new nose, but he does nothing, nada for me…sigh. I miss the old nose and hair!

    • Same here . I didn’t recognize him first . He was much better before . Now he looks a bit stiff, some kind of starched .
      Thanks for your post .

      • For me, his looks is better now and you can see him handsome manly than before. But still he is good looking creature=))))

  2. Nose is one of the most delicate things on ur face if u have work done on it, medical or cosmetic – personal experience speak.

  3. I don’t like his hair color :(! But he looks fine in that suit and the LV belt :)! When did he get a new nose? I thought he just had plastic surgery once for his nose?

  4. ohlala…like the new haircut, but not really diggin’ the new hair colour. and the nose? oh well…i still love kim hyun joong regardless hehe

  5. Boy looks super-fine, as always!
    Don’t know why the fixation on his nose – seriously, with the schedule he’s had since the wrap-up of filming PK and jumping right into his solo album, when would he possibly have had the time to get any nose job done? – especially since he’d look like a battered raccoon w/black eyes and swelling,etc. This guy has pics taken practically every day of his life – he’d have to drop out of sight for a few weeks to recover from any plastic surgery. Just don’t see that proven, plus he looks the same.
    His hair looks better now than when he first had it colored – looks calmer. 🙂

    • The incision site is small and the newly advanced medical expertise for nose jobs nowadays, takes 2-3 days to recover and for the swelling to go down. Just asked my plastic surgeon friend. I can’t prove or disprove anything, all I know is I have eyes, and so does the rest of the world. If the great majority of people say he looks very (to completely different), that’s usually the reliable observation. You can say he looks the same to you. But to me his nose is about a few degrees wider with a much higher bridge. I almost didn’t recognize him in some new pictures.

  6. This prompted me to google his plastic surgery, and man he looks different. Has he now had two nose jobs? His original nose is completely different from his BoF nose. Love his clothes here, but I’m not fond of this nose or the hair color. It kind of washes out his skin.

  7. eyesight must be going..*wink* I can’t tell the difference…Maybe I’m just too busy having a ICOMYM’s moment..RAWR…

    • I’ve been saying these weeks that I can’t tell he had new nose job but so many people say it, so it must be true…so i keep looking at a lot of his photos, and the recent ones, the nose does look better, smaller, more delicate/nice. Then I read now that he had it widen & heighten…? I’m so perplexed. O well. Whatever he does, he’s really awesome, just awesome.

  8. Hehe… when he first arrived there, I went-a searching for the tw news clips on my dinky cell. Why is it that the lovely men in my life always happen to be in the same place as these hotties? (hubby in LA same day as LMH and my dad in TW too). Hubby says I’m not bold enough to be a true fangirl haha (so true). But it’s hard not to think that I’d want to stalk KHJ in TW at least once if I were there. I love him in that suit – I can’t resist them when they are looking sharp and fine. Hot hot hot. I don’t really love his new look but it’s his face so as long as he likes it. I really like black hair better on asian men but that color does stand out and a lot of people like it.

  9. I don’t especially care about his nose (I applaud that he came out and admitted to it, though! Takes balls, man.), though I am wondering a couple things:

    1. Where can I find a man who dresses as wonderfully as he does?
    2. How is it that his hair hasn’t fallen out yet? All those drastic color/texture changes, yeesh.

    • I will attest to the strength of hair. I’m a natural dark blonde, and the first thing I did when I moved to Korea almost 2 years ago was start making my hair lighter. Every 6 weeks I go in to a really nice (re: expensive for Korea) salon and get it touched up, or change the color completely. Asian dye is definitely stronger than the dye used on my hair in the States. After a year of constant color changing, my hair was starting to get straw-y, but hair masks do the trick. It’s as soft and shiny as it was before I ever dyed it.

  10. Playful Kiss was the first kdrama I ever watched. I’ve been hooked ever since.

    It was then that I stumbled upon your website for recaps and I have been revisiting faithfully ever since. I’ve seen your site transform and expand in it’s scope of entertainment coverage (eg. japanese and taiwanese). I feel a lot of affection to your site now.

    Thank you always for the time and hard work you invest to keep this site going.

    – kt, 22, sydney

  11. hyun joong is looking good! when i first saw these pictures i wasa tempted to lick my screen… I really have a soft spot for him. and i just love this hair color on him is light w/o being brassy… i could just go on and on, about how much i’m digging him hehehe

  12. Wowwwwwwww! He is looking Hotttttt! Love the new hair! This guy can look good with anything i guess. I still drool over his perm in PK. As for his nose…doesnt make any difference, he is getting better and better, he is not a pretty boy anymore, he is more like a HOT GUY!

  13. aaahhhhhhhhh gotta admit, this boy does something to this halmoni’s hormones from the very start she laid her perverted eyes on him in BOF ( don’t mind the stoic acting, really)… how i wish am half my age at least… how could fate be so crueeeeellll!!!!

  14. I miss the old, more natural look as well, but am willing to forgive because his personality is just too entertaining. But, I hope he isn’t pressured into more “facial adjustments” esp given it’s Yonsama’s agency…

  15. i also don’t really like his new nose…looks very stiff. i thought he was fiiinnne before and don’t know why he would bother with plastic surgery. but i’m sure i’ll get used to it soon, just like I got used to Raymond Lam’s nose after awhile. and KHJ is HOT!!!

  16. Awww… was this a different nose job than what he confessed to in a broadcast? He said he had his nose fixed because it was broken when it got hit by a stone.

    Anyway, he looks sooooo FIIIIINNNNNEEEEE in that suit! 🙂 Thanks for the share, Koala.

  17. Thank-you. Love any post abt this handsome namja! It’s a cherry on top with Eric winking smack in my face. Double drool. Now for some V ic ! Happy Saturday! XOXo

  18. I just came home from a mall near our place and theres another mall beside it where I saw this gargantuan poster announcing Kim Hyun Joong’s visit to promote his album. Whaaat?!! KHJ is going to be in Manila on Aug 25?!! Hurray!!!!

  19. I’ll never get used to the new and improved (?) Kim Hyun Joong, chingu. Whenever I see his face, I have to make SURE it’s him. o_O It’s a shock every single time, omg!

  20. The new nose makes him look like a doofus. He went from one of my favorite manga-esque characters to… He reminds me of a certain kind of unctuous South Jersey men.

    • I am with you on this. Nose job before you are famous, OK. Maybe you need it to be noticed and get the early jobs. Nose job after you are one of the hottest Asian stars in the world? Unnecessary, and a little nuts.

  21. hot damn Kim Hyun Joong! I also tried to bitch about his noise but what the hell? whatever….my love for Kim Hyun Joong will make me accept his nose (even though I like the old one better) or whatever bizarro hairstyle they could come up with for him…heck I don’t even care is he is mr. robot as an actor, as long as I can spend copious amounts of time ogling him

    oh Hyun Joong, why do you always release the inner (or not) fangirl in me?

  22. He looks good here, can’t deny that. Lucky taiwanese girls. I’m getting used to the nose, I didn’t think he needed another nose job…not sure about the motivation for the second nose job, but it’s okay, he’s still KHJ and I absolutely adore him and his smile!

  23. Thank you, thank you Ms Koala for the yummy pictures of Kim Hyun Joong! Can never get enough of him! Happy Vacation! Hurry back, I already miss you!

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