Video Preview for Episode 12 of Spy Myung Wol

This is Koala’s left hand posting. Her right hand is still on vacation and refuses to participate. But both her left and right eye happily viewed this preview for episode 12 of Spy Myung Wol and was mildly amused. Looks like all the hubhub has finally died down outside of the drama, while the story itself appears to have taken a much needed game-changing turn to push the narrative forward. I still don’t see any North Korean soldiers or any South Korean NIS agents anywhere, but hey, I’ll take what the drama gives without any further expectation. Left hand signing off.

Video preview for episode 12:


Video Preview for Episode 12 of Spy Myung Wol — 24 Comments

  1. Didn’t watch the video since I still haven’t gotten around to watch Episode 11. But looking at the image from the video, when can I expect an actual boat scene? K-Dramas have this thing where they put the actors in compromising positions but still not actual boating. No one likes a tease :P.

    I joke.

  2. Ugh!! When they finally get together, another secret is gnna be revealed, more misunderstandings start… ugh really annoying…

  3. That better be one heck of an awesomely amazing kiss scene after all the hullabaloo in recent weeks re this drama. I’m thinking a good make-out scene would go a long way to reestablishing some goodwill with the viewers. But I will grant that it might be a little awkward for Eric and HYS to film, given the circumstances. Still…

  4. No, I insist you’re wrong. You’re not really Koala. An alien has infiltrated this blog while you’re on vacation, didn’t it? Or perhaps a North Korean spy?

    Keke, hope you’re having fun on your trip!

    • Shhhh, Blue! Now you’ve given my secret identity away. Sheesh, my blog was in truth a North Korean attempt to infiltrate Hallyu through English blogging. ^___^

      Am having a blast, thanks for asking.

  5. Waaa!! What was that?? Bed scene? XD

    I really thought you won’t be updating your blog Koala that’s why I’m kinda surprised to see it still updated regularly. >.< I hope you're still enjoying your vacation fully. 😉 *big hug*

  6. Ahhh I thought the head of the spy network is on vacay, I definitely thought wrong.. You are not typing this in the beach right? 😀

    Hope you have a blast with family there..

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