So Ji Sub for the September Issue of Esquire Korea

Looking nice, Ji Sub! For the September issue of Esquire Korea, So Ji Sub is on the cover and graces the inside pages with what appears to be a photo spread concept revolving around what I shall call geek-suit-chic. The suits don’t quite fit right, the colors are a bit off, and some styles just need a pocket protector to complete the book. But, Ji Sub brings it home, so I’m cool with that. Though I’m not sure why the man with a million emotions chose to give the exact same facial expression in all three pictures?

[Credit: Esquire Korea]


So Ji Sub for the September Issue of Esquire Korea — 9 Comments

  1. in the 2nd picture he looks like Suh Ji Suk from drama Manny…I love the 1st one (just hope his pants were scrolled down and not showing his socks, hehehe)

    Anyway I really love ur PTB banner Ms. Koala, love those innocent kiss of JH & ES, love…love…

  2. Hot as always but not too fond of the hair. Man, how can I forget how gorgeous this man is?! (I blame Road Number One cause between the two male leads, I shipped YKS all along *hangs head in shame*).

  3. The 1st pic is so sexy and the 3rd pic, his hair is so messy that I got this itch to trim his bangs, neveertheless he’s always my no. 1 favorite Korean actor and I agree Ms. K, why does he project the same emotions on these three pics? lol!

  4. Still think he is one of those emo-charged drama experts out there. The hairdresser will take the blame for the weird bangs in 3rd picture…. ha ha.

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