Protect the Boss Episode 16 Recap

If I didn’t love Protect the Boss so much from the very beginning, I wouldn’t be this frustrated that such an unique and refreshing drama had to get itself the dreaded extension and thereby ruin all its momentum and quirky personality. Episode 16 was just okay, mildly better than the last three episodes, but nowhere near resurrecting this drama in ways that would revive my flagging interest going into next week’s finale. But I’m resigned to that now, and just want to sit back and see how it all ends. While Ji Heon and Eun Seol pulled a Ross-and-Rachel in this episode (“We were on a break!” “No, it was a break-up!”), at least the angst was dialed down, even if the intelligence level of many of the characters were also dialed way down.

Episode 16 recap:

Ji Heon asks to stop his relationship with Eun Seol. He can’t go to her world now, and he doesn’t want her involved in his messed up world. He doesn’t know for how long, but he wants to take a break and consider what he needs to do. Eun Seol calmly says sure and turns to leave. Ji Heon is shocked and asks if that is all she has to say? She doesn’t think she has a choice, so why bother discussing it further.

They part ways, which is when we see Eun Seol start to tear up. Ji Heon gets in his car and starts to drive away, but then he stops and reverses, which is when Eun Seol also turns and runs back towards him as well. Ji Heon demands to know why she accepted his request to take a break so easily! He thought really hard before making the decision. She wonders what he wants her to do – cry and beg and grab his clothes so that he doesn’t leave her?

Ji Heon reminds her that he’s just asking to take a break. She doesn’t want to play word games with him. This is pretty much like breaking up. Even if it was her fault, he never allowed her to explain or discussed things with her. Ji Heon says he needs to handle things himself now. She understands, and is even more upset she can’t help him. She can’t promise she’ll wait for him, so if he’s decided, he should walk his own road. They part on these frustrating terms, though neither are happy about it.

Myung Ran and Na Yoon trudge back to the apartment, wondering if Eun Seol met with Ji Heon and everything has been resolved. Na Yoon tells Myung Ran not to worry, Ji Heon and Eun Seol are totally in love, everything will be fine. They are accosted by two reporters outside the apartment asking to speak with Eun Soel. They ignore the reporters and head inside.

Eun Seol is already home and she’s got residual tears in her eyes. Na Yoon and Myung Ran asks if she’s crying because of the reporters, but Eun Seol says she’s crying because of the penguin documentary she’s watching. The poor penguins struggle to stand up but constantly slip on the water and ice. Poor penguins.

Grandma has Moo Won and his mom over to talk. She threatens to hit her daughter-in-law, saying if she did wrong she ought to be punished just like Grandma punishes her own kids. Moo Won says he’s already chastised his mom. Suddenly Moo Won gets a call from Na Yoon about reporters camped outside, and also hears that Eun Seol is totally weird and crying about penguins falling down.

Moo Won sees Ji Heon come home and stops him, demanding to know what’s wrong? Ji Heon brushes past him, nods his greetings to Grandma and Moo Won’s mom, and then goes to his room. Moo Won follows, asking if he fought with Eun Seol? Ji Heon says they fought, is that what Moo Won wants to hear! Moo Won calls Ji Heon an idiot, asking if he’s doing this to protect Eun Seol? Ji Heon says it’s not so noble. Moo Won tells him to hurry up and wake up and do the right thing.

Eun Seol sits outside and drinks with her friends, finally confessing that Ji Heon asked to take a break. But she explains that she asked Ji Heon to break up in response. She understands where he’s coming from, but she’s still upset and frustrated. She laughs about being such a petty girlfriend. Eun Seol and Ji Heon sit in the dark while deep in thought.

Eun Seol packs up her desk and receives her transfer orders, headed to the countryside warehouse distribution center. She thanks her sunbae secretaries for taking care of her in the past. Secretary Kim comes running back, screaming about what’s happened and why he’s suddenly been asked to become Ji Heon’s secretary again. He refuses!

Eun Seol says her farewells to Moo Won, explaining that she’s happier this way. He doesn’t ask her about what happened between her and Ji Heon, but gets her to invite him to come visit in the future. Eun Seol goes to Ji Heon’s office and reminisces about their past interactions, starting from when she first became his secretary all the way until now.

Ji Heon arrives at work and sees Secretary Kim sitting at Eun Seol’s desk. Secretary Kim is moaning about why he’s back in this position. Ji Heon threatens to fire him, which makes him quiet down and accept his fate.

At the board meeting, the directors are uncomfortable with Ji Heon’s role at the company despite being cleared of any involvement. Grandma assigns Ji Heon to handle only the resort project during the time being while Moo Won takes over for the rest. They will wait until the final verdict is rendered on the Chairman to decide what to do going forward. Ji Heon and Moo Won start their usual good-natured bickering about Moo Won taking over for Ji Heon temporarily.

The Chairman finds out Eun Seol was sent to a distribution warehouse in the countryside and is upset that a girl is sent to do hard labor. Secretary Jang reminds him that he wants Eun Seol to quit and this is the best way. The Chairman concedes that he has to harden his heart. Moo Won’s mom comes to visit bearing flowers.

The Chairman doesn’t want to see her and tells her to leave. He knows she’s involved with what happened to him, but she says she’s got nothing to do with it. Moo Won’s mom tells him to hit her if he want to. The Chairman shoves her bouquet in her face a few times before tossing it on the ground.

Eun Seol is packing up to leave but Na Yoon wants her to stay. Na Yoon asks Myung Ran to move in with her instead of living in this tent like place. Myung Ran says Moo Won God got Na Yoon the place, she doesn’t want to be a third wheel. Na Yoon tearfully apologizes to Eun Seol for her mother’s doing which caused this all. The friends hug each other, crying and sobbing that they will miss each other so much. Eun Seol finds out Ji Heon is headed to the resort for the time being as well.

Eun Seol takes a bus to the countryside as Ji Heon is driven by Secretary Kim down to the resort. Eun Seol arrives and sees that her new work environment is really rough. Her supervisor says no one sent down here has lasted longer than a week. Eun Seol vows that she’ll last longer than a week. She starts working and gets bored just sitting at the desk. She decides to start helping with the warehouse labor, otherwise she’ll just be left sitting at the corner doing nothing. Ji Heon arrives at the resort and starts working.

Eun Seol’s dad finally sees the old newspaper article about the DN Group financial misconduct. Myung Ran sits in her room by herself eating bibimbap, wondering why her place feels so empty. Suddenly Eun Seol’s dad barges in and finds out from Myung Ran that Eun Seol got transferred. The Chairman gets a three year prison sentence, which will be delayed, plus paying a hefty fine and doing another 200 hours of community service. He wants to pay more fines and not have to do community service.

The Chairman is wheeled out of the hospital to face the media and apologize to the country. The Chairman thinks he doesn’t need to apologize to the public, he should apologize to Ji Heon and Eun Seol, the people who are affected. The Chairman announces that he will be resigning from the position of the Chairman of the DN Group. As he’s apologizing, Eun Seol’s dad suddenly arrives and calls him a shameless bastard. The Chairman gets up to argue, revealing that he’s not really incapacitated like he’s pretending to be.

Secretary Kim comes to get Ji Heon for a meeting, not using jeondaemal which annoys Ji Heon. He chides Ji Heon for scheduling so many meetings when he normally hates this. Secretary Kim heard from Myung Ran what happened between Ji Heon and Eun Seol. Ji Heon attends meeting after meeting.

Na Yoon compliments Myung Ran on being a good roommate, but not a great shopping buddy. She complains that things are not moving forward with Moo Won. Myung Ran suggest she use force but Na Yoon isn’t keen on being viewed that way. Na Yoon spies Moo Won at the department store. She asks Myung Ran to leave so that she can pretend to be shopping along while carrying many heavy bags.

She pretends to accidentally run into him at the department store. He says hello but then turns to leave. Na Yoon tries to stop him but his secretary informs her that Moo Won is working right now. Na Yoon asks when he’ll be done? Ji Heon is touring the resort and remembers back to spending the night with Eun Seol here.

Na Yoon gets Moo Won to carry her bags for her back to her new apartment. She offers Moo Won something to drink. When he sits down, she pours him some milk. Na Yoon sees Moo Won take off his jacket and thinks back to Myung Ran’s suggesting to just seduce him. She licks her lips, takes off her own jacket and walks over to him. She hands him the milk, which he takes a drink of. She then makes him get up and totally kisses his brains out. They then move the action to the bed.

Which is when Na Yon is awoken from her day dream by Moo Won, who asks if perhaps she’s imagining something weird. He tells her to stop imagining things in front of him. He leaves and Na Yoon is totally embarrassed. Moo Won walks outside and smiles, saying that was quite shocking back there.

The Chairman arrives to do his community service. Secretary Jang arrives to tell the Chairman that Grandma has decided to hand the DN Group Temporary Chairman position to Moo Won’s mom. Everyone is shocked, especially Moo Won’s mom. Grandma says she’s exhausted and doesn’t want to take on so much. The board agrees with this move.

The Chairman barges into the meeting and asks his mom how she can place Seok Hee in his position? Grandma says it’s not “his” position, plus it’s just a temporary Chairmanship. He’s upset because Seok Hee conspired against him. Grandma says she needs to let Seok Hee sit in the chair and realize how scary it can be to wield such power. That way she can let go of her anger.

The Chairman still doesn’t agree or understand what his mom is doing. Seok Hee arrives and the Chairman starts bickering with him. His heart suddenly starts hurting again. Moo Won and Ji Heon walk out, with Moo Won saying he’ll take on this challenge placed before him by Grandma. He also informs Ji Heon that he’s planning to visit Eun Seol. He can’t let the mess Ji Heon created just sit lay there.

Ji Heon sits in his office and flips open his tablet. He suddenly notices a recorded message from Eun Seol. She’s recorded a song for him to sing if ever his phobia recurs. Ji Heon happily watches the video, until his smile disappears as you can tell he misses Eun Seol terribly. He has Secretary Kim drive him to where Eun Seol works, under the pretense that he’s on a work visit.

Eun Seol moves groceries and thinks back to Ji Heon being so picky with food. She’s told someone is here to visit her. When she walks out, she sees Ji Heon, but it’s just her imagination, the person standing before her is Moo Won. They go walk on the beach. He’s happy to see her doing well. He wonders if she’s just hoping Ji Heon and the Chairman can get over their issues and come bring her back? She thinks maybe, but mostly it’s just hanging in there for now. Moo Won offers to get her transferred again.

Ji Heon pulls into the distribution warehouse and gets out. He walks around trying to avoid being seen by Eun Seol. He hears her voice and hides, peeking at her chatting with Moo Won, who tells her to forget Ji Heon and work hard. He’ll come by to pick her up soon. As Moo Won walks out, it’s clear that he spotted Ji Heon and was saying that to annoy Ji Heon.

Ji Heon follows Eun Seol as she’s loading products. She drops a heavy box of water and curses at Ji Heon in her usual way. Ji Heon walks to the parking lot to discover that Secretary Kim took off in the car, leaving Ji Heon there without even his cellphone. Ji Heon practices how to borrow someone’s cellphone and does so, calling Secretary Kim to scream at him.

Secretary Kim says he’s headed back to Seoul, he’s done his job as love’s messenger. Ji Heon asks him to turn back and at least give him his cellphone and wallet back. Secretary Kim refuses and keeps driving. He tosses the phone in the backseat and thus misses a call from Secretary Jang informing Ji Heon that his father is headed for a medical examination at the hospital.

Ji Heon finally runs into Eun Seol, but she ignores him and continues with her work. He explains that he’s here on a work visit, but due to some unpleasantness, he’s stuck without a cellphone or money. Eun Seol says it’s too bad, but she can’t help him. Ji Heon watches as Eun Seol has dinner with her coworkers, who invite him to join because he’s Eun Seol’s boyfriend. He says they are mistaken, he’s Director Cha down from the head office on a work visit.

Ji Heon follows Eun Seol home and she reluctantly allows him into her room. He asks her why she accepted such an unreasonable transfer? She reminds him that this transfer was placed by his father. Ji Heon says he’ll move her once he gets back to the office. She doesn’t care as long as it’s not being his secretary again. Ji Heon is upset because she’s out here flirting with Moo Won.

Ji Heon asked to take a break, not break up. He wanted to turn into a cool guy and be able to come take her back. She’s not interested in what he’s doing. She lays down to sleep and tells Ji Heon to do so as well. During the night, Ji Heon puts his jacket over a sleeping Eun Seol and turns around to face her, gradually moving his body closer to her. Eun Seol opens her eyes and turns back to face him. She in turn puts his jacket back over him. They lay facing each other, curled up in the fetal position like she taught him before.

It’s morning time and Eun Seol kicks Ji Heon awake, telling him that she’s going to be late for work. Eun Seol drives a truck with Ji Heon in the passenger seat, taking him back to Seoul. She pulls over to the side and tells him that he can leave now since they are back in the city. He confesses that he’s regretted asking to take a break ever since he said those words. Hasn’t she? She says it doesn’t matter anymore.

Ji Heon gets out of the car and walks away. Eun Seol mutters that it’s not possible for it not to matter. She drops her head down in frustration on the steering wheel, causing the horn to beep. When she raises her head, she sees that Ji Heon has stopped walking and turned around to stare at her with a smile.

Thoughts of Mine:

I don’t know how PTB managed to take awesomely constructed characters that I loved to pieces, and after four plus episodes of shoddy writing, actually made me not care about them anymore. I don’t have a problem with angst, I love a well-constructed problem for characters to solve, but everything about what’s happened in PTB in these last few episodes felt very superficial. It’s like it was tacked on to create more filler plot. The feeling of organic plot development that used to drive this story is gone.

Ji Heon’s emotional issues confuse me, probably because it confuses himself. What’s worse is that he doesn’t talk about it beforehand with Eun Seol. He just gives her a decision, and then appears shocked when she accepts it. What happened to talking like two adults about needing time away from each other? And Eun Seol alternatively feels responsible for what happened, yet she’s annoyed at Ji Heon and upset at the turn of events. So why can’t they sit down and hash it all out? What happened to the talking and listening that used to go on all the time in this drama?

This is the nth time a K-drama has let me down this year in the second half – the deadly combination of live filming so the script gets written on the fly for the final stretch, which can be further exacerbated by an extension. What I wouldn’t give to have a drama be filmed on a completed script. While there is nothing in this episode that annoyed me beyond the rather immature take-a-break-or-break-up attitudes of Eun Seol and Ji Heon, for the most part my heart is gone from this story now. All that is left it bidding it a fond farewell next week. It’s such a shame, really, because PtB could have been great, but now it’s simply good. And good is ever so ordinary and bland.


Protect the Boss Episode 16 Recap — 39 Comments

  1. This episode was much better than the last two, and left me smiling. I think good things await our OTP next week! Thanks for the recap.

  2. i had really hoped that ptb would stay amazing all the way through but at the same time i had felt that it was maybe too good to be true. but you never know how it would have been without the extension – maybe it would have been less of a let down.

  3. Loving it so far! I think I just fell in love with the characters too much that I don’t care if they blunder around ,heh!just want JH and ES to have curly haired babies that can twist arm!

  4. Into every K-drama a little angst must fall…. It always hurts a little but as long as death is not involved (49 Days – I’m looking at you!), the reconciliation is all the better. The tone of PTB has changed a bit, but I think I still love it.

  5. Still liking Na Yoon working out how to have friends esp with Myung Ran . . . bit sad about the stoopid overworked plot devices being used to kill the tone and flavour of this drama though

  6. I’m not as sad with the turn – because I’ve been let down worse by other shows. I still love the characters to bits, though I really wish the drama didn’t go where it went … Now, can we have the two return to being a couple already? Because all this back and forth-ing is a waste of time 🙂 We all know where they’re going to end up (at least I think so), so why not get to the chase?

    Still, I have no idea how this drama will end when it comes to the succession thing. It still does manage to keep me on my toes, which is always great 🙂

  7. First of all thank you for another wonderful recap. Secondly you’re right with the extension and the sloppy writing this drama has really lost its ‘spark’. I still love the characters, but they are acting out of characters. If this drama didn’t have the extensions than there would be no need to tack on plot fillers and just drag this break-up or on a break thing out longer. It really is a shame too because I, and everyone, looked forward to this drama every Wednesdays and Thursday but for the last two weeks I wasn’t excited anymore and like I said the drama lost its spark. It leaves me feeling empty and unsatisfied with the drama. I am looking forward to the final next week, and hopefully you’ll get some of the spark back. *fingers crossed*

  8. what episode was that again, when the cliffhanger was Ji Heon staring at Eun Seol with a smile? but he’s not fooling me again. i’m so disappointed, i’m even afraid how they’re going to end this next week. i thought this one is it for me this year, but, it seems not. well, at least i have mu won and na yun to entertain me. i’m looking forward to their scenes now, more than the OTP.

  9. Thanks for the recap! I don’t think the writing is that sloppy, but I have felt that the drama has lost some of its direction and energy. Ji Heon was the main character and everything really revolved around him and how to get him to grow up. Now, it seems like the scandal is the main character and everything else is revolving around that. However, a not-so-great episode of PTB in its last half is still really good. Though there’s angst, at least we don’t drown in it like in other dramas. And what a great call-back to the whole Ji Heon being lost thing. Except this time, he knew to borrow someone else’s phone. Our Ji Heon is growing up! I was so proud! And the relationship between the three ladies- love it! This has made me more intolerant of the evil/passive-aggressive/boring female second leads.

    I think the only dramas this year that really packed a punch in the second half of the drama for me are 49 days, City Hunter, and Best Love.

  10. I want to understand your feeling ockoala..but writing the recap with this statement:

    “This is the nth time a K-drama has let me down this year in the second half – the deadly combination of live filming so the script gets written on the fly for the final stretch, which can be further exacerbated by an extension. What I wouldn’t give to have a drama be filmed on a completed script. While there is nothing in this episode that annoyed me beyond the rather immature take-a-break-or-break-up attitudes of Eun Seol and Ji Heon, for the most part my heart is gone from this story now.”

    The story is not over yet, we still have 2 eps left and you have made a judgement and strict statement because of the break-up things of of JH and ES? personally i find ep.16 more better than 2 eps before…ooh pleaseee..your recap has read by many people..i used to really really love your recap the most than other recap, and excitedly waiting for your recaps after the drama was aired everyweek, but now…sigh…i find another recap was more respect about this drama..they don’t judge..sorry if i say this…

    • I think unni has the right to say what ever she feels coz this is not journalism that you have to write what the real thing is.

      I take this as her blog and she writes how she sees the drama and how she understands it and how it impacts her to feel. If she likes it she likes it, if she does not she wont.

      Just like we do not stop her when she is praising a drama, i think you should equally respect when she is critical about a show.

      Having said that, only few peope have the guts to call a spade a spade.

    • I don’t feel the need to explain why it’s perfectly reasonable for me to analyze a show in my own terms and give my opinion. I do want to explain that you misread the statement you quoted. My heart’s been seeping away from this drama since episode 13 or so.

      This episode, while less plodding than the last three, was nevertheless the nail in the coffin for me in terms of how I used to love it but don’t any longer. A noticeable uptick in writing would have got me back on the ship for the final two episodes. But alas it didn’t happen.

      I’m pretty sure my squealing like a stuck pig over how awesome this drama was for the first few episodes got a lot of people interested to watch it, that wouldn’t have because Ji Sung and Choi Kang Hee aren’t exactly actors people fangirl over. I don’t feel like I’m judging PTB anymore unfairly than I’ve judged it all along. It was great in the beginning, and noticeably went downhill in the second half.

  11. I agree with you koala
    PTB’s making me sad.
    I stop every 10 seconds
    and go back to Moo Won god.

    At least the non-lead characters
    continue to be awesome.
    With grandma even threatening
    to beat up Moo Won’s mom.

    I recently posted a mistake.
    A comment at dramabeans
    Now people think I’m an evil harpy
    who’s ungrateful and just mean.

    Just type away and submit the comment…
    it all happens so fast.
    I’m sure smileygirl too has seen her errors,
    and this one will be her last. 😀

    love you koala, thanks for the recap. 🙂 For now, I’m tuning out the angst and pretending that episodes 12-16 is an entirely different drama based on the PTB universe where Moo Won and Na Yoon are the leads.

      • HOW I LOVE THIS SITE especialy and the only one: PTB!!

        I agree with you, Koala..but excuse me if i give my little thought….
        I guess many fans of this drama feel sad now because the development of the you, Koala and me too…and i believe Ms.Smileygirl feel it too..maybe she feel sad too but she didn’t know how to express in better way (lolz) and she still didn’t want to throw her confidence in this drama..

        I confess, i watched many K-dramas but i’m usually not used to read some recaps for the drama itself. But this is the first time for me into the awesome thing, named ‘Protect The Boss’. Your site is my first time read the awesome recaps, exploring and adventuring in PTB World. I never read the recaps of other drama, so i want to say many many thanks for your great jobs..

        PTB made me see a different way of thought about FAMILY, it’s so different with other K-drama with family theme. This drama made me sit comfortly in my chair watching the streaming and made me stay awake till night do the re-watching after download it from week-to-week.

        Until episode 16, i can’t escape from this kind of PTB’s virus! LOL..and the last thing, i want to say: your site will still captivate me ’till this show is over^^..i don’t know if i will read the recap for another new drama in the future….

        Koala Fighting!!

  12. Thanks for the recap, miss Koala!

    Personally, i still love PTB with their unique aspects and their weakness in it. Although most comments said that the 2nd half of this drama looks like lost in their plot, but all i can say, it’s still give me a new dimension and i think also for the K-drama commonly.
    For me, this is more better than the other show (with the cliche angst and the weak cinderella of 1st female lead). But finally everyone have their own tastes and have the right to deliver their opinion…

    Hope the last 2 eps give it back to the genuine PTB’s track ( i know maybe some ppl has doubt for it) but i do want to enjoy it until the last time. For me, this is one of my favourite drama this year^^ …again, thanks for the recap^^

  13. I don’t know about the other but I much more enjoy seeing second leads. I love nayoon lol this girl is the best! You can not find any second female lead like her. Muwon is ok character for me, when he around ES, he act like those typical second lead guy in other k-drama but when he with NY, it’s the best.

    I still like PTB, apart from the main leads, the other actor still give me laugh. Normally when i watched k-drama, i would fast forward when the other actor appeared and just watch the main actor scene but in PTB, every actor/actress are equal important to me.

    • I’m the same way with you..i love this second lead couple..Muwon-Nayoon from eps 2. I can say their couple is my fav.couple, more than the 1st OTP LOL..the more i watched this drama, the more i love this NAMU couple, cause i feel MW has the best and suit chemistry with NY! But i love the other characters too, love all their interactions each other and this i never get from other K-drama! I love MW’s mom! She’s soo cute with all those her anti-aging things hahaha…

    • ahh sorry cut off…

      Although there was down moment…
      I think in this ep the PTB beat starts to come back
      I love how Grandma takes care the board, how Daddy Cha exposed himself bcoz of ES’s Dad, how NY’s daydream is so hottt, how JH smiles and cries watching ES’s vid.
      There are 2 eps left next week…
      I hope JH, ES, and the writer (for PTB sake) learn that there is no need for noble idiocy in protecting someone.
      OK, once again thanks Ms. Koala for your recap
      Have a good weekend everyone 🙂

  14. the best k-drama that i watch in this year just ‘greatest love’….. and the rest it’s just have plot that going nowhere….. but this drama is better than lie to me and spy myung wol.. so much better…

    • I’m agree with you,Qiu. Previously, i hope my “crazy days” about Greatest Love could be replaced by this drama. Watching early episodes, feel like the writer tend to “inspired by” Greatest Love ideas such as JH early confession and about “protecting” someone. I tried to ignore it and thought that every drama have their own “special appearance”. The relationship between Father – Son, Father-“upcoming” Daughter in Law, Mother – Son, Friendship and ES image as a “Strong Lady” are positive points of this drama. I really like the scene when Chairman and ES in the fitting room. That is so sweet … what a sweet and charming father in law! Now, the sweet Chairman is disappeared. The writer really ruins ES character as lead character. It ruins the whole story, indeed. There are 2 episodes to go. I’m sure everything will be just fine and sweet at the end. In my dictionary of K-drama..this is just recommended with “good”.
      Dok Go Jin and Gu Ae Jung … I (still) cann’t forget your “awesome crazy good” drama.

      • Hm…Actually I don’t think that the writer destroys ES, JH and the JD. On the contrary, although I found episode 13-16 unbearable at times since it felt like a completely different drama (and it admittedly lost some of its quirky charm) , I appreciate how the writer make all the main leads much more humane and multifaceted. Yes. ES, JH and even JD all make stupid mistakes, but who doesn’t? It really depends on how you want to look at the drama. If you only want to see PTB as a rom-com, then it can be a such a disappointment–except the character of our lovely NY, given that she is more of the typical rom-com character. But the way I see PTB from the get-go is that this is a drama about growth, the pain and the difficulties of growing up. And growing up means constantly making mistakes and learning to admit and accept the mistakes you’ve made. And I think episode 13-16 serve an important function of unfolding the “flaws” of ES, JH, JD. And their flaws are not simply comical like what we’ve seen earlier in the series. The flaws in their personality carry weighty consequence, which might appear to be the “angst” for the audience, but I find the “angst” reasonable and necessary.

  15. I understand people feeling that the momentum has left PROTECT THE BOSS. I sometimes gauge momentum by how quickly the subs on Viki gets done. And by the measure the momentum is definitely down.

    While I miss the high-jinks of the earlier episodes I’m appreciate the Ji-Heon’s angst in the last few episodes. It really is painful to watch him suffer from realizing that the people he loves and who seems to love him think so little of him that they won’t share their difficulties with him. I think it is one thing to accept for him to accept his inadequacies as a son and boyfriend, but it is another to see the consequences of those inadequacies.

    I’m curious to know how this resolves itself.

    • “While I miss the high-jinks of the earlier episodes I’m appreciate the Ji-Heon’s angst in the last few episodes.”

      Same here. JH’s struggling is all too real and palpable and I feel him too. I actually love the drama’s take on the possibility of a more balanced relatioship between JH and ES.

      • I agree with you, too… It’s nice to have “meat and potatoes” and not just “sweet” as were the first half of the drama. Plus it’s not soooo angsty (no hysteria or river of tears, it’s really downplyaed I like that).
        JH is not dumb or stupid, it’s just normal that his relationships and behaviour change after what happened but he is still so very sweet and “pure”. It would have awfully weird (shocking) that JH and ES went on the same way than before.
        I like also how the others characters evolved too. Especially MuWon who finally realized that by letting his mum covet the company, he is also guilty of hurting other (especially Ji Heon)

    • I’m with everyone in this group! I’m very much still into PTB. The last 4 episodes have not diminished how I feel about this drama. The conflict turned up a bit, but it usually does around this time during a regular drama. But all in all, the drama is still family oriented, it is still about growth and development and I think the entire cast has done an awesome job. I haven’t lost interest in the OTP and have gained more interest in the 2nd lead OTP… lots of chemistry in this episode for the 2nd leads. I’m disappointed that some fans have stopped loving this drama and have become unforgiving and do not want to give this drama the love it worked hard to gain. But PTB, you still have me and others that believe the last 2 episodes will be awesome!

  16. I feel that it was ruined because of the extension. They couldn’t keep up the pace and it’s as if fillers popped in. PD nims…..don’t ruin a good thing!

  17. JH-ES relationship suffocates me….Just like you said, it uses typical melodrama instead of the awesome PtB one. I still enjoy other characters tho, especially Nayoon. Girl’s gotta do what girl’s gotta do ^^ Muwon’s character at times as a city cold man is sometimes annoying when he’s with NY but I have to remind myself that he’s supposed to be this way -_-

  18. I didn’t start watching PTB until episode 12 was aired. It was a pleasant surprise, I couldn’t watch episode 1 b’cos the main leads didn’t attract me much, not until probably ep 3 (if I haven’t come across some recaps, I probably wouldn’t watch it). The rest of the episodes were very cute up to the quick acceptance of Eun Seol by Chairman. Guess, it’s hard to imagine, without introducing some “angst”, it’s hard to put a closure. But, the roundabout way, such as *not telling* JH or chairman b’cos Jang secretary said so was pretty weak, it’s the antithesis of ES’s character. Then, breaking up or taking a break with ES was pretty lame. Maybe, one could have the *framing* of ES part happened to quickly without having ES knowingly not telling and solving it on her own. Or the PD could have JH under tremendous pressure to break up with ES but didn’t do that and manage a turn around the situation. After all, this is K-drama, a bit make believe in the silly business aspect is better than *ruin” the characters. Maybe, it’s b’cos I’m not looking for serious plots in K-drama … if that’s the case, I probably will tune to US movies …

    In short, kind of skipped the last two episodes but just reading the recaps. If it doesn’t pick up in the last 2, then I would remember PTB with only the first half series …

  19. I like how the friendship grew with the women and how the relationship between the cousins are creating a feel good atmosphere of family. Don’t get me wrong there’s still a power play along with the director sudden chest pain whenever things does not go his way. Or for every situations where it seem to get too stressful for him to handle with his family. This in itself makes it interesting to watch his interactions with his mom and sister in law. I am though yet to know the real reason for Ji Heon break down. He still suffers from it and we are so far into the drama that to now it explore it will be a test for the writer or writers of this drama to bring it to life. There are tiny little holes starting to peak through…. never the less I wait to see what the next episodes brings. Correct me if I am wrong but I think there are four more episodes because of the extension.

  20. O! couple more comment here. Eun Seol and Ji Heon should take this separation not even to the next block. The ending scene should be where they passionately make up and stick together. And I would more kiss scene with Moo Won, my hero. Love the fantasy!! Hercules! Hercules!






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