Song Seung Heon Confirms Casting in Upcoming KBS Drama Brain

A day after KBS announced, to a shocked and stupefied cast and public, that it was firing pretty much the entire cast of its upcoming medical drama Brain because it felt the drama skewed too young with the twentysomethings KBS hired originally, Song Seung Heon has been confirmed as taking over the lead role of a neurosurgeon at a top-ranked Seoul hospital.

Out of course is Lee Sang Yoon and Yoon Seung Ah, who were blindsided by this hiring-and-firing nonsense since clearly there were as young as they were before KBS cast them. Currently the drama is scrambling to find a leading lady and fill out the rest of the extended cast, since filming was just about to commence before this re-casting fiasco exploded.

Brain will be following Poseidon on Mon-Tues (ha, definitely not tough shoes to follow, that’s for sure), and will be helmed by the PD and writer duo which brought the well-rated and critically received God of Study with Yoo Seung Ho. The only original cast member of Brain to remain will be Jung Jin Young, who is slated to play a sunbae doctor who helps transforms Song Seung Heon’s prickly neurosurgeon into a doctor with a heart.


Song Seung Heon Confirms Casting in Upcoming KBS Drama Brain — 19 Comments

  1. I’m still confused as to how this happened so quickly…. Oh well, I wish them luck in finding the last few cast members and in a smooth production..

    Umm…. Is it mean and horrible to wish that this would happen to Love Rain? Probably…. Sigh.

  2. I’m sorry, but LOL. I love SSH as much as the next girl, but I can’t see him as a neuro surgeon. However, let’s wait and see what happens.

    The whole firing thing is just ridic, though. I still don’t get why all this happened

  3. Aw come on…I’d really like some more Lee Sang Yoon in my drama palate this year… far as whether or not SSH can actually pull this off is something I will reserve my judgement for after I’ve seen at least the first episode…I like to watch at least one procedural drama a year….something different from what’s usually on the Korean drama landscape so I’m hoping this turns out well…God ofstudy was not a bad drama jus that the subject matter there was really boring….on the other hand brains are far more interesting than studying for entrance tests so hopefully it will be far mroe entertaining or even fun….Please dramagods, let there be an awesome leading actresss available to fill out this drama please!!!!!

    • Well they better not cast another 20s Kpop idol as female lead…it would be putting their foot where their mouth is. So much then for firing the initial cast because they were too young. I would feel so bad for Yoon swung ah.

  4. Ermm… Can we have Kim Tae Hee as lead actress then?
    At least if all else fails, we still have the sizzling chemistry between SSH and KTH.

  5. Song Seung Heon has not accepted the role yet. We SSH fans are still waiting for confirmation from Storm S, SSH’s agency. I would suggest that you check out SeungHeon Planet instead of Baidu for more accurate news.

  6. Can our Heonhee couple make a comeback? Because of prior commitment of KTH, she may show her presence in the middle part as a suspense? Wow we loved them both! Hoping against hope!

  7. lol this is funny… why would they even cast 20something year olds to play neurosurgeons? you’re at least 30 by the time you finish schooling and then doing your residency… what were they thinking in the first place?

  8. Thanks Ockoala. I like SSH and I am happy to watch his new drama again.
    Wishing him all the best.
    He will be really good looking as a neurosurgeon, naturally he is a handsome gentleman.

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