Kim Jae Won Leaves Upcoming K-drama Me Too, Flower! After Getting Injured Filming

Oh no, not again. Breaking news from K-drama land, and it’s not a good one. A few days ago news broke that Kim Jae Won was in a motorcycle accident on the first day of shooting Me too, Flower! Initially the doctor said he needed a few days rest for the shoulder injury, but today it’s been confirmed that it’s more serious than initially let on. Kim Jae Won will be needing surgery, and as a result, has officially bowed out of the drama.

This is the second time this year a drama has lost a leading man to an accident at the very beginning of filming, as Jae Hee had to drop out of Hooray for Love when he got injured while filming a sailing scene. His role was replaced by Lee Tae Sung. I’m racking my brains thinking of who is available, a big enough leading man, who can step in at such a last minute for Kim Jae Won. Go Soo? So Ji Sub? Song Seung Heon? Joo Jin Mo? If Jo Hyun Jae wasn’t off filming a C-drama, I’d say he’d be perfect to step into this role.

The three leading ladies for Me Too, Flower! are Lee Ji Ah, Han Go Eun, and Seo Hyo Rim. The story is about a man living dual identities, by day a parking lot attendant and by night the owner of a lingerie company, and his quirky romancing of various ladies. What makes this a high profile project is basically the screenwriter, who wrote the blockbuster My Name is Kim Sam Soon, and the delightful but underrated What’s Up, Fox?

I’m really sad to hear of another actor injured on set, though this time the injury doesn’t appear to be caused by hectic filming schedules since it was so early in the production. Blame it on a freak accident, but my heart goes out to Kim Jae Won. He was injured filming Can You Hear My Heart as well and rested for a few months before coming back to take on this drama. Wishing him a speedy and comfortable recovery. Good luck to MBC on finding a leading man on such a short notice. But on the upside, at least Can’t Lose settled on that 2 episode extension, buying MBC one extra week.

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Kim Jae Won Leaves Upcoming K-drama Me Too, Flower! After Getting Injured Filming — 16 Comments

  1. Darn it! Health is more important, but I was definitely looking forward to seeing KJW on screen again after CYHMH. Oh well, hope he gets better soon.

  2. I like Kim Jae Won and i wish him a speedy recovery, but ever since I heard of this news I’ve been hoping someone else I adore can get this part now….JAE HEE!!!!

  3. Poor guy 🙁 He always comes across as so likable, so I wish him the best.

    On the other hand, there’s something really off-putting about Lee Jia to me, so I probably won’t feel inclined to watch it.

  4. Poor thingy, I was already getting myself prepped up for KJW in the role. Hope he recovers soon enough.

    As for possible actors, Jae Hee, Lee Min Ki, Wookie or even maybe even our very own Maru Nam Goong Min?

  5. geez!! this made me so sad as I wasa expecting to see KJW on the screen again.. I’ve read from the news that KJW had repetetive injuries with his shoulders. Medically speaking, such incidents would really lead into a surgery.. Well, it is better to leave a drama for now and get a surgery rather than not being able to appear in any drama due to more aggravation of his injury. 🙁

  6. Noooo! He was the main reason I was going to watch him – I’ve fangirled him for years and after CYHMH, fangirling reached new heights. Boo 🙁

    There is no way they can get a big name on such a sort notice. Ugh.

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