Stars Arrive at BIFF for the Opening Night Premiere of Always with So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo

The Busan International Film Festival opened yesterday and the Korean stars descended on the coastal city to promote their upcoming movies and dazzle in some glitz and glamour. The opening night film is Always (Only You), the romance movie starring So Ji Sub as a boxer and Han Hyo Joo as the nearly-blind girl he falls in love with.

Everyone walked the red carpet and then went inside for the premiere of Always, where Director Song Il Gun and his two stars answered some questions, and then proceeded to give away the ending of the movie. LOL, good one, guys! Below are some pictures from the red carpet for many of the stars in attendance, and spoiler for the movie.

This is also the first year using the B spelling for Busan (whereas before it was Pusan) since the city itself has settled on that romanization. So the festival used to be known as PIFF, but is henceforth now BIFF.

I’m sorry, but can these two people be any more beautiful? The universe might implode if that happens. Oh I want to watch Always so so badly. I love how coordinated they are in all-black, classy and gorgeous alone and together. Ji Sub needs a slightly perkier hair do, but Hyo Joo is perfect from top-to-bottom.

During the interview session, they discussed how the movie was filmed almost linearly because the director wanted his stars to really grow into the affection their characters had for each other. Hyo Joo revealed that the bed scene was done in one take, because they had already kissed before so it felt comfortable to later film the more intimate scene. Are you crazy, woman? If I was making out with Ji Sub, I would be NGing left and right. Who cares about being professional.

The director revealed that he thought long and hard on how to end the movie. Ultimately, with input from his two stars, they collectively decided on a happy ending for the couple. Because this movie felt like a dreamy romance, he wanted to extend the dream until the end and not let the audiences down. Thank god for that. Now we can all happily watch Always without worrying about the big hammer of doom dropping. Director Song explained how Always was inspired the Charlie Chaplin movie City Lights.

With that, have a look at some other attendees at the opening night of BIFF.

Gu Hye Sun. Love her cute dress, and the fact that she is even wearing a dress. With legs like hers, I wonder why she often dresses like she raided a hobo’s closet for many of her previous big ticket events like awards and festivals.

Kang Hye Jung. Who decided to take Gu Hye Sun’s place as the resident androgynous starlet with a hipster vibe. I love her quirkiness, but I personally dislike actresses who wear suits on the red carpet. Call me old fashioned, but I think a red carpet calls for a dress for the ladies.

Luminous Wang Ji Hye. Love her dress, the texture on the white material, the drape of the neckline, and the figure-hugging shape. She’s flying high coming off a drama-stealing turn as the cutest second female lead EVER in Protect the Boss.

Nam Sang Mi. Hair is a little too messy, but the dress is a eye-catching red that looks great on her. Love the risqué but not trashy neckline.

Cha Seung Won. Always a class act on the red carpet. His hair is a tad long in the front, but he manages to pull it off with the right debonair attitude.

Yoo In Na. The green is gorgeous and stands out in the crowd, plus it brings out her complexion. But the body-hugging dress with the gaping neckline is a little bit too much for me. Perhaps in a more substantive material than satin the dress would look better.

The Fighting Spirit couple of Kim Sun Ah and Kim Joo Hyuk! They look adorable together. Love her dress and attitude. Love his dorky specs and cheerful smile.

Yoo Ah In. Isn’t this past his bedtime? Hee, kidding! He does look like he’s twelve years old, and snuck out of the house to attend this shindig. Adorable, but I prefer him with some facial hair.

I don’t recognize this starlet, but she needs to go home and find the rest of her dress before coming back to the party. I just have this urge to go cup something in case she exposes herself.

PIFF, which is Asia’s largest film festival, will run through the week and will show more than 300 films from over 70 countries around the world. An official English trailer for Always has been released, so have a watch below.

English trailer for Always:


Stars Arrive at BIFF for the Opening Night Premiere of Always with So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo — 23 Comments

  1. Thank you for all the info & the photos! It’s humanly fun to make fun of bad dressing…I frowned upon that orange gown cuz it did not flatter her at all (that’s why we wear bras). I love Goo Hye Sun, she does have nice legs. Her dress is a little too stiff. I once saw her in a beer commercial wearing feminine dress/long hair/makeup, she so pretty.

  2. Thank you for this write-up! And I agree, HHJ looks stunning. I especially love her earrings!

    Let us know please if this movie shows in the East Coast. Thanks!

  3. Yay for the happy ending!! LOL XD I can’t wait to see the movie. At first I’m thinking that it would be a pretty sad movie because of their situations. Good to hear that it will end up with a happy ending note.

    I just want to agree that Yoo Ah In looks better with facial hair. HAHA! I loooove Jae Shin so damn much because of that masculine vibe. He looks, well yea, twelve when he’s squeaky clean.

    Err. Whoever that starlet is on the last pic, I’m scared of her. She’s looking for attention obviously but I doubt if people will take her seriously. You can look sexy without exposing that much. And gaaah, the gown isn’t even pretty at all.

  4. Oh god, I’ve come to love SJS/HHJ together. Their interactions and interviews are always fun. I guess all good things must come to an end. They look so beautiful.

  5. I think that orange gown could’ve been salvaged if the waistline was moved up.

    Perhaps they measured her upper body wrong and made the straps too long. hehe

    *insert requisite YAI squeeing here*

    • yes, i was studying d dress cos i love d colour. gotta shorten d straps so d waistline rest under d boobs but hv to reduce d slit by say, a good 6 inches or it’ll still be indecent.
      Too bad she/her stylist decided to go fr cheap, well at least everyone’s talking abt her, no?

      • And to think that her b****ts are lopsided, one is remarkably smaller than the other. You’ll definitely notice it if you look closely. Maybe they were not informed on how the gown should be worn.

  6. A friend of mine is studying abroad in Korea this year, and she actually got to watch Only You on opening night at BIFF.

    I’m not kidding. She was there, and I was so jealous I almost died. Not to mention, she didn’t even have to pay – some Korean friends of hers took her along with them. When I move there next summer I need to make those kinds of friends.

  7. I don’t recognize this starlet, but she needs to go home and find the rest of her dress before coming back to the party.

    Bwahahaha. You said it!

  8. first,, HHY and SJS look amazing perfect and gorgeous!!
    Go hye sun is pretty and feminine with that dress. wow,, i want her leg T__T
    Kim sun ah and her partner look cute and fun. she’s very beautiful.
    ah damn,, i want to watch Only You and Fighting Spirit soon!!!

  9. damn SJS and HHJ are perfect together…never would’ve imagined that this pairing would works so well before…..funny thing about seeing Gu Hye Sun’s dress and thinking, finally she wore a dress and then I scroll down and see Kang Hye Jung (adore her) and…*facepalm*

  10. LOL @ all dresses’ comments and YAI as well haha! That orange gown waiting for wardrobe malfunction to happen is just too much for a red carpet. mary and D may just need to be her stylist for her next walk down red carpet. As for In Na’s dress, from her sort of uncomfortable look/pose in that photo, I think she feels the same as you 🙂

    So true about how perfect the Always couple are…except his hair could use some work like you said but other then that they are Gorgeous! Now I want to watch the movie too! thanks for sharing..

  11. SJS and HHJ — *swoon* they are breathtakingly perfect together. i really can’t wait to watch this movie. especially now that i know its a happy ending.

  12. Hhhhmmmnn, So Ji Sub looks good from waist to top (the problem is the length of the pants (always comes up too long/wrinkled). Han Hyo Jo is pretty but I am not convinced with the “chemistry” between the two. Hope the movie is ok.

  13. Perfectly beautiful couple! Need I say more? Just don’t remind me about the age gap. She calling him ahjushi and my daughters were teasing me about it. SJS and HYJ please get some award!

  14. Han Hyo Joo looks so mature and so shining with her pure beauty. Always / Only You movie was made me so sad , but also made me so happy indeed for the ending :))

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