Fahrenheit Reunites For Taiwan Tourism Campaign Event in Japan

It must be hard trying to be a boyband in the midst of a breakup when your country refuses to let you breakup. Since announcing his departure from Fahrenheit earlier this year, Wu Zun has nevertheless followed through on his promise to continue with their existing engagements, the most high-profile being tourism ambassadors for Taiwan. The group visited Japan on October 1st for a fanmeeting as well as participated in a visit Taiwan tourism campaign called Time for Taiwan.

Everyone looks great, and Wu Zun even got to celebrate his 32nd birthday with his longtime bandmates. Calvin Chen gave him fifty movie tickets to remind him to enjoy life more, Aaron Yan got him a ticket to attend a racing event in Italy, and Jiro Wang got him a tanning machine because we all know how Zun loves to be properly tanned. Heh, they know him so well. Have some cute pics and watch a clip of their performance below.

Fahrenheit in Japan:



Fahrenheit Reunites For Taiwan Tourism Campaign Event in Japan — 11 Comments

  1. Koala, have you read the news about Jiro’s movie deal? apparently, this really big budget movie invited Jiro to be lead actor, and was in talks with his agency for two months already (the movie starts filming in December), and Jiro didn’t know about it until the producer personally sent him a weibo (that chinese version of twitter), and Jiro’s response was “I really don’t know anything about this”. His fans (me included) have started a campaign to help him get the role.

    Although I have always supported Fahrenheit to continue forever, I suddenly understand why Chun left, and quite frankly, right now I’m hoping Jiro would leave soon too, his agency have passed a lot of big time deals before now, it was only because the producer could not reach Jiro any other way, and had to weibo him to get a response. I think this is just wrong, just plain wrong.

    Yeah, I’m a big time Jiro fan, and I have to say if choosing between Fahrenheit forever, or Jiro moving onto another agency with better future, I’m all for him leaving too. I was sad to see Chun leave, but I understand him a lot more now, the company was passing his movie deals too so Fahrenheit could finally release another album after almost two years. That was always rumored to be a big reason for Chun leaving…

    • if this is true then Jiro Wang should leave HIM.. he has great potential same as with the other Fahrenheit members.. It is such a waste that we don’t see them in a lot of dramas or even movies.. Lucky for Chun he was able to leave the agency early..

  2. I think Fahrenheit is pretty cool, and I love their songs, but I think that they should break up hahas. I can’t really see a three membered Fahrenheit releasing an album in the future hahas. And I think that their company is pretty crap if they really are doing the things in the above comment. Also, I dislike how some Fahrenheit fans only like certain members, eg. when some crazy dude threw stuff at Aaron at a Fahrenheit concert.

  3. Started to listen to Fahrenheit songs to learn mandarin. Came to like them as they didn’t have a lot of “drama” like other boybands.

    Agree with the others here about them splitting. They have to move on if they want to get bigger deals and everyone knows that in the entertainment industry the shelf life is pretty short.

    Hope all of them move to bigger better things soon.

  4. Chun really made the best decision of his life when he decided to quit HIM. I wish Jiro had followed on his steps. I mean, I love frh and all the members (some more than others), and it’s really special when they reunite… It’s easy to see that despite everything that’s going on, they still enjoy each others’ company a lot. But staying in a company that clearly only sees them as cash cows and doesn’t care for its artists’ wishes or what’s best for their career is not a good idea.

    • No, Jiro and Aaron’s contract with them was only for 2 years, so they had renewed it all the way back in 2008, Chun’s contract was to 2011 to begin with, they couldn’t leave until next year, when their contracts are up again.

      and as for liking only one member at a time, I do like all four, my fav. being Jiro. it’s because they’re only doing their own project until they release an album. and for the six years since they debuted, they’re only together for five albums (one of them being Japanese), so for the most part, they’re just individual actors. It’s hard to like all four of them equally when they spend so much of their time apart

  5. Jiro’s hair looks really weird, it does every single time he’s doing the ambassador thing. also, Chun’s birthday picture looks just like Jiro’s birthday party two months ago. they’re wearing the same outfits with almost identical hair. i thought for a second Koala had been lazy and put up wrong pictures…

    yeah, not only do they need new stylist, they also need a new agent, desparately

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