Preview for Episode 1 of Man of Honor with Chun Jung Myung and Park Min Young

KBS has released a preview for episode 1 of Man of Honor (Glory Jane), which premieres tomorrow. While I really liked the early teasers and even the long trailer, this preview makes me a little hesitant again. Everything looks So. Dramatic. And then slightly bipolar when combined with all the cheeriness from the other trailers. I’ve been going through a long K-drama dry spell recently and am looking for one to make me all addicted again. Right now it’s 50/50 on whether MoH will be my cup of tea. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Preview for Episode 1:


Preview for Episode 1 of Man of Honor with Chun Jung Myung and Park Min Young — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks Ms Koala.

    I was in a kdrama draught except for TPM and now that that is over… I really don’t have anything that I am particularly wanting to see. I started BBJX. 🙂 I’m not sure MOH will be my cup of tea yet either. I’m thinking… no it’s not going to be. I like the OTP well enough but I don’t know… maybe I’ll be surprised.

  2. Lovedramas – have you seen “Tree With Deep Roots”? That’s a great sageuk which has now replaced TPM in my weekly watch.

    As for BBJX – total love. The scene with the rice boiler. 🙁

    • Ditto – 2 episodes in for Tree with a Deep Root and I’m already addicted. I’m seeing all the good traits for a potential classic. If the remaining episodes at least keep up with the quality of the 1st two then it may be my kdrama for the year. keeping my fingers crossed.

    • I haven’t seen Tree with Deep Roots yet. It seems like it’s getting good reviews to go with all the hype surrounding it. I will definitely give it a shot when it comes close to 1/2 through it’s airing. thanks for the recommendation.

      I am looking forward to Jung Il Woo’s ramyun shop series. 🙂 looks cute and i’m in the mood for cute.

  3. Agree with you… why can’t it be a drama about baseball… then that would have been a lot fo fun. Too much angst. I really love Pie but his dramas are too angsty for me. I just want to be entertained.

  4. MEH?!

    What happened to the fun sneak peek from before? Where’s the dousing-hot-fighting-boys-with-water? chasing-after-pie-with-a-wheelchair?

    Why does this trailer look like a makjang?! *sobs*

  5. In Baker, i found the way the handled the parents story line heavy handed, if this could pull of that bit with the same finess as say CYHMH, then i may be sold

  6. After watching BBJX, I don’t think any drama will come close enough for me to be addicted to it. The cast, the scenery, the plot, every single detail of it was PERFECT! ;D
    Thanks for introducing it, Ms. Koala…

  7. i have to see this just has all the makjang elements that scares me away from dramas . gah , even though i do love chun myung and i do like Jang woo i think i’ll pass .

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