First Look at the Cast of Saving General Yang in Costume Throwing a Surprise Party for Wu Zun

The cast of the upcoming mega-period war movie Saving General Yang has been in the outskirts of Beijing filming for the past month or so, with very little leaking from the set. I really must congratulate Wu Zun (who plays Sixth Brother) on his 32nd birthday, which feels like he has been celebrating for the better part of the entire week in various locales, but has become the reason for the media to get it’s first look at the cast in costume for this hotly anticipated movie (by me). Daddy Yang (Adam Cheng himself) led his sons from the movie to prepare a surprise birthday cake for Zun on the set.

I would drool but I appear to have overused my salivary glands recently. Oh well, squealing will have to do. The older dude with the facial hair on the left is probably some elder general, but the rest from left-to-right are Yu Bo (Second Brother), Ekin Cheng (First Brother), Fu Xin Bo (Seventh Brother), Zun holding the cake, Daddy Yang with the beard, Li Chen (Four Brother), Raymond Lam (Fifth Brother), and lastly my Vic Zhou (Third Brother). I think it’s hilarious that Zai Zai plays Third Brother, but is younger than all the guys playing his younger brothers except for baby brother Fu Xin Bo, which may explain why Zai Zai is sporting facial hair to look older.

The movie is tentatively scheduled for a Fall 2012 release. I’m beyond super excited in case anyone can’t tell. I love the costuming, where you can tell all the brothers have slightly different breast plate designs and shoulder pads, so each armor is tweaked to be unique yet still look uniform when they line up. Below is a picture of some of them on horses, carrying their trademark Yang family spear. After seeing Ekin in costume, I’m totally like “who’s Louis Koo?”, haha, I’m so mean, but Ekin seriously looks great and ready to lead his brothers into battle.

Everyone has been wondering if there will be any Yang wives in this movie, and I’m hearing murmuring there will be but with such limited screen time it might as well be a cameo for all of them. All I’ve heard is Ady An will be playing Sixth Wife, i.e. Zun’s lady love and a princess of the Song royal family. I’m not caring which ladies get cast, cuz who needs wives when we are all watching for the bromance, right?

[Credit: all pictures as marked via Baidu Wu Zun bar]


First Look at the Cast of Saving General Yang in Costume Throwing a Surprise Party for Wu Zun — 26 Comments

    • The famous proverb about this folktale legendary family: “The Yang’s Clan, 7 sons left (for war), 1 son returned”. That pretty much sums it all up.

      • Wait…that leaves out 4th son’s amnesia and return right? He was lost in childhood first anyway I think. Fifth survived too and became a monk. After all those deaths the Song Emperor ordering 6th’s son’s death was like WTF? 6th son’s daughter in law was awesome. She was the lead Yang female general. They kick booty more than the men. Am I forgetting something?

      • 4th lost his memory and became the husband of the Jin princess. 5th became a monk. Hence neither “returned”. The return in the proverb doesn’t mean “to live”, it literally means to come home. Neither 4 or 5 came home after the war.

        Condor Heroes “Yang” family is indeed the descendents of this legendary Yang family. But it’s all folklore anyway, and novelists easily fiddle with lineage and mythology.

      • Oh…I thought 4th got his memory back eventually and came home. Well that’s depressing. I know they visit 5th during the story of 6th’s son but still…depressing

      • No, 4 getting his memory back and returning is just what one drama posited. The folk legend says he never returned.

      • Well…if I had any belief in the story it’s gone now because how would they know he was there considering distance and isolation? Aww…

  1. I loved the Yang Sagaaaaaa
    Definitely loved the tvb anniversary with the star studded cast which of course broke my heart 🙁 and the first part of the ATV version.
    Ever since then, I found the Yang family story to be intriguing. Definitely want to watch this.

  2. Yes they are eye candies but they have talent too. Just can’t wait to see how they fair in costume movie. Its real EPIC.
    I can’t tolerate the injustice and the stupidity of the emperor in the Yang Saga. Very intriguing, yes definitely.
    But I hope this movie don’t show these eye candies waste their life.

  3. I’m stupidly ignorant of most things pre-revolution China (except maybe this course on Chinese art and art history, but I slept through most of that, not because the artwork was boring but because the class was after lunch and the chairs were really comfortable and I have the attention span of a mildly retarded peanut), so I don’t have any context…

    …but that floating cake picture is hilarious, and so are Wu Zun’s egregiously intense faces. It’s like he’s trying to fry that cake with a single look, but alas, while he is preternaturally good-looking, he is no Superman and therefore has no laser vision. Nice try, though!

    • Zun is hilarious in his 1D approach to his star persona. He’s always on. Even when celebrating his birthday, he doesn’t forget to pose. He does look like he wants to vaporize the poor cake. Which they had to schlep 2 hours out to the desert from Beijing to surprise him.

      I hope the mildly retarded peanut has developed more concentration these days. XD

      • Lol, he’s freaking playing for the camera at his birthday party. I love this guy.

        And yes, the peanut has developed the ability to concentrate longer these days. Or maybe I’ve just become obsessive. Seriously, I’ve watched 2.5 seasons of Criminal Minds in the past week.

        …there’s something seriously wrong with me if this is the show I use to self-medicate.

  4. Wow, they seem to be getting along really well!! ^^ Really, only one son survived? If it’s okay to ask, which one was it? That’s pretty sad.

    • Yang Yanzhao is the sixth only one left. But still fight for the stupid emperor, even his son Yang Zhong Bao also fight for the stupid emperor. Those people then very faithful to their country and king.

  5. Wow! handsome hunks but I only knew Ekin Cheng, Wu Zun and Vic Zhou. I’ve watched that one with Chae Rim too but I was more heartbroken with them in Love at the Aegean Sea. Until now I’m still mesmerized by the voice of Alec Su in the OST of that drama that I kept on watching repeatedly its final episode.

  6. Awww, your excitement is contagious!!! Especially when the excitement is carried by such eye-candy drool-induced pictures of men in period costumes. I am officially excitedly waiting for this to come out!

    I know nothing about the Yang Clan and/or its epic story, but the story sounds good though tragic. I recently came to to know that there is a drama called “The Young Warriors”. Maybe I should pick it up while waiting for this one? Can anyone tell me if the drama is any good?

  7. cuz who needs wives when we are all watching for the bromance, right?
    Amen to that, chingu! After all, we will be getting the story about the wives in the other movie, right? I totally forgot its title *facepalm* Anyway, can’t wait to see the delicious bromances and the angst that Saving General Yang will give us.

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