Magic to Win with Wu Zun and Louis Koo Release Fun Teaser and Stills

The holiday movie season in Asia is on a different schedule than the US. Naturally. Big-budget movies come out in early October to hit the National holiday in China, and then around late January and early February for the Lunar New Year. As the year winds down, most of the blockbuster C-movies have already been released, with a few biding its time for a December premiere for the Christmas season. One movie looks particularly cute to me, the Bakmin (Raymond) Wong produced Magic to Win (開心魔法), which looks and sounds like an Asian inspired Harry Potter crossed with The Sorceror’s Apprentice.

The movie stars Bakmin himself, Wu Zun, Louis Koo, Wu Jing, Tonny Jan, Yan Li, and introducing a brand new fresh-faced leading lady Karena Ng to the acting world. Bakmin has compared her to Angelababy, which to me is not a comparison any starlet ought to aspire to. Have a look at some movie stills and the just released English-subbed teaser below. This would be the perfect movie to watch on a flight.

Dude, Bakmin, Lion-O called and he wants his mane back.

I expect to see a lot of hand-conjuring action from these magicians.

Mmmnnn, nerdy Louis…..I like.

LOL, did Wu Zun forget he was in a magic-themed movie and suddenly decided he was in the Asian Star Wars remake? He looks great holding a light saber, no doubt, but sometimes I just want to pat him on the head.

Newbie actress Karena Ng definitely looks promising from the stills alone. She has the “it” factor without looking bitchy and slightly full of herself. Looks-wise she reminds me of a young Anita Yuen.

Apparently the movie is about Karena’s character discovering she possesses magic powers, and she finds herself part of the magic world she never knew existed, and joins forces with the men to win a worldwide magic competition. Think God of Gamblers except with magic instead of black jack. When done right, HK movies can do these competition movies like no other.

Teaser for Magic to Win (English-subbed):


Magic to Win with Wu Zun and Louis Koo Release Fun Teaser and Stills — 15 Comments

  1. Wow. Wu Jing looks good as usual. I’m in.
    I wonder if he’s going to do some magical a** kicking?! As if there ever was a Hong Kong movie in this genre without some superfluous KungFu moves thrown in… (experience from having lived through Hong kong comedies since the 80’s!!)

  2. ummm…. the movie has Chun… which is usually a sign the movie is selling his pretty face rather than a story. and telling me this is a remake of harry potter that looks like the sorcerer’s apprentice? that’s not really selling the movie. I’m a rapid fan of harry potter and will gosh over anything that has the slightest HP in it as much as the next geek, but I HATED sorcerer’s apprentice, really, i really really strongly strongly disliked it. seen a few of Chun’s movies, his pretty face is better off in stills. I found his accent cute the first few times, but after a while not his pretty voice or his accent can help sell a movie anymore. he’s used up all his acting credits with me. so until he wins a golden horse aware for best acting, i’ll pass on his movies.

  3. Firstly i’ld take Louis Koo any day nerdy glasses or not (wish he would dial down the tan from 11 though…)

    Having said that – had a giggle when he is tagged ‘wood magician’. Ahem get your minds out of gutter peeps – thinking about his acting at times, but then with Wu Zun around Koo Jai will be looking like Tony Leung in comparison.

    And please is ‘phantomasWHATTHEHELL’ a word? (sorry paused a few times and still can’t catch it right – won’t even mention what I thought it read!)

    Thought blondie was Timmy Hung at first glance.

    It’s been ages since I even glanced at Hk films (being a kdrama/movie *cough obsessive cough* viewer) but God of Gamblers! Wow! Ok memo needs to be sent to Fat Gor : I love you dearly as you are forever Fat Gor aka Mark Gor but can you lighten up your roles. Pretty please with some Chocolate (wink wink) on top! Comedies you made then were gold too! People that only know you via your ‘western film experiment’ (hey that’s what I call it..) don’t know the half of it. While your at it please bring your Hard-boiled pal Tony along for THAT ride! Please please please…

  4. I’m guessing Karena is learning to control elements of Water.

    Louis did a funny dance before showing his Wood powers. Hart him for that! LOL!

  5. Looking very forward to this. Looks extremely cute and has both Louis Koo and Wu Jing. Yay! I love that everyone but Louis has a simple move to use their magic, while Louis has to do a cute, corny dance.

  6. Hrmm… this seems like it’d be similar to the Magician’s Apprentice except the basis of the magic is on the traditional 5 elements instead of an European tradition. Then again, they share the same tropes since it seems like they’re movies about a newbie coming into their own in a world with magic users so any similarities might simply be superficial.

  7. This looks kinda awesome. I’m a sucker “let’s band together and do stuffs, guys!” genre. Plus Wu Chun – forevery an eyecandy even if he is stiff like one. And oh man, Loui Koo, totally a first love with “The Return of the Condor Heroes”. I always questioned though why the man is always weirdly tan now. o.O

  8. Hope to watch this movie soon chun look great as usual wu chun is talented and handsome actor ! good thing is chun recently won best new actor and most stylist award yah!
    Hope he will win Golden horse award soon! Magic to win FTW!

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